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Teaser video I made

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by Terrence Burke, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Hi gang! I don't visit these pages enough. Sorry.

    I guess it's the usual reasons, work, life, etc. Somewhere I find the time for puppetry!

    Here's a short teaser video for a clip that I am making for artist Andy Finkle's website: www.andyfinkle.com

    Thanks for watching:
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  2. Byn Always

    Byn Always New Member

    LOVE IT!! I love that he speaks a different language. I subscribed and watched several of your video. How do you like doing live shows? We're hoping to take our show out for some live shows this spring & summer. We've done a lot with theater, but not with puppets before, so its kind of new territory!
  3. Thanks for your kind comment Byn. "G'Wazzl" is an alien who decided to visit the Earth when he heard an old radio broadcast of a Doris Day song. He learned that she was from Cincinnati, and hasn't left - nor has he found Miss Day. He is slowly learning bits of English, yet not too much. I want to keep the audience guessing. I sometimes do a Q & A bit with G'wazzl & my Cyril character. Cyril attempts to translate G'Wazzl's alien language, often for a laugh or two.

    I love performing live with my puppets. Video is fun, but it requires so much pre & post production work. There is nothing that can replace the laughter and applause that you hear from the audience. I don't care if I ever get a million YouTube hits, it will never replace the feeling you get when a child comes up to you after the show and tells you that they loved your characters. I am sure you have experienced something similar during your theatrical performances. Have a grand time performing. I have a busy Summer ahead, and can not wait to be back in the puppet booth. Puppets ROCK!

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