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The Best of Fraggle Rock Color Vinyl

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by imthewalrus79, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. imthewalrus79

    imthewalrus79 New Member

    Just wondering if anyone has seen this yet:


    Apparently, these are releasing next week on 2/24. They have five different color vinyl sets, one for each of the five main Fraggles that are limited to 150 pressings per color. And then they have 2 other pressings, one for the Trash Heap and one for Sprocket that are limited to 125 pressings for each. Pretty neat item for the Fraggle and/or vinyl collector and not a bad tracklist either:

    SIde A

    1. Fraggle Rock Theme- 1:21
    2. Follow Me- 2:00
    3. Do It On My Own- 1:42
    4. Wemblin' Fool-1:10
    5. Lost And Found – 216
    6. Catch the Tail By the Tiger 2:38
    7. Brave Boy, Jump Up- 1:43
    8. Muck And Goo- 1:12
    9. Friendship Song 2:38
    10. Fraggle Rock Rock- 2:18
    11. Beetle Song 1:56
    12. Easy Is the Only Way To Go 2:03
    13. Pantry Chant 0:36

    Side B
    14. Our Melody 2:16
    15. Pukka, Pukka, Pukka Sqeetily Boink 1:30
    16. Let Me Be Your Song 4:13
    17. Pass It On- 1:15
    18. Yes, We Can
    19. Perfect Harmony- 1:30
    20.The Rock Goes On- 2:17
    21. Dum De Dum- 0:43
    22. Workin'-2:08
    23. I Seen Troubles 2:17
    24. Closing Theme 0:41

    And I see that the album is already available to purchase on iTunes if you want the music but aren't interested in the vinyl.
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