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"The Best of The Muppets from The Muppet Show"

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by Dil, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Dil

    Dil Guest

    2006 is the 30th Anniversary of The Muppet Show.
    "The Best of The Muppets from The Muppet Show" would be a neat collection for the 30th anniversary.

    Here's some songs and sketches in Volume 1:

    1. Opening Theme
    2. Boogie in The Barnyard
    3. Mahna Mahna
    4. Veterinarian's Hospital: Rabbit
    5. I Get Around
    6. *** Willow
    7. Swedish Chef: Spaghetti
    8. Muppet Newsflash: Exploding News reporters
    9. Lullaby of Broadway
    10. Bear on Patrol: Octopus
    11. Muppet Labs: Magnetic Carrots
    12. Foo-Foo The Wonder Dog
    13. Feelings
    14. Pigs in Space: Meaning & Purpose of Life (part 1)
    15. Happy Feet
    16. Monologue by Fozzie Bear: Prenology
    17. Muppet Newsflash: Meaning & Purpose of Life
    18. Yoklahoma
    19. Pigs in Space: Meaning & Purpose of Life (part 2)
    20. Ugly
    21. Muppet Sports: Yadarn Hanging
    22. In The Navy
    23. The Great Gonzo: Defusing a High Explosive Bomb
    24. Octopuss' Garden
    25. Closing Theme

    Bonus Features
    1. Ethel Merman
    2. Mitlon Berle
    3. Spike Milligan
    4. Andy Williams
    5. Glenda Jackson
    1. Trumpet Beast & Ball Shooter
    2. She Loves You

    What do you think of this?
    Can you post some more volumes for me please? I'd see to see them myself and you.
  2. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Well-Known Member

    Maybe do something without TMS, because of the release of the dvd's especially since we allready have Ethel Merman on dvd. :o
  3. Dil

    Dil Guest

    That's OK. The Muppet Show Season Two Special Edition is coming out on DVD soon.
    The Milton Berle episode is a Second Season Episode.
  4. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Some 30th anniversary compilations would be cool. Here are my ideas for three 30th anniversary compilations:

    Vol. 1:
    Mahna Mahna
    Boogie in the Barnyard
    Muppet News: Refridgerator Throwing Contest
    True Love
    The Roaring Twenties Sketch
    Blue Bayou
    English Country Garden
    Pigs in Space: Dirth Nadir
    Muppet Labs: Magnetic Carrots
    The Windmills of Your Mind
    Bird Walk
    Kermit meets Robot Kermit
    The Swedish Chef: Spaghetti
    Gonzo catches a cannonball
    John Cleese complains about pigs and monsters
    Muppet Sports: Wig Racing
    Veterinarians Hospital: three-legged creature
    In a Little Spanish Town
    You Make Me feel Like Dancing
    Two Lost Souls
    Kermit and Robot Kermit look through a mirror
    Fozzie uses Gonzo['s arm as a clothes wire
    Cottlesone Pie
    Simon Smith and his amazing dancing bear
    Cheese Cake
    Miss Piggy meets Robot Kermit
    Floyd's joke about a mitton for Gonzo
    John Cleese stretches Gonzo
    Muppet News: News Reporters are Blowing Up

    Vol. 2:
    Happy Feet
    The Swedish Chef: Chicken in the basket
    Bear on Patrol: Impersonating an Officer
    Lonely Goatherd
    Kermit finds a cow backstage
    Good Grief! The Comedians a bear!
    Muppet Labs: edible paper Clips
    I've Got Rhythym
    Disco Frog
    How High the Moon?
    Sandy Duncan cheers up Sweetums
    Gonzo plays the bagpipe on top of a high pole
    Gonzo meets the cow
    Pigs in Space: Dissolvatron
    Swine Lake
    Veterinarians Hospital: Chicken
    At the Dance: What's This Fly Doing in My Soup?
    Muppet News: Furnature Monsters
    Mississippi Mud
    Whenever I Call You Friend
    The Swedish Chef tries to take care of the cow
    Rich Little get's interviewed by the press
    Don't Sugar Me
    The Rhyming Song
    Penyslvania 6-5000
    Sam's speech on nudity
    Why Can't We Be Friends?
    May You Always
    A Horse Named Bill
    Halfway Down the Stairs

    Vol. 3:
    Take Ten Terriffic Girls
    Lady of Spain
    Danny Boy
    Veterinarians Hospital: Beauregard
    Muppet News: Maceral King
    Sam's speech on Crime
    Ethel Merman medley
    Fozzie get's locked in a trunk
    What Would You Say?
    Muppet Sports: Tree Staring
    Kermit tells Fozzie that his act will be cancled
    Muppet Labs: Gorillia Detector
    At the Dance: Tennis Jokes
    Wayne and Wanda: Trees
    Panel Discussion: Gourmet Dining
    Hilda accidently shuts the window on the trunk
    Don't Blame the Dynamite
    Pigs in Space: The End of the Universe
    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
    The Cat Came Back
    Kermit interviews Marvin Suggs
    The Swedish Chef: Lobsters
    What Now My Love?
    Kermit let's Fozzie perform his monologue
    The Houses: Ghosts in the Attic
    Hugga Wugga
    Thank God I'm a Country Boy
  5. Dil

    Dil Guest

    You've gotta prefer my idea. Halfway Down the Stairs is TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet to be the closing.
    Here's volume 2 of MY 30th Anniversary Compilation Lists:

    1. Opening Theme
    2. To Morrow
    3. I've Got Rhythm
    4. Muppet Newsflash: Giant Alligator
    5. Hugga Wugga
    6. Fozzie's Monologue: Roller Skates
    7. Animal's Drum Solo
    8. Falderee Falderah
    9. Pigs in Space: Snack-O-Waves
    10. Lady of Spain
    11. There's A New Sound
    12. Veterinarian's Hospital: George (Janice's & Piggy's voices'll be redubbed)
    13. Sam's Editorial: Nudity
    14. Who?
    15. Rowlf & Fozzie play "English Country Garden" on piano
    16. The Great Gonzo: Hypnotizing Himself
    17. Hawaiian War Chant
    18. Muppet Newsflash: Giant Weight
    19. The next act is canceled/Bein' Green
    20. Six String Orchestra
    21. The Swedish Chef: Lobsters
    22. When
    23. Bird Lullaby
    24. Weird Opera Number
    25. Closing Theme

    Bonus Features:
    1. 5 Episodes
    a. Joel Grey
    b. Cloris Leachman
    c. Leo Sayer
    d. Victor Borge
    e. Shirley Bassey
    2. 2 Bonus Clips
    a. Rockin' Robin
    b. The Great Gonzo: Act with a Real Chicken
    3. Trivia Game

    Do you think this is better, Minor Muppetz?
  6. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I think both of our ideas are equally good.

    I have also been thinking about themed sets all day. Here are soem theme ideas:

    Strangest Moments
    Mahna Mahna
    The Windmills of Your Mind
    Hugga Wugga
    Pigs in Space: Snacka Waves
    Vendaface: Two Customers
    Weird Opera Number
    Gonzo wrestles a brick
    She Loves You
    Muppet Labs: Hair-Growing Tonic
    Kermit interviews the Koozebanian phoob
    All of Me
    Gonzo eats a tire
    Monster Adoption center
    Talk Spot: Mummenshaz
    Muppet News: Furnature Monsters
    Bear on Patrol: Car Prisioner
    Kermit interviews the Koozebanian Spooble
    Shields and Yarnell play a Robot family
    Yes, We Have No Bananas
    Trudge Trudge Streakaa Streaka
    The Houses: Guest House
    Peter Ustinov's story on economics
    Wayne and Wanda: Paper Moon
    The Swedish Chef: Killer Dough
    The Four Fazoobs
    Muppet Sports: Bagpipe Eating
    Panel Discussion: What is Man's Role in The Universe?
    Danny Boy
    Avery Schriebers closing number

    Musical Moments
    Does Your Chewing Gum Lose it's Flavor on the bedpost overnight?
    Six String Orchestra
    Octopuses Garden
    After You've Gone
    I've Got Rhythym
    Indian Love Call
    Baby Face
    Animal vs. Harry Belefonte
    Nice Girl Like Me
    Any Old Iron
    Witch Doctor
    Never Smile at a Crocodile
    Animal vs. Buddy Rich
    One Chicken plays Chimes
    Fur Elise
    Don't Go Breaking my Heart
    Mama Don't Allow
    You Don't Want my Love
    Rockin' Robin
    The Entertainer (with Phyllys Diller)
    St. Louis Blues
    Last Time I Saw Him
    Groovy People
    Sweet Tooth Jam

    Funniest Moments
    Comedy Tonight
    Fozzie's Jokes on Any Subject
    Wayne and Wanda: I Get a Kick Out of You
    Gonzo hypnotises himself
    Rowlf and Lew zeland perform Tea For Two backwards
    Muppet News: News Flash
    Veterinarians Hospital: Duck
    Panel Discussion: Psychiatry
    Milton Berle's Monoogue
    Muppet Labs: Super Adhesive
    Muppet News: The Glue Crisis is Solved
    Rowlf and Zoot get stuck to their instruments
    Tap Your Troubles Away
    Fozzie demands to onyl see real Fozzie Bear fans in the audience
    The Houses: My Insides are Killing Me
    Musician Joke: Can You Tell me How to Get to Carnegie Hall?
    The Monster of the Moores
    I'm My Own Grampaw
    Bear on Patrol: Assulting an Officer
    I've Never Harmed an Onion
    The Swedish Chef: Flapjacks
    At the Dance (from the Twiggy episode)
    Pigs in Space: The Healdights of a Motorcycle
    Fozzie tells jokes in the woods
    Talk Spot: Harvey Korman
    Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy's Monologue
    any of Christopher Langham's acts
    Moonlight Sinata
    Muppet News: Airplane Jettisons Some Sports Equipment
    Catch a Falling Star
    Lady of Spain
    Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor on the bedpost Overnight?
    Make 'Em Laugh
  7. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here is another idea I have, slightly different from what I've listed:

    The Show Must Go On!
    The Frog on the Flying Trampeeze
    Wayne and Wanda: Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
    Once in Love with Amy
    Animal ruins Gonzo's balloon act
    Fozzie get's locked in a trunk
    Wayne and Wanda: The Falling Leaves
    Gonzo tells Kermit that he can't do the hamlet sketch
    Christopher Reeve does Hamlet
    Kermit tells Fozzie that his act will be cancled
    Wayne and Wanda: Trees
    Fozzie mentions poka without hauntas
    Gozo's Motorcycle Act part 1
    Talk with the Trees
    Kermit let's Fozzie go on
    Fozzie tells jokes inside a trunk
    Gonzo's Motorcycle Act part 2
    Row Row Row
    Miss Piggy locks Kermit inside a trunk
    Blue Bayou
    I've Got a crush on You
    It's in his Kiss
    Linda Ronstatd finds out that Miss Piggy locked Kermit inside the trunk
    Pigs in Space: Deadly Battle Robot
    Miss Piggy let's Kermti out
    When I Grow Too Old To dream

    Bonus Episodes:
    Buddy Rich
    Tony Randall
    Glenda jackson
    Kaye Ballard
    Nancy Walker
  8. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I wonder how well a video/ DVD collection of the most serious Muppet songs would sell.

    Here is that collection: "The Sweetest Moments"

    Sweet Gingerbread Man
    Just One Person
    For What It's Worth
    If I Ruled the World
    Whenever I Call You Friend
    Bein' Green (version from Peter Sellers episode)
    Halfway Down the Stairs
    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
    The Wishing Song
    I've Got a Name
    One of These Days
    The Garden Song
    A Sad Song
  9. Bill Bubble Guy

    Bill Bubble Guy Well-Known Member

    I take it by serious songs you mean those particular numbers that were played seriously with nothing comedic at all happening in the course of their performance judging by what I can remember about the titles you've recently listed just now.
  10. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Yes, though if any of those segments were followed by any comments by Statler and Waldorf, then those should still follow, for a bit of comic relief.

    Also, I would like to point out that I haven't seen the song If I Ruled the World, so I don't know for sure if it had anything comedic, but I have a feeling that it did.
  11. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here are a few more ideas:

    Nolvelty Acts
    Another Opening, Another Show
    Don't Squeeze Me In
    In a Little Spanish Town
    Pensylvania 6-5000
    You Can't Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd
    Cottlesone Pie
    Gonzo plays the violin while a plant grows
    Fozzie saws a robot in half
    The Varsity Drag
    Foo Foo the Wonder Dog
    The Lactrec Sisters and the Garbage can-can
    Gonzo's Chicken Act
    Fozzie's Mime Act
    Two Chickens play chimes
    Lady of Spain
    Fozzie's Puppet Act
    The Zuccinni Bros. high-divign act
    The Four Fazoobs
    You're Feet's Too Big

    Romantic Moments
    How Could You Believe me When I Told You That I Love You When You Know I've Been a Liar All My Life?
    At the Dance (from the Joel Grey episode)
    Miss Piggy wants Scooter to tell Kermit that she and Avery Schrieber love each other
    Won't Somebody Dance with Me?
    True Love
    Gonzo falls in love with Madeline Kahn
    I'm In Love with a Big Blue Frog
    Scooter tells Kermit that Piggy and Avery Schrieber don't want to be disturbed
    Wayne and Wanda: I'll Know
    At the Dance (from the Candice Bergen episode)
    Talk Spot: Avery Schrieber
    Gonzo tells Kermit that he and Madeline Kahn are getting married
    At the Dance (from the Mummenshaz episode)
    Confide in Me
    Koozebanian Mating Ritual
    Kermit tells Miss Piggy that Scooter told Kermit about Miss Piggy wanting to make kermit jealous
    Lady Be Good
    The Wishing Song
    At the Dance (from the Pearl Bailey episode)
    Waiting at the Church
    Gonzo gives Camillia flowers
    That's Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song
  12. Dil

    Dil Guest

    Here's my list:

    The Best of Comedy from The Muppet Show

    1. Opening Theme (from the 5th Season)
    2. Comedy Tonight
    3. Fozzie's Monologue (Sawing a Thing in Half)
    4. Happy Wanderer
    5. Milton Berle's Monologue
    6. Fozzie's Monologue (in the Woods)
    7. Yes, We Have No Bananas
    8. Veterinarian's Hospital: Doing All The Same Jokes Twice
    9. Foo-Foo the Wonder Dog
    10. Zero Mostel's Poem
    11. Rhyming Song
    12. Good Grief! The Comedian's A Bear
    13. Your Feet's Too Big
    14. Fozzie's Monologue (Prenology)
    15. Gonzo catches a cannonball with his bare hand
    16. John Cleese stretches Gonzo
    17. Pigs in Space: Headlight of a Motercycle
    18. I've Never Harmed an Onion
    19. Fozzie's Monologue (Ventriloquist)
    20. Peter Sellers: Cigarettes & Whusky
    21. Fozzie's Monologue (Roller Skating)
    22. Top Banana
    23. Telephone Bit
    24. Dudley Moore's Closing Number
    25. Closing Theme

    1. 6 EPISODES
    a. Avery Schreiber
    b. Milton Berle
    c. Marty Feldman
    d. Bruce Forsyth
    e. Rich Little

    2. Bonus Clips
    a. Muppet Labs: Super Glue
    b. I've Got Rhythm

    3. Trivia Game
    (You'll see an extra Muppet Show episode, the one starring Zero Mostel if you get all the answers right.)

    4. English Subtitles

    5. The Making of The Comedy on The Muppet Show

    What do you think of this? Should this DVD tickle the bones? I think this volume of the 30th Anniversary Muppet Show DVD Collection is perfect.
  13. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    It would be interesting to have DVDs for the best of each season.

    Here is my idea for The Best of Season 1:

    Mahna Mahna
    Muppet News: There is No News Tonight
    Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song
    "Letter for Kermit the Frog!"
    Muppet Labs: All-Purpose Tenderizer
    Dog Eat Dog
    The Swedish Chef: Spicy Sauce
    Love ya To Death
    At the Dance (from the Joel Grey episode)
    The Houses: I Hear Your Brother is Interested in Religion
    Hugga Wugga
    "Wire for Kermit the Frog!"
    The Butterfly
    Gonzo eats a tire
    Koozebanian Mating Ritual
    Ain't Misbehavin'
    May You Always
    You Can't Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd
    Veterinarians Hospital: Duck
    Panel Discussion: What is Man's Role in the Universe?
    Wayne and Wanda: Indian Love Call
    "Note for Kermit the Frog!"
    Never Smile at a Crocodile
    The Library Sketch
    You Do Something to Me
    Fozzie plans to bury Statler and Waldorf with one line
    Lady of Spain
    "Flower for kermit the Frog!"
    You Don't Want my Love
    Minuete in G Flat

    and here is a volume two of the best of season one (this time featuring guest stars):

    Nice Girl Like Me
    Kermit meets Robot Kermit
    Vendaface: Two customers
    At the Dance (from the Valerie Harper episode)
    Talk Spot: Juliet Prowse
    Muppet Labs: Robot Politician
    Teenager in Love
    Fozzie promises to quit if Statler and Waldorf don't laugh at his best joke
    Fozzie get's a call from the fire department
    Wayne and Wanda: Some Enchanted Evening
    Kermit and Robot kermit in the mirror
    What Now My Love?
    Veterinarians Hospital: Hiccupping Patient
    Thank God I'm a Country Boy
    Muppet News: Hotline
    The Swedish Chef: Japaneese Cake
    Mississippi Mud
    The Houses: My Insides Are Killing Me
    Panel Discussions: Florence Henderson
    Cottlesone Pie
    The Raggmopps
    In a Little Spanish Town
    I Feel Pretty
    Sweetums gives Vincent Price a hand
    Miss Piggy meets Robot Kermit
    Mr. Bassman
    Ethel Merman Medley
    The Kings Breakfast
    You've Got to Have Friends
  14. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here are two voluems for season two:

    Volume 1 (without guest stars):
    Pig Calypso
    The Swedish Chef: Lobsters
    Floyd plays bass while Nigel whistles
    Bunsen suddenly appears backstage
    Beaker suddenly appears backstage
    Pigs in Space: Chopped-Liver Monster
    Wild Thing
    Up, Up, and Away
    Gonzo tells kermit that he is auditioning dancing chickens
    Veterinarians Hospital: Baskerville
    Gonzo hangs by a feather boa
    The Ant and The Grasshopper
    Two Lost Souls
    Sonny Boy
    Sam talks about nudity
    Muppet Labs: Teleporter
    Gonzo auditions dancing chickens
    Don't Blame the Dynamite
    The Lactrec Sisters
    Baby Face
    Kermit interviews the Koozebanian Phoob
    Long, Long Ago
    Claire de Lune
    Chattanooga Choo-Choo
    Muppet News: News Flash
    Fozzie's Rollerskating Act
    Ukelelee lady
    Gonzo and Lolita
    What a Wonderful World
    Any Old Iron

    Volume two (with guest stars)
    Happy Feet
    Don't Go Breaking my Heart
    Apple Jack
    J.P. Grosse tells Kermit that the theater will be turned into a junkyard
    Muppet News: Jettison Instruments
    Veterinarians Hospital: Dr. Bob does a sketch twice
    Cuento Le Gustas
    Kermit meets Mickey Moose
    Yes, We Have No Bananas
    J.P. gross inspects the stage
    There Was an Old lady Who swallowed a Fly
    English Country Garden
    I'm Five
    Kermit tells Cleo Laine that he doesn't really hate Mickey Moose
    Fozzie's Phrenology Act
    At the Dance (from the Rich Little Episode)
    Chiggarettes and Whisky
    Muppet Labs: Nuclear Shaver
    Time in a Bottle
    Henrietta's Wedding
    Swine Lake
    The Swedish Chef: Chocolate Moose
    Miss Piggy talks to J.P. Grosse
    Smoke Get's In Your Eyes
    Beast of the week
    Monster Adoption Agency
    Pigs in Space: Mid-Course Correction
    Somethings Missing
    Kermit get's Scooter to try to get J.P. grosse to reconsider turnignt eh theater into a junkyard
    Cheese Cake
    Fears of Zero
    That's Entertainment
    Sam talks about crime
    The Varsity Drag
    Kermit meets Ronald Duck
    We Got Us
    J.P. grosse decides not tot ear down the theater
  15. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here are two voluems for The best of Season 3:

    Volume One (no guest stars)
    Octopuses Garden
    Gonzo orders a meal in the canteen
    Gonzo balances a piano
    Pigs in Space: First Pigs in Koozebane part 1
    Fozzie writes a script
    Rowlf and Lew Zeland perform Tea For Two backwards
    Miss Piggy orders the weight watchers special in the canteen
    Fozzie saws a robot in half
    Pigs in Space: First pigs on Koozebane part 2
    Mommy Wouldn't Buy me a Bow Wow
    Pensylvania 6-5000
    Catch a falling Star
    Interview with Marvin Suggs
    A Muppet melodrama (from the jean Stapleton episode)
    Hawian War Chant
    Muppet Labs: Edible Paper Clips
    Animal orders a TV dinner
    Gonzo gives Camillia flowers
    Fozzie's tie get's caught in his typewriter
    Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    Veteriarian's Hospital: Hawian Pig
    Muppet Sports: Wig racing
    Bear on Patrol: Assulting an Officer
    New York State of Mind

    Volume Two (with guests)
    You Make Me Feel Like dancing
    The Lullaby of broadway
    backstage scenes from the Marissa Berensen episode
    Tuxedo Junction
    A Four-Legged Friend
    Hey There Good Times!
    Gonzo's Motorcycle Act part 1
    Gonzo adjusts his motorcycle backstage
    Eight Little Notes
    Fozzie has Kermit list his good and bad points
    At the dance (from the pearl Baily episode)
    Muppet Labs: Elevador Shoes
    Last Dance
    Someone Just Like You
    There's a New Sound
    Pigs in Space: Dissolvatron
    Fozzie tells kermit that Gonzo has perfected half of his motorcycle jump
    bear on patrol: Impersonating an Officer
    Muppet Sports: Goldfish Shooting
    Muppet news: Refridgerator Throwing Contest
    An Actors Life For Me
    Kermit and Piggy's staged wedding
    Mack the Knife
    The Rhyming Song
    Gonzo's Motorcycle Act part 2
    Talk Spot: Jean Stapleton
    School's Out For Summer
  16. Bill Bubble Guy

    Bill Bubble Guy Well-Known Member

    If I Ruled the World was a backstage number during season 5 sung by Robin the Frog and Guest star Hal Linden in his dressing room. It was in itself a serious duet but after it's over Gonzo suddenly appears and declares that if he ruled the world clothing would all be edible (I'm reasonably sure that's the word he said it's been a long time since I saw it)

    And I think Hal and Robin just looked at each other incredulously in the split second before the scene changed to whatever followed next on the episode.
  17. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here are contents for two volumes of season four:

    Volume 1:
    I Get Around
    Muppet News: Killer Lamb
    The Swedish Chef: Squirrell Stew
    A Horse Named Bill
    Disco Frog
    Bear on Patrol: Octopus
    As My Guitar Gently Weaps
    Pigs in Space: Dirth Nadir
    Fozzie's Mime Act
    Veterinarian's Hospital: Kermit
    Scooter practices for his big number
    Muppet Labs: Pet Converter
    Pigs in Space: Dirth Nadir
    Musician Joke: Do You Know There's a Little Old Lady Sleeping Up Here?
    Why Can't We Be Friends?
    You're No Good
    Rock Around the Clock
    Muppet Sports: Bagpipe Eating
    I've Got Rhythym
    Hound Dog
    Six String Orchestra

    Volume two:
    Take Ten Terriffic Girls
    Grandma's Feather Bed
    Grocery Blues
    The Devil Went Down to Georgia
    Muppet News: Cheese
    Take a Chance on Me
    Everyone tries to get out of taking care of Foo Foo
    Muppet Labs: Banana Sharpener
    The Gambler
    Floyd locks Foo Foo into the drawer
    Veterinarian's Hospital: Rabbits
    Knees Up, Mother Brown
    Last Time I Saw Him
    He's the Greatest Dancer
    Do Wah Diddy
    Dudley Moore and The Electric Mayhem play music
    Sixty Second's Got Together
    Be a Frog!
    Act Natually
    I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends
    Miss Piggy karate chops Floyd
    We Must Beleive in Magic
  18. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here are two volumes for season five:

    Volume 1:
    Another Opening, Another Show
    Bear on Patrol: Banana Nose Moldenado
    Beauregard plays Oh Suzanna on his harmonica
    Rockin' Robin
    Veterinarian's Hospital: Beauregard
    Who Put the Bomp (in the bomp-sha-bomp-sha-bomp)
    Fozzie tells jokes in the woods
    Foo Foo the Wonder Dog
    Muppet Sports: Cross Country Billards
    Car Wash Blues
    After You've Gone
    Danny Boy
    Tumblin' Tumbleweeds
    Dr. Bob checks on the skiers
    Pigs in Space: The End of the World part 1
    Muppet News: The Meaning of Life
    Pigs in Space: The End of the World part 2
    Scooter forgets to cash the insurance check for the skiers medical problems
    The Martins and The McCoys
    One of These Days
    Poision Ivy
    Once in Love with Amy

    Volume 2:
    There Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
    When the Saints Come Marching In
    In The Navy
    Egg-Sucking Dog
    Scooter tells Kermit that the show will have gold for the closing number
    Muppet Labs: Gold Into Cottage Cheese
    Yakkity Yak
    The Roarin' Twenties Sketch
    Tumblin' Tumbleweeds
    Muppet News: Gold
    I Feel the Earth Move
    Pigs in Space: Meteor Shower
    How High the Moon?
    Kermit's Dance Lesson
    Me and Gargoyle
    Muppet Sports:Yarndarn hanging
    Bear on Patrol: Handcuff Salesman
    The Cat Came Back
    The Swedish Chef: Spring Chickens
    Veterinarian's Hospital: Viking
    The Rainbow Connection
  19. Dil

    Dil Guest

    Minor Muppetz, did you forget to put "Happy Wanderer" on the Season Four DVD you posted? It's a lot funnier than "Why Can't We Be Friends". "Happy Wanderer" have just pigs, as "Why Can't We Be Friends" have just whatnot muppets.
  20. Bill Bubble Guy

    Bill Bubble Guy Well-Known Member

    Yes I certainly do have to agree with Dil about this. "Happy Wanderer" is the best comedy number ever done on TMS:)

    I can't help feeling a little sorry for those poor pigs but it is definitely the funniest skit:D

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