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The Collector's Club...

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by MM-III, Jun 20, 2002.

  1. MM-III

    MM-III Well-Known Member

    For those of you who've emailed Ken about VC Beaker and what not... you have no doubt recieved the email about the proposed "collector's club"...

    For those not in the know... EMAIL KEN, let your interest be known!!



    Now while it's no means a sure thing, if it does happen, I was curious to find out how many people here would join and how much you'd be willing to pay to join? Also, what would you expect the club to provide outside of access to the exclusives?

    As for me, I have been thinking about it and my idea of reasonable is 35.00 a year. My thinking on that price is as follows:

    avg price of show exclusive: 15.00
    + Shipping: 5.00

    If you figure there are 4 show exclusives per year (Wizard World east, chicago, San Diego, and Muppet Fest), the 35.00 averages out to 8.75 a figure.

    So your final price per figure: 15.00
    + 5.00
    + 8.75

    Total: $28.75

    Now if you think about it, that makes it cheaper than you'll ever find it on ebay, and it would actually make it cheaper than going to the show itself if you figure in admission costs, travel, food, lodging... etc...

    So what does everyone else think?
  2. Electric Mayhem

    Electric Mayhem Well-Known Member

    I already replied to Ken's e-mail about this.

    Basically, I based my ideas/opinions on the old Starting Lineup collector club I used to be in: you pay a fee to be in the club, then you are offered the right to purchase exclusives, and only pay for those that you want.

    I tould Ken $15 would be fair club price, maybe even $25 if some sort of "members only" t-shirt were included, then your average exclusive would be about $15 each (members could purchase a limit of 2 per exclusive).

    I'd definitely join.
  3. Kedrick

    Kedrick Well-Known Member

    If I understand your reasoning, you are saying that your $35 yearly membership charge would cover the cost of the figures, correct?

    If that is the case, then I have to disagree. ANY collector club I have ever heard of/been involved with charges a flat membership fee (generally includes a newsletter, membership card, and perhaps a button or somesuch throwaway freebie) and then an additional charge for any exclusive merchandise.

    My idea was something like a $20 yearly membership fee which would include online, exclusive access to upcoming product pics, ship dates, etc, as well as the option to purchase a CLUB EXCLUSIVE (as in not available to ANYONE BUT CLUB MEMBERS!) figure, as well as the chance to purchase exclusives done for various cons and shows.

    And I would be very willing to join such a club, especially if it encompassed not just what Palisades is doing with their Muppet line, but also news and info on other upcoming Muppet related projects.

  4. Joggy

    Joggy Well-Known Member

    I personally would not pay for info on figures (so, I'd know one month earlier what colour Scooter's sneakers will be - so what??), and I would most certainly not be interested in other Muppet related news. That's what MC and Tough Pigs are for.

    My reason for joining would be buying the rare exclusives. It's the only way we as fans can get them for an affordable price.
  5. Aerosmith

    Aerosmith Well-Known Member

    To join the Moore Action Collectables club it cost $36.90 but you get a free shirt and exclusive figure. So if Palisades did something like that i would definently pay that much! :)
  6. MM-III

    MM-III Well-Known Member


    I think you misunderstood... I'm not saying the price goes up if there are more figures, my idea was a flat fee... I was just doing some math to show that even at 35 bucks, you get access to the figures for FAR cheaper than anywhere else, and that includes actually going to the cons themselves.

    I realize 15-20 bucks sounds a lot better than 35.... but I was trying to balance between a price that would make it worth it for Palisades, and something the collector could stomach. Keep in mind, Palisades isn't a massive company.

    I think the idea of offering figures only to club members will only serve to anger the buying public. I mean the show exclusives seem to infuriate them as it is...

    I agree that paying for info is not really a bonus since we can get it here just as fast, but I'd personally go as high as 35 just for access to the exclusives. If it's lower? Great! But 35.00 represents as high as I would go.
  7. Kedrick

    Kedrick Well-Known Member

    Again, are you saying the $35 is the total charge? As in that buys your figures and your membership with no additional cost? $35 delivers your figures to you? Or is that the price you're paying for the chance to buy these figures later?

  8. MM-III

    MM-III Well-Known Member


    35 is club membership for one year...

    For that you get to buy the figures directly from Palisades and not have to worry about going to the cons...

    So.. to take the to the next logical step... If you bought every exclusive offered that year (and I assumed there would be 4 total) Your price per figure would average out to $28.75

    If you bought two of every exclusive, the average price would be even lower...

    I know that when Fer Sure mentioned she was going to the Chicago show, people were willing to spend up to 30 to obtain a VC Beaker... That money paid for the figure itself, shipping, and the additional addmission fee for the people Fer Sure would have to bring along so she could be allowed to buy the figures.

    Therefore, I reasoned that 35 would be okay because assuming you buy them all... your price per figure is quite cheap.
  9. wong

    wong Active Member

    i'll join. I just want vanishing beaker.
  10. Electric Mayhem

    Electric Mayhem Well-Known Member

    "I realize 15-20 bucks sounds a lot better than 35.... but I was trying to balance between a price that would make it worth it for Palisades, and something the collector could stomach."

    True collectors will pay quite a bit- haven't you been watching eBay?

    "I think the idea of offering figures only to club members will only serve to hack off the buying public. I mean the show exclusives seem to infuriate them as it is... "

    Companies do this all the time. If someone's "hacked off" then all they have to do is join like everyone else!! The only people the show exclusives are infuriating are US- the Muppet fans!! And if such a club existed, most all of us would be in it, I'm sure.

    The point is to make these figures accessible to us by any means necessary. Not to get some kind of discount on them or something (although that would be nice, but doubtful).
  11. BlueFrackle

    BlueFrackle Well-Known Member


    I agree with Electric Mayhem, You pay ONE Price to join the club and then you get the choice to buy Exclsuives from Palisades.

    Then maybe they could make a Club Only figure.

    Great idea !

    I will not pay the $30 and then get all the figures, Some people might want the choice to get some.

    So if they join ONLY to get Beaker then they paid a bit too much.

    Anyway, im gonna get em all - LOL

    See ya
  12. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    Can someone just explain why it needs to be around $35 ? People are only paying to be on a mailing list and to be able to order figures. I doubt Palisades costs would be that much, and of course they'll make their money through the figures.

    $10 - $15 is a much more acceptable price !
  13. kane31666

    kane31666 Well-Known Member

    MM-III, I'm having a real hard time following your logic.

    $35 bucks is to join, correct?

    Okay, so Palisades would probably charge 15 bucks for the figure and 5 bucks shipping. So that's 20 bucks a figure if you're in the collector's club.

    So if there are 4 exclusives a year at 20 bucks shipped, then it costs 80 dollars for all 4 exclusives plus the 35 dollar membership charge-
    80+35=115/4= 28.75. O ok never mind, that's what you got. I just wasn't following your words. I guess math is the universal language.

    But seriously, I wouldn't join a club, if it would cost me almost 30 dollars per figure.

    Realistically, I don't think people would mind paying 25 dollars a figure but to do that the club would have to be 20 dollars to join the club.

    Luke I agree 10-15 is much more reasonable. And by doing that it would cost 22.50- 23.75 per figure.
  14. uncleduke

    uncleduke Well-Known Member

    Collector Club

    I think such a club is the way to go. Here is my reply to Ken, followed by my further comments.....
    "Kenneth, A canned reply is better than none at all, so although your apology is appreciated, it is far from necessary.
    I think that forming a dues paying collector's club is a great idea, I even mentioned it in my original letter to you. As for the cost, I can let you know what Mezco does with their Club Mez (www.clubmez.com).
    The membership was a one time fee of $30.00 ($40.00 for those who waited to join) for that you received:
    an exclusive figure, a membership kit with a decoder ring, a quarterly news letter.
    They sell the toys on their sight, both show exclusives as well as exclusives created just for the club. the cost of these has been $20-$30 per figure delivered. They also offer case pricing for those who want multiples.
    Hope this helps out a bit, I really want that Beaker. I think it's one of the more clever ideas I have seen, and want it (forgive the in-appropriate quote) "by any means necessary"

    At the aforementioned Club Mez, all of their figures include shipping. They sell show exclusive figures to the members with a 2 figure limit, for $20.00 delivered.
    Club exclusive merchandise is available for $30 ea ($140 for a case of 6) with no limit. I think if we want any fan club exclusives (and I assume we all do) I do not think we should have any limits beyond the production run divided by the number of members. Palisades would not like to get stuck with extras. Or we could find an online retailer to 'share' the exclusive, with half of the run going to the club, and the other half going to the retailer.
    On the page that shows the upcoming series' there are some planned variants that are not sold as of yet, maybe one of them could be the first Fanclub exclusive.

    Enough of my random thoughts, anybody got a name for the club as of yet?
  15. uncleduke

    uncleduke Well-Known Member

    Luke, the $35.00 mejmbership fee would serve two purposes:
    1) It would be considered as earnest money, to show Palisades that we are indeed sincere in our commitment to the club. (also with most clubs, the $35.00 fee includes your membership kit with the first figure). Also it could be the seed money to "get things started" (especially if there is to be a club exclusive fgure)

    2) It would keep away the Ebay Snipers. If it is just a flat $15.00 a figure, any bum could order the figure maximum X how-ever many email accounts he has, and just turn around and put them on Ebay, preventing us, the fans from getting them at a reasonable price.
  16. Electric Mayhem

    Electric Mayhem Well-Known Member

    Is the point of this to prevent "eBay snipers" or to be able to get them ourselves??? I don't care how many someone else is buying or selling as long as I have one. If people are dumb enough to pay inflated prices when they could just join the club, that's on them...
  17. MuppetQuilter

    MuppetQuilter Well-Known Member

    I think $35 would be a bit steep. I mean, paying $35 for the right to pay more money later to buy figures... just doesn't sit well for me. I'd pay it (I want the exclusives) but I would not be happy about it and I suspect there would be a lot of grumbling and people not joining because it was too pricey.

    Okay, here's a simpler way for me to explain my thougths:

    $25-35-- membership includes a club-only exclusive figure & the opportunity to buy all non-retail exclusives at $15 plus $5 shipping each. If it is an annual membership fee there needs to be a club-only exclusive every year and a gurantee of at least three non-retail figures (in other words, I don't want to shell out my $35 and discover there were no non-retail figures that year).

    $20-25-- membership includes a Palisades/Muppet t-shirt (the shirt needs a Muppet tie in and not just the Palisades logo) and, again, a gurantee of at least three figures club members would be able to buy if they so choose.

    $10-15-- membership gurantees the opportunity to buy at least two non-retail figures.

    A quarterly newsletter-- probably email format-- would be nice. Something that keeps members informed of the upcoming figures (exclusive and regular). It would also mean members would know when to expect updates and wouldn't constantly be bugging Palisades for information. Perhaps there would be additional mailings for breaking news-- like the announcement of a non-retail figure. If the club also provided discounts on the regular series figures, well, that would be a great extra. Say members could pre-order each new series (4 figures) for $25 plus reasonable shipping (which would be a savings of about $6 off the EB price). Don't know if that is feasible for Palisades-- just a thought. A membership card is not important to me. I'd love a club exclusive figure (anything to get another Muppet fig) but I don't know if that is realistic for Palisades.
  18. BlueFrackle

    BlueFrackle Well-Known Member

    I totaly agree !

    I would pay that for something like this!

    Here is what i would like for that price -

    • Club Only Exclusive
      (Not a Repaint or Variant, An EXTRA character.)
    • Guarantee of at least three non retail figures
    • Monthly Newsletter (Email or Snail Mail)

    This would be a good way for Hardcore Collectors to get ahold of other Mupptes like Season One characters. Mupptes which wouldnt have to be mad ein large quantaties.

    See ya
  19. Pschtyckque

    Pschtyckque Well-Known Member

    I've emailed Ken about the VC Beaker, but haven't heard back. (I think I caught his mail system on the fritz.)

    I would be happy to have a collector's club. The ideal way (in my mind) to do it would be similar to McFarlane. Free to join, limited number of pieces. But enough to get them in the hands of those that really want them.

    As far as paying a fee to join, I would be hesitant to do that, because I don't want every variant. While the Teeth repaint looks great, I'm happy with the regular one. Same for Animal. I did however order the Tux Kermit and EB Piggy, and would love to have a VC Beaker. To me, those figures represent different situations for the characters, not simply repaints.

    If I had to pay to join, I would feel obliged to buy the figures to get my money's worth, and perhaps end up with a figure I'm not all that crazy about. Now if a club-only figure was offered as well, it may be worth my while. I'd have to see. But my early vote is for a free club.
  20. MM-III

    MM-III Well-Known Member

    You know, you're all right... I didn't consider the type of person who maybe would not want to collect EVERY figure. I can understand that 35 would seem way too high in that case. Speaking from a completist perspective, 35 seemed reasonable to me due to the average cost per figure from someone who buys everything.

    To be honest I've never collected a line of figures as seriously as this one and therfore have no experience with collector clubs. I don't know what kind of costs would be involved to Palisades for setting this up but for 35, I guess in addition to access, a club exclusive figure would be cool... as far as I'm concerned, you can keep the t-shirt and membership cards... I'm just here for the figures.

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