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The Complete Henson Database

Discussion in 'On the Web' started by muppet_dk, May 10, 2003.

  1. muppet_dk

    muppet_dk Well-Known Member

    Well the title is a bit missleading the database is far from complete :)

    First time the site went online was last year, and shortly after it was taken down. But in the begining of march I tried again, and this time it stays online. I've used the url in my signatures for awhile now but not done much more to promote it.
    But I've come to a point with it where I would like to know what you think of it and if it's any good.

    I did the site because I needed a project to work on, to learn how to do PHP programming. So the database just evolved from a movie database. I decided to change from the movie database when I was tired of going from one page to another when I needed info on what performer did what puppet on different shows. First this site was supposed to be my private database, but I decieded to try it as a online site.
    There are many sites around the net containing more detailed information than this site ever will. The plan is that the site can be used as a reference on the different puppets, performers & productions associated with the Henson Company. And there will be links to sites containing the detailed information.

    Do the site have any future in the muppet community or not. And also what can be improved at the site.
    When I posted a thread about the site the first time it went online I did not get that many answers about the site. I hope I will get some more this time.

    I'am ready to recive your judgement of the site.

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