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The Dark Crystal - Info and Links

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by cookietribe, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. cookietribe

    cookietribe Member

    Hello everyone,

    I've compiled a list of Dark Crystal info and links for any interested fans who want to explore the world more in depth. There are a few main websites such as Muppet Wikia and Wikia which do go in depth but they don't have everything, so there are many Dark Crystal websites but not one that has everything in a central location. I haven't included everything in this list either but focused on general info and internet links, so it's not complete and if you have any relevant info and links which would fit in here then please post or message me. Also some fansites have gone offline and no longer work so I have made sure to include only the currently available websites.

    It would be great if any fans who know more could work on expanding the Dark Crystal art exhibit history which could become it's own thread as I have only listed two most recent Jim Henson and Brian Froud Dark Crystal art exhibits. And there are other great Dark Crystal related threads in this forum such as photos of people's Dark Crystal figurine collections. I won't be able to update this thread so if it's desired it can be pinned and any updated info can be sent to a mod so they can update it if they are interested and able to. If you have any feedback please feel free to add your input.

    Hopefully everyone can take something away from this list such as completing your Dark Crystal collection wherever your interest is, such as comics, toys, etc...:)

    The Dark Crystal - Info and Links

    Film, Laserdisc, Vhs, Dvd and Blu-ray
    The Dark Crystal (1982, film - theaters)
    The Dark Crystal (1983, vhs - Thorn EMI edition)
    The Dark Crystal (1990, laserdisc - Special Collector's Edition)
    The Dark Crystal (1994, laserdisc - Buena Vista edition)
    The Dark Crystal (1994, vhs - Buena Vista edition)
    The Dark Crystal (1999, vhs - Columbia Tri-Star edition)
    The Dark Crystal (1999, dvd - Special Edition)
    The Dark Crystal/Labyrinth (2000, dvd - double feature)
    The Dark Crystal (2003, dvd - Superbit Collection)
    The Dark Crystal (2003, dvd - Collector's Edition)
    The Dark Crystal (2005, dvd - Columbia Tri-Star edition)
    Jim Henson Fantasy Film Collection (2006, dvd - triple feature)
    The Dark Crystal (2007, dvd - 25th Anniversary Edition)
    The Dark Crystal (2009, dvd - blu-ray)
    Jim Henson's Fantasy Film Collection (2009, blu-ray triple dvd)
    Dark Crystal/Labyrinth (2012, blu-ray double feature)

    Film trailer @Youtube
    Various film clips @Youtube
    Detailed media format list @The Dark Crystal Wikia
    Film entry @IMDB
    Film script @Script-O-Rama
    Film dialog @Database of Movie Dialogs
    Dvd version comparisons @Dvd Beaver

    Sequel Info
    The Power of the Dark Crystal (on hold)
    The Power of the Dark Crystal Official Blog
    The Power of the Dark Crystal @IMDB
    The Power of the Dark Crystal @The Dark Crystal Wikia
    The Power of the Dark Crystal @Muppet Wikia
    The Power of the Dark Crystal concept art @Mtv

    Vinyl, Cassette and Cd
    The Dark Crystal soundtrack (1982, vinyl and cassette)
    The Dark Crystal soundtrack (1982, cd - Mca Records edition)
    The Dark Crystal Read Along book - (1982, 7" vinyl and book, cassette and book)
    The Dark Crystal soundtrack (2000, cd - bootleg version)
    The Dark Crystal soundtrack (2003, 2xcd - Limited 2-disc Edition of 5,000 copies)
    The Dark Crystal soundtrack (2007, cd - 25th Anniversary Edition)

    The Dark Crystal soundtrack @Discogs
    The Dark Crystal Read Along book @Discogs
    The Dark Crystal soundtrack @Film Tracks
    The Dark Crystal soundtrack @Soundtrack Collector
    The Dark Crystal soundtrack @Youtube

    Books, Comics, Mangas and Graphic Novels
    The Dark Crystal (1982, book - novelization)
    The World of the Dark Crystal: The Collector's Edition (1982, book - first edition)
    The Tale of the Dark Crystal (1983, children's book)
    The Making of the Dark Crystal: Creating a Unique Film (1983, book)
    The World of the Dark Crystal: The Collector's Edition (2003, book - second edition)

    Comics, Mangas and Graphic Novels
    The Dark Crystal: The Official Comics Adaptation of the Jim Henson Epic Fantasy Adventure Film! Volume 1 (1983, comic)
    The Dark Crystal: The Official Comics Adaptation of the Jim Henson Epic Fantasy Adventure Film! Volume 2 (1983, comic)
    The Dark Crystal: The Official Comics Adaptation of the Jim Henson Epic Fantasy Adventure Film! (1983, comic - Marvel Super Special Volume 1 #24)
    Legends of the Dark Crystal Volume 1: The Garthim Wars (2007, manga)
    Legends of the Dark Crystal Volume 2: Trial by Fire (2010, manga)
    Legends of the Dark Crystal Volume 3 (cancelled)
    Mouse Guard/The Dark Crystal (2011, comic - Free Comic Book Day flipbook)
    The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Volume 1 (2012, graphic novel)

    Books, Comics, Mangas and Graphic Novels
    The Dark Crystal @Comics Book Database
    The Dark Crystal @Comics Database
    The Dark Crystal @Comics.org
    The Dark Crystal @Marvel Comics
    The Dark Crystal @Laura Knauth

    Videogames and regular games
    The Dark Crystal (1982, board game)
    The Dark Crystal (1982, card game)
    The Dark Crystal (1983, videogame - Apple II, Atari 8-bit, PC-88, PC-98)
    The Dark Crystal rpg game (2012?, rpg game)

    The Dark Crystal @Sierra Chest
    The Dark Crystal @Mobygames

    Toys, Figurines, Plush animals, Props and Ornaments
    Toys @ Toy Mania
    Toys @Google search
    Figurines @Google search
    Plush animals @Google search
    Props @Your Props
    Props @Google search
    Fan made ornaments @Jivotica
    Various merchandise @The Unofficial Homepage

    Posters, Tshirts and Apparel
    Posters @Google Search
    Tshirts @Google search

    Art, Concept art, Fan art and Fonts
    Brian Froud Official Website
    Brian Froud @Wikipedia
    Concept art @IO9
    Concept art from the 2011-2012 Brian Froud exhibit @IO9
    Concept art @Sci-Fi-O-Rama
    Fan art @Deviant Art
    Fan art @Google search
    Fonts @Free Fonts

    Art Exhibits
    Jim Henson's Fantastic World at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, New York, United States
    - July 16th, 2011 - March 4th, 2012
    Brian Froud: Visions for Film & Faerie at the Animazing Gallery in SoHo, New York, United States
    - December 2nd, 2011 - February 12th, 2012

    Art Exhibits
    Jim Henson's Fantastic World exhibit info @The Smithsonian Institution
    Jim Henson's Fantastic World exhibit brochure pdf
    Brian Froud's Visions for Film and Faerie exhibit video @Youtube

    The Dark Crystal @Jim Henson's Official Shop
    The Dark Crystal @Amazon
    The Dark Crystal @Ebay

    Information Websites
    The Dark Crystal @ Jim Henson's Official Website
    The Dark Crystal @The Creature Shop
    The Dark Crystal @Wikipedia
    The Dark Crystal @Muppet Wikia
    The Dark Crystal @Wikia
    The Dark Crystal @The Dark Crystal Movie
    The Dark Crystal @The Book of Habidabad
    The Dark Crystal @Qsulis
    The Dark Crystal @Flickr photos
    The Dark Crystal @Imagine Casting

    Fan Websites
    The Dark Crystal @Book Mice
    The Dark Crystal @Vertice Web
    The Dark Crystal @Laura Knauth
    The Dark Crystal @Fionaurora's Dark Crystal Page
    The Dark Crystal @The Unofficial Homepage
    The Dark Crystal @John's Crystal Corner

    Internet Forums and Social Networking Websites
    The Dark Crystal @Muppet Central Forums
    The Dark Crystal @IMDB Forum
    The Power of the Dark Crystal @IMDB Forum
    The Dark Crystal @Facebook

    Thanks for reading:insatiable:
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  2. Laszlo

    Laszlo Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much for this list!
    Unfortunately you didnt list the figures/toys.

    Here is a list of EVERY Dark Crystal figure/sculpture EVER produced:

    (- Action Figures by HASBRO/AVIVA 1982 CANCELLED!)
    - 2 Sets of Die Cast Miniatures 1982
    - 3 diff. Masks (Aughra, Skeksis and Pod person) by Don Post 1982
    - Skeksis Bust Kit by Asao Goto (1990 maybe?)
    - Skeksis Figure Kit with Pod Slave and base with crystals (1990 maybe?)
    - Aughra Figure Kit with base (1990 maybe?)
    - Skeksis Castle Resin Kit
    - Skeksis Chamberlain Bust by PLAN B
    - Skeksis Garthim Master Bust by PLAN B
    - Urskeks Bust by PLAN B
    - Aughra Bust by PLAN B
    - Mystic Bust by PLAN B
    (- Skeksis Scientist by PLAN B CANCELLED!)
    - Landstrider with Jen by MINDSTYLE
    - Mystic by MINDSTYLE
    (- Skeksis Castle by MINDSTYLE CANCELLED !)
    - Fizzgig Plush by TOY VAULT
    - Skeksis Action Figure by NECA 2009
    - Jen and Kira with Fizzgig Dolls by SIDESHOW
    - Skeksis Bust 1:2 scale white resin (producer unknown)
    - Garthim Bust by PLAN B

    Ok, I think thats all... hope this helps.
    cookietribe likes this.
  3. cookietribe

    cookietribe Member

    Thanks Laszlo for the toy list! I don't know much about that world so it's good someone who knows about it can contribute. I didn't list the toys originally because when I did a google search, so many came up and I knew I wouldn't cover them all is I tried so it's nice that you chimed in. I checked out your Deviant Art page and you have made some cool stuff - I like the Skeksis castle.
  4. cookietribe

    cookietribe Member

    Hi all, I have an update for the next Dark Crystal prequel graphic novel:

    The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Volume 2 (2012, graphic novel)
  5. cookietribe

    cookietribe Member

    After reading about the Dark Crystal author quest I figured some people writing for that might be interested in this resource list above for inspiration, as well as filling in their knowledge of what has already been published about the Dark Crystal world.

    Some new links to add to the list above:

    Fan Fiction
    The Dark Crystal @ FanFiction.net
    The Dark Crystal @ Words That Stay
    Dark Crystal novel writing contest (2013, forum discussion thread @ Muppet Central)

    Official 2013 Writing Contest
    The Dark Crystal: Author Quest (2013, website and writing contest)
    Author Quest: The Gelfling Gathering (2013, pdf - contest resource for authors)

    World Maps and History
    Thra world map 1
    Thra world map 2
    Thra world map 3
    Thra world map 4
    Thra history map
    Thra history summary
    The Secret Origins of the Dark Crystal
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  6. cookietribe

    cookietribe Member

    Just filling in the gaps with some more links...


    Henson Company's Dark Crystal videos @Youtube
    Jim Henson Behind the Scenes Part 1 @Youtube
    Jim Henson Behind the Scenes Part 2 @Youtube
    The Dark Crystal EPK @Youtube
    The Dark Crystal Test Footage @Youtube
    The Dark Crystal Rare Video@Youtube
    Entertainment Tonight Flashback @Youtube
    The Dark Crystal Fashion Collection @Youtube
    Restoring the Skeksis @Youtube


    Mystic's vocal chord @Youtube
    Mystic's vocal chord examined with music theory @Los Doggies
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  7. skekKot

    skekKot Active Member

    In addition:
    FIZZGIG plush toy (Hasbro-unreleased prototype)
    *The original toy Fizzgig doll was expected to be the hit of Dark Crystal merchandise; but never was produced.
  8. Laszlo

    Laszlo Well-Known Member

    Yes, I forgot to mention that. I have a photo of the Hasbro prototype and I have to say it looked quite good! Much much better than the new Fizzgig plush!
  9. skekKot

    skekKot Active Member

  10. Johnny Wilson

    Johnny Wilson New Member

    I'm a new member and a huge Dark Crystal fan. I created something I wanted to share that is Dark Crystal related and thought this would be a great place to share. Also, Laszlo, are you the same Laszlo I bought a shard replica from, in Germany if I remember correctly. I wanted to share this animation here because I figured it would be most appreciated in this crowd.

  11. Laszlo

    Laszlo Well-Known Member

    Great idea! Did you make it with the official map, made for the movie?
    Now you should do an interactive Skeksis Castle... ;)
    Yes, I am that Laszlo. I hope you like the shard. It really is the best and most accurate collectible I ever saw.
  12. Johnny Wilson

    Johnny Wilson New Member

    Hi Laszlo, I was very impressed with the shard prop, I compared it to every picture I had of the actual prop and every facet and angle is spot on. I remember reading that you used an actual screen used shard to make the mold, is that correct? Do you know someone who worked on the film? A buddy of mine is friends with Lyle Conway but I have not gotten to meet him yet. He was in the thick of it on The Dark Crystal and I would love to ask him to recall some of his experiences. Thanks for making such a great shard by the way! I didn't use the actual map from the movie, I scanned the map from "The World of The Dark Crystal" and painted out all the lines and anything that wasn't just terrain. Aughra's observatory is based only on what I could see in the film, I can find no picture of it anywhere and even in the film I can barely make it out. It's mostly modeled from the image that emerges from Ursu's magic bowl of stew or whatever that was.
  13. Laszlo

    Laszlo Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear you like it!

    I can confirm that it is casted from a real prop, as I do own an original as well.
    It was produced by a toy manufacturer as a promo item.
    I am very glad that this beautiful piece has now been preserved, and has been made available for all normal mortals :) . Not everyone can afford a USD 5000.- original. Let alone if you can find one at all! Almost impossible.
    I bought the original from a former employee. Unfortunately, At the moment I do not have direct contact to crew members.
    Maybe you can ask your buddy if he can get some props. Im always very interested...
  14. Laszlo

    Laszlo Well-Known Member

  15. Laszlo

    Laszlo Well-Known Member

    Above is a very cool production used map.
    Aughra's observatory can be seen in the distance when Jen climbs the mountain. Best way for a good screenshot would be the Blu-Ray. Can you make screenshots?
  16. Johnny Wilson

    Johnny Wilson New Member

    Hi Lazlo, sorry for the delay, I just saw your post. That map is what I used to place all the landmarks in the 3D map along with the Froud map. Originally I wanted to make a realistic map with trees and photo real mountains just to see what Thra would look like in real life and I was using the above map more than the other one but it ended up being too processor intense and taking too much time. I wonder where that map is now.
  17. Johnny Wilson

    Johnny Wilson New Member

    Just looked at your gallery, is that all your art work? If s then WOW! Nice work! And where the heck did you get that Skesis castle model? I can't find one anywhere. Did you make that?
  18. Laszlo

    Laszlo Well-Known Member

    Hi Johnny,
    yes thats all my work. Thank you for the kind words!
    I did the Skeksis Castle myself. It seems a lot of people want one...

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