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The End Of The Cliff Valley (PG-13)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by MissMusical12, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Me and my FloydxJanice oneshots....... I'd really like to do another story soon (I'm thinking of doing a collab, but I just need the right people to help me do it. If interested, please let me know). Anyways, this oneshot is a semi-prequel to "I Don't Wanna Be A Bride." (How Floyd and Janice discovered the end of the cliff valley they go to on their Friday Night Dates). This story also has some GonzoxCamilla. This story is PG-13 for sexual references and alcohol.
    Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN THE MUPPETS! They are property to Jim Henson, The Muppets Studios and The Walt Disney Company!
    "Bawk. Bgawk. Bgawk," (Translation: Wow! I really like it!) Camilla clucked in glee. "Yeah, I'm glad you liked it, too," Gonzo responded, as he lead Camilla into the theater. He had such a smiling expression on his face. No one in the theater knew why, though. Perhaps something from last night, people wondered. Or Camilla gave Gonzo an amazing gift, others wondered.

    As the two love birds (literally) came in, Gonzo noticed Floyd outside the dressing rooms, playing his bass guitar as usual. "Good morning, Floyd," Gonzo said happily. "You look chipper today," Floyd responded. "Why so?" "Oh because Camilla and I had the best night of our lives last night," Gonzo replied. "Why? Where'd you go? The County Fair?" Floyd said and laughed. "No. We went there last week," Gonzo replied. "We went to this cliff valley....." "What'd you do? Join the cows in jumping over the moon?" Floyd asked and laughed again. "Hey hey hey, I didn't get to the good part yet," Gonzo said. "So, at the end of the cliff valley, there's this breath taking view. I mean Camilla was in such awe when she saw it. And you know what she did next?" "I'm sorry. How do you make love to a chicken?" Floyd asked snarkily, thinking of what's coming next. "Oh it's not as easy as you think. I tried. It doesn't work." Gonzo said. "But we did make out."

    Floyd stared at Gonzo for a moment and then asked "How do you make out with a chicken?" "It's a lot easier than making love to it." Gonzo replied. "Anyways, I'd really like to show you the cliff valley. All of the lovers go there. Even the Muppets involved in a relationship go there to unwind with their lover." Despite hearing about Gonzo and Camilla making out (however that happened), this end of the cliff valley intrigued Floyd. He always wanted another place to take his "main squeeze," Janice, to. Somewhere where they're not stared at by others. Somewhere away from the rest of the world. Somewhere to go on the Friday nights when the Electric Mayhem weren't rehearsing. "My blue weirdo friend," Floyd started "I think I'll check out that end of the cliff valley for myself." "Really?" Gonzo asked. "Wow! That's great, Floyd! Maybe Camilla and I should go with you so you don't get....." "Uh, no thanks," Floyd interrupted. "I think I'll find it myself."

    "Wait a minute you can't just go there by yourself," Gonzo said. "You'll look like a loner." "I know," Floyd said. "That's why I'm taking Janice with me." "Bgawk. Bawk Bawk Bawk" (Translation: Gonzo, honey. I need you.) Camilla called in the distance. "Coming, dear!" Gonzo called back and then turned back to Floyd. "Gotta go. Camilla's calling me. See ya!" Gonzo then rushed off to Camilla's dressing room. "End of the cliff valley....hmmmm...." Floyd started to wonder and then went back to playing his bass guitar.

    "End of the cliff valley?" Janice asked. "Like what's that?" "Gonzo said it's where all the lovers go to to find peace, solitude and alone time," Floyd replied. "Rully?" Janice asked, then said in excitement, "Like, let's go there!" She then hugged Floyd tightly. "Well....you took it quite well." Floyd said. "When do we wanna go?' Janice asked. "Tonight," Floyd responded. "Right after the show." "Sounds awesome, honey," Janice responded. "I like don't have much to do tonight anyways." "Perfect," Floyd said and then lovingly kissed Janice on the lips. Unfortunately, their kiss was interrupted by Miss Piggy yelling through the doorway of Janice's dressing room "JANICE! We're on for Veternarian's Hospital in two minutes! Get down here now!" "Uh oh! I almost forgot I have to do Vet's Hospital today," Janice said after she and Floyd released from their kiss. "Sorry, honey. I have to go. I'll talk to you later, okay?" "Alright. Break a leg out there, Jan," Floyd said. "Don't you mean fix it?" Janice said as she rushed out of her dressing room, leaving Floyd behind. "I love that woman," he said and then strolled out of her dressing room.

    Just as Floyd promised, he and Janice drove to the end of the cliff valley right after the show in Floyd's convertible. The view from the cliff was indeed breath taking, as one can see the lovely country view and a gorgeous view of the sunset and the night sky. Floyd also brought along a cooler of drinks for him and Janice to share. It seemed to them like this night was going to be perfect for the two of them. Though the top of Floyd's convertible was down, the two were sitting down on the hood of the car. Janice played and sang a few songs on her acoustic guitar while Floyd listened. He loved hearing Janice play as much as Janice enjoyed hearing him play. "That was real good, babe," Floyd said after a song. "Like thanks hon," Janice said and took a sip at her drink. "But I don't think I could like ever match up to be as good as you." "Awww, baby doll," Floyd said, holding her close to him. "I think you're wonderful. I think you're just as good as I am." "You rully think so?" Janice asked. "I'm positive." Floyd responded and then kissed her on the lips. Janice then kissed him back and wrapped her arms around his neck. Floyd then deepened the kiss, not ever wanting to let this kiss end. Janice, too, was enjoying every moment of it. When they released, Floyd then carried Janice into the convertible and proceeded to make out with her once more. However this make out session was soon interrupted by..................

    HONK! HONK! "Hey! Whoever's convertible is parked here, move it! We're trying to watch the moon!" Gonzo yelled out from his car. Floyd and Janice then got out of the car. "Floyd, is it the cops?" Janice asked. "No....It's only Gonzo," Floyd replied and yelled out "We were here first!" "No. We were here first. You only came because I told you about it," Gonzo yelled out. "So what?" Floyd asked. "So....move!" Gonzo said again. Floyd then proceeded to throw one of the empty beer cans at Gonzo's car. "Ah! He's throwing beer cans!" Gonzo said in worry. "RETREAT! RETREAT!" Gonzo then drove off into the night.

    Floyd then laughed in victory. "That oughta show him!" He then noticed that Janice was starting to get tired. He rushed to her before she could fall asleep on the ground and caught her. "Someone's getting a little tired. Don't fret, Janice. I'll drive you home." Floyd said, carrying her in his arms. He then gave Janice a kiss on the forehead before he could put her in the car. As he got his and Janice's seat belts on, Floyd whispered to the sleepy Janice "I think this place is perfect for us. Don't you agree, babe?"
    ---------------------------------THE END------------------------------------
    Cheesy ending, I know. I really wanted to include Gonzo and Camilla in this story somehow. Also, do let me know if you're interested in the collab story I'm planning on doing. Let me know as soon as possible.
    LipsGF4Life and Janice+Floyd<3 like this.
  2. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    I love this it was really good you should defiantely do more:sing::flirt:
    MissMusical12 likes this.
  3. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Likw Wow! This is rully good! I mean a rully good story. I didn't mind for you adding Gonzo & Camilla in this story. (laughs)! Wow! I understand Floyd & Janice are an underatted couple, but you are rully go deep by your stories on those guys. Wow!
    MissMusical12 likes this.
  4. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Gonzo was my main inspiration for telling Floyd about The Cliff Valley, actually. I actually got the idea for this story while I was taking a walk one day. Out of nowhere, I thought "Gonzo and Camilla"

    Also, I wanted to go a little more in depth with Floyd and Janice's makeout when they get into the car (some minor necking would've been nice to add), but my mind rushed me with that part...:sigh:
  5. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Oh! By the way, I love your avatar and it has Floyd. Like Wow!
  6. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! It's from the Kaye Ballard episode, by the way.:halo:
  7. Aww so adorable. I love it :)
  8. Janice+Floyd<3

    Janice+Floyd<3 Well-Known Member

    Cute!! Janice and Floyd are adorable!

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