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The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by SuprGro78, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. SuprGro78

    SuprGro78 Well-Known Member

    Hey there is a listing on the IMDB for The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show with andy kaufman as tony clifton, frank Oz (who also directed) and John ritter as well, john ritter. Does anyone know anything about this? I was about 4 so I missed it in 1982.
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  2. Link Hogthrob

    Link Hogthrob Well-Known Member

    John Ritter was on the show and was rather enamored with Piggy. She, however, only had eyes for George Hamilton.

    Tony Clifton (Andy K.) and Piggy sang a medley of songs (I Will Survive, That Old Black Magic, etc.)

    The rest of the Muppets, Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Rizzo, Janice, and some others were in the production room (can't think of the right word for that place!!) and Kermit and Piggy had a fight after she threw herself at George H.

    I think the funniest part is when Piggy realizes that the show is only a special and not a pilot for her own series and walks off leaving John Ritter (dressed as Piggy) to do the closing number!
    But, in true Piggy style, she returns to "ham" it up!

    Ouch, that pun was bad even for me!! :)

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  3. Thog

    Thog Well-Known Member

    Hey, I have the show on tape. I just got another VCR so I might be able to make you a copy. And since you live in Sommervill it would be easy to get it to you. Let me know what you think.

  4. Kedrick

    Kedrick Well-Known Member

    I LOVE this show!! When I was about 14 (24 now), we visited our local main library (downtown Columbus, Ohio) where they had a very large selection of Muppet videos to chose from. The Fantastic Miss Piggy show was one of them, so we rented it, copied it and I've loved it ever since. Miss Piggy being my favorite character being the main reason, but this has some great Muppet Moments. Kermit and the gang in the control room, the jealousy Kermit displays at Piggy's advances on George Hamilton...John Ritter AS Miss Piggy!! LOL

    My favorite scene is with Miss Piggy singing "I Will Survive" to a LIVE audience. Because of the set up of the stage, Frank is below her elaborate gown and she is just standing there singing. Looks GREAT!

    I need to get a better copy though. We taped it in EP a few places have slight glitches.

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  5. SuprGro78

    SuprGro78 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Guys!!

    Thanks alot everyone! Thog if you do get a copy made i would love it. John ritter in a miss piggy outfit sounds pretty darn silly. And George hamilton and miss piggy are a really great couple I think!
  6. Foreignman

    Foreignman Well-Known Member

    Hey Guys, here's a link to a small realplayer clip of the episode with Tony Clifton. Hope you guys enjoy! LINK hogthrob

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