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The first Muppets Palisades figure you bought?

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by JJandJanice, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    Just for the sake of discussing, what was the first figure you bought from the Palisades line of Muppets.

    For me it was Dr. Teeth back when the series first came out. I bought him at that Sam Goody that use to be in the mall. For whatever reason, they had the figures up but no price, they wound up selling it to me for $14.99 which as it turns out was too much as they were suppose to be $9.99, not that I was upset about it since they shoot up in value in no time. I still remember the guy there gave me a thumbs up for buying Dr. Teeth. It was a toss up for me on Kermit or Teeth, but I just had to go for Teeth.

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  2. rowlfy662

    rowlfy662 Well-Known Member

    for me it was both kermit and piggy way back in 2005 i'm so glad i bought them together on ebay uk and 6 years on i have two shelves of them :)
  3. BoomerangFish

    BoomerangFish Well-Known Member

    I think I bought Bunsen Honeydew first and then went out on a hunt for Kermit :)
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  4. muppetlover123

    muppetlover123 Well-Known Member

    I bought Swine Trek playset with first mate piggy
  5. CaseytheMuppet

    CaseytheMuppet Well-Known Member

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  6. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    The first two I bought were Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Dr. Teeth, in the same day. My own excitement as well as fan excitement along with a comment I read from Ken Lilly about Palisades only doing one production run per series of any figures (I think they later did extra production runs on some products) made me worry that the lesser-known characters (who I was more interested in) would sell out faster than Tickle Me Elmo back in 1996.

    When I saw the first series of figures, I had enough money to buy all four, but wasn't too interested in Kermit (since I had so many Kermit toys but hardly any of the other Muppet Show characters) or Miss Piggy (perhaps my least favorite of the main characters, plus the figure looked out-of-place among the rest), but after a few weeks of having my Dr. Teeth and Bunsen play with my various Kermit toys,most of which were too big by comparison, I gave in and purchased Kermit when I purchased the Muppet Labs playset with Beaker. I didn't get the Miss Piggy figure until a year later for my birthday.
  7. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    kermit the frog
  8. Hartley

    Hartley Well-Known Member

    For me it was the backstage playset, in a shop in Sheffield, UK, in about 2004/5. I couldn't believe something so gorgeous could exist and cost, I think, just £40. As you can imagine, I'm VERY glad I bought it, although it started off quite an expensive hobby.
  9. Hubert

    Hubert Well-Known Member

    I remember seeing them at a store and wanting them, but it was close to either Christmas or my birthday (I can't remember which) so I wanted to wait and see if anyone got me them as a gift. I ended up getting Kermit and Miss Piggy as gifts. The next day I went and got Dr. Teeth and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew from Toys R Us. Those figures are one of the main reasons I'm a Muppet fan.
  10. meepmuppaphones

    meepmuppaphones Well-Known Member

    For me, it was (all at once) Crazy Harry, Rizzo, Classic Sam, and Dr. Bunsen. The first one I ripped open was Sam.:attitude:
  11. rexcrk

    rexcrk Well-Known Member

    Series 2 Gonzo back when they were first coming out. I remember seeing some of the series 1 figures and being like "Y'know, if I start buying these I'm going to want ALL of them and is that something I REALLY want to get into?" but I couldn't resist buying Gonzo, he's my favorite chracter.

    Then of course I saw Sam Arrow at Tower Records, and he looked so... GORGEOUS. I had to get him, too. And I had intended to stop there and just have those two and leave them in the package. But of course whenever I would look at them and see how amazing they looked I knew I had to open them. Which led to me wanting to get more and more. And fortunately it was around the time when series 4 was just coming out and I was able to get most of series 1-3 figures for normal retail price (except Miss Piggy, who was dirt cheap and "buy one get one free" at EB Games, so I was able to get both versions then) and I was even able to still find Dr. Teeth in stores, believe it or not. Floyd, Fozzie, Animal with the stage, and Zoot were the ones that eluded me the most and had to resort to eBay to get. And I only had to pay a little under $100 for Zoot (lol, "only"- but considering how much I've seen him go for often I think I got a pretty good deal).

    And from then on I was able to get everything I wanted as it was being released, it was a fun ride, I miss collecting them. My collection is "satisfyingly" complete, I've got every regular-release figure and playset and all the exclusives I really want. There are some I COULD get if I wanted, at a decent price, but some of them are so expensive that I don't ever plan on getting them (just can't justify it). We definitely needed one more series so we could get characters like Sal and Bobo.
  12. GAR

    GAR Member

    My first was Kermit. Not at all to collect, but to customize into He-Man as a project. I did not know about this amazing line of toys up until roughly a year ago. When I discovered that Kermit for the custom figure project I was amazed that there actually was a figure that actually looked the way the Muppets are supposed to (can't believe how many figures out there don't look good enough).

    Anyway, I did customize Kermit but immediately went back, bought him again to keep him on display as himself because I loved the figure so much. Bought Fozzy and Gonzo as well after seeing pictures of an online friend's collection and started collecting after that. Being a huge fan of the Muppet News Man, he was the first to follow, then Miss Piggy and Crazy Harry, followed by Sweetums, a loose Beaker (I really don't like the Muppets Lab playset - it just doesn't look right - so I got him loose), Adventure Kermit, Marvin Suggs, Dr. Teeth, Floyd... then I found myself a great bargain online, I bought a complete Swine Trek set (including all three figures complete) a complete Electric Mayhem drumset with Animal and a nearly complete (only 3 items missing) kitchen with Swedish Chef all in one go. Must say that I now pretty much have every figure I really want. Just want to complete Electric Mayhem now (Zoot and Janice are missing, Lips is way too expensive for me at this point so I'm not even considering him) and I really want Super Grover.

    Anyway, long story short, Kermit was first. Twice ;)
  13. choob99

    choob99 New Member

    I bought pigs in space piggy and strangepork and the playset,that was in 2004 and that started my obsession and then my 5 year quest to own every single figure and playset ever made, proud to say I do own every figure and playset ever made and still own them all to this day!
  14. MuppetVision

    MuppetVision Well-Known Member

    Mine was Dr. Teeth. I may have bought more that day, but I was mainly out looking for him since he is my favorite. I went to the local ToysRus. Very happy with my purchase!
  15. MuppetofaMan

    MuppetofaMan New Member

    The very first for me was First Mate Miss Piggy and the Playset. Of course, I was immediately hooked and bought 18 more the next day (ebay is a blessing, and a curse), 11 more the day after that (cursing ebay by that point ;) ) and on it went. That first month was rather crazy. I do wish I had known about the figures as they came out, rather than having to rely on the secondary market. But, there are good deals to be found there. I've now got them all except the White Tuxedo Rowlf, which I haven't found yet for an acceptable price (would love ideas if anyone has any). I created a thread about a need for it several days ago but it must have been deleted or moved.

    Anyway, I'm new here and glad to have found the site. Fun thread topic!
  16. WhiteLion

    WhiteLion Member

    Dr. Teeth. Unfortunately I wasn't really collecting anything at the time so I wasn't loyal to the toy line. I wish I was, because I remember seeing super cheap Muppets figures in Suncoast at the time going for insane amounts on ebay now.

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