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The First week of Friendship and Romance

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by miss kermie, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    The First week of romance and friendship

    Chapter 1-Leaving Their homes

    By:Miss Kermie



    "Are you sure that you'll be ok with me gone, ma?" Kermit asked as he hugged his mother, as she worried her brain out of her head almost. "I'll be fine," She Began. "But Kermit, I'm worried sick that something terrible will happen to you when my eye is off of you! What if I never see you again?" "You'll see me at Thanksgiving!" Kermit said in a snippy tone. "Kermit the frog, If anything happens to you,I'll NEVER forgive myself!" Kermit sighed in annoyance, as if he's heard it all before."I know, I know, I'll be just fine. Fozzie's driving me there." Backtracking what he said, he realized that may make her worry more. "Uh...I'll be fine! I promise! "


    "...I want you to get out of my house as soon as possible!!!" Piggy rolled her eyes as she listened to her mother say these words. Thank you for the support mother... She thought to herself with sarcasam. "I will as soon as you sign this." Her mother looked at her with anger in her eyes, as always. "Well Piggy Lee, what is it?" "It's so I can join in the drama club mother!" Piggy's mother rolled her eyes. "Piggy Lee," She began. "I've told you plenty of times that you aren't nearly as beautiful as all the other girls, and you're not talented whatsoever!!!" Piggy looked upset but responded in a head nodd, and left for highschool.


    "Hey Kermit!" Kermit looked outside and saw his old pal Fozzie in his Uncle's car. "Hey Fozzie. I see your uncle isn't out of hibernation." Fozzie had a worried look on his face. "Or at least I hope he is... Anyway, hop in! I heard that this year, there's gonna be dorms with up to four people! isn't that exciting?" Kermit seemed uneffected. "Fozzie how exactly is that exciting? I mean, we could be matched with a pair of criminals or something!" Kermit loaded up his things, and got in the car. Afterwards, Fozzie drove off. "Good point, frog of my heart, but don't worry, I'll make sure that nothing bad happens to you! Besides, I promised your mom I'd look after you!" Kermit shrugged. "Eh, what the hey, I trust ya buddy." And with that, they were off to highschool.


    Jaz, a lone teen, about to embark on a journey to womenhood through highschool, was now packing her things. Jaz usually wore a purple satin sweat jacket, a pink shirt underneath, blue jeans, pink Timberlands, and a purple head band to hold up her flowing black bangs that would often get in her face without it. "There we go, all good to go!" Jaz told herself. Jaz ran to her front door, grabbed her jacket, and drove off in her purple Chevy Avalanche.


    Chapter 2

    The first day





    Once Jaz arrived, She noticed that it wasn't just humans that attended her highschool. She saw goats, lions, bears, horses, frogs, mice, rats, pigs, even goldfish! She snuck past the muscular guys, and the emos to get to the dorm she was assigned to. When she opened the door, She saw Piggy, a brown bear with pigtails, and a white feathered, blue eyed chicken. "Um...Hi. My name is Jazmyne! But please call me Jaz." After Jaz introduced herself, Piggy spoke up. "Salutations my name is Piggy Lee. Please if you will, call me Piggy. Nice to meet you." Piggy shook Jaz's hand, and adjusted her glasses. What a nerd... Camilla thought. "My name's Beth." Beth shook Jaz's hand with two hands. "This is Camilla. She doesn't speak english. She speaks...uh...I guess chicken." Beth explained. Jaz chuckled a little. "Well it's very nice to meet all of you! But if you'll please excuse me, I need to go explore and figure out where everything is." With that, Jaz ventured into a crowded hallway, and passed Kermit and Fozzie, who finally made it to their dorm.

    "Whew. what a mess this hallway is! I'm glad we made it to our dorm!" Fozzie opened the door and found a brown bear who was stuffing his face with pizza, and an blue, unknown being with a large shnoz, who was reading a book about chickens. "Hi! My name's Fozzie! Wocka wocka!" Fozzie cried with confidence. "My name's Gonzo!" The unknown being began. "I'm a guy who loves to party! By the way, what does 'wocka wocka' mean?" Kermit was thinking here it comes... but he showed no sign of grief. "I'm glad you asked!" Fozzie began. "It's my comedy catchphrase! Ya see, I want to become an actor, so I can pursue my dream of becoming a world class comedian!" The bear, Bobo, decided to speak. "Wait, wait, wait... Fozzie?" Fozzie didn't remember much about the bear who knew his name. "Uh...Yeah, my name's Fozzie D. Bear." Kermit was puzzled. "What's your middle name?" "Da." Gonzo got it before anyone else, and laughed. "Aaaah, wocka wocka!!" Fozzie exclaimed, then, Bobo perked up. "You're that jerk that broke Beth's heart! Beth is so gentile, and you broke her heart!" Fozzie shrugged. "Hey, I'm sorry, but she was a lunatic...Or at least crazy about me. She's still nuts." Kermit nodded in agreement. Bobo was about to snap, but Gonzo broke the short silence. "Oh no, we have to get to class!!!" With that, Fozzie and Kermit hurried to first period.

    Kermit's first class was french. He slowly entered the room, because Kermit knew what the french did to frogs (FROG LEGS =P). Kermit tried to force a smile unto his face, but his face just stayed same. "Bonjour, Jem 'appelle Madamoiselle Clairice." The teacher said. The class was confused, all except for Piggy. "She said, 'Hello, my name is Ms. Clairice.'" Piggy explained. Kermit heard her gentle voice, but didn't see her past a massive crowd of students. "Very good Piggy Lee. Now I want all of you to partner up, and share what you know about french, and get to know eachother if you must. You've got the whole period. Go." Kermit may have had a lot of buddies, and siblings, but he only knew himself in that room. Piggy knew how picking went. They only picked the nerd for projects that were worth 50 percent of their grade, or something along that line. Kermit was turned around, and so was Piggy. As the crowd got bigger, they were forced to back up until they finally bumped into eachother, and Piggy's diary that she was holding spilled out of her hands.



    Chapter 3

    The first day part 2




    Kermit bent down and picked up the small pink book, and when he got up to hand it to her, Kermit swore he was looking at an angel, and Piggy began to blush. "Uh...Hi!" Kermit then handed over her diary. "Um...Salutations..." Piggy then looked down, as if she knew by her response, that her convesation would end terribly. Noticing, Kermit gently put his hand on her shoulder. "Hey, what's the matter? Did I bump you too hard?" Kermit forced out a laugh. "You don't think I'm a nerd?" Piggy asked, apparrently in shock. "Of course not! You're just an abnormally smart person!" Piggy was in utter and complete shock. "Y-You really mean that?" kermit stuffed his hands in his neon green sweat jacket, and looked down while kind of blushing. "Well...Yeah..." "Oh.." Piggy blushed more. Suddenly the bell rang, and both Kermit and Piggy's focus was broken. "Uh...See ya later?" Kermit asked. "Sure! Why not?" Piggy was secretly flattered, but she kept that emotion from him. "Goodbye Piggy...It was a pleasure meeting you, and it was great talking to you." After that, Piggy was awestruck, and Kermit ran out, and yet, he still hesitated to leave.


    Kermit met up with Fozzie at his second class, which was Music. Kermit brought his banjo, and some sheet music of a song he's been working on. Fozzie brought his ukulele that was given to him by his father. "Class, my name, as it fits my profession as a music teacher, is Mr. Cleft." The teacher began. "We kind of have a mixed up schedule today, but we are going to meet up with the chorus and get to know them today. Until they arrive, please feel free to talk amongst yourselves." Fozzie immediately began to ask Kermit constant questions. "So did you find your first class OK? Did they make you stand up and introduce yourself? Did you make any new friends?" Kermit responded to all of them. "Yes, no, and maybe." "What do you mean maybe?" Fozzie asked. Kermit began to blush. "Well...I met this girl and-" "Ohnoohnoohnohnohnohnohnohnohnohnohnohnohnohnohno!" Fozzie interupted. "What? What's wrong?" Kermit kinda had a What the heck Fozzie? kind of face on. "Kermit, I always think that if you meet a girl, you're gonna get your heart broken, and I don't want that!" Kermit rolled his eyes. "Fozzie, it's not like she's my girlfriend, I just met her. And I won't get my heart broken! Was my heart broken when Jil broke up with me?" Fozzie looked down. "Well no, but-" "Fozzie, I'll be just fine don't worry so much." Kermit assured. "Well...if you say so Kermit..." Fozzie said with sadness. As Kermit and Fozzie went silent with the other band students, the chorus came in. Kermit saw very few boys in this chorus, but there were just enough to cover the Baratone spots, and there were a surplus of female Soprenos. "Class, it is my irresponsible pleasure to introduce my chorus. My name is unimportant! So ask, and I'll destroy every living cell in your...*Ahem*...Instuments." Sheesh, what's his problem? Kermit thought. "Let's introduce our lead singers from each group. Representing the Baratones, we have Allison Harris, and Steven White. For Altos, we have Ashley and Amanda Harris. And finally for Soprenos, Jaz Stanford, and Piggy Lee." And then it happened. Kermit saw Piggy and began to blush, and couldn't take his eyes off of her. "Kermit, is that pig the girl you met today?" Fozzie asked. "Uh-huh..." Kermit responded with a dreamy sigh. Fozzie secretly had his eyes on Jaz, but he didn't tell Kermit that. "Hey, Piggy." Jaz began, "You see that bear up there? He's kinda cute and I think he's staring at me..." Jaz felt a swoon coming on. "Yeah, I mean he looks alright, but at least to me, he's not as handsome as this boy I met named Ker-" Piggy took a pause, because directly next to Fozzie, was Kermit, her handsome boy she met. Kermit caught her making eye contact, and began to blush. He lowered his head a little bit, and waved to her shyly. Noticing, Piggy did the same. "Ok, now the singers behind these people are backround characters. Pay no attention to them." Said the chorus director. Jaz crossed her arms. "Well that doesn't seem fair!" "Excuse me? YOU now have detention!" The chorus director smirked. Fozzie saw how this was unfair. "All she did was voice her opinion!" "YOU have detention as well." Said the director. "What did he do?" Kermit asked. "Detention for the frog as well. Any other animal want to give it a go? What about you Miss Lee? Care to stand up for anyone here? Hmmm?" The director knew who Piggy wanted to defend, but it would go against her nature. However, She did know how to make it fair, so she'd get detention also. "Well, actually no, but I think you're being rather rude, and insulting for someone named Samantha by accident...Or on purpose, but I suppose THAT'S a whole other story, yes?" Piggy couldn't help but grin, she felt like she did the right thing. "Piggy Lee... You've hurt my feelings..." Mr. Sam...antha ran out crying and everyone fell out laughing. All except Piggy, who walked out in silence.


    Chapter 4

    The End of the day




    Three periods had passed since Piggy sassed Mr. Samantha without getting a punishment. It was now lunchtime, and Piggy got her glasses knocked off by some jock. Kermit noticed she wasn't wearing her glasses, and she was looking kind of spacious, so he went to go check on her. when he got up to her, he realized he just stepped on her glasses, and Piggy heard it. Then she frowned. Kermit looked down. "Um, I'm sorry about that Piggy. But on the bright side, you look more hot than usual. I-I mean beautiful, er, um... I'm just gonna shutup now." Kermit blushed. "Uh... Do you want to sit with me, Fozzie, and Jaz?" "Uh sure... but you need to be my seeing eye frog." Piggy and Kermit both laughed and walked to the table together. "Hey, you look good without glasses!" Jaz said to Piggy. "Yeah, well I can't see a single thing without them." The jocks walked up the table, threw Gonzo on it, and then set their sights on Kermit. "Lunch money, now! Ya green twerp!" Kermit twitched with fear. "I packed, I don't have any!" The lead jock, Brad snapped his fingers and the other jocks grabbed him. "Listen Greeny, either we get lunch money, or we punch in your face in!" Kermit stopped twitching. "Go ahead, I can take it!" Piggy smiled at his bravery. (Even if she couldn't see it...) Brad saw her smile, then smirked, and snapped his fingers again. The jocks then grabbed Piggy. "Ok, then what about the nerd? What if we punch in her face?" "Oh that's not happening either." Piggy said. "Shutup bacon bits!" "Bacon bits? Did you just call me...Bacon bits?" Piggy was getting a agressive look on her face, and Brad was smirking. "B.A.C.O.N.B.I.T.S., I said, Bacon bits!" Piggy felt her fist ball up, and even though she couldn't see her target, she was still determined to strike. When Kermit saw her fists, he jumped in front of her. "Uh, come on Brad, you already threw her glasses, please just leave her alone. She can't see a single thing!" Brad slapped Kermit. "Stop defending your girlfriend ya twerp!" Piggy immediately jumped on Brad and repeatedly punched him until his nose bled. "Look, you can call me 'bacon bits' all you want to, but when you mess with my frog, I will MURDER you! Got it? Good! Now get out of here before I tie your legs up, and sell you to a pretzel shop!" Brad got up, shook his head in confirmation, and ran to the bathroom to clean up his nose. Piggy cleared her throught up until her voice became sweet and gentle again. "So, does anyone else want to punch Kermit?" All the jocks ran away to find Brad. "Didn't think so." Piggy said. "Wow... You couldn't see anything when you did that?" Gonzo asked. "Nope." Piggy said with confidence. Kermit didn't say anything. However, he was smiling because of what Piggy said. ...But when you mess with my frog... It was playing in his head over and over again. The keyword in that sentence was "my". She just showed ownership toward me... Does she like me too? Kermit just kept asking himself questions until Brad and his crew showed up with the nurse's tranquilizer darts, and shot Piggy with them. "Is anybody else woo...z...y?" Piggy fainted and the bell rang. Everyone left except the frog, and of course, the pig. Kermit brushed back her beautiful golden locks and stared at her for a few seconds... then he leaned in, kissed her on the cheek, and walked away smiling.​
    Piggy woke up to her roommates, and Fozzie, Kermit, and Gonzo. "Mmm...What happened?" Gonzo, trying to front, jumped in front of everybody, and started to explain. "Well Brad shot you with tranquilizers, and after seventh period, I decided to carry you to the spot that you are now sitting in!" Jaz crossed her arms. "What are you talking about? Kermit carried her!" Kermit blushed. There was just something about Piggy that made him blush. Piggy noticed and wanted to ask why, just to hear his answer, but she kept quiet. "Thank you Kermit. And thank all of you for sticking around to see if I was OK." Jaz shrugged. "Hey, no sweat! What are friends for?" It was then, when Piggy actually felt like a part of something.​


  2. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    I'm working on the next chapter now!:excited:
  3. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the Fan Fiction Board!

    P.S. I heard about smart phones. I didn't know they had smart shoes. Too bad they didn't use "smart shoes" in the movie instead of the ones they did use....
  4. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Chapter 5

    The loss of a close friend




    It's been two days since the first day of school and Kermit and the gang are studying in the library. Gonzo was hanging upside down from the ceiling. "Can you hand me the math book?" Kermit and Piggy both reached for it, and then blushed. "Uh... Sorry..." They had said in unison. Kermit noticed Piggy's hand hadn't moved, and Piggy noticed the same thing about Kermit's hand, but what broke the awkwardness was Fozzie, who just grabbed the book. Jaz saw what was happening. She needed to commence in Operation L.O.V.E., and fast.


    In gym, Jaz was there, and so was Piggy and Kermit. "Um... Kermit, how do I hold this bat?" Piggy knew nothing about Baseball apparrently. "Here, watch me." Kermit got into bat position. Piggy copied him. Not close enough though. Kermit walked closer to her. "Close. Like this." Kermit put his arms around her and helped her hold the bat. "Um...Oh... Thanks Kermit." Piggy was happy she was close to him. Jaz ran up to Kermit and told him that he needed to make a move. He knew. Piggy was weightlifting 150 pounds on one weight with one hand. "...See? I'd be the woman of the relationship!" Jaz crossed her arms. "Kermit, just stop making cheesy guy moves!" Kermit rolled his eyes. "I wasn't trying to make a move, I was helping her hold her bat! Sheesh!" The gym teacher blew the whistle, and that meant find a partner, and wait until she got back from the supply closet. "Piggy, do you wanna be my partner?" Kermit asked. "Uh huh!" Piggy answered. Piggy took Kermit's hand, and they ran to the availible corner in the back of the gym. Jaz was thinking it was going well, until she found out that Brad was there. "Dang! Now it will never work!" Brad walked up to Kermit and Piggy. "Are you making figs back here?" Brad began laughing. Kermit stood in front of Piggy... For Brad's safety. "Brad, get outta here!" Piggy demanded. "Don't tell me what to do bacon brains!" Piggy looked more enraged. "BACON BRAINS? ARE YOU SUGGESTING I'M STUPID?" Brad crossed his arms and smirked. "I'm not suggesting, I'm informing." Kermit realized he was soon going to be in the middle of a an all out war. "Uh, guys, come on, let's settle this like civilized...um...Teenagers." Brad actually thought about it. He loved pushing Piggy's nerves, but he did still feel pain from the last time he pushed them. "... Fine. I'll leave your girlfriend alone!" Kermit looked surprisingly shocked. "Brad, stop! She...Well, she's not my girlfriend! She's just a close friend of mine!" Piggy felt kind of sad about that comment. Noticing, Brad knew how to embarrass Kermit, and get the last laugh on Piggy. "If she's not your girlfriend, then why'd you offer to let her sit at your table? Why'd she defend you, and call you her frog? Why'd you kiss her on the cheek when she was unconcious? Why'd-" "Wait, what was that last one?" Piggy interupted. "Oh, nothing really, it's just that Kermit decided to kiss your porky cheek when I shot the tranquilizers at you!" Kermit and Piggy's jaws both dropped. Kermit was devestated, and kinda embarrassed in front of everyone in the gym. Piggy was flattered, yet frustrated. "Kermit, why didn't you tell me?" Piggy currently had a face of sympathetic anger on. Everyone in the gym was saying things that were very embarrassing. They were saying things like, "Ooh, you're in trouble with your girlfriend!" and, "Your love ends here!" Kermit was pressured, and the biggest lie formed in his head, and then he decided to speak it. "Look Piggy, I didn't tell you, because I didn't do it! I do not like you, let alone love you! In fact, I hate you! H.A.T.E. you! Stop being so clingy! Sheesh!" Piggy stared at him in devestation and sadness. She was speechless, and let's not forget teary eyed. Kermit noticed that she was upset, and attempted to apologize, but no audio came out of his mouth. "Kermit...I...I thought you weren't one of them...But...You are..." Piggy ran out crying. After she was gone, everyone started giving Kermit high fives, and fist bumps. Kermit laughed with them, but he didn't really mean it, or what he said. He just lost someone he really cared about, and that's never anything to laugh about...

    Chapter 6

    Emotion Splitz 3000




    "...I thought he wasn't one of them..." "Well maybe he was just stringing you along because he thought you were pretty." said Beth. "That actually sounds exactly like the case." Jaz said with a little bit of a sad tone. Camilla pecked Piggy as a gesture for her to get out of bed. "No, Camilla, it's 8:00, I'm staying right here." "To think about...uh...You know who?" Jaz asked. "Exactly." Piggy responded. "You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you had feelings for him, and this has nothing to do with friendship, it has to do with romance." Jaz said as she smirked. "Well it's a good thing you know better then, isn't it?" Piggy said with a slightly agressive tone. "You totally have feelings for him!" Jaz yelled. Piggy blushed. "I do not! He...well I thought he was my close friend!" "Oooh! Close friend?" Beth giggled. "Would you all just shutup!?" Piggy stuffed her face in her pillow. "Alright guys, let's leave the drama queen alone." With that said, all the girls went to sleep.
    The next day, a few minutes before science, Piggy bumped into Kermit, and she stood there, face to face with him. Kermit looked at her, trying to think about how to apologize to her, but Piggy just ran past him, because she felt tears coming.
    In science, there was a special presentation waiting for all the students. "Greetings! My name is Bunsen Honeydew, and this is my best friend, Beaker, who is willing to be my assistant for today. My fellow students, I have created a device that splits your emotions, and you can actually delete a few of them! Beaker, why don't you share what materials we used, while I get the machine ready?" "Mee mee mee mee meep mo meep mee mee, meeeeeeeeep! meep mo mo mee, meep meep-" "Alright Beakie! That's enough! Who would like to volunteer to be a test subject for this device?" Bunsen asked. "Piggy does!" Jaz and Beth yelled. "What? Why in the world-" "Trust us!" Beth said. "Spendid! alright, just close your eyes, and keep your hand on the machine." Piggy did exactly as instructed, and next thing you know, there was a Piggy for every emotion in the room, where the real one was now just a hologram. "Yes! It worked!" Bunsen cried. Kermit looked around frantically, and so did Fozzie. There really was a Piggy for every emotion. One of them was wearing hearts, and sayng, "Kermie loves me, Kermie loves me not." Another one was wearing blue, and she had tissues, and she was crying. There was also one that constantly had a mirror and called herself beautiful and goregeous every five seconds. "Wow Kermit, there's so many of them!" Fozzie said. "Yeah, I know..." Kermit said in worry. All of them might beat me up... Kermit thought. "Why is Kermit such a jerk?" The sad Piggy cried. "Would you shutup?" The mad Piggy yelled. "...Kermie loves me not, Kermie loves me, Kermie loves me, Kermie loves me!" said the lovestruck Piggy. "Uh..." Kermit said as he looked at her. "Bunsen, how do you get her back to one Piggy?" Fozzie asked. "Just press this button." Bunson said, as he pressed the button. Every Piggy was reunited, exept for the one called "Miss nice guy." "Jaz, that is the last time I let you talk me into anything!" Piggy yelled. "I thought it would clear your mind, that's all!" Jaz explained. "Yeah, whatever..." Piggy said. By that response, Piggy was clearly different, and everyone knew it.
    Chapter 7

    "Miss" Piggy to you!



    It's Thursday, and Fozzie, Kermit, and Gonzo are in the library. "I wish there was a book on apologizing to overly agressive pigs." Said Kermit. "If there was, it would be normal to date a pig." Gonzo chuckled. "I don't date to start with." Kermit snapped. "Well you do seem to like her Kermit. After all, you blush every time she's close to you." Fozzie said. "I DO NOT!!!" Kermit shouted. "Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The other students blurted out. "Uh, sorry." Kermit whispered. "There's nothing wrong with having a crush on Piggy." Fozzie explained. "Yeah, I mean, she is pretty." Gonzo said. Fozzie left, and Gonzo decided to follow. As soon as they left, Kermit looked around and saw Piggy. She was leaving the library, so Kermit decided to follow.
    "Piggy! Piggy, wait up!" Kermit yelled. Piggy did stop, but then she put her hands on her hips. "What do you want, el toado?" Piggy snapped. "Um, I'm a frog Piggy. I just wanted to say-" "Miss Piggy. My name is Miss Piggy, or Madamoiselle Piggy, if you will, Mr. Kermit." Piggy snapped. "Uh, right. Listen Piggy, I...uh...I...um-" "Well I don't have all day, so if you'll excuse moi, I'm actually going to do something that's important rather than talking to you." Piggy then began to walk away, but Kermit mumbled, "Maybe she is a bacon brain..." "What did you say flipper face?" Piggy was cleary agressive, but Kermit was feeling fearless. "I said you were a bacon brain!" "Take. That. Back." Piggy said slowly, yet agressively. "Hmm...NOPE!" Kermit said and laughed. "Oh that is it! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii-Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" Miss Piggy gave Kermit a swift karate chop, rendering him defenseless, and making him fall. "You mess with the pig, you get the fist, frog!" after that statement, Piggy walked away. Kermit decided to lay there for a second. Sheesh, my sister was right. it is hard talking to girls! thought Kermit.

    Chapter 8

    The best apology you could recieve




    "Jaz, what's wrong with Piggy?" Beth asked. "I seriously have no clue, but she's acting like a big jerk!" Jaz snapped. "Maybe it has to do with that lab test we made her do!" Beth suggested. "That has to be it, because nobody just straight up acts like that." Jaz pulled a hammer from under her bed. "Let's go teach her a lesson!" Beth and Camilla stared at her in horror. "I'm just kidding! Geez! Only Kermit can make her feel better!" Jaz then decided to leave to figure out where the heck Piggy was anyway.
    "...And I want you to leave me alone, Brad!" Piggy yelled. "But, you're beautiful! You're hot! You're popular!" Piggy raised a fist to Brad's face. "Say. One. More. Word." Piggy threatened. Brad remained silent. "That's what I thought." Piggy said. Piggy was on her way to the Pep Really. I know what you're thinking. Pep Really? You mean Pep Rally. No, Pep Really! Anyway, Everyone was on their way there.
    "Gee, Foz, I've never seen so many people before!" Kermit exclaimed. "Yeah! I know!" Fozzie said as he played with his chinese finger trap. "Oh no! my fingers!" "Sheesh..." kermit sighed. "Fozzie, what do we do at Pep...uh...Reallys?" Kermit asked. "Socialize." Fozzie responded. "I rully love Pep Rullys!" Said Janice. "Speak for yourself! My foam finger's frozen to my wrist!" Said scooter. "Fozzie! Over here!" Jaz waved. "Hi Jaz!" Oh brother... thought Kermit and Miss Piggy. "Hey Kermit!" Gonzo yelled, and ran up to him. "Did you apologize to Piggy yet?" Kermit frowned. "No...I don't know how I'm supposed to do it..." "Well just try...She'll at least feel better...I think..." Kermit nodded and cleared his throught. "Hey Jaz, can we switch seats for a second?" "Sure Kerm." Kermit moved next to Piggy. "Um, Piggy there's been something I've been wanting to tell you. I-" "I don't want to hear it!" Piggy got up, but Kermit grabbed her, and also got up, which caused a scene. "Piggy, when I said I hated you, I didn't mean it, I was in a pressure spot!" Kermit explained. "Well it sure seemed like you meant it..." "Well I wanted to say I was sorry!" Piggy crossed her arms. "I don't care! Kermit, you hurt my feelings, how could I ever forgive you for that?" Piggy tried hard not to cry, but a few tears ran down her cheek. Fozzie and Jaz wondered what he was gonna do next, because he seemed to be out of options. But he wasn't out of options. As Piggy tried to walk away, Kermit grabbed her gently by the waist, turned her around, pulled her close, and kissed her. At first Piggy was in shock, but she eventually put her arms around his neck. Both Jaz and Fozzie's mouth dropped wide open, but then they smiled. Kermit stopped kissing Piggy and Piggy was in awe. She covered her mouth with one hand, and the other hand was holding Kermit's hand. "I don't know what to say at this point." Piggy said gently. "Piggy, I said I was sorry. And I meant that." "Well I believe you now...Thanks for apologizing." Piggy gave him a hug, then gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for not being one of them..." She whispered in his..uh...ear. Piggy walked away and Kermit just sat. He was glad he kissed Piggy. Thinking about it just made him smile, and he didn't think about anything else.

    Chapter 9

    All is well as it ends

    It's Friday, and Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Piggy, and Jaz were in math. They all were waiting for the others to finish their tests. Gonzo was sleeping, Jaz was drawing, Piggy was writing in her diary, Fozzie was writing more jokes to tell, and Kermit was just reviewing this week. It was just so interesting. He kissed the girl of his dreams, met some new friends, and the best part of it all, is that the year isn't over yet. He still has a while before he leaves this rollercoaster ride. And he was glad about it...


    The end...Or is it? Oh wait...Yes it is!

    Chapter 10

    Outtakes and Bloopers?
    In a Fanfic?

    My Only Outtake- Froggie so heartless



    To cheer Piggy up, Jaz decided to sing. "In the night I hear her soul, coldest story ever told, somewhere far along this road, she lost her soul, to a froggie so heartless." Piggy just looked confused. "What song is that?" Piggy asked. "Oh sorry, that's from the next century." Jaz chuckled.



    Blooper 1-Miss Kermie's story



    Gonzo: Jaz, what are you doing? We're supposed to be on set!

    Jaz: I'm reading Miss Kermie's story on MuppetCentral.com. It's wierd, because everything that's happened on set, has happened in her story! You're in it, Kermit's in it, Fozzie's in it, I'm in it... I wonder who she is...

    Gonzo: You know her more than you think...



    Blooper 2-Piggy thinks...



    Kermit: Hey, Jaz?

    Jaz: Yeah Kermit, what's up?

    Kermit: Piggy thinks the story revolves around me and her too much.

    Jaz: Yeah, I did too, but I figured a lot of people were all about you and Piggy being together.

    Kermit: Piggy thinks they aren't.

    Jaz: Well, I can't change the script now.

    Kermit: Piggy thinks you should change it anyway.

    Piggy: *From the set* Kermit thinks he should shutup!!!



    Blooper 3-Advertised



    Fozzie: Whatcha watchin'?

    Jaz: Dragon Ball Z. I told my friend that I would make one of my characters watch it. Oh yeah. *looks at camera* My friend is PrinceBejiKaka on Fanfiction.net people!

    Fozzie: Did you just... Advertise her account?

    Jaz: Yeah, I'm good at it. *looks at camera* Fozzie Bear, everyone's favorite, fuzzy, funny man!

    Fozzie: Wow!



    The End!



    Jaz: Now it's seriously the end! Everyone say goodbye to the nice readers!

    All but Jaz: Goodbye to the nice readers!

    Jaz: Sheesh...
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    Very good, dear. :)
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    Thank vous tres tres much!
  7. LinkiePie<3

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    Preggo, (Preggo is pronounced as PREY-GO; it means You're welcome in Italian. ;D), m'dear, Miss Kermie. :)

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