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The Fraggle Parting

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by FraggleFrick, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. FraggleFrick

    FraggleFrick Well-Known Member

    Hey guys this is going to be a story about The Fraggle Five, especially Gobo. Please feel free to request:D
  2. FraggleFrick

    FraggleFrick Well-Known Member

    Chapter 1
    Gobo Gone?
    Red ran across the hills laughing in a game of freeze tag with Gobo and Wembley.
    "Gotcha, Wembley!" she exclaimed. Wembley stopped suddenly. "Gee, Gobo." she continued. "How come you aren't smiling?" Gobo grumbled under his breath, hands on his hips. Wembley walked towards him. "Wembley! You're frozen!" Red shouted. Gobo frowned. "Hey Red! I don't feel well! Can't you stop being so.. so... bubbly?" Red scrunched her face up in disbelief. " That's who I am!" she retorted. "Oh yeah?" he shot back. Wembley got between them. "C'mon guys! You're friends, right?" He stuttered. Red looked straight at Gobo. "I never gave a radish about you, Gobo. You don't belong here. You only care about yourself." Red jawed.
    Gobo ran away in a panic.
    He began throwing his things in his sack his Uncle Matt had given him. Who cares about the other Fraggles anyway? He could make his own decisions! Wembley at this point, was frightened out of his mind! "Should I go left or right? Oh gosh! Gobo's in trouble! No time to decide!" he bumbled along swiftly tripping over everyone. He rushed to Gobo's cave! Gobo was no where to be found! "AHHHHHH!" Wembley screamed. Meanwhile, Gobo was rushing out to the Gorg's Garden! Mokey was bringing in some radishes. " Goodbye, Mokey. I'll miss you, unlike Red." Gobo cried. Mokey's eyes
    popped! "You're leaving?" she stuttered. "Yes." he replied. Then he kissed her nose and walked out into the garden.
  3. FraggleFrick

    FraggleFrick Well-Known Member

    Chapter 2
    Gorg Trouble
    Gobo rushed out! Junior Gorg hummed nearby. Gobo gasped! "Oh no! It's that gorg again!" he thought. Junior peeked down! "FRAGGLE!" he exclaimed! He chased after Gobo! Gobo escaped in the nick of time! He hid behind a tree full of apples. "What am I doing?" he said to himself. "There's nothing back here! I'll go where Uncle Matt went!" He trudged back in the Rock. Mokey stopped him. "Oh, Gobo! You came back!" she excitedly said. "Nope." he frowned. "I'm just going the other way." She cried bitterly. Gobo turned around. "I'd love to kiss you again, but I'm getting out of here." Mokey weeped and sobbed on the ground. Gobo kept on walking, reluctantly. He rushed past the furry monster near the Fraggle Hole. He tiptoed out the door! He sighed. " Goodbye, Red. It was unpleasant meeting you." He chuckled greedily. He walked down outer space, until he reached a place with lots of yellow food. The little furry creatures that squeaked absolutely loved it! But he still missed radishes. He saw new things, such as the yellow stuff, and he saw men in green and yellow play a game with a big, brown rock. They threw it, they ran with it, and the silly creatures loved watching it on a big screen! But Gobo was cold, and he missed his friends. Meanwhile, back in Fraggle Rock, the remaining four Fraggles sat at an open fire. "Poor Gobo." Mokey sighed. "I wonder how he's doing." "Probably bad." Red shrugged, not caring much. Mokey threw down her radish on a stick! "I'M GOING TO FIND GOBO!" Mokey exclaimed.
  4. FraggleFrick

    FraggleFrick Well-Known Member

    Chapter 3
    Gotta Find Gobo
    Mokey trekked across outer space! She stumbled upon a place with a gigantic statue holding a torch! There were tall buildings, and taxis everywhere! Mokey still couldn't find Gobo! The other fraggles were worried about these two! Red seemed a little concerned. She knew she liked Gobo... Mokey even started to get on her nerves! She didn't want Gobo to know... speaking of Gobo, he was in a predicament! He had ran out of his radishes he packed! He couldn't survive!! So he made up his mind to steal some yellow stuff! He snuck into a factory, tiptoeing quietly. He picked a chunk off a giant yellow block. He began to munch... but a silly creature heard! He bounced up and chased Gobo out the door! Gobo had only a crumb left! What could he do? "I've got to go back..." He said. "But what about Red? She's so pretty... but I can't let her know!" He sighed, left with one option. He had to leave this place. (Wisconsin :p) He stowed away on a plane to get there quicker. But alas! Little did he know he was headed where Mokey was! The Big Apple! When he arrived, he walked for miles before he found Mokey! But finally, he stumbled upon her!
    "Mokey!" he screamed. "Gobo!" she screeched. They wrapped in embrace. "Oh,Gobo!" she leaned towards him. "No Mokey." he said. "Friends. I like Red." "You do?" she exclaimed. "Yes..." He confessed. "But I like both of you... I just feel more comfortable with you!" "Oh, Gobo... If Red takes to long, make your move!" Mokey said reluctantly. Gobo stared into her eyes. "One more." He said. He leaned forward once again, and they kissed one last time.
  5. FraggleFrick

    FraggleFrick Well-Known Member

    Chapter 4
    Romance for Red
    Soon enough, Gobo and Mokey found their way back to Fraggle Rock. The three fraggles waiting cheered as they approached! Wembley was ecstatic to see that his friend was home, and Boober was relieved. Red at this point, was also relieved to see that her friends were safe. Gobo looked at Red. "I'm sorry for taking off like that..." He said. "It's okay. I shouldn't have said what I said." She replied. Mokey was happy to see their connection. "Hey, Red?" Gobo stammered. "Would you like to have dinner at my cave tonight?" "Sure!!!" Red answered eagerly. Gobo cracked a smile. That night, Gobo was planning a radish dinner for he and Red. He was trying so hard to impress her, but he didn't know what he was doing. Red approached the cave entrance confidently. "Hello, Gobo." "Hi, Red." They sat down. For a moment, a silence filled the room. Red broke the awkwardness. "So, are these radishes well done?" "Medium rare..." Gobo snickered, now knowing that she was nervous too. "GOBO, GOBO!" Wembley barged in. "Wembley! Can't you see I'm busy?" Gobo hinted. Wembley seemed terrified at the sight of Red and Gobo talking over a radish dinner. He rushed out as quick as he came. Red laughed. "So, I want to tell you a secret." Gobo gulped. His heart was beating like a drum! "I..." Red started. "I always have had a crush on you." Gobo gasped! "What would you say, if I said I had a crush on you right now?" Gobo said. "I'd say... the secret's out." Red giggled. Gobo smiled. His wish had come true.
  6. FraggleFrick

    FraggleFrick Well-Known Member

    Chapter 5
    Wembley Woe?
    Gobo leaned over and gave Red a little smooch. "Oh, Red. You don't now how much I wanted to do that." Red chuckled. "It could use some more practice." Their lips moved closer again. Wembley barged in again! "Gobo! I need you!" Gobo frowned. "What now?" He sighed. "Nothing in particular." Said Wembley. "I'll be waiting." Red flirted. "Wembley, make it snappy!" Gobo whispered. "Okay! I need you to help me go find your Uncle Matt." Gobo looked confused. "Huh?" Wembley laughed nervously. "Yeah, that's it... and... and Red can't come." Gobo frowned once more. "I can't believe this." He stormed back inside the cave. Wembley cried in agony. His best friend was in a relationship with Red! They were supposed to be just friends! Mokey strolled along. "Hello Wembley! How is it going with Gobo and Red?" "Oh, fabulous." Wembley snorted sarcastically. "Oh, little Wembley. I know you and Gobo are best friends. This is just a new stage!" Wembley turned and walked back to Red and Gobo. "You guys can do whatever you want." Gobo looked at Red and shrugged. He didn't think Wembley was that serious. And he was right. Wembley was over this now. He was himself again. Meanwhile Gobo got back to kissing Red. Mokey was delighted! Things had gone out well. She had always wanted Red and Gobo to like each other. And now, they were kissing! She sighed. How time flew. Here in Fraggle Rock, nothing was normal. And it never would be.
  7. aebthegofer

    aebthegofer Well-Known Member

    Wow! You're brand new on this forum and you've already written five chapters! *hangs head in shame* I've yet to get a muppet fan fiction written.

    Interesting pairing of Gobo and Red. Sorry, I wasn't on here last night to cast my vote, but I like where you took it.

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  8. FraggleFrick

    FraggleFrick Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much!
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