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The Game of Games

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WebMistressGina, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    You guys are gonna hate me. Yes, I know I have two unfinished fics that should be finished. I know this, I do, and you know what would totally make me finish these is...I don't know, but I do want to finish them. However...

    The muse can not be denied. The muse came up with another idea that needed to be written and thus, I have written it. I was gonna put this in the One Shots, but kinda like Deadly Delay, this seems like an actual tale, so here you are.

    This is for all my It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans, a show that I have literally binged watched all last week to get caught up to season 11. If you haven't seen Sunny, all 10 seasons are streaming on Netflix, as well as Hulu (though apparently, you now need a cable subscription in order to watch season 11. Utter BS, Hulu.) The episode this little gem is based on is Season 7's "Chardee MacDennis".

    I won't bother to explain it cause our fave Mupps are gonna do that for me. This is another Up Late universe fic and it takes into account the new season premiere hijinks (sorta, cause I haven't seen it yet, but I kinda know what happens). For now, here's a video for you that you should play when we get to the pre-game toast -

    The Game of Games

    It was a dark and stormy night.

    Clouds had rumbled into the blueish skies above California, turning them into darkened skies of gray and bringing with it a downpour of rain. While the sunny state of Cali normally saw more sun than rain, a storm front came up from the Gulf and planned to make its way across the west, starting with California.

    Within the entertainment industry, rain could easily effect on location shoots, especially if they needed to be done in real time. For the crew and cast of Up Late with Miss Piggy, the day had been a wash once the storm had rolled in, effectively throwing the day out of the window. When it was clear that no one was going to do any work, head writer Gonzo the Great declared he was going home, or rather he at first declared he was going to lunch and once he had a few people going with him, the sky had opened up and thankfully they were close enough to his house to seek safe passage.

    At some point, Kermit, Denise, and Fozzie had made their way over and before he knew it, Gonzo had a small house party going. Floyd Pepper and Janice Bennington, of the Electric Mayhem, had just happened to be getting lunch at the same place so they had jumped onboard when Gonzo had announced going home; Scooter Grosse had gone to lunch with Gonzo, so he pretty much was in the stuntman’s hands.

    Miss Piggy and scientist Beaker had been doing, well no one was really sure what they had been doing, but it had ended with both of them hurrying away from the scene of the crime.

    Ultimately, Gonzo’s house was now host to eight people, on a rainy day that didn’t seem to be letting up and worse, they were starting to run out of things to do.

    “I’d say let’s run lines,” Gonzo joked. “But I left all my stuff at work and I’m not sure how much any of us want to go outside right now.”

    “It’s like, really coming down out there,” Janice replied, peering out the window and the continued rain storm.

    “We’ve got a bunch of flood alerts, too,” Scooter murmured, flipping through the weather reports on his phone.

    “How long do you think this is gonna last?” Denise asked, looking worriedly at her boyfriend.

    “Supposed to rain all night,” Scooter informed her, showing her some of the information he was getting.

    “So we’re stuck here all night?” Piggy asked, rolling her eyes. “Terrific.”

    “Yeah,” Kermit replied, smirking at her. “I’m sure this is gonna totally interfere with that hot date you have tonight.”

    The diva delivered a quick elbow to his ribs, but it was clear it wasn’t intended to actually hurt him. The two had been on a much better path since the holidays, coming to an understanding at least on their friendship with each other, which put them on a better path than they had ever been.

    “Well then hey hep cats,” Floyd spoke up. “If we gotta sit around, we might as well be sitting around doing something.”

    “Alright, like what?” Piggy asked.

    “What about a game?” asked Janice.

    “Hey, that’s a great idea, Jani,” Kermit replied, looking at everyone. “What should we play?”

    Everyone looked around at each other, trying to decide which game they should play, until Gonzo’s eyes widened. “Oh,” he whispered, in excited awe. “I know exactly what we should play. Germit Bloyd!”

    Instantly, everyone in the room had an opinion on the suggestion – with most of the occupants all for the idea; that is, everyone but Fozzie and Kermit. Denise, who of course had never heard of this game in her life, was forced to finally ask, “What is Germit Bloyd?”

    “Firstly,” Piggy interrupted through the sea of explanations. “That is not the name of the game…” Again, a litany of voices rang out. “We never decided on a name! And Moi is not about to call this Germit Bloyd, that’s stupid!”

    “It was named for the team captains,” Gonzo protested.

    “Which have changed, in case you’ve forgotten, which obviously you have…”

    “Needless to say…!” Scooter interrupted. “Yes, we haven’t come up with an actual name, however, I – personally! – don’t believe we need to have an actual name, as this is the Game of Games. The Game of Games needs no name.”

    “So we’re decided then?” Gonzo asked, though slightly annoyed at the whole naming thing.

    “No, we are not decided!” Fozzie exclaimed. “Kermit and I don’t want to play.”

    The others groaned. “It’s six to two,” Piggy hissed.

    “C’mon Fozzie,” Denise replied, sweetly, patting the bear on the arm. “It’s just a game.”

    “It’s not just a game!”

    “It’s a war,” Kermit muttered, giving his girlfriend a look before sighing. “A war of annihilation.”

    The Game of Games


    When looking back on it, this was certainly not how Denise wanted to spend her day. Lunch with her boyfriend had the potential of turning into a romantic afternoon once the rain started, but as with everything else, Kermit’s friends managed to interrupt anything that she tried. Why Fozzie Bear had been invited to their lunch date, she didn’t know, but it was becoming clear that she didn’t seem to be meshing with the group as much as she needed to be.

    But she wouldn’t be a very good girlfriend if she didn’t at least try to get along with Kermit’s friends, even when they insisted on spending time with her frog when she wanted to spend time with him. So that was how she managed to be a part of a game that seemed to have been completely made up.

    “Alright,” Piggy commanded, standing front and center in the living room. “You guys set up, Moi will explain the game.” To Denise, the diva smiled. “The Game of Games is played, and was conceived, on a day much like this, when we were stuck inside and needed to do other than kill each other. Anyway, the game is a simple race to the finish across this board -”

    Here Janice joined her, holding a homemade game board in her hands. The board itself was made on a thin sheet of wood, which was used as a backing to a plaster board that was attached to the top of it; on the plaster board itself were three felt circles evenly spaced apart, with the words Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 on each corresponding circle. On the left hand side was the word START, while on the right hand side was the word FINISH.

    “There are three levels –” Piggy continued, gesturing to the board while Janice held it like a show display girl. “Mind, Body, and Spirit. Level 1, Mind, consists of trivia, puzzles, and artistry; level 2, Body, consists of physical challenges, pain, and endurance; and Level 3…well, let’s see how far we get, shall we? Each level is broken in 20 minute segments, though there are multiple clock stops and of course our pre-level toast.”

    “In the end,” Janice concluded. “Each team has to get a specific number of cards in a level in order to move to the next level. The first team to get finish level 3 wins. And gets a super awesome prize.”

    “Really?” Denise asked, perking up. The game sounded simple enough and it certainly sounded interesting in playing… “What’s the prize?”

    Here, both ladies grinned widely. “The winning team gets to set the losing team’s flag on fire.”

    “Oh,” the diva said, snapping her fingers. “I hope you don’t have plans after this cause this is, after all, a drinking game. Follow us.”

    The marketing manager was still confused, though she was a little disturbed that this was the first time she was hearing that this game involved drinking. As she stood up, she noticed that Kermit was removing a first aid kit from the apparent game box, just as there came a knock on the door. “What’s the first aid kit for?”

    “It’s required,” the frog replied, smiling when the new occupant was revealed. “Rowlf! Excellent. Hey guys, Rowlfie’s here!”

    “Is Rowlf going to be playing with us?” Denise asked, following her boyfriend into the kitchen, which apparently had become the new hangout for the group.

    “No,” Kermit responded. “But he is required for the game.”

    Only when Denise arrived in the kitchen did she notice that the bar owner had carried in a few boxes of alcohol with him and was in the process of placing them on the table, next to a medium sized alarm clock. “We all set?” the dog asked, once his burdens had been laid down.

    “Yes,” Fozzie nodded, before he quickly turned to the host. “Oh no wait! Gonzo, did you nail the board down?”

    Gonzo nodded. “I did indeed.”

    “Wait, why is the board nailed down?”

    “Because ultimately,” Floyd answered. “Someone is going to try and flip the board in anger. It always happens.”

    “Before we get started,” Piggy added. “Moi thinks it only fair that Denise is on your team, Kermit.” Smirking at the frog, she replied, “All things considered.”

    “Did you tell Denise about the drinking?” asked Gonzo.

    “Yes,” Piggy said. “Though I didn’t go into specifics, but she can pick it up as we go along. We ready?”

    Pre-Game Toast
    & Flag Raising Ceremony

    “What’re we doing?” Denise asked, as Rowlf handed her a beer.

    Along with the group and the alarm clock, someone had put on a string quintet piece as background for whatever it was they were doing in there.

    “Each level starts with a pre-level toast,” Scooter explained. “It’s to present an air of sportsmanship.”

    “Good game to you, my lady,” Floyd replied, clicking his beer bottle against that of Piggy’s.

    “And to you, sir.”

    “This is also the only time in which you can ask questions.”


    “Uh,” she stumbled. “Why is Rowlf here?”

    “Rowlf is here,” Kermit piped up. “Because of an incident in which one team - who shall rename nameless, but they know who they are – were caught cheating for not actually drinking their alcoholic beverages.”

    “And we will still maintain that if we had, you would’ve been all over us because of Scooter,” Gonzo countered. “Just like with the brownie incident. It’s the brownie thing all over again.”

    “So you guys were punished for cheating?” Denise asked.

    “Oh no,” Piggy said. “Cheating is allowed.”

    “It’s encouraged,” added Kermit.

    “Just don’t get caught,” said Scooter.

    “Needless to say,” the frog continued. “That ever since, there is no longer any outside alcohol allowed during the game unless it is brought in by Rowlf. This ensures that everyone is consuming an alcoholic beverage.”

    “Drinking is a part of the game,” Scooter went on. “Whenever an opposing team receives a card, you have to drink for five seconds. There’s other stuff, such as you have to drink if you get caught cheating…we’ll explain it as we go.”

    “What’s the time, Rowlf puppy?” Janice asked.

    Glancing at the alarm clock, Rowlf announced, “Two minute warning.”

    At that, the group seemed to form together to hold up their beers in a toast. “Gentlemen,” Piggy began, nodding to the men in their midst before giving Denise and Janice a nod. “And ladies…suck it. Suck it hard, losers.”

    To Denise’s surprise, the others downed the rest of their beers before dropping them, causing them to smash upon hitting the floor. Then, at Gonzo’s “Attention!” everyone snapped to attention. “Prepare for the flag raising ceremony! Team captains to your stations!”

    Kermit, Piggy, and Beaker then proceeded to march out of the kitchen and back into the living room and stood behind the couch and waited while the others filed out after them. Once they were all herded into the living room, Denise couldn’t wait any longer. “What is going on?” she whispered to the person nearest to her, which happened to be Rowlf.

    “It’s the flag raising ceremony,” he uttered back. “It presents the teams, their flags, and their game tokens.”

    “This is a little much for a game, don’t you think?”

    “The Game of Games is unlike any game you’ve ever played before,” he said, giving her a smirk. “For instance, Kermit’s team is Southern Comfort, so named after the alcohol, though we quickly changed that once Robin started playing with us. It consists of just him and Fozzie most times, though as you’ve noticed, odd man out will often be on their team.”

    As her beau raised their flag – a nice blue tapestry with a bright sun in the middle and the word SoCo in the middle of that – Denise couldn’t help but notice that the flag and the game piece looked like it had seen better days. “Why is the flag so…?”

    “Beat to all get out?” the dog finished for her. “Someone told you what happens to the loser in the game, right?” the pig nodded. “SoCo has never won a game in the 26 times that it’s been played. Not once, not ever. It’s actually statistically impossible for them to have lost every single one.”

    “That can’t be true,” she whispered.

    “It is,” Scooter added. “I did the calculations myself and Beaker and Bunsen confirmed it.”

    Gonzo, who was apparently the flag presenter, moved on next to the Scientific Mayhem, which consisted of Beaker, Floyd, and Janice. Their flag, which was a reproduction of the Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon, only with a beaker in place of the prism, was in much better shape than that of SoCo; their game token was also a beaker that had been painted up in rainbow colors. Which would also explain why Gonzo kept stating it was the ‘alternative lifestyle gaming piece’.

    Lastly came Piggy’s team, which Denise finally deduced consisted of Gonzo, Scooter, and Piggy. “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, board gamers of all ages. It’s time – once again! – to introduce the hardest working team in the business. I proudly present to you, your 22 time and current champions of the Game of Games…THE DARK ALLIANCE!”

    Compared to the other flags and pieces, the Dark Alliance was pristine; the Galactic Empire emblem from the Star Wars movie was presented as a patch for their game token, while the image was the background for their flag, which had what Denise assumed was Gonzo as Darth Vader to the right, Scooter as perhaps a fallen Anakin Skywalker to the left, and standing center, with lightsaber in one hand and lightening from the other, was Piggy.

    “The flags have been raised,” Gonzo announced. “Let the games begin. Welcome to Level 1.”
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  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Why does I always find these fics o' yours after they've been posted? Suffice to say I'm pleased that you is writing again Gins, your fics have such a fun flair to them and help brake the monotony from the boredom of not much else posted here.

    Which leads me to say... Please post more! We needs at least a round of Level 1 competition. And I'll put $1.00 down as a wager that Team SoCo will win now that they have the added power of Denise on their side. Teach them how long a K is!
    Oh, and :cluck: and :concern: are being set-up for reuniting on next week's episode. *Swipes pair of martinis from the counter for Uncle Deadly and Gloria Estefan.
  3. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    I don't know, Margo.

    I too missed it. I've had a lot going on with work and banging it out, but once this idea came to mind, it had to be written!

    Oh, don't you worry, you're gonna see the entire game play, hence why I decided this needed to be it's own story and not just a one shot as previously thought. If you've seen the episodes Chardee MacDennis and/or Chardee MacDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo, then you kinda know what's gonna happen.

    But as Denise will ultimately discover, you can learn a lot about a person/people when they sit down to have a 'friendly' game.

    I heard and I'm looking forward to it! From the first reports, it sounds like the new showrunner recognized the issues with the show and the writers are (and have) addressed them in this episode. I'm debating if I should just start fresh and jump into 1B or if I should just knuckle down and start up from Pig Out and finish up all episodes.

    I should probably do the latter. I should.

    So...I'm about to head to lunch...would you like to see how Level 1 went down? :D
  4. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Just a simple game, right? Oh Denise, what have you gotten yourself into...

    Level 1: Mind

    Trivia, Puzzles, and Artistry

    “In fairness, the losing team goes first,” Piggy announced, giving SoCo’s members a look.

    “Fine,” Kermit huffed, grabbing the trivia box and opening it. Inside were a stack of index cards, though it didn’t seem as though anything was written on them until he pulled out the first cards. “No puzzles, no puzzles, no puzzles,” came the chant from both frog and bear until Kermit flipped it over. “Trivia,” he sighed, before perking up. “And this is totally you, buddy!”

    “Lay it on me,” the comic said.

    “What…is the greatest comedy movie of all time?”

    Caddyshack,” came the immediate answer, causing Kermit to cheer and the others to groan.

    “Wait, wait,” Denise stated, watching as the sextet began to take drinks from their bottles. “That doesn’t make sense. Caddyshack is not the greatest comedy ever.”

    “Oh, we know that,” Piggy said, glaring at the comic, who took the glare and enjoyed it with his plate of gloat pasta.

    “Don’t start,” Kermit warned. Turning to his girlfriend, he explained, “We created the trivia questions, so there’s a lot of personal opinion. At this point, trivia is mostly a memory game, to see if we remember what our answers were.”

    “I don’t care what anyone says,” Fozzie responded. “Because right here, right now, in this room, and in this game, Caddyshack will forever be the greatest comedy – nay! The greatest movie! – of all time!” He ended his speech with a great cackle that Denise, if she were to honest admit to herself, surprised and scared her slightly. Looking at the diva sitting across from him, Fozzie continued to taunt, “I see it, Piggy; I see the judgement in your eyes.” Holding up their trivia card, he exclaimed, “Well judge this!

    “Are you done?” she questioned.

    Beaker meeped what sounded like a condemnation to Denise’s ears before Floyd agreed with him, saying, “Yeah man. You’re taking up precious time with your gloating.” The bassist reached over and grabbed the box, before turning it so that Janice could pull a card. “Trivia!” she announced, flipping the card over for the question. Her excitement dropped however, once she looked it over. “Ugh,” she sighed. “This is totally a Miss P thing. Okay – Name the highest fashion stock in 2015.”

    A look of confusion fell across the bearded face of Pepper and he immediately responded with, “Pass.”

    “Pass?” asked Scooter. “You’re passing?”

    “No, he is not passing!” the guitarist insisted. Turning back to her compadre, she said, “You are not passing. C’mon honey bunch, think about this.”

    “Jani, I don’t know who it is, babe,” Floyd said, annoyance ringing clear through his voice.


    The assistant also had no idea what the answer could be, causing Janice to groan dramatically, especially when she saw the eager looks on the faces of the team to her left. “Fine,” she said. “We pass, chance to steal.”

    “G-III,” came the answer, right from the question’s writer. Gonzo quickly grabbed the card, as the group began to chant in victory. “Alright, our turn.” The trivia box was passed over, with Piggy grabbing a card. “Artistry,” she announced. “And it’s an all-play so pay attention. ‘Each team’s artist must write the word of the object from the card on their team member’s back. That team member must identify that object from feel.’”

    Piggy was the artist for the Dark Alliance, with Scooter as her canvas, while Denise decided to get involved in this bizarre game as the artist while Kermit became her canvas. Janice looked to be the artist and Floyd her canvas for the Scientific Mayhem. The object in question was a canon and she felt that she could easily write the word and Kermit would get it.

    The group frantically began to write, hoping their partner would be able to guess the word. Denise took her time making sure her penmanship was straight so that her beau could guess, but he was just not getting it. “Car?” he asked. “Can? Con?”

    “Kermit, I’m not finished yet!”

    “Canon!” Gonzo exclaimed, getting the answer correctly and earning the DA another card, making it two and pushing them into the lead. What of course the other teams didn’t know – and wouldn’t know for quite some time – was that Piggy didn’t actually write the word ‘canon’ on the sheet, but ‘Betsy’ which was the name of Gonzo’s canon.

    It wasn’t a total loss – at least SoCo had one card, which meant they still had a chance at least. And it was their turn once again. “Okay, here we go,” Kermit said, pulling the box towards them. Once again, both he and Fozzie began a chant of “no puzzles, no puzzles, no puzzles,” as the frog pulled their next card. Flipping it over, he read, “Puzzle. ‘Put this violin back together’.”

    “What violin?” Denise questioned.

    She hadn’t seen Scooter stand and walk over to the mantle and pick up a violin that sat nearby with a series of other objects.

    “This one,” he said, before smashing the instrument against the wall and floor and then handing the broken neck over to the marketing manager. “By the way, you asked a question. That’s gonna require a drink, darling.”

    The team, though mostly Fozzie and Kermit, began to meticulously put the broken violin back together; that is, after the three of them had to drink for five seconds. Denise had to literally bite her tongue from asking why the two had to not only put an entire violin back together, but to also make sure someone could actually play it, despite the fact that - to her knowledge - no one in the room played violin.

    None of it made sense. None of it!


    “That totally works!”

    “I’m pretty sure I have a piece of wood stuck in my shoulder,” Kermit added, rubbing his shoulder slightly. “And we’re gonna have to get some tweezers later, but it doesn’t matter because we got this!” Waving their achieved card around, the two crowed over their win. “Do you guys feel that?” Kermit asked. “Do you feel that sun on the back of your necks? That’s the SoCo sun!”

    “That’s our sun, baby!”

    “Where’s your Order 66 now, huh?” the frog taunted, sharing a hi-five with the bear.

    “I believe it’s Scientific Mayhem’s turn,” Piggy replied, passing the box towards the other team.

    “Let’s go team!” Janice cheered, as Floyd pulled a card.

    “Check it,” Floyd said, happily. “It’s Chance.”

    “Oh! Oh!” Fozzie exclaimed, patting Denise on the arm. “Chance is awesome! We totally stole that from Monopoly.”

    “Could be good,” Kermit began.

    “Or could be bad,” Piggy finished.

    Flipping up the orange Chance card that was taped to the trivia card, Floyd muttered an annoyed, “It’s bad. Lose a turn.”

    “Aw man,” Janice complained. “The mellow is not with us tonight.”

    The group passed over the box to the Dark Alliance, with Scooter reaching inside to grab a card. “Oh nice!” he said, showing the card to his team mates. “It’s a Sorry card.” Flipping over the familiar card from the game, the talent manager did his best to contain his glee, however it was still evident in his voice. “‘Remove a trivia from the opposing team of your choice’. Well, well, well, let’s see. The Scientific Mayhem has no cards, so…”

    Immediately, the entire DA team turned to face the members of SoCo. “Hey Fozzie,” Scooter said. “Why don’t you hold up that Caddyshack card you got earlier?”

    Obviously not happy about it, Fozzie casually held up the card. “No, no,” Gonzo suggested. “Hold it higher so we can see it.”

    Glaring at the group before him, the comic held up the card to eye level, watching as Scooter leaned forward slightly across the coffee table. “Before I take this card,” he began. “I want you to know that this is purely out of spite. Because Caddyshack is not the greatest comedy movie ever, it is the worst! And I'm going to take this card in spiteful glee and add it to our collective, where it will be used to further our trek to our 27th win and your ultimate downfall.”

    And with that, the younger Muppet did indeed gleefully snatch the card away.

    “Where’s your judge now, Bear?” Piggy mocked. “Huh? Where’s your judge now?”

    “Whoa, guys! Guys!” Gonzo interrupted, holding up one of their gotten trivia cards. “What’s this? One…”

    “Two,” the diva continued, holding up their second card.

    “Three,” Scooter said, smugly, and holding up the stolen card. “We’re moving on up!”

    The Dark Alliance all laughed and cheered, singing something they called ‘Order 66’ as they crowed their victory.

    Pre-level Toast

    “I do hope you’re enjoying the game, dear frog.”

    “The pleasure of your company always highlights our playing.”

    Denise watched as Kermit and Piggy appeared to be civil to each other, while clinking their wine glasses together. They had again gathered within the kitchen for what was a pre-level toast, this time consisting of either red or white wine depending on the drinker’s preference. Wine was apparently the drink of choice for the second level, which apparently now added in physical challenges, pain, and endurance, none of which sounded appeasing to her.

    “Can I ask questions now?” she asked, hesitantly. She really wanted to ask if Kermit was ready to go, as it seemed the raining had dropped to a slight drizzle and though she’d arrive home looking like something an alley cat would dig up, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to stay for the rest of the game. She probably should have known better; the last time she had been involved in a game night at Gonzo’s, they had played True Confessions, which seemed to be a lot more fun for the others than for her.

    Oh, she learned a little bit more about them, but it was clear that everyone had decades on her when it came to separating truth from fiction. This time, it wasn’t even about everyone knowing what was going on, it was about the fact that this game seemed to be bringing out the worst in everyone. She wasn’t naïve; she knew sometimes games played with others could bring out competitiveness, but this weird mix match of games and perhaps personal quirks didn’t seem like fun, more like ‘anything to win’.

    “Yes,” Gonzo said.

    “So,” she began. “If you guys are on level 2, are we still on level 1?”

    This time Beaker stepped up to try to explain everything, using Floyd, Janice, and Gonzo as stand ins for the three level. Honestly, Denise wasn’t getting any of it because she didn’t understand a word the scientist was saying. “This sounds a bit convoluted,” she muttered, watching as the second red head was describing something using Janice’s hand.

    “Yeah,” Rowlf whispered, next to her. “But if Beaker’s explaining it to you, you should probably listen. He usually gets this game.”

    Denise tried to understand the gist, though she could easily admit that she had no idea what was going on. “Okay,” she said, nodding after Beaker finished his explanation. “I think I get the gist of it.”

    “Oh honey, you haven’t begun to get the gist of this,” Janice replied, sarcastically, probably the first time the pig had ever heard such…vitriol in the guitarist’s demeanor. She immediately went back to her sunny disposition by smiling at Denise and saying, “But don’t worry; it’s your first time. No one gets it the first time.”

    “Hey guys,” Rowlf interrupted, gesturing to the clock. “It’s time.”

    “Yes!” Piggy exclaimed, quickly going over to the iPod that was sitting on the kitchen counter. The sounds of the previous string quintet was then replaced with the rocking opening to AC/DC’s “Back in Black” as the Dark Alliance began to dance around the kitchen, followed by the Scientific Mayhem and reluctantly, SoCo.

    Figuring they would get penalized for the question, Denise shot a confused look at Rowlf. “The team in the lead gets to choose the music to start Level 2,” he explained. “It’s supposed to pump everyone for the next level, which…you kinda need. Don’t ask, you’ll see.”

    Denise wasn’t sure she wanted to.
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  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Never seen the episode this is supposedly based on... But I is still betting on Team SoCo. Hey, at least they still have one Level 1 card. Dunno if they move up to Level 2 as well, rully Denise, you should have just asked :sympathy: after :eek: finished explaining with an apologetic look his way. It'll have to do until after this game night, you should buy an English-Guineapig dictionary.

    As for you Gins... Yes, continue watching Muppet episodes from Pig Out if that's Episode 104. You do not want to miss the epicness that was :sympathy: and :) at the tavern and Rainbow Connection from 107, the latest act by :concern: and Joseph Gordon Levit's equal crazed gamesmanship for Muppet money in 109, and the warm fuzzies of the cast sing in 110.
  6. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Level II – Body

    Physical Challenges, Pain, and Endurance

    The Dark Alliance, because of their win last level, were able to go first in this newest level. Through some creative wording, Denise was finally able to get the answer to her earlier question – it turned out that yes, both SoCo and the Scientific Mayhem were still stuck on Level 1, however during this level's gameplay they would be able to move up to level 2 if they got three cards. Unfortunately, despite being on Level 1, they would be playing with Level 2 rules.

    Just as Denise feared, Level 2 seemed to be way more dangerous than their previous, normal level of trivia and Pictionary. Before they had even started, her team mates had cautioned her about pulling the dreaded ‘operation’ card, which was as horrible as it sounded; and the stories behind it didn’t help either – they had once detached and then reattached one of Beaker’s fingers and apparently before that, Piggy had removed Fozzie’s appendix, though according to the comic, he was about 85% sure that Piggy removed the wrong thing.

    Denise wasn’t really sure what was worse – the fact that unregulated and unsanctioned surgery was going on in the group or the fact that the group seemed to find this was perfectly normal. It was utterly disturbing! What the heck was her boyfriend involved in!?

    Even now, they were setting up for an all play called Battleship, which sounded exactly like the popular board game; the difference being that one team member from each team would be the battleship and the method of sinking was to take a paintball to the body. The team member who remained standing and flinched the least, won the card. She couldn’t possibly let Kermit go through with this!

    “Don’t worry,” he replied, patting her on the arm. “This is not the first time I’ve played Battleship. I can take it.”

    Due to the fact that they had an even amount of people, it was decided that only one team member would be the shooter, while the other two acted as the battleship. It seemed all the male members felt the same way, volunteering themselves for battleships, while the women were the shooters. “I’m not sure I can do this,” the manager worried, holding the paintball gun in her hands.

    “Don’t stress,” Janice replied. “It’s just like paintball, only that instead of running away and hiding, we can see them just fine.”

    “You boys have your assigned spots?” Piggy asked, sweetly.

    Beaker gave a thumbs sign, while the others nodded in agreement.

    “Alright, let’s begin. A7?”

    The sextet looked between themselves, but it seemed as though no one had the number. “Looks like you missed, Missed Piggy,” Kermit taunted.

    “Oh, that’s clever,” the diva chuckled. “That’s very clever, Frog. Moi will most definitely keep that in mind.”

    “C2,” Janice guessed, receiving a similar response. Then it was Denise’s turn.

    Taking a deep breath, she said, “B9.”


    That was uttered by Scooter, who stepped forward. “Hit,” he said, standing straight and preparing himself for the onslaught.

    “You can do this, Kid,” Gonzo whispered, encouragingly.

    Denise was not in the habit of hurting people, so she didn’t put much effort in aiming before she pulled the trigger, launching the paintball and hitting Scooter in the shoulder. Scooter, brave though he tried to be, couldn’t stop the growl of pain that escaped his lips as he grabbed his shoulder in pain.

    “Oh my gosh!” Denise exclaimed. “I’m so sorry!”

    “Stand your ground, Scooter!” came Piggy’s cry.

    Scooter tried his best to stay up right, but getting hit by a paintball on unprotected skin hurt like a raging fire stick of…well, pain. And at any other time, he would have a litany of curses coming from his lips, but this was level 2 and there was no cursing allowed.

    He’d discovered that hindrance once before.

    The talent manager took a knee, but it was enough to sink him and put the Dark Alliance down a man.

    “You tried, buddy,” Gonzo said, patting the younger Muppet on the back. “But Battleship is not for the weak.”

    The stunt weirdo was correct – this game with the absolute combination of this level, a physical challenge that encompassed both pain and endurance. Ultimately, only the perverse were able to stand tall and end the round – after a well-placed hit on Kermit from Janice, Beaker was left standing tall and earned the card for the Scientific Mayhem. Everyone who got hit by a paintball, especially those who didn’t have the protection of clothing, were going to feel it in the morning. “Sweetie, are you okay?” Denise asked, already starting to see bruises forming on his green person.

    “Yeah,” Kermit grimaced, rubbing his flipper lightly over the bruise he could feel was forming on his chest. “Better my chest than my face.”

    “Oh my god!” Piggy groaned. “I’m sorry about your face! How many times do I have to apologize!? And quite frankly, it’s no more than you deserve after you embedded a dart in my hand!”

    “Moving on,” Floyd interrupted. “We won, so it’s our turn. Pass that box.” Grabbing the card inside, Floyd turned it over. “Another all play, cats. This time…it’s ‘Light My Fire’.”

    That…did not sound appeasing, nor did the sudden appearance to three candles that were placed on the coffee table and lit. “What are you doing?” Denise asked, earning groans from her team mates.

    “We’ll explain it while you’re drinking,” Gonzo chuckled, watching as SoCo grabbed their wine glasses and began to drink. “Light My Fire is simple – you basically place your hand over the fire that’s lit on the candle. You keep lowering it until the first person breaks. Last man standing and all that.”

    “Redeem us, Gonzo,” Piggy stated.

    Flexing his hand, Gonzo said, “Don’t worry, Princess. It’s in the bag.”

    For this challenge, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Beaker went for it, though the comic only insisted because Kermit had taken the brunt of the last challenge. He didn’t last long – after the first second, when the three were commanded to lower their hands, Fozzie pulled away, knocking out SoCo. Beaker and Gonzo practically had their hands on the flame, but neither of them flinched.

    “Bunsen told me he was thinking of adding fire to your next experiment,” Gonzo replied, conversationally.

    Beaker meeped back, nodding.

    “Oh I know you aren’t scared of fire,” the head writer continued. “I mean, look at us. The strong of the strong. I’m merely making conversation after all. It is worrisome however that Bunsen didn’t think twice about cutting your health insurance. I would think in your line of work…”

    Beaker interrupted.

    “Oh, did you not hear?” the weirdo asked. “I…would have thought you’d been the first to know about that.”

    Again, Beaker said something.

    “Just making conversation, bro. By the way, your skin’s getting tan.”

    “Mee mee me.”

    “I got at least ten minutes before it hits the skin. Besides, it’s only my hand. Once, I had a good major of my fur burned off; took three months for it grow back. I was like a bald little eagle. A sexy little eagle. A sexy little bald eagle. Like Sam. But cooler. And bluer.”

    “Dude, some of us have to sleep tonight,” complained Piggy.

    “Do you want this win or not?”

    “I do.”

    “Well, okay then.” The stunt weirdo then turned his attention back to the science assistant, though he had never taken his eyes away from the redhead.

    “You’re trembling, Beakie. I can see it in your eyes. You’re experiencing the start of 1st degree burns, the redness, the pain. Sooner, you’ll be entering in to second degree territory; I know you’ve been there before – the burning, the welting. I’m not sure we have anything in the first aid kit to treat that, but you never know. We’ve played this game for a while; is that the hand we removed your finger from?”

    The stare down only lasted for a few moments more until Beaker removed his hand, giving the win to the DA. “C’mon Beakie,” the stunt weirdo replied, standing and heading into the kitchen. “Let’s go run some cold water over our hands. And maybe if we cry a lot, we can get the girls to bandage them for us.”

    Denise wasn’t sure how much of this obvious lunacy she could take. Taking a glance towards the living room window, she couldn’t tell if the rain had let up or not, but at this point, she didn’t think she really cared. She actually just wanted to go home and she wanted to take Kermit with her.

    “Is it still raining outside?”

    “Baby, come on!”

    Denise looked at her team mates in surprise. “It’s a legitimate question!” she exclaimed. “It has nothing to do with the game!”

    “It’s still a question,” Scooter countered.

    “How am I not supposed to ask a question that has nothing to do with the game?”

    “Denise, stop it!” exclaimed Fozzie.

    “You can start by less talking, more drinking,” Piggy replied.

    Beaker and Gonzo returned from the kitchen, with Gonzo grabbing the first aid kit as they retook their seats. “What we miss?” he asked.

    “Like Denise keeps asking questions,” Janice said.

    “Sounds like awesomeness for us,” Gonzo smirked. Looking at the three, he smirked. “Makes you a lot more viable during level 3.”

    “Assuming you make it that far,” Piggy chuckled. “It’s your turn, by the way.”

    Angrily pulling a card from the box, Denise flipped it over and discovered another Monopoly Chance card. “Looks like it’s a Chance card,” she said, flipping the card up. “‘Go to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 dollars.’ Okay, so we’ll just move our piece to jail.”

    The others giggled or chuckled, while Gonzo excitedly hoped up and ran down the hall. “Oh no, no, no,” Floyd replied. “There’s no jail on the game board.”

    “But we do have an actual jail,” Scooter said, just as Gonzo returned, pulling a single metal cage behind him into the living room.

    “You can’t be serious!” Denise exclaimed, looking around at everyone. Were these people insane? “Where did you even get that?”

    “My bedroom,” the weirdo answered.

    “Why do you have a cage in your bedroom!?”

    “I don’t ask what you and Kermit do in your spare time,” Gonzo admonished. “We’re all close, but you…boundaries.”

    “It’s ironic that that statement came from you,” Kermit said.

    “Don’t stress, Den Den,” Janice replied, giving the marketing manager a smile. “You can totally get out of jail!”

    “You’re just not gonna like how,” Piggy mentioned.

    Throwing a look at Kermit, Denise saw him sigh before he reluctantly said, “You have to eat a brownie.”

    “Okay…” she asked, hesitantly. “That doesn’t sound so bad. A brownie sounds really nice.”

    “No,” Janice said, handing over a tray with a carton of eggs, milk, vegetable oil, and a box of brownie mix. “You have to eat the ingredients of a brownie.”

    Throwing a last look at her boyfriend, Denise was expecting that Kermit was going to come to her rescue; to state that they were going too far and putting someone in a cage was not, in any way, an appropriate part of any game. But all she got from him was an apologetic shrug.

    So Denise found herself locked in a cage with the ingredients for a brownie.

    “Oh hey,” Scooter replied, shoving a large binder through the bars. “Freshen up on some of the rules.”

    It was clear to everyone that Denise was not happy, not at all, though the group had assumed it was because she was in jail and/or she was going to have to eat the ingredients of a brownie to get out. “Hey, don’t blame us for this,” Gonzo stated, turning and pointing a finger at Kermit. “This is all your boyfriend’s fault. We used to have an actual brownie…”

    “We are not getting into this, Gonzo,” the frog shot back. “I had some very legitimate reasons to make you guys stop doing that, such as my ten-year nephew was playing and it was, you know, illegal.”

    “It’s not illegal now, baby,” Floyd pointed out.

    “We could easily revise the rules,” Gonzo pointed out. “We’ve done it before.”

    “Are we gonna continue playing or are we gonna sit around and talk about this all night?”

    “Big words, Frog,” Scooter replied. “For the team still stuck on Level 1.”

    “Oh!” Piggy laughed. “And it’s Grosse with the side punch!”

    “We gonna play or what?” Kermit stressed.

    For Denise, being in jail at least meant she didn’t have to be a part of these weird shenanigans. Not that she was happy about it, because she certainly was not; delicious brownie batter aside, having to eat an entire box of browning mix, along with the other ingredients – worse because there wasn’t a bowl included – wasn’t at all healthy and neither was this game. Glancing at the so-called ‘rule book’ enforced that.

    The marketing manager found her position oddly ironic – the outsider looking in was pretty much how she saw herself, even before this night of…who knew what. She had originally thought that dating Kermit would be troublesome because…well… he was Kermit the Frog after all or even the fact that he was technically her boss; upon discovering the frog was the executive producer of his ex-girlfriend’s show also threw her for a loop, but ultimately, it wasn’t even the proximity of his ex. And if she was honest with herself, it wasn’t even Kermit’s friends that were the cause of these problems.

    It was Kermit.

    It wasn’t to say that Kermit was in anyway a, well, bad boyfriend, but it was becoming increasingly clear that his priorities weren’t on her – the show came first, Piggy came first, his friends came first, his family came first, even his fans came well before her and it was creating an advancing difficulty in her feelings for him. She understood that he was the type of frog who cared about everyone in his life, but it seemed that this did not include his romantic entanglements.

    And in the end, that hurt.

    Turning her eyes back to the game before her, it looked like there was another all play that seemed to be reminiscent of the game Hungry Hungry Hippos, as Piggy, Fozzie, and Janice tried to get as many grapes in their mouths as possible.

    “Dang,” Janice huffed, looking down at the grapes in her hands. “I only got seven.”

    “Me too,” Piggy said, looking between the two of them.

    “Oh boy, Kermit!” Fozzie exclaimed, looking at his team mate. “I got so many grapes!”

    “I know, it looked like…” the frog started before he stared at the bear. “Where are they?”


    “The grapes?” Kermit asked. “Where are the grapes you picked up?”

    Fozzie opened his mouth, before realization sank in.

    “You’re not supposed to eat the grapes!” Kermit exclaimed.

    “Did we win?” Piggy asked, looking at the others.

    “Well, it’s a tie,” Scooter began. “Do you guys both get the card? I don’t remember.”

    “Hey Denise,” Gonzo called over to her. “Look up to see what happens if there’s a tie on level 2. I think there’s a specific rule about that.”

    “I can get them back!” Fozzie insisted, immediately sticking his finger down his throat. Kermit, meanwhile, was doing his best to flip over the board that Gonzo had previously nailed down.
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  7. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    You've never seen It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia??

    Admittedly, I wasn't sold on it when it first came out, but after catching episodes when my roommate was watching on Netflix, it's a really funny show and it's even funnier when you go back to the beginning to catch all the different characters and references.

    For this, if Sunny isn't your cup of tea, you'd be fine just watching teh Chardee MacDennis episode; it's a bottle, so it only has the gang in the bar, with no other characters. The sequel to the episode brings in Andy, a 'Mattel' employee who plays along, which is where we get our three teams that feature in this story (the original episode only had two teams playing).

    As you've probably read now, SoCo and Scientific Mayhem were still on Level 1, though for our entry into Level 3, one of those teams made it to Level 2.

    I've always thought everyone pretty much could understand Beaker, kinda like the Skywalkers and Han can understand Chewie, despite never living on Kashyyk. It's kinda like how everyone seems to understand Camilla or the Penguins or even Swedish Chef.

    No, I did hear the show got better right around Pig Out, so yes I'll just go back and watch the show again at some point. When I don't know, but yes at some point.
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Meh, I don't have/know what number channel Comedy Central is on now and though Mom got Netflicks for the entire family I've yet to successfully access it to watch anything. Maybe somedays later.

    Yeah, I had a hunch what kind of brownies you meant, the gross kind that make you all trippy and stuff.
    Looks like :o is familiar with Mr. Pukey.
    Sure, the Muppets can understand each other... To a certain degree. But outside people or characters might not always exactly understand what's being said.

    So, what happens if the DA takes a spin of the Wheel of Fortune and land on "Bankrupt"? Do they go all the way back to Level 1?
    And hey, Gonzo and Kermit should have penalized with a drink each back there. Nope, not playing, I'm with Rowlf, call me... The Score Keeper! *Maniacal cackle.
  9. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    It's on FX or FXX. For Netflix, are you just not able to log in? Or did she not create a profile for you?

    You don't actually taste the...extra ingredient. Tastes like a normal brownie, which is dangerous cause...well...needless to say, I got the munchies once and ate another brownie, completely forgetting what was in the brownie. Hilarity ensued.

    I'd like to think this wasn't the first time that Fozzie accidentally ate the grapes during the Grape Gobble.

    Well, for some reason I was thinking of...I think it was an old school TMS where Beaker is saying something to Piggy and she told him that she hadn't when he did/said something because she didn't understand what he was saying.

    But with that said, I was think at this point, the core group understood everyone, but as you said, people outside of the group wouldn't. It's like having an inside joke - those involved with it understand, those who weren't don't.

    Technically Wheel of Fortune isn't a board game, but essentially, it is slightly touched on during the pre-game toast - the reason SoCo was able to reach Level 3 was because the DA were caught cheating; according to Chardee MacDennis, if the leading team/team that's ahead is caught cheating, the other team automatically jumps to that team's level.

    So basically, SoCo had still been on Level 1, while DA was on Level 3; they discovered they hadn't been drinking alcohol and SoCo immediately advanced to Level 3 as DA was caught cheating.

    Really? Oh...you're correct on Kermit, as he asked if they were going to continue or discuss the game. THough I'm not sure on Gonzo...however, when I look back at it, DA should've taken a drink as Piggy asked if they had won.

    Good eye there, Counters. ;) You're getting the game!
  10. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    You know, in going back over gameplay, there are a number of places where they should've taken drinks and after looking at the episode again, the gang is very tight on both that and the swearing.

    So I will make a mention of that, because Denise will make a point of it - reading them rules and all.
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    To answer your questions...

    1 Gonzo, when he and Beaker returned from soaking their hands in cold water asked, "What did we miss?"
    And as Denise has already been penalized, any question is a drink penalty, even if it's not about the game itself.
    2 Mom created an account for us, and I went in to create my own profile... But Netflicks allows a maximum of three people/linked account members to watch a time. So if my mom, my aunt, and my second brother's girlfriend are all already in and watching something, I has to wait until one of them logs off.
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  12. The Count

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    Couple other things.

    Sure, Wheel of Fortune isn't a board game per say, but there's such a thing as the "home edition" game. And since the gang's taking cards or elements from other games, that was the first thing I remembered from the game show Family Game Night that I could throw into the mix.

    If Denise wants to get out of jail, she should do like they do on Cutthroat Kitchen, be resourceful girl. Tap the tops of the eggs to create an opening you can drink the yolks out of, but don't smash the shells too hard since you can use those as a bowl or cup to eat the other ingredients. :hungry:

    Hope to read more from you soonish.
  13. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Hi-ooooo! So I'm sure you're all looking forward to see what craziness our gang is gonna get up to in Level 3, but first, they'll handle another situation first...

    Pre-level Toast

    The last pre-level toast was extended to ten minutes and switched from light alcohol to that of hard alcohol. “This level is harder and darker,” Floyd responded, holding up his whiskey neat.

    “Stuff is about to get real,” Piggy added, handing Kermit something that looked like cranberry juice, though Denise was well aware there was alcohol in it, vodka if she remembered correctly, and it certainly didn’t escape her notice that both the frog and the diva were drinking the same thing.

    After the Grape Gobble fiasco and a few more rounds, Scientific Mayhem had made it to Level 2, however it couldn’t stop the Dark Alliance, as they got the needed second card to reach Level 3. Denise, who felt slightly sick at having eaten those brownie ingredients, had made sure to point out several infractions of the questions rule, though she didn’t do her own team any favors when she called out Kermit for his own earlier questions.

    It had been hours since they had first arrived and while gameplay seemed to go fast, there were several time stoppages for Level 2 injuries and of course the pre-level breaks; all in all, Denise was getting tired, when it seemed the rest of the group was only getting drunker and more hyper. Kermit and Fozzie were of course feeling low – once again, SoCo looked to be the losing party in this game and nothing she said seemed to rally them. “Denise,” Fozzie began, placing a friendly hand on her shoulder. “I don’t think you know what you’re getting into. Level 3 is not for the faint of heart; there’s a reason we call the level ‘harder and darker’.”

    “It is not,” Kermit replied, throwing back the rest of his drink. He then faced the others, getting their attention. “Alright, here are your Level 3 rules – firstly, anything that is said during this level, between the people involved in the game, is not to be mentioned outside of this house. Secondly, anyone pulling the ‘emotional battery’ card has one week to put aside what was said behind them, work it out, move past it, yeah?”

    “Wait,” Denise interrupted. “I don’t understand.”

    “In Level 3,” Floyd explained. “There are two challenges – emotional battery or public humiliation. In emotional battery, the team member who picks the card has to withstand a verbal evisceration for two minutes by the other team; in public humiliation, the team member has to act out the suggestion on the card, in public. And before you ask, yes, there are all plays in both categories.”

    “We changed the rules for emotional battery so that we aren’t mad at each other for long periods of time,” Kermit continued. “For example, the first and only time SoCo has made it officially to Level 3, Piggy pulled emotional battery and well, for lack of better words, I tore her apart. I mean, really deep to the core, personal stuff. In her defense, she held it together, but we…we didn’t talk to each other for like four, five months.”

    “Well, to be fair, you were in the hospital for two of those,” Piggy added.

    Denise just looked at them. “So what you’re saying,” she whispered. “Is that for the last level of this game, you all sit around and…and…berate each other?”

    “Well,” Kermit huffed, uncertainly. “When you say it like that, it sounds horrible.”

    Was he being serious?

    Because it is horrible!” she exclaimed. “I thought you all were friends!”

    “We are friends,” Scooter said.

    “Friends don’t berate each other for entertainment!”

    “Yes, they do,” Gonzo replied, looking at her. “And we especially do. C’mon, we’re entertainers and have been for like…forever. If we can’t take a little criticism from each other, how the heck are we supposed to take the stuff the tabloids or anyone says about us?”

    Denise was literally flabbergasted. “Kermit, can I see you in the living room for a second, please?”

    The group watched as the marketing manager walked out of the kitchen and into the living room, before the others turned to look at the frog. “You are in trouble,” Floyd stated.

    “I am not trouble.”

    “Oh my god, you are so in trouble,” Piggy whispered back.

    “Look, we can just burn your flag right now,” Gonzo suggested. “It’s clear you are totally going to forfeit.”

    Kermit started to respond, but decided it would better if he went out to the living room first. “Do not burn our flag,” he hissed, as he hurried out.

    “You know what?” Fozzie said. “I don’t need Kermit. I can take it; I can bring glory to SoCo.”

    “Yes, you can, Foz,” Janice agreed. “Just not tonight. You are going to go down if you try.”

    Despite his words to the others, Kermit was very aware he was most likely and definitely in trouble by the way Denise seemed to be waiting for him, anxiously. “Hey babe,” he replied, going over and placing a flipper on her shoulder. “Alright?”

    “Kermit, can we please just leave?” she asked. “The rain has stopped, so we aren’t stuck here anymore...”

    “You wanna leave?” he asked, looking at her in surprise. “You feeling sick? It was the brownie mix, wasn’t it? Look, don’t tell the others if it was because they will never let me live it down and they’ll insist on bringing the actual brownie back...”

    “It’s not the brownie,” she interrupted. “Though yes, I’m not feeling particularly well after eating a milk carton full of brownie mix.”

    “Which was ingenious, I might add,” Kermit said. “I’m pretty sure it’s cheating, but no one else noticed, so yay for us, though it may have better used to move us up a level. Not that I’m judging!”

    “Kermit!” Denise insisted, grabbing a hold of him by the shoulders. “I want to leave because of the game! It makes no sense and quite frankly, it’s dangerous and debilitating. I’m surprised you would even participate in something so…so…heinous!”

    “Heinous?” the frog questioned. “That’s a bit harsh. Besides, it’s just a game. It’s a friendly game, that’s all.”

    “Kermit,” the manager sighed. “If you had the choose between spending time with me or finishing this game, what would you choose?”

    If he was honest, the question threw him for a loop. “I’m not sure that’s a fair question, to be honest.”

    “By your own admission,” she began. “You said that SoCo didn’t have a chance to further the game and that you had already lost. If that’s the case, then what would be the point of staying if you know you’re going to lose?”

    “Denise, it’s not…it’s not…” he stumbled. “It’s not entirely about winning or losing, it’s the gameplay and we’re totally enjoying ourselves!”

    Denise just looked at him. “You tried to flip the game board over while Fozzie tried to throw up the grapes he accidentally ate,” she stated. “While I stood in a cage, that came from one of your best friends’ bedroom, eating the ingredients to a brownie. I won’t even mention the fact that both Gonzo and Beaker most likely have severe burns on their hands that should be looked at by a trained medical person, especially in discovering that you all are doing your own surgeries.”

    Kermit looked at her. “Is this about Fozzie’s appendix? Because, I oversaw that and Piggy did remove his appendix; Fozzie’s just a little hypochrondriactic…”

    “I’m leaving, Kermit,” Denise said, turning towards the door. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

    Kermit watched as his girlfriend walked out the door and dreaded going back into the kitchen. Standing in the living room, the frog tried to figure out where exactly this night had gone wrong. Yes, in hindsight, their Game of Games wasn’t for most people; actually, it wasn’t much for most of them and it did always seem that the same people played all the time…but that didn’t mean anything! It just so happened that the conception of the game had occurred when he, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Piggy were stuck inside during a storm.

    Bringing in Scooter wasn’t an issue and the Scientific Mayhem seemed to have easily gotten into the game…okay, so perhaps only the eight of them enjoyed the game, but so what? They always enjoyed themselves!

    At least until tonight. It wasn’t a good sign when he couldn’t tell when his girlfriend managed to be unhappy while he was in the room; it was a scenario he had been through before and he had hoped to avoid with this new one. Which…was…not working out as well as he had hoped.

    Feeling a bit dejected, Kermit slowly made his way back into the kitchen, surprised to see that the others had been patiently waiting for him to return. “Well?” Piggy asked.

    “Denise had to leave,” he began. “I don’t think eating that brownie batter agreed with her.”

    “Okay,” Fozzie said. “That’s fine. No offense, Kermit, but Denise was costing us a lot of drink points. Now that she’s gone, we can soldier on through. You with me, brother?”

    The frog opened his mouth to say something before making a grimace. “No,” he said, causing the comic’s face to drop and the others to protest. “Look, guys, Denise brought up some good points, one being that we’ve essentially lost this game. There probably isn’t any reason to finish it, to be honest.”


    “Oh come on!”

    “You guys are so close!” Janice explained.

    “Gonzo and I totally cheated earlier,” Piggy admitted. “During Level 1, so hey! Guess what? You move up to Level 3! Awesome!”

    “Don’t try to sway me,” Kermit muttered, though he couldn’t help but be a little annoyed that his girlfriend’s words were about to cost him and Fozzie their first and most likely, only win. “And Denise is right – it is a little weird for us to be sitting around and you know…berating each other.”

    “Oh my god!”

    “It sounds like your lady talking, Frog.”

    “You gonna carry her purse, too?”

    “Hey watch it…”

    “No, no,” Gonzo replied. “Don’t you worry, Mr. Denise, we have learned our lesson, thank you very much.”

    “You’re making me want to set fire to our own flag, Kermit,” Fozzie admonished.

    “Don’t you dare!” Kermit exclaimed. “Look, I’m not gonna get into this with you guys and I’m not about to be put in a position where I have to choose between my girlfriend and my friends.”

    “Certainly been there before,” Piggy quipped.

    “Yeah well,” the frog huffed. “You certainly made it easier. Everyone’s afraid of you.”

    Again, a chorus of denials erupted. “We are not afraid of her,” Gonzo insisted. “We’re afraid of the hospital bills that would rack up should we run afoul of that left hook. Thems is not so cheap anymore.”

    Rolling his eyes, the frog let out a sigh. “I’m going home,” he said, turning towards the kitchen door.

    “You can’t go home,” Scooter protested. “We’re in the middle of a game.”

    “Then we’re forfeiting.”

    “Bite your tongue!” the comic cried.

    “You are not forfeiting,” Piggy announced. “We’ll just pause the game until such time you come to your senses.”

    “I have come to my senses,” Kermit huffed. “And my senses are saying that this game is…way too dangerous and I will have no part of it. Good day to you all.”

    “You can’t possibly be serious,” Floyd said, at his retreating back.

    “I said good day!”


    The next morning, the skies were still dark but the clouds seemed to be holding back the rain. The weather seemed to be dictating the mood of everyone on the set, with irritability at an unusual high. Denise had walked into work with the hope of mending fences with Kermit; it had been a lonely and sad night for the manager. She had hoped Kermit would have called or come over, but it was not to be; in hindsight, she wondered if her words had been too harsh. After all, their little creative game seemed to be something they had been playing for years, if evident that Kermit’s nephew had once been involved with it.

    She regretted the stance she had taken, especially when she had been quite eager at playing earlier in the night. It wasn’t even the gameplay that had interested her, it was the bonding with her boyfriend’s friends, the people that had known him far longer than she had; admittedly, she knew she didn’t need to be friends with them, but working with them on a daily basis meant they would be in close proximity and it would make their lives so much easier if she was cordial and friendly with each of them.

    Certainly, with the way they hung around each other, Denise knew that large engagements would feature his friends and coworkers and the marketing manager had wanted to be or at least attempt to be the good girlfriend that got along with them. It was clear towards the end of the night that she had erred, either by leaving or by saying what she had, had probably hurt Kermit in the process, and that wasn’t what she had wanted. True, she didn’t understand their odd game, but it was clear it was a game between friends that had known each other far longer than they knew her.

    She had decided by bedtime that she was going to make it up to him and she had a pretty good idea how.


    The rest of week continued to be rainy, with scattered showers throughout the state and flooding in a few cities. By the weekend, the forecast looked to be more of the same, though the sun looked to be running by the middle of next week. During that week, Denise had made good on her promise to ensure her boyfriend knew the fun the two of them could have, playing games together.

    And that’s what they did – the marketing manager had invited the frog over for dinner and presented him with fun, family favorites that they could both enjoy. Kermit wasn’t a hard guy to figure out and Denise understood that and she felt that she needed Kermit to see that she did get him and appreciated him. She kept her feelings on his friends – that at times, many times, they were a horrible influence on him and could exploit him for their own benefits – to herself and instead showed him how they could have a delightful evening to themselves, without the others around.

    Kermit even did his best to completely ignore all the text messages he seemed to be getting – “Aw dang, that is a good idea. We never thought of that before.” – and concentrated on the games before them. They played Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Scrabble, and even Clue; games that were easily played with two people, which didn’t need to include the others; she had even invited her own circle of friends over to play. Kermit had only met them a few times and he was always cordial to them, but as with her, he didn’t really seem to fit in with them.

    In fact, their week of playing games with each other seemed to expose their relationship to aspects they may have blinded themselves to.

    It started during Monopoly, when he questioned why she would not outright buy Broadwalk when she landed on it and carried on to Scrabble, where he seemed about a quarter of the way invested into the game. Even during Pictionary, a game that should be lively in its creative endeavors, Kermit seemed as though he was just playing along for her sake, which she guessed he was. She may have anticipated this, if they had been a couple long lived together, but this was happening after just a few short months.

    She couldn’t help but look over their months together, seeing a growing pattern that she had either overlooked or refused to acknowledge. Lasting relationships often were held together because the two individuals involved meshed together, blended together well, because they worked as a team. They each brought something to the table that the other lacked and that was why they were so successful.

    After all these months together, Denise had sadly realized that she did not have that with Kermit.

    Kermit and Fozzie had that chemistry, the straight man to the always trying comedian; Floyd and Janice had it, the cynic and the sunshine kid; and she was loathe to admit it, but Kermit had it with Piggy. She had never understood how someone so obvious volatile in nature could come together with someone as patient as Kermit. But working on the show had proved that even Kermit had his limits and most of the time, those limits were reached by the very people he worked with. She had seen with her own eyes that Kermit and Piggy had some remarkable chemistry between them, that even the worst of arguments and the seemingly finale of their relationship couldn’t erase, not fully.

    Denise remembered the joy on her frog’s face as they played their so-called Game of Games, even with the idiocy and danger, he had fun playing; she couldn’t remember him having that look when playing with her. She felt horrible at the realization, that Kermit was bored with her, but at the same time, ironically, she felt that maybe Kermit held too much excitement for her. It wasn’t that he was a big star or that he knew big name celebrities – Kermit was very much a down home kinda frog – it was the people he hung out with; anyone else would be completely overwhelmed with the amount of chaos that occurred every day and the frog just rolled with the punches, as though it was a regular Tuesday.

    In one night, one point of what should have been a normal game night, had shown Denise that she was not that type of person. More importantly, she didn’t think she could continue to date that kind of person.
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  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yay for fic update. Yes, I'm more or less usually up this late on a Monday night, moreso now while DST is not in effect and all my TV shows are pushed back an hour later. Rully liking the new addition of Lucifer on Fox, hope to get back with Sleepy Hollow on Fridays.

    Anyhew... Seems like there are some deeper realizations taking place here much like they're starting to take place on the show. Which makes me a little sad. Maybe I'm weird for thinking and saying this out loud, but I like the Kermit+Denise ship. My mind is basically spinning this narrative where the Up Late writers were trying to come up with ideas for the actual show, and they landed on the power couple's brake-up, and just bringing in a new face into the story that would end up being a disposable oneshot character they could easily discard at the end of the day because you know we're going to get Kermit and Piggy back together again again again anyway.

    Sorry for the rant, please post more fic when possible.
    Oh, and feel free to swing by HVC with ;) and :eek: if you get the chance, Apt 6 has been set aside in your name.
  15. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    So I thought I'd answer this first before I give the new post, yeah?

    I've said it before - the breakup was a gimmick and I'm sure it was to make the show more 'adult-ish'. Why? Probably cause people break up all the time and move on. The problem with this is that, Kermit and Piggy always find their way back to each other. ALWAYS.

    No one, in the world, was happy about this breakup and worse, when Denise was introduced, she wasn't utilized very well. In a normal sitcom (or any other show) when the established couple breaks up and the new person is introduced, the new person is at least around for a couple of episodes, if not a season (if that new person is more than a date).

    I'll use HIMYM as a perfect example - main couple Marshall and Lily broke up and though we saw more of Marshall's dating, they eventually got back together. Ted & Robin (and even Barney & Robin) got together, then broke up, then got back together again, but during the break up (especially with Ted and Robin), they both had serious relationships before they got back together.

    Another example would be Star Trek TNG - Riker and Troi were no longer a couple when they were assigned to the Enterprise and through all 7 seasons (and 2 movies), they dated other people with a serious relationship between Troi and Worf until Insurrection when they got back together.

    With that all said, yes, I would've liked to have seen Denise way more and see just what it is that Kermit liked about her (other than she's nice and geeky) and what it is that's turning him off (which I can't believe is just because he's spending time with Piggy). I really hope/hoped to see a situation like the above examples, where the two explore their friendship before they get back together, maybe even Piggy dating someone close to Kermit (I really would like either Gonzo or Scooter to be honest; there was a stray idea of Link at one point) just to reinforce the idea that 1. they can easily have romantic relationships with other people, 2. that their friendship gets started and straightened while doing so, and 3. that when they reignite their relationship, they know where they went wrong and they've learned from it and they won't do it again.

    Now, I will totally admit that should Kermit drop Denise at say, the end of this season and - knock wood - they come back for season 2 and K & P are dating again, then yes, I would have a problem with that cause it would gloss over the whole reason K & P broke up in the first place, Piggy coming to grips that her behavior contributed to that, and what they SHOULD show is Kermit's part in that break up as well. Of course, that doesn't mean I want to see the typical 'will they/won't they' plot line, which is boring and at this point, I just want them - read: Kermit - to just say, you know what? This is dumb, let's just do this!

    IF IF IF this thing goes past season 1, I'd really like to get through...3 or 4 seasons where they find their way back to each other and you know what? I would be a-ok with a season/series finale wedding (but only if it stuck. If we got a movie where they got divorced or it was all a dream, I'd be very upset)

    Okay, that was a long rant.

    BTW - um...where do I find the HVC? I don't know where it tis.:confused::confused::eek::eek::cry::cry:
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    The HVC 2011 thread is in the Games section of the forum. It's been tagged with the 2011 label since that long ago because, admittedly, I dunno how to verifiably close threads here any more unless it's to delete them and we certainly don't want that.

    Seems like Kermit and Piggy are refinding their friendship. As an example, I give you from this past week when Kermit was trying to help Piggy deliver her socially conscious message without bowing down to the network pressures, and he was the first to unveil his faux tail in solidarity with Piggy. It led to a nice backstage moment between them afterwards, though cut short by Piggy checking the current tweets.
    As for Gonzo, he's in a cliffhanger now that Camilla came back at the end of last episode, we'll have to wait and see. Oh, and I have it on good authority that Robin will be in next week's show.
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    And now, without further delay, I give you our conclusion! It's a little heavy at the beginning (continuing from our last portion), but we're back to our game towards the end, where we learn more about how the rules are decided, what happens when the game is paused, why the name has still yet to be decided, and our games conclusion!

    *FYI - while the show Piggy is watching doesn't exist, the ones they are based on due and sadly, I can't find them anywhere. I know, and why this is later than I wanted, is because I spent most of the morning looking for them.*

    : Risk. Or Stratego.

    Piggy: Most people would just say ‘hey’

    Kermie: I’m talking about the game. Had an awesome idea. Actually, I’m just gonna come over.

    Piggy: How do you know I’m not busy?

    Kermie: Are you?

    Piggy: …Well, not anymore.

    Piggy was enjoying the start of her weekend by catching up on her new favorite show, Ultimate Game Show Show, a popular Japanese game show in the same vein as Ultimate Banzuke or Ninja Warrior. Why the diva had taken to the show, with its ridiculous stunt rounds and even weirder prizes, she didn’t know but she was hooked and she couldn’t look away. She had ordered a pizza and had just sat down to start her marathon when her phone had gone off, alerting her to Kermit’s text.

    The frog was not known to text – in fact, several times he had been adamant about not texting – so it was strange, not unusual, to get not one but several messages from him. Even more was the fact that within five minutes, said frog was walking through her door, holding a bag. “What’re you doing here?”

    Kermit gave her a look. “I told you I was coming over,” he said.

    Piggy sighed before rolling her eyes. “Usually when people say they are coming over,” she began. “They at least give a twenty minute heads up.”

    Holding up the bag in his hand, he said, “And here I brought you ice cream. You have dinner yet?”

    Just as she was about to answer, there was another knock on the door, signaling that her pizza had arrived. Standing, she directed the frog towards the kitchen to put away his ice cream while she went to go pay for what would most likely be their dinner. Kermit had just finished putting the container of chocolate brownie bits into the freezer when Piggy carried the pizza box to the kitchen, placing it on her dining table.

    “Whatcha got there, baby?”

    “It’s a pizza.”

    “I can see that,” the frog said, giving the diva a smile, and opening the box. “That’s a good looking pizza. What kind is it?”

    “As vous can see,” Piggy replied. “It’s a veggie pizza.”

    The two stood for a few more moments, both gazing at the pizza, or rather, Kermit was gazing at the pizza while Piggy gave him a sidelong look. “Sure looks tasty…”

    Heaving an annoyed sigh, the diva pushed the frog towards the kitchen. “Grab two plates and another wine glass. As well as your choice of whites. Actually, just bring the whole bottle.”

    Doing as told, Kermit brought over plates, a glass, and a bottle of the white wine Piggy normally kept in the fridge for him – he was usually the only one who drank it – and the two proceeded to take their dinner to the living room, where Piggy unpaused her show as they sat down.

    “What the heck are you watching?” Kermit asked, watching as a contestant began to go through a steps of alternating height on his hands.

    “Ultimate Game Show Show,” came the response.


    “It’s a Japanese game show,” Piggy stated, as though that explained everything. “That should explain it. In fact, we should all just totally sit down and watch this, cause…I’m thinking we could put some of these to good use for the game. Like this? This is the Hand Walk, where contestants have to walk these steps on their hands. Very few people finish the level, like no one ever finishes the level, but can’t you see this as a level 2 event?”

    Kermit was about to protest, but conceded that the idea had merit. “Okay,” he said, biting into his slice. “I could go with that, except for one thing. Fozzie and I can’t stand on our hands.”

    “Then you should probably start learning how.”

    “There’s also the issue of this not being a board game.”

    “Details,” Piggy said, waving off the concern. “Speaking of which, what’s this think about Risk and Stratego?”

    Kermit began to lay out his idea of adding in the game plays of the popular strategy games into their own concocted game play. The current episode of Ultimate Game Show Show finished and was starting up the next episode when Piggy asked, “So are you going to tell me why you’re really here?”

    Kermit glanced at her. “I told you,” he said. “I wanted to tell you my ideas about the game.”

    “Which you could have done over the phone,” she retorted. “You coming over means there’s something wrong.” Turning to look at him, she continued with, “Or you want something. And seeing as I fed you…”

    “Do I honestly need a reason to see you?” Kermit asked, exasperated, huffing when he saw that she had raised a slim eyebrow in his direction. “Newsflash – I actually do this with Fozzie and Gonzo or Rowlf; you know, my other best friends?”

    Piggy snorted. “You’re saying I’m your best friend now?”

    “You’ve always been one of my best friends,” he insisted. “You might actually be my best friend.”

    “Okay, that’s enough…” she chuckled.

    “Piggy, I’m serious.”

    “Are you?”

    The two looked at each other for a long moment. “You don’t think you’re my best friend?”

    “You really think I am?” she countered.

    Looking at her in surprise and surprisingly, hurt, Kermit whispered, “Piggy, no one knows me better than you. I thought you knew that.”

    The joking atmosphere dropped immediately, as Piggy realized that this was actually a serious conversation. “You’re really serious,” she whispered. “I’m sorry, Kermit, I…no, I didn’t know that.”

    Kermit went to say something before stopping. Her not knowing about how much he cared – how he had always cared – was his fault; he always had trouble expressing his feelings with her, that is to say feelings that weren’t related to being annoyed, irritated, angry…

    “Of course you’re my best friend,” he whispered. “And I’m sorry I hadn’t bothered to mention it until now. And yeah, I did come over because…I need your advice on something and you’re the only person I think can help.”

    “Well when you say it so excited like that, I can’t help but be intrigued,” she quipped. “What’s on your mind, Frog?”

    Kermit sighed, leaning back against the back of the couch. “Denise,” he whispered. “Or rather, she isn’t. On my mind, that is.”

    “Oh, that’s not true,” she said, poking him in the side. “Or else you wouldn’t be here.”

    Again, the frog sighed. “Do you think she’s right?” he asked. “About out ‘game’? I mean, it’s not like other board games…”

    “Of course not,” she replied. “Or else it wouldn’t be ours. And it’s just a game and one we’ve been playing for literally decades. We’re big boys and girls and we know how handle ourselves; yes, the rules probably only make sense to us, but we’ve played it, twenty-seven I might add, so we have it down pat. Denise’s resistance is cause she doesn’t play it, doesn’t know the…loving care we take in playing it…” Giving the frog a look, she asked, “This isn’t just about Denise and our game, is it?”

    “No,” he muttered. “Yes. Maybe. I just…Piggy, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t think I can a normal life.”

    “Darling,” she cooed. “You live in Hollywood. Whatever made you think that was normal?”

    “Touché,” he chuckled. “I don’t mean that, I mean…sitting at home, playing board games…it’s boring. It’s so boring.”

    Grinning, Piggy asked, “I take it you and Denise played some…standard gaming fare, this week?”

    “Yeah,” he said, unhappily. “All week, me and her, me, her, and her friends…utterly mundane, utterly normal, utterly boring.”

    “You do know that you two don’t have to share the same tastes or even the same friends, don’t you?”

    “I know that,” he huffed. “But it’s so much more…simpler when we do. I mean, if I were ‘Brazilian Spider Monkey’ you’d know exactly what I meant.”

    And she did, which is why she couldn’t stop chuckling. “That…” she giggled. “Was an unfortunate situation.”

    “Hey,” Kermit said, sternly, or rather he tried to, but couldn’t help his own giggles. “That monkey broke Gonzo’s heart.”

    “And his leg,” Piggy laughed. “And his arm.”

    The two couldn’t help but laugh over the incident, which had also been hilarious at the time, though they had done their best to reign in their amusement around said stunt weirdo. “Ok…ok,” Kermit gasped. “This is serious! Piggy, I mean it, this is serious now.” They both tried to calm their giggles, however looking at each other caused another round of laughter until they were both panting on the couch.

    “I don’t have this kind of fun with Denise,” the frog admitted, giving his ex a very earnest look.

    Shaking her head, she said, “Don’t say that.”

    “It’s true.”

    “Kermit,” Piggy whispered. “You can’t expect to have what we did with her, because believe me…it will not work.”

    “I…I know that.”

    “Do you?”

    “Yes,” he sighed. “I do, I just…I’m starting to think that we have nothing in common.”

    “That’s not exactly a newsflash.”

    Giving her a look, Kermit groused, “Not you and me; I meant Denise. And…despite what others may say, we – as in, you and me – actually, do have a lot in common. Maybe that’s the problem.”

    “Kermit,” the diva said. “Nothing says you have to have everything in common with your girlfriend. So the two of you don’t spend your Friday nights playing board games; let her do her thing and you do yours, meaning you come over and play Game of Games. Moi is sure the two of you have more in common than your preference to board games.”

    It was on the tip of his tongue to say that their different choices in board games was just the tip of the ice berg when it came to things they didn’t have in common; in fact, it had come as bit of a surprise to Kermit when he actually thought about how few things they did have in common and he was disheartened to realize that those things just weren’t enough to keep a relationship afloat. He wasn’t sure where he was supposed to go from there, though he knew the answer was obvious but he was just afraid of having to actually go through it.

    Ultimately, he would most likely find himself back here – probably sooner than later – to get a final verdict on what he should do, but that was for another time. Instead, as was his way when he got nervous, he changed the subject back to the weird show they had watching in the background; luckily, the event of the ‘form bridge’ caught both of their attentions until they had managed to get through until three episodes before Kermit felt he should call it a night.

    “Merci,” he said, standing from the couch. He started to make his way towards the door, waving off her motion to walk him to it. Instead, he stood behind her before draping his arms around her neck. “For dinner and…for the advice.”

    Giving him a soft smile, she shrugged slightly. “That’s what friends are for,” she joked.

    “And you’re the best of them,” he said, delivering a kiss to her cheek. Standing, he gave her shoulders a slight squeeze. “You can keep the ice cream. Gonzo’s tomorrow?”

    “Why?” she asked, turning to look at him.

    “We have a game to finish.”

    “You’re unpausing?”

    “Unpausing and…most likely, an admin session,” he said. “I wanna talk to the guys about adding in those games and…I’m…reconsidering the whole brownie thing. With concessions!” He added, when Piggy gave him a look. “Anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

    “With bells on.”

    “I hope not,” he quipped. “Cause that did not go over well last time.”




    “Okay, so what do you think?”

    As requested, the next morning saw the three teams of SoCo, Scientific Mayhem, and the Dark Alliance once again assembled at Gonzo’s house, getting ready for another game of the Game of Games or rather, they were hoping to finish their previous game from the week before. Kermit had just outlined his ideas for incorporating Risk and Stratego into their game play, added by Gonzo’s suggestions of Mastermind and Jenga or what he called ‘human Jenga’.

    “I don’t see any problem with it,” Scooter replied. Both he and Janice were the official recorders of the rules and game play – in the past, they had both taken turns to make sure that the rules were not only written down, but updated should they ever change. The invention of mobile apps and tablets made the task of taking every rule, infraction, and score card into the modern age as Scooter took on the task of recording their rules into his tablet and cloud storage; it was probably better, as their overloaded and tattered binder had seen better days.

    “Actually, while we’re at it,” Janice began, flipping the binder until she reached the page she needed. “The brownie?”

    Kermit sighed. He had of course mentioned that he was rethinking the punishment for jail and that perhaps they bring back their pot brownie instead having to eat the ingredients. “I have conditions,” he began, sternly, pointing a finger at both Janice and Floyd. “More brownie than…whatever you’re putting in to it. And! Only one brownie and it has to be a decent sized brownie. Individual brownies, at that.”

    “In our defense,” Floyd countered. “We didn’t know Bunsen would eat so many. Yes, we should have realized that would have been the ultimate conclusion, but we didn’t think he would actual crave brownies.”

    “That was totally our bad,” Janice added. “We will totally shrink wrap the brownies. But you know, that does bring up a good point – perhaps we should an alternate in the case…brownies are forgotten.”

    “Or ingested,” Floyd murmured.

    “Or ingested.”

    “Then we’ll go with the ingredients,” Kermit amended. “What’s next?”

    “Should we bring up the name?” Scooter asked.

    “Well, I don’t know,” Kermit said, crossing his arms. Glancing at Gonzo and then Beaker, he asked, “Should we?”

    The actual reason they hadn’t officially given the Game of Games an actual name wasn’t because they couldn’t think of one – Gonzo had been correct that the original name had started with the team captains’ first names, however as Piggy pointed out, not only had the team captains changed, but so had the teams. Back before they had actually written down the rules and when it had only been made up by four people, Kermit and Piggy had been on a team – the Power Couple – while Fozzie and Gonzo had been on their own team – The Mezzianics, which meant the team captains had been Kermit and Gonzo; when the Scientific Mayhem was introduced to the game – this was when it had just been Bunsen, Beaker, and Floyd, the latter had switched back and forth as captains.

    Since then, the teams had changed – with Piggy and Fozzie switching teams – and the name going through different iterations. The hold up – or arbitration as they now called it – hinged on Gonzo and Beaker. And it was a bitter divide – Gonzo wanted to keep the old name, while Beaker wanted it changed to You Blinded Me with Games and had even gone on a three-hour filibuster about the influence of the name (from the song She Blinded Me with Science) to how it related to their game play, and a host of other things.

    Also crossing his arms, Gonzo replied, “I refuse to yield to the gentleman.”

    Beaker had something to say about that.

    “You take that back!” Gonzo exclaimed, trying to lunge for the red head.

    “Okay, so arbitration is still in effect!” Kermit shouted, trying to bring order back to their conversation. “Anything left on the table?”

    Everyone seemed satisfied with the new additions and rule corrections, so Piggy asked, “So…un-pause?”

    “Wait,” Fozzie interrupted. “What do we do again when we un-pause? It’s been a while since we’ve had to pause a game.”

    Both talent manager and guitarist flipped through their perspective rule books on what to do during a game pause, with Janice finding the rule first. “Here it is!” she called out. “Rule number 246 – in the case a game has to be paused, depending on the game play in progress, proceed in the following manner: if one or all teams are still on level 1, all teams advance to level 2. If one or more teams are on level 2, but one team is on level 1, that team advances to level 2. If one or more teams is on level 3, but one team is on level 2 or lower, all teams advance to level 3. In all of these cases, an all play must be chosen to determine the winner.”

    “Well then,” Gonzo replied, throwing a look to SoCo. “Once again, you gentlemen find yourselves in the harsh world of level 3.”

    “Should we start our pre-level ritual?” Floyd asked.

    Looking up at the clock on the wall, Kermit made a grimace. “It’s almost 12:30,” he said. “I say we get lunch, finish the game, and…we’ll leave the rest of the day open.”

    Level III – Spirit [re-do]

    Emotional Battery and Public Humiliation

    “Alright, cats,” Floyd said, pulling out one of the all plays that had picked out of the Level 3 card box. Turning the card around, he said, “Guess Who?”

    Of all the cards that could have possibly been played, Floyd Pepper had to pick that one. Unlike it’s family friendly game reference, their version of Guess Who was guessing which one of them had taken a truth serum laced drink, depending on who made the drinks. At any other time, Rowlf would be in charge of distributing both truth serum and alcohol, but because Rowlf wasn’t with them, it fell to Floyd, who was known to pull a prank, even when drunk.

    As part of their rules, should at any time Floyd, or Gonzo for that matter, happened to be playing bartender, whatever All Play was being done, it would be last man standing. In this case, all team members must blurt out a truth, usually an embarrassing one, in order to be counted out. And the drink of choice?

    Everclear. The most potent alcohol ever.

    For the first time, Kermit actually felt SoCo had a shot at winning – while he’d most likely lose Fozzie in the process, the comic couldn’t lie to save his life and he was even more truthful when he had been drinking, Kermit could pretty much keep a lid on it.

    He of course had to fight against Gonzo and Piggy, who could be equally closed mouthed; as always, it came down to SoCo versus the Dark Alliance.


    An hour and several embarrassing and uncomfortable truths revealed later, Kermit and Fozzie watched as the Dark Alliance burned their flag.

    It was Kermit’s fault, actually it was all Piggy’s fault and their recent conversation, that caused him to blurt out the most embarrassing thing he’d probably ever said during this game, not that he and Fozzie had ever gotten this far to actually play Guess Who, but with all the other things he’d done and said – even when he had raked Piggy over the goals, it had been more about her and not them per se – he had never said anything so personal outside of his chosen few.

    Needless to say, not only did they all know that he and Denise were having a bit of trouble, they were now aware of just how far it went. As far as Kermit was concerned, that totally trumped Beaker’s weekend with Mildred Huxsetter, Wanda, and BD – though both Gonzo and Piggy were all in on hearing that story. “I’m much more interested in hearing this.” “Like, we don’t have time.” “We should totally make time. Like right now.” – it totally trumped Scooter’s admittance he had once had fantasies about Piggy and Janice, though he tried to throw in every female Muppet they ever knew on top of that and swore on his parents’ graves that he had completely and totally stopped around the age of twenty or what Fozzie had done to his girlfriend’s father’s prized roses – “I’m not sure if I should be angry or proud.” “Oh my god, proud. Totally proud!” – none of that mattered, really, in the end.

    Because they still lost.

    Piggy gave a happy little sigh, watching at the smoldering wreckage of the SoCo flag. “That was oddly gratifying,” she said. “Play again?”

    If this was any other time or any other day, SoCo would have adamantly denied it, stormed off in a fit of anger and would never speak the words ‘Game of Games’ for months until the urge to redeem themselves, or boredom, took hold. Today however, Kermit wanted redemption after his faux paus and to be honest, he didn’t think he could head over to Denise’s with his current knowledge and mortification.

    “Of course we’re playing again!” he exclaimed. “This time with the new additions.”

    “That suits us just fine,” Scooter boasted. “Cause you suck at Risk. And I’m gonna enjoy mowing over your pieces like I normally do.”

    “Well, if we get Battleship again,” Fozzie complained. “I refuse to be shot in the stomach. The last time I had a huge bruise that made it look like I painted a target on my belly.”

    “Then maybe you should start wearing pants,” Piggy admonished.

    You start wearing pants!”

    The group started going through their routine, setting up the game board, pulling out the first aid kit, calling Rowlf…

    And the war continued.

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  18. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Good to know! I didn't even know we HAD a games section...

    That's good!

    O. M. G

    I had recently been playing around with the idea of a teen Robin coming to visit and discovering that 1. Kermit and Piggy have broken up and 2. Kermit is dating another pig. The idea would be that Robin wouldn't be happy - as any teen would react - and he'd run away and it would be Piggy that not only found him, but would talk him into coming home and bringing him there.

    It would work as a Robin having to get used to his uncle dating someone else, Piggy showing her soft side - which I always thought she had for Robin especially - and showing that it's clear, to Denise at least, that Kermit still has feelings for the diva.

    Now I'm intrigued to see how that episode plays out. Is Robin a one time deal or will we see him in a few episodes? I mean, if you can make Rizzo and Yolanda and Deadly featured players, why not Robin?

    And Count, my Count, as you can see, I is all finished! My next goal is Bogen, cause 2 Ball is still very very long. I told you, there's a bachelorette party and a wedding and a reception to get through, so...very long!
  19. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry to reply to this late.

    Dunno if Robin will be a one-episode appearance or more, I'd guess the former, but since I is visually impaired it's always possible he could show up in the background of the last three episodes in a silent cameo.
    Trust me, since Robin's with Kathy (Katzi428) at HVC, he knows and has "accepted" his uncle dating Denise. Not sure if that's another contributing factor why Aunt Ru's staying away from the fandom for the moment besides her work, but we're all entitled a while of pursuing other interests from time to time. Heck, I get a bit of obsessive overload with my own little headcannon pet projects.
    Good you finished this, when I have some more finished fics from other folks or just basically decide to do it I'll move yours and add this and Desert Delay as well. Look forward to whatever you've got next. :)

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