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The kiss, kiss, hug, hug, darling topic

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by leliebel, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. leliebel

    leliebel New Member

    Yes, an absolutly fabulous quote. :D Had trouble with mcomming up with a good tittle.

    The thing is this: On every board I've gone to, there is always a topic like this. Just a stupid mushy topic to make you feel beter.

    So I'm combining several versions of this in here.

    You can either:
    - post something nice about the person that posted before you and not something like, has a cool name or cool avater, you have to mean it
    - spread around general hugs
    - or say something nice to someone on this board in particular

    If you make a new post for every nice thing you have to say, this topis should be full of happy people soon. :D

    I know it sounds lame, but I've seen it on several boards and it usually works to cheer people up and I think we can use it right about now. ;)

    I'll go first.

    I think you're a wonderfull person with great humor.
  2. mupvisiongirl

    mupvisiongirl New Member

    Great idea! I think we all need some cheering up!

    I want to spread a BIG hug to Beaker- just because he's an awesome person and I lurv chatting with him. :eek:

    And I want to send a hug to Jedix as well because his superfun games (such as win nothing) and his frequent posts are really what keeps this board alive. :D
  3. leliebel

    leliebel New Member

    I would like to praise Buck-Beaver for his knowledge of all things puppetry-y and his willingness to share it with the rest of us. :D
  4. HeraLirambar

    HeraLirambar New Member

    Well, there are so many great people here.

    Leliebel, Crazy Harry, and Lu775 to name a few. You're all really awesome and great people. There are many more people I have in mind, but I won't post them all at once.

    Leliebel, you're a rully kind person and fun to chat with.
    Crazy Harry, you're funny and you also can be sweet
    Lu775, you're nice (of course :D ), and one of the coolest girls here

  5. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    This would be too hard for me because I like everybody here at MC!!

    Byron because his humor is so keen, and he is probably the poster-child for polite people; more folks should be like him---but less hairy!

    Beauregard for being Beau. Always friendly and nice.

    Jackie and Emmy--though they don't come here often or at all anymore--for giving us "muffins" and envelopes and postcards, and Steve's Hair and Dave's Glasses and Jerry's Beards Clubs; oh and the BBB...geeez, they have REALLY been contributive to MC over the years. I miss them being here.

    Dw, Tom, Quinn, Crazy Harry, Zack, and so many others because they were here when I came around and have always been a staple of my thoughts (as have been Byron and RadioNate) when I think about MC or Muppets.

    Scarecroe, Beaker, and a few others that I hung out with at MuppetFest.

    ChadKermit because there's that long, long history there as co-workers and friends, next door and states-apart...

    My newer friends over the past couple of years I like because they've been fun, funny, entertaining, and enlightening.

    If I haven't listed someone here it's because I didn't have time to...I'm at work!
  6. leliebel

    leliebel New Member

    My dear Beebers, I love you for havinfga christmas Zoot avater in februari, which makes him extremely huggable in my book, he also has a great associative power and thinks Sean Connery is sexy (which everyone should agree on). :D
  7. jediX

    jediX Active Member

    Alright, here goes, in no particular order.

    Kevin (fishnwolve) for being such a great friend, and is essentially the best guy friend I have right now.

    Katie (krazedmuppet) for just being the awesome girl you are and for being there for me when I needed someone to talk to last year when I was going through those terrible months.

    Byron, the guy with the creepily-close Janice impersonation.

    Chris (stulz) for getting me some awesome videos last year.

    Cory (beaker) for always saying exactly what's on my mind that I'm too worried about saying myself and for having such an awesome comic.

    Alex (anathema) for all the info about dvds and video formats -- you saved me back when I was struggling to get that stuff to work.

    Erin (dontliveonmoon) for being the sweet person you are and for all the lotr discussions on aim.

    Beauregard for all the wacky posts.

    Scarecroe for all the neat stuff on his site.

    Guille (boober gorg) for all my usual rantings as well as the trades.

    Shannon (mupvisiongirl) for always cheering me up with your constant aura of happiness.

    Laurel (beebers) for letting me interview you for the project I'm working on. It was very beneficial towards the overall product.

    All my word associating people (leliebel, andywan, party animal, and so on) for keeping my posting lifeforce alive.
  8. jediX

    jediX Active Member

    OH NO! I forget some people!

    Beth (whatever) for helping me figure out what my last name means along w/ being very kind.

    Justin (super scooter) for being generally rad.
  9. sarah_yzma

    sarah_yzma Active Member

    hmmm....I love everyone....

    Gonzo's Girl (or whatever the exact name is) you are a great new force on the boards.

    Luke (wherever you are!) you rock, and your sense of humor is twisted, but so very funny!

    Keving: Because you post at work...that fact cracks me up...and your work for the Ronald McDonald House in Memphis, especially since I have a very dear friend who is staying there right now, while receiving treatments for a brain tumor.

    I'll post more later....I've choked myself up

    dare I even mention Justin ;)
  10. Beebers

    Beebers New Member

    Wow, this is a wonderful thread, what a good idea. I'll have to post in little bits here and there, give this some thought.

    PUKKA PUKKA (ADAM) and he knows why.

    BEAUREGARD for his sweet nature, for making my Zoot avvie, for The Great 120 Rule Rebellion, and for always making me laugh.

    WHATEVER (BETH) for her unintentionally hilarious posts and her courage in life.

    DON'TLIVEONMOON (ERIN) for her constant nature, kindness and calm.

    I'll have more, as we travel along. lol.

    :cool: :cool: :cool:
  11. GonzoGirl

    GonzoGirl New Member

    This is a very cool, sweet new topic! I am still getting to know alot of people (and I know I will leave some out on this list) but here are some of the people on MC that have made me feel especially welcome and make this place a joy to visit!
    (in no specific order)
    the Count
    Baby Animal
    and a big, squishy hug to sarah_xyzma!!!
  12. Zelda Rose

    Zelda Rose New Member

    :halo: I can't name everyone by name because EVERYONE has been SO good to me! I MEAN IT!

    Phillip, PukkaPukka, I mean just EVERYONE has been SO SUPER nice!

    I belong to 2 on-line groups, here and one about Lord Of The Rings and on both I've met the nicest people!
    I USED to belong to a couple of Dachshund groups, well, they all got "Holier-Than-Thou" syndrome and rude etc..... so I told them what they could do with their dogs :o and I left. I don't miss them. :)
  13. Beebers

    Beebers New Member

    LILIEBEL for her all-around friendliness, brains, and for starting this thread.

  14. jediX

    jediX Active Member

    Indeed she is... and had some neat stuff on her site last time I was there. Where'd it go? Redoing it?
  15. Whatever

    Whatever Active Member

    Phil for bringing us this awesome website!

    Beebers for her fresh outlook and popcorn making skills

    Byron and Alex for unending speculation on socks

    JediX for being a great guy

    Manda's amazing energy

    Justin and Sarah for generally livening up the place.

    and of course the penguins for not complaining about being thrown in the air all the time
  16. Beebers

    Beebers New Member








    :flirt: :flirt: :flirt:
  17. GonzoGirl

    GonzoGirl New Member

    :o Shucks you guys...*hugs all around*
    Wheee!! You checked out my website? How cool...yup, I am in the midst of redoing it, but all I have done so far is the index page...its been in desperate need of updating for a long time...
  18. jediX

    jediX Active Member

    Oh man, Phil! How could I forget to include him?! And Adam (pukkapukka) too!! Yeeesh! And Manda!! :eek: I'm sorry! There's just so many of you great people around here!
  19. HeraLirambar

    HeraLirambar New Member

    Quinn, for his Miss Piggy obsession
    Byron, for his love for Janice
    Now I don't feel so weird about having a crush on Floyd.


    Plus, I adore Byron's manner of speak- er, I should say typing. Some of the words he uses are unique and great. And Quinn's customs are teh r0xx0rz. Not sure what that means exactly, but it's probably good.
  20. PukkaPukka

    PukkaPukka Member

    Wow! I'm glad someone finally made this thread...and here's to it's continuity! (raises a glass) Cheers! Hmmm, now where should I begin?

    Firstly, I'd like to thank Laurel (Beebers) and Kevin (FISHNWOLFE) for helping me through the bad times. I've got a lot of stamina, but it is your extra votes of encouragement and helping hands that really keep me going. Wonder why I'm so happy? A big part is you...well, that and penguins (sorry, had to say that, hehe!). You two know the rest....

    Secondly, to Terry (ButchCat), thanks for being such a great friend, and someone I can turn to for anything that's on my mind. My best to you, Cheryl, Butch (hehe), and the rest of your clan on this year and many more to come! (btw, love the answering machine message, man!)

    Next, a big vote of appreciation to Jogchem (Joggy). Although you aren't around as much, I enjoy chatting and your (sadly, infrequent) comments. That and I'm still laughing over what the heck and Inclore really is...but Emmy did think of it after all. Props to you for keepin' it alive though.

    Byron (Janice & Mokey's Man)...had to include you - didn't think you'd get away now, did you? You make me laugh with all of your Janice and Mokey-ness, and that is a cool thing. I still think you should make (err...redo...lol!) a Mokey page (yeah, I know, I know...beat me up later for asking again!) - I still haven't figured out whatever happened to that dirty socks thread (or the B.O. thread) -- uh oh, better stop now, I can see penguins being aimed in my direction!

    Alex (anathema), I want to shout a big "hi" to you back on the other shore. I can feel that warm Scottish breeze blowing now (LOL - yes, I'm chuffed with myself at that joke, so sue me! I'll buy you a round to make up for it...). But yeah, thanks for all the info, e-mail, and chatty fun, and here's to more of it! (And your puppet is coming...believe it or not - LOL, hiatus is almost over!)

    And BlueFrackle, you also, take a drink on me, that joke was a bit pants now, wasn't it? Or is that too much of a Brummy term for ya? hehe! Seriously tho, you're great man! Love your work and your dedication, keep it up!

    So <ahem> (hehe), continuing, I would also like to give a warm thanks to Zelda Rose, GonzoGirl, and all of the other friends I've made on this board (Matt (JediX), wembleyfraggle, Tyson, Phil - of course, and a horde of others) - it is great to know you all as members and friends. Seen as I can't toast with you, take a drink of whatever poison's your pleasure, and say "Hiddle-dee-diddle-de-doe" followed by plonking yourself in a chair and dreaming Muppety things. Well, that's my piece.


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