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The Most Terrible Sesame Street Skit!

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by mikealan, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. mikealan

    mikealan Well-Known Member

    Hey ya, guys. I watched the 1999 episode of Sesame Street. It was where Rosita taking pictures, which is cool, but there's a skit that was terrible.

    It was a cartoon with a big sister and her little sister. As I remembered that skit, it made me really upset, because of her little sister crying! Now, as I watched it, I did not like it. Here's how it goes: A big sister talks about what happened with her little sister. Her little sister took her big sister's doll, but her big sister took it away, so she cried until her father puts her big sister in her room and became mad! Finally, her father explains that it is polite to share a doll with her little sister and that is the end. That sketch did sound terrible.

    But then, after the street segment, the Elmo's World segment was cool.

    This episode featured Elmo, Zoe (in a skit with Herry), Rosita, Baby Bear, Humphery, Ingrid and Baby Natasha. They weren't bad, I think they are fake.

    Besides the big sister telling a story about her little sister cartoon, what SS films, cartoons and clips do YOU think are terrible?
  2. Thijs

    Thijs Well-Known Member

    All the cartoons! Why do they still use and make those terrible cartoons. Say it with puppets!!!
  3. dcfboss

    dcfboss Well-Known Member

    i haven't watched SS the last couple of years, but the little mini-skits that I hate:

    The ones where they use the dogs with the human hands

    The number skit with the guy with the numbers (coming out of water....waiter in a restaurant....etc)

    Anything with Baby Bear (except the skit when he was drawing a card for Snuffy's grandma cuz Cookie Monster was there, lol)

    The Show and Tell Ernie with the kid with the xzylophone or glochenspheel (SP).....that kid messed up so many times, lol
  4. Clean Gultch

    Clean Gultch Well-Known Member

    ALL of the cartoons? come on you cant be serious! i love the pinball cartoon. ten tiny turtles, alligator king, ladybug picnic and lots of the cartoons. theyre classics! im currently getting the claymation king of eight skit off of winmx. jim henson performs the king of eight
  5. Thijs

    Thijs Well-Known Member

    No sorry, I can`t stand the fact that they use cartoons while they have so many puppets to use. Or those small movies with those kindergarten kids, I hate them! I want to see puppets!!!!!!
  6. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Here here! I HATED all those sketches growing up...1982 or 2002 I cant stand em.

    I said this 2 decades ago and I'll say it again:
    Forget the cartoons and lame other non Muppet sketches...


    Growing up I could not wait til they either got back to the street or other Muppet sketches. I could not stand those retarded 70's cartoon shorts or live action skits.

    12345678910...11...shut the heck up!

    A carton of milk, a dozen eggs, and a stcik of SCRAM!

    One of these things is not like the other...yeah, so freaking put the Muppets back one!

    Gah...Ive been wanting to say these things for 20 years LOL

    I just recently watched the Alphabet Jungle on vhs, as it features the great chemistry of Telly, Zoe, and yes Elmo...but it was like maybe 5 minute Muppet segments total, and like 45 minutes cartoons. Bah.
  7. Clean Gultch

    Clean Gultch Well-Known Member

    NO ONE here likes the Alligator King song? I love it. and dotn anyone dare tell me they hate the Pinball toons.
  8. roadrat15

    roadrat15 Well-Known Member

    "Said the Alligator King to his seven Sons" . . .a classic ,cannot be put down!
  9. mikealan

    mikealan Well-Known Member

    As you see, there was a small cartoon with the baby bird and a mother bird which it was terrible when I saw #3803. When I was little, I ran away from it, because I think it was going to make me real upset after I first see it when I was one. Now as if I watched that, it went something like this:

    A baby bird happily jumps on its nest as its mother bird watches it. Then a boy is walking and carrying his groceries, until a baby bird begins to fall off the tree and the mother bird is so worried and the boy began to be aware and sees the baby bird crying! I hated that part. Afterwards, the boy picks the baby bird up to the nest, and when the boy begins to carry his groceries, his buttons begin to pop off his pants and reveals out his naked butt! So the mother bird rushes to the boy's pants and grabs them, so they will not be falling down as the boy whistles and walks the way home and carries the groceries.

    Do you remember this cartoon???
  10. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    Ohhhh Yeah!:eek:
  11. mikealan

    mikealan Well-Known Member

    Well, besides the SS of today clips, what early and classic SS clips do YOU think are terrible and stupid?
  12. SillyRed

    SillyRed Well-Known Member

    You guys must be grouches!!!:p
  13. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Well-Known Member

    The only SS I can think of that I really didn't like, was the episode where Zoe and Elmo played with her pet rock, "Rocko". It was totally stupid, and she kept getting on Elmo's (and my) nerves 'cause she mostly payed attention to "Rocko". I literally cheered when Elmo angrily stood up for himself towards the end.

    TRIVIA TIME: The artist of that sequence is craig Bartlett, who also created Arnold. Arnold was also seen on SS, but became more famous in the show Hey Arnold!

    I actually thought that was kinda funny. I'm surprised they didn't censor it, though.
  14. mikealan

    mikealan Well-Known Member

    I remember the episode where Zoe calls her rock "Rocko"! I remember seeing it on the last day of the year 2002. It's from probably 1999 and I saw it on NOGGIN. The sponsored letter and sponsored number of this episode are "R" and "12". That's not stupid, but can you think of other skits from 1969-89 that are terrible or stupid?
  15. roadrat15

    roadrat15 Well-Known Member

    The show that really irked me (apart from any Elmo episode!) was the one with Snuffy's snuffle puppet.
  16. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Actually, some of the cartoons (Alligator King, Jughead, Hey Arnold, and Pink Panther) were quite clever and well done. I also like the Pixar lamp shorts..

    But here's my all time WORST SKETCH LIST......

    1) There was this long, never ending skit I ABSOLUTELY HATED when I was a kid. It showed live action footage of flowers and rain with classical Music. It's like I prayed that boring skit would end. It was terrible!! ZZZnnnnnnkt.... huh? I put myself to sleep just THINKING about it...

    2) basically any long skit that involves little Kindergartener kids and no muppets. They would always bore the heck out of me and they still do... I got bored and watched an episode either last season or this season in which these two kids wrote boring letters to each other. Like it was super rediculously tedious. "My goldfish likes your drawing of your dog! Blah blah blah... this is a cheap scribble of me (the disproportioned stick figure) playing basketball (the orange roundish dealy that's halfway through my arm)... I HATED THAT!!!!

    3) They had these sketches that I can't really describe.. basically, there are these 2 dimentional cartoon animals (drawn ethnically?) that just dance for like 2-3 minutes and there's no reason for it as itis not educational. I mean, sometimes they say a number, but that's about it...

    4) new ones... there are two patronizingly bad ones that premired this year that make me want to scream....

    First, there are a bunch of kids that make shapes of letters while bad off key singers sing (in tune with a cheap keyboard):

    N...N... N.. De lettah N... N N.. The letter N... and they have one for each letter. It must have taken them like 5 hours to film and make the whole bunch...

    another one... A cheaply stop motioned mail box: You got a letter... open the letter... its the letter (fill in the blank). COUGH..Barney cough..

    5) We're the number one.... yeah.. that was funny for like about 2 seconds.. why does it last 2 MINUTES?!?!?!

    6) Monster Clubhouse... need I say more

    7) When certain celebrities muck up old songs... Destiny's child doing "I've got a new way to walk" and Vonda shephard doing a horribley tone deaf version of "Everybody's song." However, I really loved the New Captain Vegatable with John Leguizamo... Now that you have to see. that was a classic!

    8) The cheaply made stop motion films in which tools make the letter of the day or something (the whole bleeping series... every single one they make... snooze ville!) you won't believe how often they use these to eat up time on Plaza Sesamo...

    that's all I can think of at the moment...
  17. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Now, THAT was funny for some reason.

    I don't mind the cartoons at all, Alligator King is classic, and the redneck hick guy singing about boar hogs is a trip.

    I do NOT like the ones that are computer generated and you can tell it.

    And I HATE HATE HATE the ones with the smart kids yelling out "FIREMAN! HE'S A FIREMAN!! NOOO, that's the wrong hat!" or something to do with animals, letters, or alphabet. Yuck.

    Of course, I sat through the cartoons to get to the Muppets which were the main reason I watched the show.

  18. sesamestchick

    sesamestchick Member

    OMG! I have been trying to find this cartoon for ages! I totally remember it well! Although at first I thought I had been hallucinating until I found out how many other people remember it. ;) I had posted a request for it in the Yahoo groups, and imagine my surprise :excited: when I found this thread! I always thought it was cute, :o So can anyone tell me how to get a hold of episode #3803 and what season that's from? Thanks a million!!!
  19. anythingmuppet

    anythingmuppet Well-Known Member

    I hate that friggin My Dog Is Happy or something like that. It just looks so dang.......gah, stupid!
  20. I hate the ones where Telly draws a picture of this super hero dude. I can not stand those!!!

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