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The Muppet Show Starring YOU!

Discussion in 'Games' started by Fozzie Bear, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Act 1
    Scooter-Dominic! Ten second to curtain Dominic!
    Me-Thanks Scooter!
    Scooter-Say you didn't faint when you saw me! You did when you met Miss Piggy, Kermit, and Gonzo!
    Me-I promised Kermit I wouldn't.
    Fozzie-Hi Scooter! Oh hi Dominic!
    Scooter-You promised.....
    Me-I promised I wouldn't faint meeting you.
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  2. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Act 2
    Kermit-Hi-ho and welcome to the Muppet Show! We have a major Muppet fan who also wrote a well-like fanfiction on Muppet Central called The Muppets and the Dark Crystal!
    Fozzie-I love that series!
    Kermit-So here's Dominic!
    Me-Thank you! Thank you!(to Statler and Waldorf) You two don't start anything!
    Statler-We haven't STARTED anything in over 30 years kid.
    Waldorf-SINCE WE NEVER STOP!!!!!!!!!
    Both-Ho ho ho ho ho!
    Me-That joke was so obvious. Well it's time for my song!
    Waldorf-Yeah we can turn down our hearing aids now!
    Me-(singing) Why are there so many songs about rainbows and what's on the other side? Rainbows are vision, but only illusion and rainbows have nothing to hide. So we've been told and some choose to believe it. I know they're wrong wait and see. Someday we'll find it. The rainbow connection. The lovers, the dreamers and me. Who said that every wish could be heard and answered? when wished on the morning star! Somebody thought of that! And someone believed it! Look what it's done so far! What's so amazing that keeps us stargazing, and what do we think it might do? Someday we'll find it the rainbow connection.The lovers the dreamers and you.
    Me and Muppets-And all of us under its spell! We know that it's probably magic! Have you been half-asleep, and have you heard voices? I heard them calling my name. Is this the sweet sound that calls the young sailor? The voice might be one and the same. I heard it too many times to ignore it. It's something that I'm supposed to be! Someday we'll find it the rainbow conncetion. The lovers the dreamers and me! La la dee la do la la la de la la doo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Vincent L

    Vincent L Well-Known Member

    Cold Opening
    Scooter: "Vincent, Vincent. Fifteen seconds to curtain, Vincent!"
    Me: "Thanks, Scooter. And can you tell me where I can find cell phone reception here?"
    Scooter throws cell phone out the window
    Scooter: "Out there."
    [stares blankly at the camera]

    Act 1: Piano duet with Rowlf. (can't decide on a song)

    Act 2: Wayne sings "Just Walking in the Rain"
    Wayne: "Just walkin' in the rain…"
    I throw a bucket of water at Wayne

    Act 3: "And now, Piiiiiiiigs iiiiiiiin Spaaaaaaace"
    (The Swinetrek has lost it's power)
    "Captain, are you sure it's not this lever"
    "I tried that before"
    "No, I'm VERY sure that's the power switch"
    [pulls lever]
    [I fall from the ceiling]
    "…or the guest room trap door."

    Act 4: "Here's a Muppet NEWSFlash..."
    Newsman: "A staff member of The Muppet Show has won the lottery..."
    [coins start raining down]
    Newsman: "At last, something nice falls on me."
    [giant bag of coins crushes the Newsman]

    Act 5: Duet with Robin: "When the River Meets the Sea"

    I can't think of anymore at the moment...
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  4. Rowlfy

    Rowlfy Member

    I'd love to do a piano duet with Rowlf or jam with the Electric Mayhem
  5. Bridget

    Bridget Well-Known Member

    The Muppet Show: Starring Bridget Thomson!


    Scooter:10 minutes to show time Ms. Bridget!
    Me: Thank you Scooter! I'll be out in just a minute!
    (Scooter exits dressing room)
    Me: (I hold up two shades of lipstick looking into the mirror. One shade red and the other pink.)
    Now let's see. If I wear red I look fiery and fabulous! But, if I wear pink I'll be pretty and petite! Ugh. Being a gal is NOT easy.
    (There's a sudden knock at the door)
    Me: (calling towards door) Who is it?
    Kermit: (on other side of door) Oh, it's just me!
    Me: (scattering to fix my makeup and hair really quickly. I make a quick "flirtfilled" smile at the mirror.) Come In!
    Kermit: Bridget!
    Me: Kermit! How are you?
    Kermit: I'm doing great! Hey listen, I'm very honored to be singing with you in your big number later on!
    Me (jaw drops) You, you are?
    Kermit: Sure, sure. It's not every day a frog gets to sing with the Queen Of Pink!
    Me: (looks at him surprisingly) Really?
    Kermit: Sure!
    Me: (smiling lovingly) That really touches my heart Kermit!
    Kermit: (head nod) Well look, I have to go open the show but it was a real pleasure talking to you!
    Me: Aww... The pleasure is all mines!
    (Kermit begins walking towards the door)
    Me: (All Of A Sudden) Oh, Kermit!
    (He turns back around to face me)
    Kermit: Hm?
    Me: What's your favorite color?
    Kermit: Well uh, I love every color in the rainbow. But if I must pick...
    Me: Green?
    Kermit: You got it.
    Me: (excited) Thanks! That's all I needed to know!
    Kermit: Okay.
    (He exits)
    Me: (I pull out my green lipstick) Hey. Anything for the frog!



    Kermit: Hi-Ho everyone! Listen, we've got a great show for you tonight starring the pinkest lady of all time Ms. Bridget Thomson!
    (Miss Piggy secretly and slowly enters from stage right. Kermit jumps.)
    Kermit: Piggy what are you doing ? You're not in the opening number.
    Miss Piggy: Oh I know Kermie, but moi just couldn't help but overhear you say that BRidget Thomson is the pinkest lady of ALL time.
    Kermit: Yes, you have good ears. Now! Let's get things rolling on the-
    Miss Piggy: (making her snout in mouth expression) Look here frog! I am the princess of pink! NO! I am the QUEEN of pink! NO! I am the GODDESS of PINK! UNDERSTAND?
    Kermit: Yeah- princess, queen, goddess. Right.
    Miss Piggy: Hmph! (walking off stage mumbling: "I'll show her who's pink!")
    Kermit:Sheesh. Anyways, now that, that's been tooken care of- Let's get things started on The Muppet Show!
    :) (TO BE CONTINUED!):)
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