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The Muppet Show with Vicki Lawrence!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by erniebert1234ss, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. erniebert1234ss

    erniebert1234ss Active Member

    It's my first fanfic, but I think it is a good thing!

    <Cold Opening>
    Scooter: Oh Vicki Lawrence! Vicki Lawrence! 30 seconds till curtain, Vicki!
    Vicki: Thank you Scooter. By the way, are you doing a dance marathon again like you did to...
    Scooter: Oh. No, Vicki! We're just doing our normal show.
    Vicki: What sure-fire hits are you performing tonight?
    Scooter: Vets Hospital, Pigs in Space, and Bear on Patrol.
    Vicki: I don't remember that last one. Could I please go on to Pigs in Space? I always wanted better balance between girls and guys.
    Scooter: Sure, Vicki. I'll notify Capt. Hogthrob!
    Vicki: Thank you, Scooter!

    <TMS Theme>
    <Style: 5th season>
    Gonzo: I always get butterflies before a show.
    Big ol' Butterfly: Not this time!
    Gonzo: Aaah!

    Gonzo blows blue smoke out of the horn.

    Kermit: Hi-ho, and welcome again to the Muppet Show. Tonight, we have the greatest female comedienne since Carol Burnett; Vicki Lawrence, YAYYY!
    Vicki: Thank you Kermit.
    Kermit: Can you be going backstage to prep for your opening number while we do our opening number?
    Vicki: Sure, Kermit! Besides, I need to get in my Mama wig for that number.
    Kermit: okay...
    Kermit: Okay everybody, here's our opening number, YAYYY!

    <Song: Happy Xmas (War is Over) (Viking pigs again!)>

    Kermit: Wasn't that great?
    Statler: Yeah, frog! Keep it up!
    Kermit: So we're not doing so badly tonight after all...
    Waldorf: I wouldn't say that! That was only the opening number, like...uh...10!
    (Both laugh)
    Kermit: okay...Is she ready? Most guests are not very good singers in different voices, but here she is, tempting fate, Ms. Vicki Lawrence, YAYYY!

    <Vicki sings "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia">

    Piggy: Congratulations on that one, Vicki.
    Vicki: Thank you, that is my only musical hit!
    <Laugh Track>
    <Piggy double takes>
    Piggy: Are you ready for Pigs in Space?
    Vicki: Yeah, lemme change out of my Mama outfit!
    Piggy: Sure Vicki!

    <Piggy summarily karate-chops Floyd>

    <Pigs in Space: Vicki Lawrence Fiddles With the Swinetrek’s Controls! >

    <UK Bonus: Beaker and Misty from the Diana Ross episode>

    <Closing Number: Lime in the Coconut >

    I would request a bunch of feedback!


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