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"The Muppet Variety Hour" outline

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Barry Lee, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Well-Known Member


    OPENING NUMBER:"It's Not Unsual"sung by Tom Jones,Snowths,Boss Men,
    Baby Koozebain,Penguins,Witch Doctor,Droop,Mutations,Gawky Birds,AM
    Birds,Muppaphones,Java Muppets,and Gonzo.

    AM Male Muppet Walks In.
    AM:"Yo what's up?"
    Kermit:"Who are you?"
    AM:"Never mind anyway, you know what you need for the show?"
    Kermit:"No What?"
    AM:"Yeah that will give you more veiwers!"
    Scooter:"Who is up next Kermit?"
    Kermit:"Um,the skit with Seth Green"
    Scooter:"Seth Green skit up next!"

    SKIT:"Like Father Not Like Son"-Dr.Phil Van Nature and his son Seth Green
    try to destroy the earth but Seth wants peace around the world and doesn't want the world to be destroyed.The evil labs turns into a peaceful spot with Dr.Phil truned into a peaceful man and when Dr.Phil is finally peaceful like Seth wanted Seth wants to be evil.

    Sal walks in Cher's dressing room.
    Sal:"Oh! Cher, I'm a big fan of yours!"
    Cher:"Thank you Sal!"
    Sal:"Can I have a kiss?"
    Cher:"Kiss?! No way!"
    Sal:"Oh drat!"
    Sal blows up and turns into Bemouth and grabs Cher.
    Bemouth:"I got you Babe!"
    SONG:"I Got You Babe"sung by Cher & Bemouth
    Scooter:"Bemouth stop starting to eat Cher!"

    SKIT:"Vets Hospital"-The doctors operate Buegard but Buegard keeps getting worried about whats going to happen.

    SONG:"What's New Pussycat?"-Sung by Tom Jones singing to Miss Piggy but he finds he sang to the wrong girl and ends up singing to Janice.

    AM:"Why not rap?"
    Kermit:"Because, we don't like rapping!"
    Rizzo:"I like rapping!"
    Kermit:"Well still!"
    AM:"My freind doesn't rap but sometimes he does come on!"
    AM:"Hey Wayne come Here!"
    Wayne Brady walks in.
    Wayne:"Let me teach you guys one rap song okay?"
    SONG:"Rapper's Delight"-Sung by Wayne,Kermit,Rizzo,AM Male,Beaker,Andy,

    SKIT:"Gonzo's Weird Moments"-Gonzo hosts a TMS flashback moment the skit they show tonight is from the Juliet Prowes Episode.
    SKIT:"Piggy Vs. Cher"-Piggy & Cher make fun of each other and end up going to far and Cher calls Piggy a 'Half Breed' and ends up to a song.
    SONG:"Halfbreed"sung by Piggy & Cher and Cameo by Doglion Beast.

    30 Minute Special:"PIS Cartoon Show"-Some remakes of classic TMS PIS skits into cartoons.

    CLOSING NUMBER:"That Old Black Magic;Gypsies Tramps & Theives"-sung by Cher,Kermit,Piggy,Fozzie,Gonzo,Beaker,Animal,Bunsen,Janice,Droop,AM Male,
    Floyd,Sal,Johnny,Rizzo,Yolanda,Zeke,Zoot,Scooter,Buegard.Cher & Kermit
    sing "That Old Black Magic" the piano is played by Rowlf and the cast comes in and sings the second song.

    GOOD NIGHTS:Kermit,Cher,Wayne Brady,Tom Jones,Seth Green,Piggy,Gonzo,
    Fozzie,Sprocket,Sweetums,Beaker,Animal,and Robin

    Tell Me How You Think.What Should I Change? :confused:

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