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The Muppets and the Dark Crystal

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Fan Art' started by Dominicboo1, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys I decided to make a series of Fanfictions in which you'll find all the Muppets (Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, Bear In The Big Blue House, Dinosaurs, Dark Crystal, and Labyrinth etc.) I hope you enjoy it.
    The Skesis gathered around the crystal knowing somethig was wrong. They knew the role they had in Jareth's plot. Jareth the goblin king needed their crystal for his power to take over Hensonland, and eventually the Mortal World as well. The handsome yet cruel monarch had enlisted the help of various evil creatures including the Skesis. The Emperor Skesis knew too much of Jareth's power to use the crystal for himself.
    "We must alert his majesty" the Emperor hsised "These Muppets may be a threat"
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  2. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    "Kermit the frog"hissed a voice"I will find you and your friends and shall destroy you all." Kermit awoke sighing in relief that this terror was merely a dream. He got out of bed, and started getting ready for another day at the theater.
    Big Bird awoke and found Elmo and Zoe outside his nest.
    "Are you alright Big Bird?"Zoe asked.
    "Yeah.. Zoe I just had a nightmare."Big Bird replied nervously.
    "Big Bird dreams can't hurt people you tell Elmo that all the time!" Elmo said.
    "Of course silly me"Big Bird said.
    All the Fraggles had the same dream, and went to Marjory the Trash Heepto investigate.
    "He was tall, with blond hair, and had goblins serving him"Gobo explained.
    "Do you think it could be serious?"Wembley asked.
    "You Fraggles have never been in more danger than you are now"the Trash Heep said."I will send dreams to the friends you will make on your journey"
    Rugby Tiger never slept, rather he rested and sometimes had visions.
    "Rugby what's wrong"asked Apple.
    "Yeah we're worried"said Mew.
    "I had a kind of vision"said Ruby.
    "Ruby! You must trust it"Balthazar told him. "Take Apple, Mew, Belemont, and Metora with you.
    The Mayor of Frog Town Hollow called all the residents to explain about these mysterious dreams.
    "Hey I dreamed I was flying and there were big globs of mashed potatoes"said Harvey.
    "Wendell, he's talking about the nightmares that everyone has been having.
    "Dreams are stupid!"said Chuck. Chuck was leader of the Riverbottom Nightmare Band. He was incredibly rebelious and often cruel. He went off to get lunch before he ran into a mysterious figure.
    "Hello"the man said.
    "Yo! This is our turf"said Chuck
    "Really?" he said. The man attempted to attack Chuck with fire.
    "Um we give up!"said Chuck
    "Excellent"said Jareth villianously.
    "BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"screamed Pip and Pop.
    "So what was this man's name"Bear asked after the kids described the dream.
    "Jareth the Goblin King"Tutter said.
    "Oh no!" Bear said
    "What's the matter bear?"Treelo asked.
    "Luna told me stories about him before,"Bear said. "She said if any sign of him returns we must go around Hensonland until further notice.
    Ethyl Phillips told the Sinclairs the dangers of Jareth.
    "You mean he could KILL US?!!! That sonds scary!"Baby said
    "He is!"Ethyl said.
    "Sign Me UP!"exclaimed Baby. Ethyl sighed. That Baby never took anything seriously.
    "Come Jen, Fizigig" called Kira.
    "We have to find out what the skesis are up to!"shouted Jen.
    Sarah thought she saw the last of Jareth, but then an old friend told her otherwise.
    "He is back and worse than ever!"Hoggle said. Sarah came with him and her other friends back to the Labyrinth before Jareth could become powerful again.
    Marjory waited as Cantus, Balthazar, and the Mystics arrived.
    "Hark Cantus"Marjory said.
    "Hark Marjory"Cantus replied.
    "I thought that this time we met it would be in time of peace"Balthazar said sadly"My stiches can no longer handle it.
    "I have gotten old as well"said the Wisest of the Mystics."It is true Jareth has returned. "
  3. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Kermit packed his bags with food, water bottles, and paper so he could write back to the others.
    "Kermit where are you going"asked Fozzie.
    "Fozzie I had a very startling nightmare. It felt so real! I need to save all of you from a dangerous man named Jareth"Kermit said.
    "But if Jareth is in your dream what threat could he be?"asked Gonzo.
    "I don't know but I don't want any of you to be his next victims."Kermit said.
    "Kermit! We're friends! Do you think we'll just sit here wondering where the heck you are?"Scooter asked.
    "Kermie we're coming!"said Piggy.
    "Ok, but it will be dangerous!"Kermit warned.
    "Danger's my middle name Kermit!"Gonzo said laughing.
    "I know it is"Kermit replied. "
  4. ElectricMayhem1 Active Member

  5. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Thank you! Well here's chapter 4!
    Chapter 4
    Big Bird knew he had to go off to find out who was this mysterious man was.
    "Goodbye Elmo. Goodbye Snuffy. Bye Cookie!"Big Bird said sadly.
    "Big Bird Jareth is more dangerous than the Sleaze Brother and Huxley and everyone you've ever met combined!" Elmo warned.
    "He's grumpier than me!"Oscar added.
    "Even I fear him"Super Grover added."But as your friends we are coming with you!"
    "Ok," sighed Big Bird.
  6. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Chapter 5
    "Madame Storyteller do you have any stories about Jareth the Goblin King?"Gobo asked.
    "Yeah we have to defeat him" Red said bravely.
    "Jareth was born when the Dark Crystal cracked, but since then has found power to survive without its powers."the Storyteller explained. "However Jareth will be easier to defeat without his Skesis. You must find the other Muppets and restore the shard to the crystal to defeat the Skesis."
    "We're doomed,"said Boober.
    "Oh Boober!"Mokey said"We'll be fine because we're the good and kind Muppets!"
    "An adventure I'm in"cried Uncle Matt.
    "Me too!" said Cotterpin!
    "I always wanted to see the Universe!"Junior Said.
  7. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Chapter 5
    "Come on Junior! Easy does it!"gasped Wembley trying to push him through the Fraggle Hole. It took all the Fraggles of the Rock to finally get him in.
    "Thanks guys!"said Junior. (ps. this is after the Gorg Who Would Be King)
    "Follow me"said Matt. "Now where did the Trash Heep tell us to go?"
    "New York"Mokey said to a place called "Sesame Street"
    "Can you tell me how to Sesame Street?"asked Red.
    "What was that?"asked Gobo.
    "I don't know just seemed like the thing to say!"
    "Ok..."Gobo replied confused.
    "So here we go!"Wembley said nervously as the Fraggles stepped through the portal. Not knowing what was yet to come.
  8. ElectricMayhem1 Active Member

    can't wait for more!!! :flirt:
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  9. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Electricmayhem1!
    Chapter 6
    "Ok, so how do we get across without being squished to death?"asked Cotterpin.
    "Excuse me!"said some friendly looking creature"Look both ways and wait when no cars are coming to be safe!"
    "Thank you "Gobo said.
    "You're welcome"the strange yellow creature said "My name's Big Bird!"
    "Really? Well Big Bird can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street"asked Gobo.
    "Sure we live there!"said Ernie.
    "Wow," said Wembley. "Wait are you Ernie, Bert, Cookie, Elmo , Grover, Rosita, Oscar, and Zoe?"
    "We're not Santa's reindeer,"said Oscar.
    "Oscar be nice!" Grover scolded.
    "Hey are you the Fraggles,"asked Elmo.
    "Yes we are"said Mokey.
    "We're here to help you stop Jareth!"Red said smiling.
    "Gracias!"Rosita said.
    "Huh?"asked Red.
    "It means thank you!"Rosita explained.
    "Well you're welcome"Red said.
    "We now need to find the Muppets. Particulary Kermit the Frog"Boober said.
    "Kermit?"Big Bird said
    "He's our friend! We know just where to find these Muppets!"Ernie said.
    "Great!"Junior said"Let's find the fwoggy!"
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  10. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Chapter 7
    "Hi Big Bird! Hi Grover"greeted Kermit.
    "These are the Fraggles"Big Bird said introducing Kermit to his friends.
    "How do you do?"Kermit said politety. "Well I'm sorry to tell you this, but this is going to be a very dangerous mission!"
    "We now Kermit!"Grover said bravely.
    "Kermit, it is times when you're in danger that you realize who your real friends are"explained Mokey.
    "You're right Mokey! That's the one power Jareth will never have!"said Kermit as the Muppets went off. Jareth scowled into his crystal at this brave and good group of characters.
    "They must not get here alive" he hissed evily.
  11. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Chapter 8
    "Well this is it,"Kermit said.
    "Uncle Kermit may I come too?" Robin asked.
    "No, Robin you're only 5,"Kermit said."I don't want anything to happen to you"
    "Ok"Robin said sadly.
    "Well I guess some of you can come. Piggy's fighting skills allow her to take care of herself"Kermit said "Gonzo wouldn't let me live it down if I went on a dangerous mission without him"
    "You've got that right"said Gonzo laughing. Kermit smiled. Gonzo was a true friend. Fozzie naturally being Kermit's best friend came with him.
    "I'm coming too!" Scooter said to Kermit bravely.
    "No, Scooter"Kermit said.
    "Why not? You were more a relative to me than my actual uncle."Scooter said. Though they argued occasionally he was as close to Kermit as anyone.
    "Ok, but be careful"Kermit said worriedly. He thought of Scooter as a nephew, and wanted nothing to happen to him.
    (This chapter is dedicated to Shinycelebi25, Electricmayhem 1, We Got Us, and all Scooter fans!)I hope you like his role in this.
  12. We Got Us Active Member

    Hey, I love the inclusion of all these different worlds. Got the makings of some gggoooddd stuff! Can't wait to see all the different crossovers!
  13. We Got Us Active Member

    Aww!! >wipes away a tear< He dedicated a Scooter-chapter to me (and...a bunch of other people ;)) Lol, I love that part about the uncle/nephew relationship between Kermit and Scoots! Great job Dominicboo1! I hope there's more!
  14. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    There's more alright. There will be some sad parts, but will only lead to more Scooter and Kermit moments!
    Chapter 9
    And so the Muppets set out on a dangerous journey. Meanwhile Jareth was holding a meeting with his fellow villians.
    "Good morning sir,"Doc Hopper said to Jareth respectively.
    "Good morning to you Doc, and Nicky, Rachel"Jareth said naming them all.
    "I would like you to meet our new villians Tex Richman and the Riverbottom Nightmare Gang". Chuck frowned. He never was afraid of anybody before, and never felt respect for anyone. Jareth somehow made him change that about himself.
    "Good morning everyone woah!"came a voice from big brown bear named Bobo who was carrying a heavy breakfast tray.
    "Let me help you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"called a blue dragon named Deadly.
    "No you're carrying the coffee!"
    "Oh right woah!" The two not-so-evil henchman wound up gettting the Goblin King covered with chocolate icing and coffeee.
    "That's enough! Why did I hire you?"Jareth asked.
    "We might have some place in this story"Deadly said a bit too bravely.
    "Of course, not likely though you're probably comic relief"Jareth said rudely.
    "We are not"Bobo muttered.
    "You imbecilles are making it impossible to work!"Jareth yelled "Go and destroy some Muppets! Get out of here!"
    "Destroy?"Bobo and Deadly looked at each other wondering what they could do.
    (Wow our first long glimpse at Jareth. Here's hoping he doesn't defeat our heroes!)
  15. We Got Us Active Member

    Yay! I love them as henchmen! Best. Typecast. Ever! And more Scooter and Kermit moments? Heck, it'll be worth it!! Look forward to more! :D
  16. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Chapter 10
    The Fraggles and Muppets were unsure anything particulary special was in Jamie's room. There was nothing, but many toys. There was a doll in a dollhouse with many clothes, a robot, a taxi driver, a talking telephone, a clown, and in the center was a tiger, rag doll, catnip mouse, space toy, and rocking horse.
    "Could the trash heep have been wrong about this room?"Red asked concerned.
    "Yeah.........Doc told us these things are just used for young silly creatures to play with."Gobo said thinking nothing special.
    "I'll have you know playtime is a very important job!"came a voice.
    "Who said that?"asked all of the very confused Muppets.
    "I did," said the Tiger. "I am not just a toy, but a Christmas Toy"
    "I am the one and only Christmas Toy Rugby!"boomed the voice of the space toy.
    "Ok, former Christmas toy"admitted Rugby "I wish you weren't so arrogant Metora."
    "Lord it's hard to be humble! When you're perfect in every way!"sang Metora.
    "You were just like that last year,"the rag doll told Rugby.
    "I know Apple,"
    "Pew what's that"asked Piggy whining.
    "It's Mew!"Apple and Rugby said together."And the horse is Bellamount"
    "Sorry if we scared you! If we get caught out of place by people we can get frozen forever!"Rugby said. "But love brings us back to life."
    "Well will you help us save Hensonland from Jareth"asked Kermit.
    "I live for danger!"Metora yelled laughing.
    "Well that's good, because we're in it!"Scooter said.
    "We're here for you!"Ruby said bravely and so the Muppets and their new friends went off wondering what to expect.
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  17. shinycelebi225 Active Member

    i love it
    it's so much better than my fan fiction
  18. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Hannah what's your fanfiction and where can I find it?
  19. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Chapter 11
    "Excuse Mr. Kermit!"Bunsen said. "But I have invented something to get you to Pangea!"
    "Great!"Kermit said excitedly.
    "It's my new time machine!"Bunsen said proudly."I sent Beaker off a little while ago to demonstrate!"
    "Uh oh!"Kermit said knowing what would happen.
    "Meepe meep!"Beaker screamed as he came back with Edward Teach otherwise known as Blackbeard!
    "When I was but a lad searching for my true vocation. My father said now son this choice deserves delivaration! Though you could be a doctor or perhaps a financeer!"
    Blackbeard sang.
    "My boy why not consider a more challenging career!"Scooter sang along with Blackbeard.
    "Enough!"Kermit said. "This is the wrong story entirely!"
    "Oh goodbye then"Blackbeard said.
    "Good!"Kermit said. "Well let's roll back the rock to the dawn of time!"
    "When the earth was shaking and the lava flow!"Scooter sang!
    "Roll back the rock to the dawn of time when you can blow your cool just like a volcano! Snap your fingers and stomp your feet! Soaking up a little of the jungle beat! Roll back the rock to dawn of time and sing this song with me!"Scooter sang excitedly.
    "Enough!"Piggy yelled!
    "Roll back the rock!"Scooter sang.
    "Roll back the rock!"The Fraggles , Monsters, and toys repeated.
    "Turn back the clock!"
    "Turn back the clock!"
    "Roll back the rock to the dawn of time and sing this song with me!!!!!!!!"
    "Can we get back to the story now?"asked Piggy.
    "Ok,"sighed Scooter.
    "Now off to Pangea!"they all shouted together. It started out to be a safe journey , but then a huge green beast with a red shirt was running fast toward them!
  20. shinycelebi225 Active Member

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