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The Muppets and the Dark Crystal

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Fan Art' started by Dominicboo1, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Of course! All my pals do! And I do want to write more! I'll start Part 3 right now if you want!
  2. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Here is the Beginning of the end.
    The Muppets and The Goblin Prince Ch. 1
    "We've lost,"said Kermit. "We're done for,"
    "Don't lose hope Kermit,"said Toby
    "He's taken over the entire planet!"Kermit said. They were of course speaking of their nemesis Jareth the Goblin King.He forced Sarah into marrying him, so he could leave their kindgom of Hensonland.
    "The best thing to do is to find a safe place to stay,"Max said. "Now I want you to stay here, when I find a way to stop Jareth."
    "Max he'll kill you on sight,"Kermit said. "
    "He very well may, but it's a chance I have to take."Max said sadly.
    "The best place to be is with the kids,"said Toby. "You know the ones that Bear adopted, and Robin? I can somehow protect people now so it's best for me to be close to the innocent."
    "To the Big Blue House then,"replied Scooter. And so our friends marched off to find their friends, but they could tell right away something was amiss.
    "The door is open!"Bear said.
    "I told Robin never open the door when no adults are around!"Kermit said worried.
    The Muppets ran in and noticed a crystal on the table.
    "Jareth,"they all said in unison.
  3. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Uh-oh! There's going to be.....trouble (shudders)! More....please! I'm getting shaky here and kind of scared and......alone.
  4. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Ch. 2
    "They're bait for us you know!"Kermit said. "Once he kills us. He's won forever!"
    "There's someone who can help us though!"Gobo said."The Trash Heap!"
    "That's right!"Mokey said."She'll know how to rescue the children!"
    "Yes! She'll know how to get there and defeat Jareth, so he can't kill anyone, and won't win!"Red said.
    "Great!"Kermit says! "Take us to your Trash Heap" As they went to Fraggle Rock things seemed very very wrong.
    "Things are quiet too quiet!"Gobo said.
    "Max writes here,"Scooter said reading a book that Max had handed him. "That too much quiet almost always means a dark spell has been cast, and is warming up to be most effective."
    "You are all in danger,"said the Trash Heap as they saw her. "I can not be of help too long! Jareth can either enchant others to do his bidding, but I being a heap, am of no use to him! He shall turn me into an ordinary pile of compost!"
    "There must be something we can do,"Wembley said truly frightened.
    "Yes young Fraggle. There was a staff they could be powerful enough against Jareth to stop his magic, but when he found it, and broke it, the pieces scattered to all the worlds you've been to! You must all go there. Then you will save Bear's little friends, and Kermit's nephew, and everyone else,"Marjory said before slowly freezing.
    "Will we see you again?"asked Red.
    "Little Fraggle as I have said before you can't kill a trash heap, but I can be changed. If I come back is a different story. That is unsure until you finish your quest. Goodbye my noble friends. Be strong. I'll be with you always"
  5. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Oh no! (sniffles)! You put me on a cliffhanger! More please! Is it me or I am a wemblin' again?
  6. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Ch. 3
    As the quiet worsened, the Muppets grew more and more anxious.
    "The piece of the staff could be anywhere!"Boober said. "How do we find it before the spell?"
    "You WON"T!"said a voice. Marlon stepped out of the shadows.
    "Marlon?"Mokey asked. "What are you doing."
    "I must not let you leave alive,"Marlon said. "My master has made me!"
    "Marlon! Jareth's nuts! Even more than you are!"Red said. \
    "That maybe, but he has me under his spell!"Marlon said. Just then a humming came from Marlon's hand!"
    "What is that?"asked Toby prying it from Marlon's hand.
    "My lucky pebble!"Marlon said. "That's all!"
    "No it's not!"Toby said, to his surprise it was the pebble , but slowly it started to glow and change!"
    "Let us have it Marlon!"Scooter ordered. "It's the first piece of the staff!"
    "Don't you think I know?!"Marlon asked. "Yes it is the first piece, but you can't have it! It will get worse believe me!"Marlon said sounding more and more like the old Marlon Fraggle."Please I'm afraid"
    "Nothing to be afraid of!"Gobo said snatching it!
    "You fool!"Marlon said. "Now look at the cave! Be afraid! The cave is closing up! It's becoming a beast!"
    "You will stay here,"Fraggle Rock said with stacletites and stalagmites as teeth.
    "Go!"Marlon said pusing them out roughly!"This shall make up for what I've done!"as the cave closed around him!
    "He wasn't that bad after all,"Red said. "He was just seriously off his rocker"
    "Yeah. We have to get those pieces!"Kermit said."For the children's Marjory's and Marlon's sake.
  7. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Ch. 4
    "That was the scariest thing ever!"Scooter said.
    "Yeah if the tunnel didn't try to eat us we could go through to various outer space areas, and finish this silly mission licket-split!"Red said.
    "And that would've attracted readers how?"asked Gobo.
    "So where to now?"asked Gonzo.
    "Wait a minute! Doc is Jaimie's uncle! She walks over here every Saturday. "said Apple.
    "That means she lives close!"Emmet said.
    "Which means the next staff piece is that way!"Fran said pointing.
    "Great!"Kermit said.
    "This will be easier then we thought," they said climbing up the drain pipes except the Dinosaurs who snuck in the cellar door.
    "Oh no!"Kermit said reading a poster.
    "What is it?"asked Gobo. "Hey that's you Kermit"
    "Yeah, and look over her." There were posters of all our heroes posted everywhere
    "They're offering a reward for our capture,but anyone who is found out to have helped us will die."
    "Marlon!"Mokey said worried.
    "The cave ate him,"said Kermit. "I wish we could've helped him though."
    "We'll find a way believe me. We will."
    "As they snuck up to the door,"Ditz the clown was juggling balls.
    "Hey guys!"Ditz said. The same hum that was heard from the lucky pebble was heard again.
    "Ditz! Give us the ball!"Ruby said to him.
    "Ok Rugby!"he yelled! "I sure will!"
    "The people will hear you!"Fozzie said. "Please Ditz they'll.
    "Have you arrested?"asked Ditz. "Exactly.'
    "Oh no! My friends are possessed too!"Rugby said!
    "What's going on up there?!"asked the humans!
    "They can't cach you guys! Jump!"said Kermit to the Toys as he snatched the ball!
    "There there are under the bed!"The telephone chirped. "Under the bed. Under teh bed." As the humans grasped under the bed, the Muppets seized their opportunity to jump, but the telephone had tangled Grover up!
    "Go!"Grover said, but when the human grabbed what he thought was Grover it was merely the Telephone that became frozen. Grover jumped out the window as Earl catched him.
    "Good work guys! That wasn't so bad!"Scooter said.
    "We almost died!"said Kermit.
    "Yeah and giving the circumstances it was a not too bad near death experience,"Scooter said laughing as they walked up the road.
  8. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Whew! I thought I was gonna faint. I'm glad all of our friends are okay. More soon! I can't wait to find out what's next.
  9. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Ch. 5
    "Little bear come to me!"Jareth said.
    "Yes Sire,"asked Ojo miseably.
    "Fetch me my crystal."Jareth said.
    "Yes your highness,"she said handing into him.
    "Thank you dear." He glanced at just as the Muppets asked the playroom.
    "Oh my! They just may win this! Well a spot of grief and depression will help I think."Jareth said as he saw Ojo weeping on the floor. Grinning he walked towards the bear with open arms.
  10. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Uh-oh! They're in trouble! More please before I am about to scream! Thanks!
  11. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Ch. 6.
    "Gosh I hope those kids are alright!"said Fozzie.
    "Yeah well Sesame Street won't be dangerous!"Kermit said.
    "Guess again!"Huxley said coming out.
    "Huxley?"Big Bird asked.
    "Hey it's my big yellow chum give me five!"the villain said putting out a hand.
    "I guess even though you stole my buddy's blanket I guess people can change,"Big Bird said.
    "Bing! Mine!"Huxley said as he touched Big Bird a forcefield was put around him.
    "Hey!"Big Bird said.
    "Now literally everything I touch I own,'he said evilly."Including this piece of a staff come and get it!"
    "Thanks!"Walter said kicking him in the shin causing him to drop it!
    "You're still mine!"he said touching Walter!
    "Really?"asked Gonzo"Well this is mine!" The dwarf pointed it at the imprisoned Muppets to free them.
    "Thank you Gonzo !"Big Bird and Walter said.
    "Try to get out of this!"Huxley said laughing! "A big maze every dead end is literally a dead end! You know you die!" Huxley said before walking in an unsafe area.
    "Uh-oh bye bye!"He said before falling!
    "I'm great at mazes!"Hoggle said and lead them down the safe path. "That would not be a fun amusment park attraction at all."
    "Now onto the next land!"Fozzie said smiling.
  12. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Okay! That was weird, but pretty good! More soon, okay? Thanks!
  13. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    "This little piggy wen to market!"Jareth said innocently tickling Ojo's toe as she sat on his lap.
    "This is fun Jareth!"Ojo said happily.
    "Yes,"Jareth said. And when your friends come it will be more fun he thought evily to himself. The evil monarch had a plan to turn Ojo and the other kids against all the other adults by pretending to love them and playing with them. I regret to say his plan was working like a charm. Ojo smiled at the king.
    "Wait why did Bear say you're mean?!"Ojo asked confused.
    "He lied to you of course!"Jareth lied. "He knows every child that comes in wants to stay. Elmo and Big Bird had to pulled from my arms. Well Elmo did....the Bird's a little too heavy!"Ojo laughed at his joke.
    "However you and your friends are small enough to all fit in them!"Jareth. Most of the kids climbed up on to sit on Jareth's lap, but Robin never even looked up.
    "Robin come to me son,"Jareth said kindly.
    "No thank you!"Robin said. "I love my Uncle Kermit, and will stay here until I''m rescued.
    "Get off for a moment children! I need to put him in the timeout room until he learns to behave."All Robin's friends got off Jareth's lap as he slowly picked him up.
    "I do think you're being ungrateful little Robin! I love you"Jareth said. "Very very very much!"
    "No you don't!"Robin said. "I trust my Uncle Kermit!"
    "Maybe you're just sad about being abandoned!"Jareth said.
    "NO!!!!!!"Robin yelled! "He loves me!"
    "You need to realize he's not going to rescue you. I rescued you."
    "He will! I'll make sure of it!"
    "Manners!"Jareth screamed."There! You just may see him if he comes! In this high-up cage!"Jareth said trapping Robin inside!"Now you have about 3 days to be a good boy, before you fall into this crack of boiling lava. You're starting now. You won't feel it until the last second. So I'd make up my mind as quickly as possible!"
    "Well!"Robin said michievously."Killing me is a good idea, and a bad one!"
    "Kill you? No no no no no! I don't want to do this, but how is it a bad one little buddy?"
    "My friends will realize I'm gone,and they'll stop wanting you to keep them!"
    "Darn you're right! Well hold out a finger for me please. Now squeese my other hand this WILL hurt"Jareth said . Clearly he's practicing being a "daddy" for when he was with the other poor gullible kids thought Robin. "There you are! What a big boy!" Robin looked at the needle Jareth had picken him with.
    "Why did you do that?"asked Robin. "
    "Observe."Jareth ordered."If I can't have my own little frog child. I'll have a copy to fool his friends! The friends that will no longer care about anything but ever being with me. Only time will decide their fate, much like yours. Adieu." Jareth said before walking off.
    "No."Robin said to himself."I may die, but I won't weaken. I'll never be Jareth's child no matter what the consequences are."
  14. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Meanwhile as Robin bravely accepted his fate, Kermit and the gang had just made it to Frogtown Hollow.
    "Hissssss"came a voice.
    "Say the Riverbottom Nightmare gang has a snake,"Emmet said.
    "Yes Emmet!"Ma said. "You're sadly right son."The hissing grew louder until the snake appeared in front of them. Be prepared for your end Muppets"it said in a threatening voice. It grinned evily showing off its now much longer teeth, but one tooth sparkled."
    "The piece of the staff!"they all said. Scooter grabbed the sword Harry gave him and sliced out a tooth!
    "Go run!" he yelled. The snake hissed in annoyance and grew to an even larger size. It started to coil around Scooter. The boy started gasping for air, and then fainted. The snake laughed at its triumph, when Kermit started to sob. Then Scooter's eyes opened and stabbed the snake right in the middle destroying it!
    "Faking your death?!"Mokey said surprised.
    "Why hasn't Gwenalot thought of that!"Red said.
  15. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Ch. 9
    "There's my house!"said Bear. "How bad could it be?"Bear asked.
    "Terrible."Kermit said. "We've all been nearly killed. Four times so far"
    "Yeah that's a lot! Dominic's gone nuts I think!"Scooter said.
    "Well let's get to the house."said Mokey.
    "It's over here!"came a voice.
    "Hey that souns like Shadow the storyteller! I know what to do!"Bear said.
    "Umm Bear that's a not a good idea!"Fozzie said. "Ditz and Marlon tried to kill us!"
    "That's true, but I still trust Shadow! She'll be back to normal when we get the staff!"
    "Where oh where oh where is Shadow?! Where oh where oh where is Shadow? Where oh where oh where is Shadow? Where can Shadow be? Shadow!"sang Bear!
    "Hello you big old bear!"Shadow said evily. If she had a mouth she would have a very frightening grin on.
    "Shadow where is the staff?!"asked Bear.
    "There is no staff!"she lied! "It's a lie!!!!!!!"
    "Yeah nice try!"said Toby.
    "Tell us the truth!"said Sarah.
    "Oooooh it's there maybe, or there I'm pretty sure it's there!" Hours later Shadow continued poniting everywhere!
    "Everywhere except there!"Bear said snatcing up a ball to which she hadn't pointed to."Now let's go!" Then just at that moment the ceiling collapsed! It started to fall! The Muppets ran and ran and ran and ran until they finally had escapen the Big Blue house. Bear teared up at the sight of his beautiful home being destroyed.
    "It'll be fine once we defeat Jareth,"Kermit assured him.
  16. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Ohhhh! I am loving this already! More soon, okay?
  17. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Ch. 10.
    "Up you get!"Jareth said to the Robin copy. The stunning likeness eagerly jumped into Jareth's arms.
    "Robin!"Ojo said happily. "You decided to give Jareth a chance! That's very great!"
    "Yeah! I love him and he loves us!"The copy said. "You already knew that eh Hojo"he added. Jareth whispered in his ear inaudibly.
    "I mean huh Ojo!"the fake Robin lied.
    "Ok!"Ojo said. "I do wanna stay here with him!"
    "You will!"Jareth said. "I am planning on adopting you!"
    "You'll be our new daddy?"asked Tutter.
    "That's right my little Tutter!"Jareth said.
    "Yeah!"all the kids said jumping into Jareth's arms eagerly. This will be much easier than I thought!
    "No guys!"Robin yelled in vain. "You've got the wrong Robin! You've got the wrong Robin!"
  18. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Ch. 11
    "So.... I've been nearly strangled by a snake. A cave almost ate us. We were very close to being arrested. A house was about to crush us. Those aren't good signs"said Scooter.
    "Not at all,"Piggy agreed. "You better have a great explanation Mr. Author!"
    "Miss Piggy!"Toby said. "We don't have time to complain to the writer!"
    "Very well."Miss Piggy said."Good thing he gave us a mission"
    "So there's Dark Crystal land."
    "Oh no! It's a graveyard for Skesis!"Fozzie said.
    "Don't worry!"Sarah said. "They can't get Foz."
    "There it is!"Gonzo saiding pointing to a glowing lilly, but just then the skesis kept popping up out of the ground until all 10 had surrounded the heroes planning to scratch them!"
    "Kill kill"They all chanted.
    "I'll handle these guys!"Piggy said. "Hi-yah! Hi-yah! Hi-yah!"she said karate chopping the skesis causing them to fall apart into piles of bones.
    "You have skull!"Fozzie said to her.Everyone groaned at Fozzie's weak pun, but were happy that they had escaped without much harm.
  19. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Ch. 12
    "Things are getting a lot better!"said Kermit.
    "Yeah,"Scooter said. "We did kick you-know-what."
    "Right! So now we should go to the theater!"Kermit said. When they got there, they noticed there were two people in the audience, and I bet you know who.
    "Hello all You're gonna fall!"Statler shouted causing an unwary Red to trip over her tail.
    "Hey!"Red said.
    "Hey indeed!"Mokey added.
    "Hay's for horse! So you're that of course!"Waldorf retorted turning Mokey into a pretty young mare.After Red tripped she picked up a piece of broken wood! Their rhymes were causing them to be able to terrible things to others!
    "The staff they all said!"
    "You stupid guys! Get ready to"but then Toby took the staff from Red and shouted over them!
    "Please can't you be quiet?! It's fun once you try it!"Toby yelled so loud it overpowered the critc's spells causing their mouths to seal.
    "Well that will stop the freaks! I thought they'd always speak!"Earl said.
    ""EARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"they all shouted.
    "Thanks big guy! Now come on ya'll and just..."
    "You creeps! Fall to sleep!"Red said helping Toby out, and they snuck out without another word.
  20. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Ch. 12.
    "Well we're going to my time!"Robbie said.
    "Yeah roll back the rock!"Earl sang!
    "No... I already sang that song!"Scooter said calmly.
    "Ok let's just make like Mr. Peabody"Earl said sighing.
    "Well what could be here!"Scooter said wondering. "Who will try to kill us?Their answer came with a terrible growl from a gigantic swamp monster.
    "Oh no!"They all said.
    Look at it's tail!" said Charlene. "It's the staff!" Carefully Kermit snuck up on the beast and cut off its tail. "Now run!"he yelled. The monster growled and started to multiply and muliply until there were hundreds of them!"
    "We're dead"said Uncle Deadly.
    "Not yet!"said Toby running towards them with a sword, but the sword was knocked out his hand. He kicked one , and just like that caused it to shrink and shrink until it was gone. Toby spent the next few minutes kicking all the petrified monsters until they were all defeated."Well now shall we go?"Toby asked truly amazed at what had happened.

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