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The Muppets Celebrate 50: A Television Special Idea

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Barry Lee, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Active Member

    Fozzie,Scooter,Buegard,Gonzo,and Robin are looking for props for the show and end up getting locked in the prop room.Robin find this big treasure chest and opens it.First he finds a Blue Skull (Yorick) and goes to a clip montage of 'Sam & Freinds'.Then the cast keeps looking for a way out Robin is looking at the chest.Then the trash can makes noise Robin opens it to see whats going on and It is Oscar from Sesame Street Robin asks Oscar if he's lost and Oscar says 'No,but am I at Sesame Street?' and Robin ask 'Where's Sesame Street' and begins a clip montage of 'Sesame Street'.Gonzo finds an old song book and Robin asks whats 'Mahna Mahna' and two Snowths pop up and start singing the song and a clip montage of all three versions of Mahna Mahna pop up.Scooter explains the songs of the muppets and has a clip montage of Muppet Songs including:Mr.Bassman,Let Me Be Your Song,Sing,and Etc.
    Then a Doozer is on the floor whistling the 'Fraggle Rock' Theme and Robin follows him to Fraggle Rock.Robin talks to the cast about there stories in 'Fraggle Rock' and a clip Montage of 'Fraggle Rock' appears.Then Junior Gorg takes Robin and throws him back to the Prop Room.Robin looks through the box and finds pictures of the Muppets & Guest Stars and has a 3 minute montage of 'The Guest Stars & Muppets'.Fozzie then looks at more pictures of Frank Oz,Jim Henson,David Gloez,Richard Hunt,and the Muppeteers.Fozzie says 'Who are those People?' then has video clips of Interviews with the muppeteers and clips of them working.Robin then asks 'Is there more stuff beyond the muppets?' then Treelo,Digit,Baby Rowlf,and Mopato explain the muppet projects and lead to clips of BITBBH,MS,MB,JHH,KC,DD,and AITF.
    Robin says 'Wow I sure learned alot about the muppet history' then Wilkins pops up and says 'That isn't even the half of it!' and the gang then says 'What?' and Wilkins shows a clip montage of Jim's early work include clips from 'Youth 68','Timpiece','The Cube',and Classic Commercials & Television Appearances.Gonzo says 'Not just that but also we did alot of television specials'.Then a Montage of all the muppet specials last about 5 min.Then Tug Monster,Ghost of Faffner Hall,and Baby Sinclar pop up 'But most of our shows were not a big success!',clip montage of LMM,GOFH,
    Dinosaurs,MT,TOTD,Puppet Man,and more shows who weren't a success.
    Then Kermit opens the door and tells them to come in because of the closing number.Then Robin asks 'Uncle Kermit?What are your favorite memories?' then Kermit says 'Spending time with my freinds' then a clip montage of TMS,SS,FR,BITBBH,Hoobs,and Etc.Then a meledy of:'TMS Theme','Being Green','Mahna Mahna','Rainbow Connection',and 'We Got Us' and the singers include Kermit,Fozzie,Piggy,Robin,Buegard,Gonzo,Bunsen,Beaker,Pepe,Rizzo,
    Sweetums,Doglion,Timmy Monster,Wayne,Wanda,Sam,Yorick,Bean Bunny,
    Tug Monster,Baby Sinclar,Earl Sinclare,Gobo,Doozer,Junior Gorg,Red,Mokey,
    Statler,Waldorf,Floyd,Janice,Zoot,Rowlf,Lips,Clifford,Johnny,Sal,Mr.Poodlepants,Lew Zealand,Dr.Teeth,Animal,Link,Dr.Strangepork,Cookie Monster,Grover,
    Bear,Treelo,Ojo,Elmo,Big Bird,Oscar,Bert,Ernie,Baby Kermit,Baby Piggy,Baby Gonzo,Frank Oz,Steve Whitmire,Dave Gloez,Brian Henson,The Fairies,Ghost of Faffner Hall,Sprocket,Dr,Phil Van Naure,Mulch,Zelda Rose,and The Cast of TMS,SS,and all the other shows.

    How do you think?

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