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The Muppets Circus

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by dwayne1115, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    The Muppets Circus
    By: Dwayne1115
    Chapter One
    As Kermit the Frog took his final bow of the night, he gazed out into the crowd noticing that there where quite a few empty seats. Even Staler and Waldorf decided not show up, which they had done three other times this month. As Kermit walked backstage thoughts of what he could do to bring in more people where running through his mind. "Lady jugglers, Exploding fruit, maybe new guest stars....but who would want to do our show?" he thought. As he was walking, and thinking Kermit started hearing the other Muppets arguing backstage, "Gonzo, no one wants to come and watch your chickens tap dancing to Lady Gaga songs" Fozzie yelled as he threw his rubber chicken into his joke bag. "Oh yea well, when are you going to stat telling some funny jokes bear?" Gonzo shouted as Camilla was holding him back. "Meep Meep Meep! Beaker screamed as he ran across the room. "Shut up Beaker" everyone yelled and then started arguing at each other once more. Suddenly Kermit ran into the middle of the room trying to calm everyone down, and get there attention. "Everyone please!" he shouted waving his arms in the air. The crowd stops and turned to Kermit, as He stands on his desk ready to make A speech. "Thank you, now i know our attendants has been low this month, but we still have a lot of great shows, and acts coming up that I'm sure will draw in the crowds." As he was talking Floyd Dr.Theeth, Janice Zoot, Lips, and Animal came out of there dressing rooms carrying there instruments and clothing. "Sorry Green stuff, but no audience and no band," said Floyd heading for the door. "Fur sure" said Janice following behind. Just then Robin the Frog comes in all excited wanting to tell everyone about his afternoon with the frog scouts. ..........To Be Continued............
  2. lady piggy

    lady piggy Well-Known Member

    This is a very good story. Something tells me that there going to do a circus ;) to attract more people . But that's just a hunch lol . More story please
    P.s I think Gonzo is on to something ( points to username):laugh:
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  3. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Chapter Two:

    “Uncle Kermit, everyone I have had the best day! Robin said as he was jumpping up and down, and with cotton candy hanging from his mouth. “Not now Robin dear, you sweet uncle Kermie is trying to tell us how he plans to save this train wreck he calls a show.” Piggy explains as she pick Robin up in her arms.
    Suddenly there was a knock at the door, “Fozzie will you get the door, and if it is one of thouse Muppet Cemtral forum members tell them we are not interested” Kermit shouted as he hopped off of his desk. Fozzie opens the door to see a tall slinder man wearing a large top hat, and a bright red jacet. “Are you Mr.The Frog? “ he growls as he looks down at the clipboad he was carring. “Kermit” Fozzie yells “I think there finaly here to take ethier Gonzo, or Animal away.” Kermit walks to the door,”Yes I'm Kermit the Frog, how can I help you?” The stanger looks up at Kermit and clears his voice, “Youe young nephew Robin and I had a long talk this afternoon, and he told me about the show, and that it was running into a problem with attenance. As we where talking we came up with a plan that would not only help you and these Muppets, but help me and my cerw as well” Kermit looking shocked truned and looked at Robin, and then back to the man, “Reallly? And what could this wonderful plan be?” Kermit asked nerviously “My crew and I have been on the road for almost a full straite year travling this great country of ours and puttins on show after show. We are extremly tired, and would love a chance to go back home, but we are still booked solid for another six months. So the crew and I have talked it over, and if it is ok with you, and your friends. We would like you to take our places.” Everyone in the background started to cheer, and talk with excitement. Kermit turns, to quite everyone down, and then truns back to the man, “Thank you very much sir but we....” The man intrupts “No no everything is settled here are the keys, the train is already loaded, and waiting for you at the station.” The man quickly takes off his hat, and jacet and trows them at Kermit. “See ya!” As he runs off to the cab parked outside. “I don't even know your name!” Kermit yells, and then shuts the door, and turns to his friends. “Well gamg” Kermit says “We are going to the Circus!”............
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  4. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    This is my first ever fan fic so please be nice, and more will be coming soon!
  5. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Chapter 3:

    Kermit, Fozzie Gonzo, and Scooter, walk trowards the train staion, all still in disbelief of what had taken place a short time ago. “Kermit, do you really think we could put together a circus?” Fozzie asked. “Well Fozzie we have needed to do something different for a long time, and this might just be what we need to help us boost our own show.” says Kermit as he stops walking and looks in amazment.
    There in front of them was a train full of animals of all walks of life, they could see a giraff popping his long neck out of the boxcar, they could also hear the roaring of lions,tigers, and bears. As they all looked at eachother in shock Fozzie says”They don't sound like any of my family”. Kermit shakes his head and collects himself, “Scooter, go back to the theater, and tell everyone to get here as soon as they can, also we need to come up with some flyers. Take some of our old Muppet Show flyers and these circus flyers, and see what you can come up with.Oh and hurry this train leaves in an hour and we have to be in the next town by tomrow. “ “Yes sir” Scooter yells as he rushes off to get the others.

    Kermit walks over to the boxcar that says Ringmast in big gold letter, and uses the key that the strange man gave him to unlock the door. As he entered the boxcar he could see that it looked a lot like his dressing room back at the theater, howver there was something that caught his eye. On the desk was a note with his name on it, Kermt opened the note and here is what it said.

    Dear Frog,
    I know all of this is still coming as a suprise to you and your friends, but I'm sure that you will be able to put on the rest of our shows with no problem. We have been looking for a group like yours that would be just the right fit for our show, and now that we have We, I mran I can rest easy for now.
    I have met somone that said that they knew you, and that they thought they might be able to help. He was a funny looking person with a long tail, but in this bussness you don't ask to many questions. He wnet by he name Matt, and said that he would meet you in the next town.
    I know that you and the Muppets will do this show good, and if not there will be mud to pay.....”

    All the best

    Mr. Z

    Kermit put the note down on the desk and sat down “What dose mud have to do with a circus” he thought........
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  6. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Chapter Four:

    As all of the Muppet loaded ther things, and themselves onto the train, Kermit and Scooter talked to the trains conductor. “Look forg, this is the last time i'm telling you. The train is to heavy, and I will not move it until some of the whight is gone. The crew before you was half your gorup size, and for that matter they did not have huge monsters ethier.” said the conducter as he tries to load stuff onto the train. “We've always had monsters, sir, and I need them to help set up the tent, and everything else that needs setting up” Kermit explains, as he is helping load things into the boxcart. “Scooter!? He shouts, “Is there anything we can posably leave behind?” Scooter checks his all the papers on his clipboard fliping through several times and then stops on one page point and says “Yes sir, chief, but your not going to like it.” “Why? Kermit askes. “Because it's Miss Piggy's things.” Scooter said as he turns and points to Sweetums loading Piggy's luggage.

    Hurry up you big paloka I don't have time to stand here and make sure you don't hurt my presious belongings.” Piggy yelled, Kermit walks up and almost gets knock down by Sweetums who is running things into the boxcart. “Piggy what is all this?” Kermit asks as he ducks out of Sweetums way. “Oh Hi Kermey! I just want to thank you for taking time from the show, so that Moi and vou, could have a wonderful vaction.It's not a cruise but sometimes a girl will have to take what she can get.” Piggy said excitedly as she twilerled next to Kermit. Kermit backs away shakeing his head and holding his hands out in front of him. “No no no, this is not a vaction, Piggy we all are travleing the counrty to put on our very own cicus. Besides even if it where you can't take all this with you, the train is to havey. You can understand about being to heavy can't you Piggy?”

    What?” Piggy yelled as she turned to Kermit with an angery look, and then a sudden tear comes to her eye. “Sweetums?” she said quitely as to hold back from crying. “Unload all my things please, Moi is not going.” Piggy then takes her luggage cart and heads towards the entrance to the train sation, just before entering she truns and looks at Kermit who is standing in shock and says quitely “I quit.”
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  7. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Chapter five is going to be kind of short, but it's still good. Let me know what you think of the Kermit, and Piggy story line, I'm trying something that I don't think has quite been done with them before.

    Chapter Five

    As the sun began to rise through the country side the quite sounds of the wind blowing through the trees, and the songs of the crickets, owls, and other creatures of the night faded away, The loud sounds of the train rang loud and clear. In the train, all of the Muppets where still fast asleep, exhausted for the previous night of quickly loading everything they could into the train, and head for a city that none of them had ever head of. The boxcar was for the most part quite with the exception of the Muppets that snored. Somehow all of the Muppets where able to drain out the clanking and chooing of the train, to find rest in sleep. Kermit however, could not sleep, he laid in top bunk below Fozzie, and started at the celling. One question kept running through his mind, and he could not come to an answer to this question. He would mumble to himself this question as if searching for someone to answer him. “What did I do to Piggy?” he kept running through there last conversation, and the image of the look on her face was burned into his mind. No matter how hard he tried he could not shake the feeling of guilt, that he had really hurt the only one that ever truly loved him. As Kermit finally was able to close his eyes, he could feel a tear start to run down his face. As the tired frog drift to sleep the last word he could say where “I'm sorry Piggy.... "
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  8. lady piggy

    lady piggy Well-Known Member

    Well first let me say that this story keeps getting better and better :) .I very much like the story line with k+ P, Very interesting to read.I hope Kermit can patch things up with Piggy.But i wouldn't mind seeing him suffer a little , for what he said.lol bravo bravo!
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  9. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Chapter Six

    As the trian pulled into the station, Kermit was the first one off. He looked around as if to be looking for someone, but he could not find who he was looking for. Suddenly a hand was placed on his sholder, as he turend with a look of excitement it quickly went to frustation as it was only Fozzie. “Who are you looking for Kermit?” the bear asked, as he droped his luggage on the ground. “No one Fozzie. Is everyone off of the train?” said Kermit as he kept looking around. Scooter, then comes running up to the two. And says “Ok Ceif what do we do now?” Kermit scratches his head and says”Well we need to find a good place to setup. I want you Gonzo, Rizzo, and Rowlf to go through the town, and see if you can find a great location. Fozzie Robin and I are going to start putting up flyers, and getting to know some of the folk around here. I want Sweetums, Doglion, and Thog to do a list of invintory, and better have Floyd work with them to make sure they don't eat anything. As for the rest of the band I would like for them to look through the circus instuments, and see what they can do with them.” “You got it boss!” Scooter says as he runs to give everyone there assiments.

    As Scooter, Gonzo, Rizzo, and Rowlf walk through the small town they start noitcing that a lot of the local bussness are closed or are going out of bussness. Rowlf speaks up and says”This looks like a ghost town guys, do you think we could really put on circus here?” Rizzo shakes he head “I don't know but if we don't find any food soon I'm going to starve!” “Oh Rizzo!” the group said as they started to walk down Main street. Then sudenly for out of a nearby allyway a man stumbles to the sidewak, and looks at the Muppets who stood in front of him. “Visitors!” he shouts with a smile. “We have not had visitors in this town in over ten years!” The Muppets look at each other, and then again at the man. Rowlf speaks up and askes “What's the name of this town sir?” The man dusting himself off answers with a growl “Hillsville, and I am the mayor of this run down town, Everyone calls me Smily because even running a dump like this I can still smile, but you folks can call me Mr. Mayor!” Scooter steps up and extends his hand and says”Well my name is Scooter, and my friends and I are here to put on a circus!” Smily grabs Scooter's hand and shakes it firmly. “Circus? Ha! Your not going to make any money here, You see down there in the vally, that is Vallytown . That town has taken everything that this town has, you should go there. Gonzo waves and says “Well thanks so much for your help sir, we better gett going.” The other Muppets say there goodbyes and start walking back to the station. “What are we going to do? “ Rowlf askes. Scooter replys “Kermit will know what to do, he always has a plan!”
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  10. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    I would like to dedicate this next chapter to two friends, who since I started this story have shown such a wonderful amount of support. I tried to use there favorite Muppets in this chapter, but I hope everyone enjoys it. If anyone would like to see more of there favorite Muppet send me a note, and I will try putting them in the story.

    Chapter Seven

    As Kermit listened to his friends explain the situation of the town, many thoughts ran through his head. “Well gang." He said as to reassure them, “We will come up with a plan to not only put on a show here in this town, but to also help them as well.” As the rest of the Muppet scattered to do various things, Kermit walked into his boxcar. After shutting, and locking the door he started talking to himself. “Everything is falling apart, and this time I can't seem to stop it!” He then pulled out a picture from his desk, and looked at it for several seconds and then in an angry growl said “This is all your fault!” Then threw it down, and walk out of the boxcar

    Drums Drums Drums!” Animal yelled as he hopped up and down in anger. "Cool it Animal, I'm sure there are some kind of drums in here somewhere!” Dr.Teeth said. As he looked through all of different musical instrument boxes “If not you could always play the tuba.” Animal jumped up “Tuba Tuba” he yelled, and then stopped, and with a puzzled look on his face said “Tuba?” Suddenly there was a big loud explosion shaking the entire boxcar knocking all of the instrument boxes on both of them. “What in the name of Dr. John was that!” Dr Teeth yelled as he quickly moved the boxes off of himself. “Come on Animal lets go find out.” he said as he helped Animal off the floor. As they stepped outside they saw a crowd of there friends, when they got closer they could see a giant cannon. Gonzo, Crazy Harry, and Lew Zeeland stood behind the smoking cannon laughing uncontrollably, Kermit broke through the large crowd and shouted “What is going on here?” Lew put his arm around Kermit and said “Mr. The Frog, this is going to be the greatest act I've ever been in!” “Yea Kermit!” Gonzo chimed in, “We are going to call it Fly Fishing, and it will be the best act in the circus!" Before Gonzo could explain what the act would be Scooter runs up to Kermit and said “There is someone here to see you boss.” Kermit turned, “Really? Well send them to my boxcar, and I will join them in a moment. Gonzo you can tell me about your act when I get back, just don't fire that canon anymore.” Crazy harry lights the wick of the cannon and says “Did somebody say Fire!” The crowd runs away as quickly as possible to get away from the loud explosion of the canon.

    Dwayne on a side note, I'm surprised in myself that it took up to seven chapters for me to get to an explosion.
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  11. lady piggy

    lady piggy Well-Known Member

    Oh! What picture is he referring too ?And who is the mysterious person who came to see Kermit? Why am I asking all these questions ? I just did it again lol !
    Wonderful chapter , as always . I wait for the next one with anticipation, more please :)
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  12. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Chapter Eight

    As Kermit walked to his boxcar he wondered who his visitor was and hoped it was Piggy. Whn he opened the door he was susprised when he heard “Hello Froggy baby!” As blue blur ran up to him and hugged him tightly”Grover?” He asked “What on earth are you doing here? As he pushed his friend off of him.Grover gathered himself and explained “You see froggy,my favorite customer at the dinner I work at complained to my boss,and since it was my 1000 complaint they let me go. Plus to make things worse they told everyone on Sesame Street not to hire me, ever!”Grover said as he picked up the picture that lay on the floor.“Who is the bearded man withh you and the pig froggy?” He asked as Kermit grabbed the picture from him Kermit put the picture back in his pocket and turned to his friend “Gover you can stay, as long as you don't try and sell me anything.” Grover hugs his friend once again “Oh froggy you won't regret this!”Grover leaves thre bocar shouting greetings to all his friends. Krmit looks at his picture again and said “I miss you both.”
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  13. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    I want to apologize for this post, the story part is fine, but there are minor spelling errors that I was unable to check and fix. My keyboard took a bath and then took a leap into the netherworld. I know have a new keyboard and will be working on chapter 9 tonight!
    I'm going to try and pick up the pace a little bit so that the story is not 100 chapters long. I'm also going to be working on spreading the wording out a little bit more. Basically using the correct form of a paragraph, and a sentence. I'm also going to between now and the next chapter brush up on some other writing skills and the correct way to use certain punctuation. I think I'm doing ok with it, but I want to make my stories the best they can possibly be., with both a great story, and proper English and spelling.
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  14. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Here is a better chapter, and the reason for that is because it is spaced out more, and quotation marks are used correctly.

    Chapter Nine

    As night began to slowly creep it way to the Hillsville train station Kermit and the rest of the Muppets started loading some of there equipment back into there boxcars. Scooter Robin, and Fozzie feed all the animals and made sure that they had fresh water and enough hay for the night. Dr.Teeth, Floyd and the rest of the band put all there musical instruments away and made sure that the boxcar was locked. As the rest of the Muppets finished loading everything Kermit gathered them together for one final speech.

    Well gang.” he said, “Tomorrow is going to be a big day, We are going to smart organizing and trying out all of our new acts. We are also going to star planning for a big parade that we will do right down Main Street. I'm sure we all know by now the state of the town, and that is alright, because we are still going to give this town the best darn circus we can! So I want everyone to try and get a good night sleep, and we will see you in the morning.”

    As Kermit started walking towards his boxcar he stopped where Grover was chatting with Rowlf about where he was going to sleep. “Grover?”, he said. How has your first day with us been?” Grover turned and with a smile said “Oh froggy, it has been so great, and I have made a lot of new friends today. I also think I have found what act I'm going to be into.” “That is wonderful Grover!” . Kermit said, “You can sleep in my boxcar tonight Grover, but if you will excuse me I need to make a phone call.” The two left, and Grover headed for the boxcar and Kermit headed for the nearby pay phone.

    As he picked up the phone receiver, Kermit really did not quite know what to expect, or say for that matter. Still in his heart he knew that he had to try to make things right with Piggy. It had been two days since he last saw her, or even talk to her.. As he nervously dialed the number that he knew all to well. He thought about what he was going to say, and how he was going to say it. After several long rings there was no answer, and sadly Kermit placed the receiver back on the phone. As he slowly walked back to the boxcar. He wondered where Piggy could be at this late hour, and more importantly if she was ok.
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  15. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    I'm going to bump this thread to see if anyone would like for me to continue this story.
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  16. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Chapter Ten

    As Piggy slowly walked around the corner, she could not believe that she had gone two days without seeing or speaking to Kermit. As she continued walking down the sidewalk she could hear children playing nearby and knew that she was almost to her destination. She stopped, and looked around trying to familiarize herself with her surroundings."Wow it's a lot bigger then it looks on TV, or from all of Kermit's stories" she thought to herself, "I wonder if anyone will remember me,or even accept me." she kept thinking as she slowly walked down the sidewalk.


    As Kermit hung the phone back onto the receiver Fozzie quietly asked, "Still no answer, Kermit?" The frog only shook his head as he slowly walked away from the phone. Before the frog and bear could even get two steps from the phone it rang, and Kermit quickly turned picked up the receiver and said "Piggy is that you?" Sadly the voice on the other end was not one that Kermit wanted to hear "Gonzo, what do you want?" he rudely replied. As Kermit was talking Fozzie, Grover, and Walter gathered around Kermit. They could see he was a little upset, and somewhat worried just by the look on his face. As Kermit hung up the phone Walter calmly asked"What's wrong Kermit,is everything OK?" Kermit shook his head and in a worried voice said "No Walter, everything is not OK. I have to go to the city jail, and bail out Gonzo.I'm not quite sure what he did, but he needs me to help talk to the deputy." Oh No!" Fozzie replied,"Is there anything we can do to help?" Kermit looked around and saw that everyone else was playing games, and fooling around not rehersing for there first big show. "Yes there is Fozzie, you Walter and Grover get everyone together and start putting together a show. We open in one day and are not ready at all. When I get back I want to see a lineup of some great circus acts that will make people coming back for more!" As Kermit started walking towards town, Grover placed his hand on Fozzie's shoulder and said, "Oh boy Froggy put us in charge!Do you think we can do it?" Fozzie looked at Walter and Grover, with a worried look on his face and said quietly "I sure hope so guys, I really do."
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