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The Muppets: Muppetational Mayhem (Sequel to The Muppets)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by 12Medbe, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. 12Medbe

    12Medbe Active Member

    The Movie opens up in front of a church with a banner that says “The Wedding of Gary and Mary”
    -Inside the church-

    The church is full of Muppets and Humans, The Muppets take the left side, while the friends and relatives of Gary and Mary sit on the right. Up at the front, we find Walter standing next to Kermit. “Everything okay Walter?” Kermit asks, “Just nerves Kermit, weddings get me nervous”. Suddenly the wedding doors open with a bright light entering the chapel, then Gary and Mary enter, when they meet we start to hear a very familiar tune. Mary starts to sing “He’ll make me happy” and soon they entire chapel starts to sing. Before the song ends, Walter has his head down “This song would always get to me” he says to himself. As Gary and Mary make it to the front, Gonzo bolts to the front, and stands in front of the minister. “Gonzo?” Kermit says in a confused voice, “I thought I could replace him this time”. Walter looks to Gonzo “Hah! Muppets Take Manhattan reference!”. “I thought this could be my chance to prove that I could be the weirdest successful minister” Gonzo shouted, “SIT DOWN WEIRDO!” Miss Piggy yelled out from the pews, Gonzo goes sadly back to sit in his seat.

    “Sorry, Dr. Jenkins” Kermit said. “Oh, that’s Dr. Jenkins Jr.” The minister said. The minister then turns to Gary and Mary and gives an operatic recital of the marriage ceremony. During his operatic recital, Kermit looks to Piggy in the seats, Piggy gets a glow in her eye, and Kermit then gets a flashback to all of his romantic moments with Piggy on The Muppet Show and Movies. Kermit snaps out of it. Gary and Mary finally get married; they later drive off to their honeymoon. “Well Gang, we have some shows and rehearsals to do, we have our annual live show in a week!” Kermit said.

    Later in the Muppet Studio, Kermit is checking things off during rehearsal that they need to prepare for the live show. “Let’s see the arches have been clean and painted, check” Kermit said to himself, “Scooter!” Kermit called out, Scooter then popped up “Yes Boss?” He said. “Do we have our next act ready?” Kermit asked, “Sure do! Walter, Gonzo, and Deadly! Stand by for rehearsal!” Scooter called out” The Curtains opened up to Gonzo and Walter in a GodFather themed sketch Gonzo being the GodFather, Deadly being his assistant. Walter goes up to Gonzo asking him for a favor, the rehearsed sketch goes well until Deadly speaks up “You realize, if you don’t return the favor, you shall sleep with the fishes”, Lew Zealand then bolts in “Not just any fish! Boomerang fish!”

    He then throws hundreds of fish towards the audience seats, the fish all start slinging around the theater. “Close the curtains!” Kermit yells out, Statler and Waldorf then peer from the balcony, “Well Waldorf that looked like an act that might not be so bad!” Statler said, “How fishy” Waldorf responded, They both laugh. Outside the studio, a long black car parks in front, the license plate says BBAD. The door opens up; you hear in a familiar voice “You know what to do”. Back in the studio, “Time to rehearse the opening intro” Scooter gathers the Muppets for the arches. The Moopets sneak their way into the studio, and on to the right side of the stage, The music of the opening intro starts, Once the Monsters come through the arches, the picture now looks to the right side of the stage with The Moopets. “Now!” Miss Poogy yells to the other Moopets, The Moopets then proceed to pull on the arches, trying to pull them apart. The female chorus starts, after the word “Music” the arches look as if they are successfully being separated. The last part of the female chorus the Arches are successfully taken apart and the lady Muppets fall off. They’re only stunned though, Scooter stops the Male Muppets from their chorus of the intro. The music stops. “Scooter!” Kermit yells out, “Who did that?” Kermit asked. Before Scooter could answer, a familiar voice is heard “Guess who Muffins!”

    Kermit looks at the entrance with a familiar woman standing there, “Ms Bitterman?!” The Muppets gasp. Ms Bitterman yells out to the curtain, “Good Work Moopets!” The Moopets then pear from the curtain laughing maniacally. “What do you want, Ms Bitterman?” Kermit asked, “Well Kermit, I just became the owner of the town hall, down the road from you Muffins. I just want to let you know whose boss of course. “Ms Bitterman, you didn’t forget that this is a historical landmark?” Kermit asked, “No, My little Kermit, I’m not going to try and turn this into a club, I may come around every so often to cause chaos to the building. I could order The Moopets to do so much damage to the theater, why you couldn’t tell whether this was The Muppet Theater or The Happiness Hotel!” Miss Piggy then hops up and orders The Moopets and Ms Bitterman to get out. They refuse, Miss Piggy karate chops them and orders the Muppet monsters to chase them out of the theater. “Miss Piggy! That was wonderful!” Kermit said and then sighed. “Kermit??” Miss Piggy said in a confused voice, Kermit snapped back to his senses. “Oh! I mean nice work Piggy”
    More to come, More Muppet Movie villains to show up.
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  2. 12Medbe

    12Medbe Active Member

    “Kermit, what are we going to do?” Fozzie asked nervously, “Fozzie, don’t worry. We’ve dealt with Ms Bitterman, we’ve dealt with The Moopets, and we’ve dealt with bigger villains. Don’t worry we’ll be fine. “This time could be different” Fozzie said to himself. Robin then peers from the curtains “Hey Uncle Kermit? Everyone seems to be feeling better back here, should we try the opening theme again?” Robin asked. “No that’s fine, why don’t you rehearse your act with Piggy.” Kermit said. Robin and Miss Piggy did a “Halfway down the stairs” duet, Kermit began to focus on Piggy, animated hearts started swirling around Kermit’s head for a brief second. “Uhhh Kermit!” Fozzie poked Kermit on the shoulder, “You alright partner? You had animated hearts swirling around you” Fozzie said, “I’m fine” Kermit said.

    Kermit stared off into the distance, “Gee, Am I okay?” He thought. Scooter then called out for The Electric Mayhem and Gonzo to rehearse their act, Their own cover of “Insane in the Membrane” as a jazzy insane version. Gonzo had Camilla join in on the song, while doing so Gonzo brought up a brick, named it Amy and danced with it during the song. Meanwhile in the balcony, “That was weird” Waldorf said, “It was peculiar!” Statler stated, “Well, it wasn’t long” Waldorf added in. “I LOVED IT” they both said and laughed. Veronica entered the theater, “Kermit! Since we brought back The Muppet Show, the ratings have been through the roof!” she said, “That’s wonderful Veronica!” Kermit and Veronica walked backstage, “We even gave it four more time slots during weekdays! In fact it’s on right now!” Veronica turned on the portable TV backstage, to show Kermit, The TV showed “The Muppet Show” starting with special guest, Michael Caine.

    The picture zooms in on the TV screen, And then zooms out into the office of Rachel Bitterman. Ms. Bitterman is seen at a table with The Moopets and Bobo. “Moopets, Any plans?” She said, “We could take over the theater and tie up the Muppets” Kermoot said, “Do you know how difficult that would be?” Ms. Bitterman screamed. “Fer Surezzzeeees!” Janooce said, “Wait” Roowlf said “We could stretch out the plan, and once we take over, we can turn The Muppet Show into The Moopet Show, and have you and Poogy as hosts.” Roowlf said. “It could be my moment of Fame!” Miss Poogy said, Ms. Bitterman bolted up and knocked Ms Poogy over. “BRILLIANT! But we can’t do this alone, oh no” Ms. Bitterman said, Ms. Bitterman looked over to Bobo who was watching The Muppet Movie on his portable DVD player, “Bobo who’s that on screen?” She asked, “Doc Hopper mam, he’s one of the Muppet movie villains” He said. “Villains” Ms. Bitterman said, she then started to grin.
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  3. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Me like! More please!!:)
  4. 12Medbe

    12Medbe Active Member

    Ms Bitterman, Bobo and The Moopets rushed out to the car. “Let’s recruit the villains, Bobo, we need to travel by Villain tracker, do you have the remote?” Ms Bitterman asked, “The Goat?” Bobo quipped back, “The REMOTE!!” Ms Bitterman blasted back. “Oh the remote! Right here boss” Bobo then handed it over. They were soon on the road, and stopped at a familiar place named El Sleezo Café, the villain tracker had informed Ms Bitterman that Doc Hopper would be here. Ms. Bitterman walked in to the El Sleezo, where the first things she saw was Fletcher Bird on stage doing a dance number, and a rowdy crowd.

    Ms. Bitterman soon bumped into Doc Hopper who was now the owner of El Sleezo, “I assume you’re Doc Hopper?”she said, “Yes Ma’am! Owner of this fine establishment” he said, “Bobo said you once owned a Frog Legs chain” Ms. Bitterman said, Doc Hopper made a painful look “…Yeah, it went bankrupt, and thanks to a certain frog” Doc said. “Kermit?” she asked, “Yeah…. The Frog” he said. “Ah yes, let’s just say I’m cooking up some revenge on him and his friends, I want your help” she said, “Splendid, I’m not so sure if I would be your guy” he said, “Let’s just say, if you help me, perhaps I can help you” She said, “You’d help my chain have a comeback and make the Frog my spokesperson?!” Doc Hopper said excitedly. Ms Bitterman was filing her nails; she then looked up “Wha? Oh! Sure. Whatever.” She said. “Splendid, my dear lady, just splendid!” The both walked back to the car.

    “Bobo, perhaps we should do a villain recruit montage” she said. “I’m on it!” Bobo said. He pushed a button on the remote and soon enough, they appeared in England seconds later, nabbing (with one of those show cane’s) Nicky Holiday and his ladies, then to Cleveland Ohio, where they nabbed Max who was the secretary to the mayor. Then on to a Comedy Club in Sacremento California, where Tex Richman was wildly laughing at one of the comedians jokes, the show business cane came in, it accidently wacked him in the head, turn his laughter back into “Maniacal laugh’s”. The cane then yanked him too.

    Now in the car with the Villains and Moopets, Max turned to Doc “Doc! I don’t want to be a part of this!” He yelled, “Shut up Max, and I’ll give you a reward after we finish our plan” He said. Max nodded. “Bobo, the tracker doesn’t seem to know where Long John Silver is” Ms Bitterman said. “I think we have enough Ms. Bitterman” Bobo said, “Perhaps you’re right, we’ll just get two more” she said. They then nab Officer Meanie from the airport, and then nabbed Miss Finch who was in a meeting to place Oscar The Grouch in a better home. Back in the car Bobo turned to Officer Meanie “You look familiar”. Miss Finch was looking around in the back seat, “I don’t even know what I’m doing here!”
  5. 12Medbe

    12Medbe Active Member

    The next day, Kermit and the gang were getting ready to film an episode of The Muppet show, “Okay, The guest star is here, we have our sketches” Kermit then called for Scooter. “Scooter let production know that we are ready, cue the Piggy!” Kermit said “Piggy, sir?” Scooter said in a confused voice “What? Oh, Cue the intro!” Kermit said, “Boss are you okay?” Scooter asked, “Ever since Gary and Mary’s wedding, Miss Piggy has really been on my mind” Kermit told Scooter, “Probably nothing boss” Scooter said. Miss Piggy poked her head out of her dressing room for a second “Kermie! I still fit in my Pigs in Space suit! I can’t believe we’re doing the sketch again!” Miss Piggy then shut the door. “Let’s get to it Boss!” Scooter then bolted to the guest stars room, knocked on the door. Scooter peered in “Gayle King? 15 Seconds to curtain Miss King!” he said. “Thank you Scooter” she said as she started juggling Oprah dolls. Gayle looks to the camera “I wish I had a Steadman doll”.

    The intro then started. The Muppets were hesitant on the arches though; could The Moopets do something again? As they got through the intro verse by verse, their confidence was building back up. When Gonzo blew his horn it started pulling Kermit away from his arch and into the horn! Gonzo took another blow of the horn and Kermit was shot out, all the way to the balcony. “Look ma! It’s raining boring frogs” Waldorf said to Statler, they both laughed. Kermit peered from the balcony, “What the hey!” he then looks to the camera “I hope you appreciate that I’m doing my own stunts” he said. Kermit made his way to the stage and introduced the opening number, a psychic sketch with Gonzo as the psychic who gave bizarre predictions to anyone who entered. Robin, Link, and Pepe had their fortunes told, at the end of the sketch, the predictions had all happened to Gonzo instead.

    Then Pigs in Space took place with Link, Miss Piggy, and Dr Strangepork dealing with the WhadayaSay Bird and his bird pals taking over the ship, the sketch ends with Dr Strangepork using a laser gun on one of the birds, the bird turns into Big Bird and starts to educate them on the number of the day. At The Dance was the next sketch, all the characters made their jokes, until it came to Kermit and Miss Piggy. All Kermit could do was stare into Miss Piggy’s eyes, Miss Piggy kept getting Kermit to say the joke. All Kermit could think about was The Wedding scene from Muppets Take Manhattan. Scooter comes over to Kermit and pats him on the shoulder “Boss?” Kermit snaps out of it, he looks at the dancers starring at him. “I think we’ll take five. But for now, time for the electric mayhem” The curtains closed, and The Electric mayhem played a jazzed up version of “Let’s go to the hop”.
  6. 12Medbe

    12Medbe Active Member

    Miss Piggy, Walter, Gonzo, Lips, Rowlf, Clifford, Fozzie and Scooter surrounded Kermit. backstage. “Kermie, spill it, what’s going on?” Miss Piggy said, “Not a thing” Kermit said “At least I don’t think so” Gayle peered from her dressing room, she then used her cell phone calling CBS, “Hey there Marty? Can you send over a microphone, a camera, and a studio truck? I have a sense that some breaking news could break soon, Thanks” Gayle then walked out of her dressing room to see Kermit and The Muppets, “I’m sure he’s fine” Fozzie said. “Kermit, I’m ready for my next number” Gayle said, “Perfect! I’ll go introduce it” Kermit said, Kermit stepped in front of the curtain, “And now the time has come to introduce Miss Gayle King alongside Walter, as they perform Life’s Happy Song”. Gayle and Walter performed Life’s a Happy song with 150+ Muppets in the scene.

    Towards the end of the song from backstage, Kermit called over Scooter and Miss Piggy, “Scooter, do we have time to add in another sketch” Kermit asked, “Yes Boss” Scooter said, “Good, could you retrieve the romantic Paris set, It’s for a date sketch between me and Miss Piggy” Kermit said, Scooter rushed off, “Oh Kermie, how romantic, a date sketch” Miss Piggy then swooned, Miss Piggy looked to camera said “A Romantic Frog?”. Gayle King, Walter and the other Muppets returned from their song, Scooter told Gayle of the sketch added in. “I knew some news was going to break!” She said. Robin and Walter came and introduced the sketch, Robin went backstage, but Walter remained on stage for a couple seconds, he then flopped his arms and went yaaaaayyy, returning backstage.

    The Curtains opened up with Miss Piggy and Kermit dressed up in a romantic Paris dinner scene. The conversation started out casual and a bit awkward. Statler turned to Waldorf in the balcony “I don’t get it” Statler said, “Yes, a bit odd event” Waldorf said, “What a great sketch!” They both said and laughed. “This sketch could use jokes” Fozzie said, “I think this might be going somewhere” Walter said. Then came a knock from the backstage door, Gayle opened the door and she received her Microphone and a cameraman walked in with a Camera.

    Returning to the sketch, Kermit the brought up how they were romantically involved through the first six movies. “And ever since Gary and Mary’s wedding, Its reminded me of our movie wedding in our Manhattan Melodies movie, not only that but how I got you to come back and help us when Tex Richman was threatening the studio. I just haven’t been myself. One thought was how happy you were after our movie wedding. I think after all these years, it’s time to ask…” Miss Piggy’s mouth dropped, The audience moved forward, Statler and Waldorf’s eyes widened, Statler looked to Waldorf “Waldorf… This is no ordinary sketch” Statler said. The Muppets from backstage all gathered watching what was unfolding on stage, the waiters (Gonzo, Pepe, Johnny Fiama, Clifford, and Walter) in the scene froze and looked towards Kermit and Miss Piggy, Walter’s mouth dropped “COULD IT BE?!” he thought.

    Gayle King and her cameraman were on the other side of the stage catching sketch, “Okay, this is it.” she said. “Kermie?” Miss Piggy said in a quiet voice. “Piggy, there’s no easy way to say this” Kermit gulps, “Will you marry me?” The audience gasps, Waldorf nearly falls from the balcony with Statler saving him, Walter passes out, and The Muppets backstage are all wide eyed.
  7. 12Medbe

    12Medbe Active Member

    Walter got back up and attempted to sing “Life’s A Happy Song” to break the tension, Gonzo came up to Walter to stop him, and waited for Piggy was about to say. Miss Piggy was still frozen, all of a sudden, her eyes turned into Animated hearts, her chair exploded, throwing her up in the air. She landed on her feet, and began freaking out “Oh!! Yess! Yes!!! Yes Kermie!! Yess!!” The Audience went wild, the Muppets cheered from backstage. Gayle looked to her camera “And there you have it, Kermit The Frog and Miss Piggy to be married” She said. “Let’s do it before next week’s live show!” Miss Piggy said to Kermit. Gayle looked at her Live CBS camera again “You heard it here first folks! Kermit and Miss Piggy to be married by late next week before “The Muppet Show: Live!” The shot zooms out from Ms. Bitterman’s television set, with Gayle King on CBS. “That’s how we can do it!” Ms Poogy said, “We can infiltrate the wedding, and tie them up” Nicky said. “Then we can run the show” Ms Bitterman said. “And I can revive my frog legs chain and force that frog to be my spokesman” Doc said, The Villains looked at Doc Hopper, “What?” Ms Bitterman asked, “My… Frog legs chain.” He responded. “Oh…. Yeah, that’s right” Ms Bitterman said, still looking puzzled. Miss Finch looked around “I still don’t know what I’m doing here!”
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  8. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Hehehe! Very cute! Finally Kermit and Piggy can tie the knot and have me, their beautiful Fig... or Prog. Whichever.:D
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  9. Muppet fan 123

    Muppet fan 123 Well-Known Member

    Great story I hope you post more of it here,
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  10. 12Medbe

    12Medbe Active Member

    “We attack... At The Wedding!” Tex said, The villains all laughed maniacally, as Tex was saying Maniacal laugh. Back at Muppet Studio, Kermit and Miss Piggy were still on stage, Gayle ran up to the couple and attempted to interview them on their love life and the decision to get married. “Wait!” Kermit said, “Aren’t you just a talk show host” Kermit asked, “I’m a TV News junkie, first” Gayle replied with dignity.

    Kermit called for the next act, The Swedish Chef went on with his act, Baked Alaska, which involved a Map of Alaska, lighting it on fire to a crisp and putting whip cream and frosting on it. The Swedish Chef attempted to feed it to Behemoth. Behemoth decided to eat the Swedish Chef instead, only to spit him out seconds later because he started to speak Swedish. From Backstage, Kermit and Miss Piggy were being asked questions from Gayle King. “You heard it here first folks! Only on CBS” Miss Piggy butted in “CBS Cares! Kissy, Kissy” she added in. Then there comes a knock on the backstage door, you hear the biggest crowd noise coming from outside. Gonzo and Fozzie go to open the door, and from outside comes a mob on News reporters trying to get the story of Kermit’s proposal.

    Miss Piggy tries to get the news reporters to stop surrounding them, she threatens to karate chop them, The news reports all walk outside as quiet as they can be. “That was ridiculous” Miss Piggy said, “Now… You may all come in one at a time!” Miss Piggy said. “Sheesh” Kermit said. The picture now switches to a Newsman sketch, “This is a Muppet newsflash! Footage of Kermit’s proposal to Missy Piggy is being thrown around everywhere! Details at…” Before he could say eleven, Film Reels and camera’s were being thrown all around the news room, pelting the newsman a couple times. “Oh... Dynamite” The newsman sighed, Crazy Harry ran in hysterically laughing, set two TNT barrels off sending The Newsman flying. He landed in the kitchen set of the Swedish Chef.

    The Swedish Chef looked to the camera “Wut Dah Hee?” The Swedish Chef looked to the newsman “Chef, you can’t cook me, I’ll tell you why at eleven.” The Newsman said. The Chef hit the table in a disappointed manner and left. Backstage, Robin and Walter are watching the press interview Kermit and Miss Piggy. “Ever see this much coverage?” Walter asked, “Only when we release a movie” Robin responded.
  11. 12Medbe

    12Medbe Active Member

    Days later Kermit passes a newsstand, Every cover of the magazines and tabloids have him and Miss Piggy on it, he then passes a TV shop, the TV’s in the front have a story running of his marriage proposal. Kermit sighs and takes a walk to the park, he looks at his reflection in the water, he sings a song about how the publicity is too much, but he’ll do it for love. “Whatever love takes” as the song title. Later that day Kermit and Miss Piggy are roaming down the city, looking for churches. Nicky Holiday is dressed up as a Minister in front of a decoy church. Miss Piggy and Kermit spot the “Minister”

    Nicky also has an ear piece on “Don’t let me down, holiday” Ms. Bitterman says in the ear piece. “Hello my children” Nicky tries to attempt an elderly southern accent, “Hello Father dear!” Miss Piggy said, “I recognize love birds when I see them! You aren’t browsing for churches by any chance are you?” Nicky asks, “Smooth, Holiday, Smooth” Doc Hopper says into Nicky’s ear piece, “Yes” Miss Piggy and Kermit both say. “Well, well! Look no further! I and my wife run this homely little church, The Al Slazzo Church of Holiday” Nicky said,

    “Oh? You’re Wife?” Kermit asked, “Oh yes! Where are my manners? Oh Hilda!” Nicky called, Tex Richman in convincible drag comes walking out of the church. “Yes Al? Oh, my what adorable little things you are” Tex said in a womanish southern accent, “I’ll get you Holiday” Tex whispered to Nicky. “Why dears this Church is perfect for lovebirds!” Tex was about to do a “maniacal laugh”, Nicky chopped Tex in the stomach, Tex then attempted a womanish giggle. “We do all our weddings for $1195” Nicky said, “$11.95!!!” Ms Bitterman blasted in his ear, “You know, I bet Tex could pay that eh Max?” Doc Hopper said being heard in Nicky’s ear piece, “Right Boss” Max said. For a couple seconds there was silence in Nicky’s ear piece, then, “I still don’t know what I’m doing here” Miss Finch piped in. “Oops, my mistake, $11.95” Nicky said.

    “Seems Cheap” Kermit thought, “I smell something fishy” Miss Piggy thought, “She’s as beautiful as ever” Nicky though as he looked at Miss Piggy, “I look pretty good in drag.... Maniacal laugh.. NOT!” Tex thought. Kermit then spoke “That’s quite the cheap price!” he said, “Only the best for those who want to be together for eternity” Nicky said.

    Veronica came running up to Kermit and Miss Piggy, “Kermit! I’ve been looking all over for you and Miss Piggy! I was thinking! Why not a free televised wedding, you guys have could do it during next week’s live Muppet Show!” She insisted. “NO!” Ms Bitterman screamed in Nicky’s Ear piece, Nicky then yelled out “No!” He quickly corrected himself “No, no. These lovebirds probably would love a private wedding with just their friends and family. Why! They’d have a million eyes on them during their wedding!” Nicky said “Nice!” Bobo said in Nicky’s ear piece. “I didn’t think of that” Veronica said, “$11.95 it is then” Kermit said, “Feel free to pay the day before the wedding” Nicky said. Veronica, Kermit, and Miss Piggy then walked off back to Muppet Studio. As Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Veronica were farther away Nicky ripped out his ear piece threw it on the ground and stomped on it. Tex came up to Nicky, and wacked him with his beehive wig. “Make me wear drag, I don’t believe it” he said.
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  12. 12Medbe

    12Medbe Active Member

    Back at the theater, Walter and Gonzo were rehearsing a puzzle piece juggling act while tap dancing, Gonzo and Walter ended up falling off stage with the puzzle pieces flying everywhere. “Ay caramba, Okay. Leave it to professionals okay” Pepe said walking out on to the stage. He started tap dancing and juggling puzzle pieces at the same time, on his last tap dance move he threw the puzzle pieces up and they landed in the correct order completing a puzzle picture. “I got what I did wrong!” Gonzo said “What?” Walter asked, “I forgot to chew gum and gargle at the same time! Of course! It all makes sense!” Gonzo said.

    Lew Zealand then came out on stage with the arches behind him, “I finally have a new act for my boomerang fish! Whack a chicken!” Lew said, “Any of them get hurt you’ll be dealing with something fowl!” Gonzo said. The Chickens began popping up and down in the arches; Lew began slinging them towards the chickens. All fishes missed, they popped a few of the arch lights, one hit Timmy Monster, another hit Fozzie’s hat off, One flew into Sweetums’ mouth as he was yawning, One zipped through Link Hogthrob’s hair and one came back to Lew. Sam the Eagle then popped up from one of the arches, “You are all, WEIRDOS!” he said. A fish then hit him. “Got one” Lew said. Sam shook his head and left the arches.
  13. 12Medbe

    12Medbe Active Member

    Kermit and Miss Piggy entered the theater, “Hey! There’s those lovebirds!” Clifford shouted from one of the seats. “Well, I hope you’re all practicing your acts!” Kermit said. The Muppets nodded, Sal Minella and Johnny Fiama peered from the curtains. “Did you two find a church?” Johnny asked, “Yes, we found this quaint little church and they do their weddings for $11.95!” Miss Piggy said, The Muppets started to look puzzled, “11.95?” Gonzo and Robin said, “Dear, doesn’t that seem a little sketchy?” Wayne asked Wanda, Wanda nodded. “That’s cheap, to me, it sounds Bearly legal! Wocka, Wocka! Fozzie said, Uncle Deadly looked at Fozzie, he tried to say something; he chose not to and just shook his head. “Kermit? doesn’t that seem a tad bit odd? Why not have the wedding apart of the live show?” Walter asked.

    Just then the theater doors slammed open. It was The Moopets! “Hello Frog!” Roowlf shouted, “Ugh, look who dragged the cats in okay” Pepe said. “Well look at the love birds!” Miss Poogy said, “Okay sister, what are you doing here?” Miss Piggy asked, “Why, I wanted to congratulate my dastardly friend on getting hitched with the Frog” Miss Poogy said, “What the?” Scooter said to himself. “Okay, that’s all the niceness I can handle. Hope the wedding is trashy as it gets, from now till your wedding day, you better watch your step!” Miss Poogy said, and then the Moopets laughed and left the theater.

    Statler and Waldorf appeared from the balcony, but the two were asleep. Waldorf then woke up “Statler” Waldorf patted Statler on the shoulder waking him up “Did you hear something?” Waldorf asked, “Eh, I thought I heard my Mother In-law! I began thinking how lucky I was being asleep!” Statler said, The two laughed.
  14. 12Medbe

    12Medbe Active Member

    A Day before the “wedding”, Miss Piggy and Kermit were on Good Morning America getting interviews and having The Muppets do wedding themed sketches on the show. The Villains were watching the appearance on their television, “Tomorrow’s the day” Ms Bitterman said to the villains, The Moopets snickered, “You girls know tomorrow’s plan, correct?” Nicky asked his women. “Tomorrow will the downfall for our little friends, Maniacal laugh” Tex said, “Yes, tomorrow will be a great beginning to the new Doc Hopper’s frog legs” Doc said, Max nodded. “Tomorrow will be something mean!” Officer Meanie said. Bobo then came walking “Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I Love ya, Tomorrow!” The Villains stopped and starred at Bobo. Miss Finch looked around at the villains “I still don’t know what I’m doing here!” she said. “Ugh!” Ms Bitterman said with a disgusted look, “You, Bird. Will help keeping our new show in charge, you will see to that no funny business goes on, Without a leader, The Muppets will certainly try to pull something on us” Ms Bitterman explained. Ms Finch went wide eyed “I could have used these people when I tried capturing Big to be sent back to the Dodo’s!” she thought. “Right” she said.
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    Later that night The Muppets were on the Muppet Labs set, “Ah Mister Kermit! I have been working on developing the latest invention, the villain confuser. It stops a villain right in their tracks and they forget what they are supposed to do. But its effects are sadly temporary.” Bunsen said, “Sadly Temporary” Beaker chimed in. Fozzie looked over to another invention that Animal was trying out, “Say Bunsen, what invention is that?” Fozzie asked, “A fit zapper, whenever our subject has a fit, it will zap 2000 volts into the subject, calming him down.” Bunsen said, “Cool! I want to try it next!” Gonzo said, “Can we see a test run” Scooter asked, “I got this” Floyd said, “Animal! Look! A Woman!” he said. Animal’s eyes shot up and started running around “Woman! Woman!! Womaaaan!” Animal was zapped, but something wasn’t right about the zap.

    Animal calmed down but he ramped back up, he tried saying woman, but anything he tried to say became Mock Swedish. “Oh no!” Bunsen laughed, “I mixed that up with the Swedish Flavor Zapper, Beakie the effects are temporary, right?” Bunsen asked. Beaker thought for a second, he then stood frozen looking to the camera, “Ohhhhh Nooooo!” Beaker blurted out. Bunsen laughed, “Well work on a Swedish diffuser” Bunsen said. The Muppets left the set, “Looks like the Swedish Chef has someone he can talk to!” Floyd said, The Electric Mayhem laughed, “Fer Sure!” Janice said. The Swedish Chef walked over to Animal, they tried having a conversation, It looked as if they understood each other. The Swedish Chef looked to the camera shot and said “Vhet zee hey? I coon’t undderstund a vord he’s seyoon!” He said.
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    Back in Miss Piggy’s Dressing room, Camilla, a female rat, Hilda, Mildred, Janice, Maureen The Mink, Red, Mokey, Prairie Dawn and Emily Bear were helping Miss Piggy fit into her wedding gown. “I’ve always dreamed that this day would come, yet I’m a little nervous” Miss Piggy said, “Oh, Miss Piggy you’ll be fine” Emily said, “You look beautiful!” Maureen said. “I know, Moi has been watching her girlish figure!” Miss Piggy said. Outside the dressing room, Kermit was walking to his along with Walter, Ernie, Bert, Fozzie, Gonzo, Scooter, Rowlf, Grover, Robin, Pepe, and Rizzo. “Troop, I don’t think I’ve ever been this nervous” Kermit said, From Miss Piggy’s dressing room, Miss Piggy’s mouth opened in excitement, “Hey! Let’s listen” Red said to the other ladies, “Fer Sure!” Janice said. “Kermit okay, you’ll be fine, be macho!” Pepe said, “Pepe’s right Uncle Kermit! Be happy, I know I am!” Robin said. “You guys don’t think I might be making a mistake?” Kermit asked,

    “Kermit!” Fozzie and Gonzo both blurted out, “You made a great decision, of course it isn’t a mistake” Walter said. From the ladies dressing room, “Good response!” Mokey said, “He’s my new favorite Muppet!” Miss Piggy said. “Boss you’re just nervous, you’ll be okay” Scooter said, “I just have a feeling something could go wrong tomorrow” Kermit said, “I don’t think my choice would bring harm” he said. “Ernie what are you doing?” Kermit looked to Ernie who had a banana in his ear, “Talking to Gladys the cow on the phone” Ernie said, Kermit looked to Bert, “Quite the imagination” Kermit said. “uh! Tell me about it” Bert said then laughed. “It is a cute imagination Froggie!” Grover said. Rowlf laughed. “Yeah… Cute” Rizzo said, “It’s cuter than that old turkey sandwich I had the other day” Rizzo said. “Kermit, if I may, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about, life will still be the same, I’m sure of it!” Walter said. Kermit nodded, “What are still standing around here for, we have tuxedo’s to try on!” Fozzie said, “I hope mine is weird with a Pig and fish tie!” Gonzo said. They all went in to Kermit’s dressing room.

    From Miss Piggy’s dressing room, “Gee sounds like Kermit is nervous!” Emily Bear said, “Fer Sure” Janice said. Miss Piggy looked down “Yeah… he certainly does” Miss Piggy said, “Miss Piggy! It’s alright!” Maureen said, “Like okay, he’s nervous just like you are!” Janice said, “I know, but what if he’s having second thoughts. “Oh Piggy” the Girls said, “No time for what if’s!” Prairie said “Fer Sure” Janice said. “Tomorrow will be wonderful” Mildred said. Camilla agreed in clucks. Then came a knock at the door, “Janice its Dr. Teeth” Dr. Teeth said, Dr. Teeth, Floyd, and Lips peered in. “We’re about to rehearse for the wedding honey buns” Floyd said, “We’re gonna jam the church out tomorrow!” Lips said, “Well alright! Let’s Jam!” Dr. Teeth said, “Fer Sure!” Janice said, Janice walked towards the door, took one look back at Miss Piggy. “Miss Piggy, like let there be chill, you’ll be okay, peace” Janice said.
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    Now on to Ms. Bitterman’s office with the villains, “Rope trap” Nicky said, “Check” said one of his women, “Apache foot hold trap”, “Check”, “Authentic Church material”, “Check”, “Megaphone”, “Check”, “Stopwatch”, “Check”, “Walkie talkies”, “Check”, “Radar Gun”, “check”. Bobo then came in, “Fake Vomit!” he said, “It’s on ord… Stuff it Bear!” Nicky said. “I knew I’d get a Great Muppet Caper reference in there!” Bobo said looking towards the camera shot. “This will work?” Ms Bitterman said walking in, “I’m sure” Nicky said, “It better” Tex said standing next to Ms Bitterman. Max, Doc, Miss Finch, and Officer Meanie in the meanwhile were watching cops, criticizing the bad moves of the Criminals.

    Back at Muppet Theater. Kermit, Gonzo and Fozzie were In Kermit’s dressing room, “I think I look fantastic in this” Kermit said looking at his tuxedo. “You look like you’re gonna have a wonderful time!” Fozzie said. Kermit, Gonzo, and Fozzie then broke out in to “Stepping Out with a Star”. Much later, Kermit, Gonzo and Fozzie were bunked out in hammocks near the ceiling of Muppet Studios. “Guys, Life will be the same after tomorrow? Right” Kermit asked, “Kermit, we’ll still film The Muppet Show, and be together. There isn’t a thing to worry about”, “Unless of course you turn into a prince after she kisses you” Gonzo said, The three laughed. “You’re right Fozzie thank you” Kermit said. From Miss Piggy’s dressing room, Miss Piggy looked out the window and sighed. The Sky was star lit with a full moon, all was quiet.

    It became daylight soon enough, A salesman (Regis Philbin) at a newsstand was selling newspapers with Kermit and Miss Piggy on the cover, “Extra! Extra! Somebody’s Getting Married!” then it was if the whole country broke out into “Somebody’s Getting Married”.
    After the salesman’s line, the picture scrolls over to a Television Store, The T.V in the window changes the channel every couple of seconds, Every person on a morning talk show/news takes part in an extended edition of Somebody’s Getting Married (The View with their special guest Rosie O’Donnell, Three Morning News shows, Live with Kelly, NPH as her Co-Host, CBS Early Show Anchors, GMA with Steven Tyler appearing, and a morning news show hosted by Ronnie Crawford and the Jim Henson Muppet). The Moopets sing the last lines of the song “Somebody’s getting married today!” they maniacally laugh and run into the “Church”. Statler and Waldorf walked by, looked at the Moopets running into the church, then looked at each other, “Heh”, they walked off.

    The picture now travels by map zooming over to New York City, and zooming in on a fairly small street in New York. It was Sesame Street. A Familiar music started to play, Susan came out of the apartment of 123 and began singing “Wedding Day” and pretty soon everyone of Sesame Street started singing it, along with the Sesame Street Muppets (those who already didn’t go the Muppet Theater the night before). Big Bird also insisted they should get married again, just like in the original song. After the song, Maria insisted they should start making their way to the airport; they have a long day ahead of them.

    All of a sudden on the screen appears the animated Pinball number count, Kermit and Big Bird then appear in front of it “Wait! This isn’t a Sesame Street episode!” Kermit said “What are Aardvarks running the movie right now?” Big Bird said then laughed. An Aardvark Muppet then came in “Actually yeah, I’m the intern” It said. “Sheesh” Kermit said, “You gotta problem with that?” The Aardvark asked. “Well… I… No” Kermit said, “You know what? I’m an Aardvark and proud!” the Aardvark left, “He’s gonna play the Aardvark Song isn’t he?” Kermit asked; The Aardvark song started playing; Big Bird gave a big “Yuuppp!”;

    “Eh, let’s let it play” Kermit said, they left the screen. “Oh Swedish Chef!” Kermit said, After the Aardvark song the screen went blank for a second, and then the Muppet Aardvark comes in running to the left with the Swedish Chef threatening it with a cleaver. Gonzo then walked by (to the right) laughing. The picture then resumed.
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    At the church All The Muppets were arriving, Ms Bitterman, Officer Meanie, Bobo, Doc Hopper, Max, Miss Finch, and The Moopets were behind the church watching the Muppets arrive. “Seems as if we have Sesame Street attending boss” Bobo said, “Do we want them on The Moopet Show” Ms Bitterman asked The Moopets. “Ach, why bother? They basically educate” Miss Finch said, “The Fraggles are attending too boss! Wow!” Bobo said, “You’re starting to sound like that Walter Muppet” Ms Bitterman said. Bobo snickered. “We’ll force Sesame Street back home when we start” Miss Poogy said. “This is it Max!” Doc said. Max nodded in excitement.

    Floyd and Animal then arrived, Animal ate the Door knob, “Good” he said then he said Good in Mock Swedish. “Just stick to English man” Floyd said then laughed. The two entered the church. Back to the backside of the church. Doc flinched, “That wild thing is still around is he?” He asked, “Yes sir” Bobo said. The backdoor opened up; Tex, Nicky, and Nicky’s agents peered out. “Almost ready” Nicky said. “Go get ‘em!” Bobo said.

    Inside the Church, The Muppet Family was packed in, including the Sesame Street adults. Gonzo, Fozzie, Walter, Rowlf, Robin, Rizzo and Pops were all up in front. The Electric Mayhem was behind them. Nicky came in from the back door, “Almost ready I hope” he asked, The Muppets nodded. Animal looked at Nicky for a split second “Baaaad Maaan!” he said, “Animal! Calm Down! Sorry man” Floyd said, “All is forgiven my child” Nicky said, When Floyd turned away Nicky rolled his eyes, “I’m glad this isn’t my profession” he thought.

    Over in the Sesame Street section of the church, Grover walked down to the Fraggles, “Hello cute Fraggles” Grover said, The Fraggles greeted Grover; “Why Red, I still have this Fraggle Pebble. I figured I should pass it on to you” Grover said. “Whoa! I forgot about that!” Boober said. The Fraggles were stunned, “Thank you Grover” Red said. Grover went back to his seat. “You suppose we should give this to Miss Piggy and Kermit as a wedding present?” Gobo asked, The Fraggles agreed.

    In separate rooms Kermit and Miss Piggy both waited. Miss Piggy decided to go see Kermit. Kermit was surprised, they then talked about their relationship, what it means to them, Miss Piggy’s main concern was the falling out they had after Muppets Take Manhattan, a flashback is seen of that. Miss Piggy is almost in tears after remembering. “How Do I know that it won’t happen again?” Miss Piggy asked, Kermit kissed her on the cheek. Kermit started singing Love Led Us here, “Was I dumb or was I blind, Or did my heart just lose its mind, can’t believe back then I threw our perfect dream away” Nicky peered in during Piggy’s part.

    What are they doing” Ms. Bitterman asked on Nicky’s walkie talkie, “Oh.. Dear God, They just broke out into a number” Nicky replied, “Let’s get things started after the number” She said. “This Song always makes me cry! Sniff” Bobo was heard. Nicky peered through the doorway for a couple more seconds, and then he started crying. “You’re listening to this aren’t you guys” he asked the villains. The Villains are shown crying, Tex is only saying “Maniacal Cry, Maniacal Cry”. Before the final “Love Led Us here” Kermit and Miss Piggy make their way towards the door.

    Out in the Church, Nicky makes his way to the front, The Muppets start commenting on hearing music. “Should we sing?” Big Bird said, Bert looked back, “No”. The Entrance door opened with a bright white light, the music climaxed, “Love Led Us Here! Right back to where we belong!” Miss Piggy and Kermit were singing it down the aisle. Walter and the other Muppets started getting teary eyed. Outside Doc, Officer Meanie and Bobo were a mess. “Pull it together sniff” Ms Bitterman said. Kermit and Miss Piggy got to the front of the chapel. “So Take my hand” Kermit said, “And have no fear” Miss Piggy said, “We’ll be alright” they both sang,

    “This is it!” Nicky said on the walkie talkie, “Love led us here” as soon as the song ended, “NOW!” Nicky boomed into the walkie talkie, Nicky’s women came from behind the organ and pulled the ropes, Kermit and Miss Piggy were caught, Then Gonzo, Fozzie, Walter, Rowlf, Robin, Rizzo and Pops were caught, and finally caught in the rope traps, though Gonzo and Animal were both caught in foot traps.

    The Moopets and The Villains (except for Bobo) stormed in. “Parties over!” Nicky said, he took off his Minister disguise, “Nicky?!” Kermit was In shock. Miss Finch stormed in with a megaphone, “Okay Sesame Street, back to New York and no one gets hurt!” She said. Officer Meanie and Max escorted the Sesame Street family out. The Muppets were in shock to see so many villains. Tex and Doc Hopper rounded up The other Muppets to take back to the theater. “Surprised Frog?” Ms Bitterman said grinning. “Why are you doing this?” Kermit shouted at Ms. Bitterman, The Moopets laughed. Doc Hopper looked back and said “You don’t get it do you frog?” The music started, and a montage music number started. It’s similar number to Return of Jafar’s “Second Rate”. All Villains take part in the song.
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    The Villains all laughed after the song, and started leaving the decoy church to leave the Muppets tied up behind. Pepe then popped up from one of the seats, he looked towards the door. “Hottie Bitterman! Wait for me my love! I want to make salaries okay!” he said while running towards the door, all of a sudden he was caught by a foot trap. Ms. Bitterman came back in laughing, she pointed at Pepe, “Nice try Shrimp” she said, “King Prawn!” he corrected, Ms Bitterman then had a disgusted look on her face then left. “You know, I think I liked our fallout better than this Kermie” Miss Piggy said. “Pops, your foot is in my face” Gonzo said, “Wha? That’s your own foot!” Pops said, “Is not, get it out of my face!” Gonzo said, “Its yer foot!” Pops said. “I warned you!” Gonzo said, he then bit his foot. “Ow!..... So it’s my foot” Gonzo said.

    The picture then zoomed out, It turns out Daniel The Guardian Angel and God (Whoopi Goldberg) were watching the Muppets’ events. “Do you think they need justice?” Daniel asked, “Danny El, not this time. I’ll tell you what we do need, a bowl of popcorn, a Thunderstorm cloud came over them and dropped a huge bowl of popcorn into Whoopi’s lap. “Darn movie logic” Daniel said. Whoopi turned to Daniel, “I work in mysterious ways” She said. The Picture then resumed on the screen they were watching. The Sesame Street gang was in Veronica’s office.
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    “So they infiltrated the wedding, and kidnapped the other Muppets?” Veronica was shocked, The Humans and Muppets of Sesame Street nodded, “Well first I’m ordering the wedding to be done on the live show. We need to save Kermit and the others stuck in the church”, “The Villains have people surrounding the perimeter” Bob pointed out, “How are we going to get them out?” Gordon asked. “I nearly laid an egg when I saw Miss Finch” Big Bird said to Sherlock Holmes, the Sesame Muppets laughed. “Well, we need to plan this out in my office in the next town, we have Muppets to save!” Veronica declared. The Sesame Street Humans and Veronica started to leave, Veronica looked to her assistant, “If we’re gone before the live show tomorrow, Do NOT let anything from Muppet Studio make it to air” She said, Her assistant nodded.

    After leaving, her office door shut, Tex Richman, Kermoot, Nicky, and Officer Meanie were seen behind the door, they taped Veronica’s assistant’s mouth and tied him up. Nicky called in two of his agents , Doc Hopper called in Snake Walker. “Make sure, you gain control of this network, we want no problems for tomorrow’s live show” Nicky said. The Agents and Snake nodded. The villains then left.

    Back at The Muppet Studios, The doors flung open with Ms. Bitterman, Max, Miss Finch coming in, scooting the Muppets into the Theater. Nicky, Doc, Officer Meanie and the rest of the Villains soon came in. The Villains all got up on stage and all stood apart, Miss Finch forced the Muppets to take their seats. “It is time for a new order!” Ms Bitterman said. “Yes, This our show now” Miss Poogy added in, “We’ll be making sure for a complete makeover of this wretched place, and the sketches” Tex said. The Muppets in the audience sighed. “Any failure to cooperate and you Muppets are toast” Miss Poogy said. The Villains laughed. “Now, get ready for some rigorous rehearsals” Nicky said. “Don’t any one try to leave” Doc Hopper said, “We have all the doors and windows blocked” Doc added in. Statler and Waldorf appeared up at the balcony, the both looked at each other, shook their heads and sighed.

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