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The new Sesame Street - a parody

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by DTF, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. DTF

    DTF Well-Known Member

    This new 30-min. Sesame Street on HBO :)

    (Murray walks up to kid): What’s the word on the street? (Kid whispers in his ear, Murray looks back): I’m not saying that word!
    (Theme song)
    Big Bird: Hi, welcome to Ses-
    Oscar: Scram
    BB: That wasn’t very nice.
    O: I know, but I had to interrupt you so we can squeeze more time into our format.

    Elmo and Abby walk up to them)
    Elmo: Hey, Elmo heard we’re getting a new sponsor!
    Abby: You’re Elmo, silly!
    E: Elmo is Elmo? Elmo learns something new every day.

    (Super Grover crashes into the shop behind them)
    BB: What was that? (All run over to see Luis and Cookie Monster in the shop)
    G: It is I, SUP-er Grover, to the rescue.
    Luis: Wait, what is it, Grover?
    BB: Yes, why do we need rescued?
    Cookie Monster(shakes head): That not letter Y, that Grover.
    G: Excuse me…
    O: He wasn’t calling him the letter Y
    CM: Oh, sorry. Me got confused because Y letter of day.
    G: Excuse me…
    E: Y?
    CM: Me not know. Me only know to emphasize it now because no time for little sketches about it anymore.
    BB: Why?
    CM: That right, Y. It begin words like Year. And Yellow.
    Luis: Hey, just like Big Bird.
    A: Oh, Y can also begin words like Yesterday.(Sings): Yesterday. All kids loved to see Muppets at play. Now poor kids must think we’ve gone away. Oh how we long for yesterday…
    G: Yes. (Thinks) Oh, wow, a Y word). Anyway, that is one of the two reasons I have come…
    (balloons fall from the ceiling)

    O: is that big hole in the ceiling the other reason?
    G: No, uh, sorry. I …put it there. (To Luis): I’ll pay for the repairs.
    L: Thus fulfilling the other educational part of this season.
    BB: How much will it be?
    G: Given the number of the day, probably something involving a two.(To all) As I was saying, the first thing is that we must find a way to rise up and get this vital information about the number and letter of the day to our original target audience. The underprivileged.
    Luis: Oh, Maria’s got that.
    G: She does? (He looks around): I wondered where she went.
    CM: Me last see her working with Prairie Dawn to smuggle this show out.
    O: Can we get on with it? Now that we’ve announced the letter and number of the day, we need to get to the 17 minutes of sketches repeated 382 times already over the last 2 seasons.
    G: Oh, right. As you know, our new partner is not one where we can be seen by lots of people…
    E: Why?
    O: We already did the letter of the day!
    A: We know, HBO.
    O: But, none of those letters is Y.
    L: We could have four letters of the day; we used to regularly have two.
    O: Will you be quiet! All this talking and pretty soon all we’ll have as a sponsor is dot on the i.
    G: Anyway, we’re looking for a way to appeal to more fans and draw ratings.
    CM: Oh well. At least me no more have rumors about not eating cookies. Cookies draw more viewers than broccoli.(He eats a cookie really fast)
    L: Shouldn’t it be enough that we reference adult things and make jokes?
    O: Do you see any extras around lately? Not that I mind…
    Bob: Hi, guys.
    BB: Oh, hey, Bob, here for your yearly appearance.
    Bob: Right, and I’ve got another parody I only have time to see a few words of. (Sings): “Where are the people in the neighborhood, in the neighborhood, in the neighborhood, where are the people in the neighborhood. When you’re walking down our street there’s nobody you will meet…”
    CM: That right. We have no extras. We no longer public. How humiliating.
    G: That was my other quest. To come up with something not terribly risqué, but yet that will draw viewers. Something…
    O: Sophomoric?
    G: That is an excellent word!
    BB: What we need is to announce the new network in a way that will echo what fans think about this.
    A: (Disappointed): Yeah. ‘Cause right now being on a premium cable channel and only thirty minutes really stinks.
    O: Hey, that’s it. Humiliating Body Odor.
    L: What… Oscar, you want us to announce our new network stands for Humiliating Body Odor?
    G: Well…if sophomoric draws ratings, it would do that.
    CM: It not nice to take away show from public. Even if some parts on Youtube.
    BB: Hey, cheer up, Cookie Monster; you just said another Y word.
    CM: Me did? Oh, me did. Youtube.
    L: Y and 2, our real sponsors.

    (See my other fanfiction under "Me" here at fanfiction.net, with my boosk listed in my profile. Kind of hard to find such a short name so look for "Old lady who swallowed a fly" or Muppet Trek: and click my pen name for others Or just click on the link I added. :)
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2015

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