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"The Power of The Dark Crystal" 2006 San Diego CC Video Interviews

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by John Kotila, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. John Kotila

    John Kotila Member

    "Excerpt" from video interview transcript (SD Comic-Con 2006 DAY 1/Tape 1)
    [Not from the panel discussion; 3 individual interviews]
    Total Duration of T.P.O.T.D.C. interviews approx.15m 30s
    "...Aughra and the Skeksis will be back. And Jen and Kira, kind of play a passive role in this one, and we have two new characters we will be focusing on...we're going to still use puppets, but we're going to put them in a CG enviroment."

    It's called The Power of The Dark Crystal, we don't call it Dark Crystal 2, we actually assume that many people who see this movie, will not have seen the original film... So that's why we don't call it Dark Crystal 2. I think for many people this will be their Dark Crystal...This one will be taking place, most of the design will be here, and in London with Brian Froud. The puppet stuff will be with Henson's and then we will be still kind of deciding, where we are going to shoot it."
    "I’m Producing the movie and have been working on it in development since we started a little bit over a year ago. The writer is David Odell, he’s actually written it with his wife and he was the original writer of Dark Crystal. He worked on this idea with my father years ago and they kind of put it down,but this is the original notion for the Dark Crystal sequel, which many years later when I asked him, do you have any idea for a Dark Crystal sequel; and he sad yes, and it is the sequel idea, it’s the actual sequel idea. So he pitched it out to me and I said that’s a fantastic idea for a movie and so he wrote that as a script and that’s become the basis. He and his wife, rather and that’s become the basis of this whole project. It's pretty different and you know that my father was never one to just want to do the same thing again. So he wouldn't have been interested in a sequel. Let's say, to the continuing adventures of Jen and Kira...he wouldn't be in it like making the whole movie a second time, and that would be boring to him. So, what this is, as if he would have made it, a kind of discovery of a new dimension to The Dark Crystal world. We have character designs, some of them have been sculpted...we have the script. We have a storyboard team."
    "We're going to be creating all the visual effects, as well as all the visual environments that the animatronic characters will be existing in. ["digital environments" "digital effects"]I think that if we did all CG characters and an all CG film...it would loose something of the spirit of it...we wanted the world, we just wanted to be able to build a bigger world for them to live in, and not be restricted to the soundstages."

    Link to full Video (other non-D.C. interviews included)
    Click Link (below)
    *Click Screenshot (videoplayer window will pop-up)
    *Click "Text Log"
    *Scroll down to 18:32; then Click
    *You may have to Click the next segment of dialogue Text to play each Clip
    Interviews for "The Power of The Dark Crystal" begin at 18:32 and end at 34:03

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