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The Scoop of the Century

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by PuppyLuver, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Member


    Impossible... and yet you're reacting. *giggles* Yeah, Spittledrum's from RtL. But the characters from the manga aren't really gonna get much focus. In fact, only one other character from there is actually gonna have any importance in this story.

    Thanks! :D If you love Notivel, you're most likely gonna love Paltretta as well. Unless you don't like those happy-go-lucky types.

    Yes. It's a character from Sonic R, which I've never played but am very grateful for that, for some say the game is cursed.

    Yeah, no. The only Gremlins I've even experienced a tiny bit of it is that one with the fuzzy little guy named Gizmo. The cameo was Maddie's human version of the Disney version of Miss Spider(James and the Giant Peach).

    Uh... what?
  2. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Member

  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Oh... Do you mean the woman Mimi transformed herself into? Since I'm only as familiar with those characters as they're used in yours and Maddie's stories, I didn't rully think much of it at the time. But that's a very nice nod to have Maddie included like that. Makes it more special to the trained eye who can catch such a reference.
    Yeah, the Rol Dahl gremlins were only ever seen on some Disney pins you can find by searching at www.pinpics.com, and I love the second Gremlins movie.

    *Waits ready to poke with nagging stick/cane for more story.
  4. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Member

    Next chapter'll be up within a month! :D
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... :grouchy:
  6. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Member

    ... ? Why so grouchy...?
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Cause it'll take another month for this gem to be updated. And frankly, I could use some good fanfic about now.
  8. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Member

    Oh. ... But! Notice I said within a month. It'll most likely be up before then at the rate I'm going, I just like to set myself spaceous deadlines to account for any writing blocks that might be thrown my way by the gods of literature. *klunk* Owww! *shakes fist at the heavens* Darn you, literature gods! That hurt!

    So... like I was saying, if it's not up before the end of February or the beginning of March, you have every right to slap me silly.
  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Is okay... Just teasing/nagging a bit cause the good fics have gone on hiatus, or their authors have forsaken this forum realm. Post when you can. Take care. *Smacks hailstone back upwards to literary heaven. :sleep: 15-Love!
  10. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Member

    PuppyLuver Studios presents

    The Scoop of the Century

    Chapter 10: Paltretta Leviton

    The first part of this chapter was depressing for me to write. And not just because I was being posed and displayed like a hunting trophy.

    For those of you who are into Pokémon, look up a picture of Marley from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl during the part where Dimentio talks about his little sister. You’ll probably begin to understand why. If not, than my brain is waaaay different from yours.

    The pure souls I mentioned that the Tails Doll has are Scooby Doo(reference to the live-action movie), Claris Sinclair from NiGHTS into Dreams, Ash Ketchum, Winnie the Pooh, DJ from Total Drama Island and Momoka Aizawa, an original character of mine.

    Now it’s clear why Mimi’s main Pokémon is a Spinarak.

    In case you’re wondering what Tajiria is, that’s my conceptual name for the country in which Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh are located, named for the creator of Pokémon, Satoshi Tajiri


    Silence. Darkness. For about a half-hour, that was all the former Orb Retrievers could see or hear. Then a purple spark of energy here or there, and the void between worlds became visible. It was truly gruesome. Glass balls about three times the size of the Orbs were floating around, each containing a world that had once been thriving and intact. Stone statues were placed in various areas, each having that same terrified expression on their faces, some in a running pose as if in attempt to delay the dreadful fate that eventually came to pass. These were the ones that, unlike Stardust and Jess, had no chance to escape. However, not all the ones that had been made this way were displayed like this. The ones that were displayed were the ones it had considered worth its troubles. There was a young man with messy hair and a baseball cap with his rodent-like companion here, a quintet of frog-like soldiers there. The ones that had not been displayed were left in the position they had been in when their world was destroyed.

    Then there were the new arrivals, the former Orb Retrievers... plus Jareth. Most of them were thrown together in a cage with bars stronger than steel. Those who had the most power were placed in solitary pentagon-shaped traps that had them completely immobilized. They could see and hear everything around them, but could not communicate with the others. Stardust’s limp body had been unceremoniously tossed to the ground while Jess’s was being held above a display platform by invisible strings in a complicated pose that would’ve been nearly impossible for her to replicate on her own. “We lost,” Kermit finally said after what seemed like hours. “I can’t believe we lost...”

    “If that jerk hadn’t betrayed us, maybe we wouldn’t be here now,” Miss Piggy fumed, motioning to where Dimentio was being kept. “Don’t forget that, Kermit.” She wasn’t exactly in the lovey-dovey mood to call him ‘Kermie’ at the moment like she often did.

    “It’s so unfair,” Mimi sobbed to herself, being the only one of Count Bleck’s former minions to not have been placed in solitary. “We tried so hard... all that effort for nothing...”

    Even Fozzie couldn’t put an optimistic spin on the situation. It was hopeless. They were trapped in a stronger-than-steel cage in an unending void. Even if they could escape, the Orbs had probably been either destroyed or scattered across the universe again, making it highly impractical to go looking for them all over again. So they just sat and moped. Misty found a random rock and threw it at Dimentio’s container, not knowing or caring whether he would feel it or not. Shooting Star was drawing a circle on the ground over and over with her invisible finger. “Y’know,” she said meekly, “I actually knew he was working with Jareth the whole time.”

    “You did?” Web asked. “How? Why didn’t you tell us?”

    “I’m a Legilimens,” Shooting Star explained. “I can detect others’ thoughts and feelings. I don’t use that power very much to respect people’s privacy, but I did it to Dimentio because I originally didn’t trust him. I broke though his curtain of lies, figured out he was on the Goblin King’s side... but I saw that he really did have good intentions. They weren’t working to destroy the universe, they were trying to save it, like us.”

    You’re right about that, girlie, a voice rang through their heads. It sounded so familiar...

    Dimentio?” everyone not in solitary cried out.

    “But how?” Errol asked randomly. “The narrator said those things you guys are in keep you from communicating with us!” He was promptly smacked for breaking the fourth wall.

    Ah ha ha... that’s true for most people, Dimentio explained, but these containers were built to hold those who are aligned with purity and light, which the Tails Doll figured would be the top candidates to want to try and stop him. He never counted on someone like me, who had done so many evil things in their lives for no reason other than personal gain or just for the heck of it that no matter what their intentions would be further down the line, their heart would remain black as their former deeds. Seeing as how Nastasia and O’Chunks were merely following Bleck’s orders way back when and at least one of them was duped into believing that the “dear” count’s intentions were to destroy a corrupt universe to build a new one free from evil and hatred, and Jareth had stolen a baby in an attempt to win over a girl he loved, their hearts have too much light left in them. He actually sounded disappointed at that fact.

    “What do you care anyway, you traitor?” Surprisingly, it was Kermit who shouted this at the “charming” magician. “You don’t care about anyone but yourself! You never have!”

    That’s not true. That’s not even remotely true. I have cared for others besides myself. The David Bowie-obsessed jester sounded kind of hesitant. I... I once had a little sister... She was more than a sister. She was my closest friend. We cared deeply for one another. I remember helping her with her homework whenever she asked, even if I didn’t quite understand the subject matter myself, and she would comfort me any time that I had made a fool of myself in front of Luna... again. Then something happened, and I... I never saw her again. It was... it was all my fault... Everyone could see a tiny tear trickle from his eyes.

    “He’s not lying,” Shooting Star said. “I can see him, younger, with a black-haired girl wearing black and white... that’s a really funky hairstyle your sis has, Dimentio...”

    Stop reading my memories, Dimentio said sternly. Those are private.


    “Just because he cared about one person doesn’t mean he cares for anyone now,” Misty said. “I mean, look at what he’s done! He tried to destroy the universe! He killed my parents and sent me to another world where my life was a living heck, just because he could! He even admits to have done something terrible to his kid sister! He can’t be trusted!”

    You’re wrong about one thing: I didn’t ‘kill your parents and send you to another world where your life was a living heck’ just for the heck of it. There was a perfectly good reason.

    Misty scoffed. “Oh yeah? What’s your reason, freak of the week?”

    Have you ever heard of the seven pure souls? You should really look into that, because you’re one of them, little girl. If the Tails Doll got a hold of the seven pure souls, we’d all be screwed over. Luckily, I got to you before it did, so I took some drastic measures. I tried to erase any evidence that you had ever existed as yourself by getting rid of your parents and sending you away, altering your memory to where you would hate everything around you, in an attempt to “dilute your purity”, so to speak. Obviously, it didn’t work...

    “Ooh, that’s cold, man,” Floyd said.

    “Fer sure,” Janice agreed.

    Yes, but thank you for divulging that information for me, Dimentio. I thought there was something odd about that redhead.

    Everyone who could move their heads looked around to see where the new voice was coming from. They didn’t have to, though, for a yellow plush fox with a large ruby hanging from a wire on its head appeared before them. I had almost given up on my search for the seven pure souls. I managed to find the first six, but the seventh had remained illusive until now. Finally, the time has come! I now have all seven! As the Tails Doll said this, six translucent figures floated around it, each of them glowing a different color. There was a Great Dane with human-like stubble where its chin would be, glowing aqua-green, a young girl wearing a t-shirt and shorts with her stringy hair in a ponytail on top of her head, glowing orange, the young boy with the rodent-like companion I mentioned earlier but this time alone and glowing a deep blue, a kind-seeming bear wearing a small shirt and holding some sort of jar, glowing yellow, a well-built teenage boy, glowing a lime green and an Asian girl wearing a star-shaped hairclip and a shirt with some kind of bird design on it and the number 141, glowing an amethyst color. It was a lot of work to get these, mind you, so I’d really appreciate it if you would just hand over your soul without a struggle.

    “Don’t do it, Misty!” Kermit shouted. “You’re better than that!”

    “Don’t worry,” Misty replied. “I’m not going down that easily.”

    So be it, the Tails Doll sighed. It rushed at her, its right hand engulfed in some sort of dark energy. She tried to dodge, but the evil doll was too quick. It grabbed her by the chin, draining her of her energy. A pink-colored light started to float out of her mouth as the color drained from her face. It was almost over...


    The Tails Doll released its grip on Misty, screaming in pain as stuffing fell out of the gash in its arm. The orange light retreated back into Misty’s body, where it stayed as she got to her feet, coughing. What it the meaning of this? The Tails Doll looked around for the object that had damaged its arm. A large red jewel was spinning behind him from the inertia where it had been thrown and had landed on the ground after doing its job. Mimi was standing defiantly before the doll, breathing heavily, her back hunched in a position of rage and her eyes flashing malevolently.

    “You dare...” she said forcedly between each heavy breath. “You dare hurt my friends...”

    Yes. And what are you going to do about it? You’re just a helpless little girl, after all. What can you do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    “You’d be surprised...” Mimi said dangerously. Then she started screaming in pain. Her head began to twist unnaturally, the sound of bones snapping clearly audible. She was shapeshifting again, though this was more gruesome than her normal puff-of-purple-smoke form transition.

    Oh, here it goes, Dimentio said in a deadpan tone. Mimi, you really have to learn to control that temper!

    “Wh-what’s going on?” Web cried.

    Mimi’s sickening transformation continued with six spindly legs protruding from the sides of her head, her eyes disappearing and her mangled face gaining a sickeningly insane grin. Her normal body was now hanging limply from her head, supported solely by the spider-like legs. She was no longer the sweet, innocent little girl that she had always seemed to be. The façade had been shed. This was the true Mimi. “You DARE to attack my friends, destroy beautiful worlds AND doubt my power? You can’t judge a book by its cover, STUPIDHEAD!” Mimi shouted, her voice now lower and raspy-sounding.

    Oh, sweet mother of Yuji Naka! the Tails Doll cried. Why didn’t I lock her up when I had the chance?

    Mimi shot another Rubee at the evil doll, tearing its right arm clean off this time. She then proceeded to fire Rubees randomly throughout the void, each of them shattering one of the glass balls containing the worlds the doll had destroyed. Each time a glass ball was shattered, the world inside shone brilliant rays of light at any of the former inhabitants of it that were being displayed. As a statue-esque being came in contact with light from his or her own world, they were instantly revived. The pure souls the Tails Doll had were sent back to the bodies they belonged to and the beings that hadn’t left their original world by choice were immediately sent back. Stardust’s body was bathed in the light of Tajiria and any trace of his former conditions vanished(well, except for the blindness in his left eye, but he had that prior to Tajiria being destroyed). Chestnut City shone its essence on Jess, cutting the strands holding her in that painful-looking pose in the process. “Who-what?” she cried as the life came back to her eyes. “What’s going on? Where’d all the tacky burn-your-eyes-out green go and why’d it get replaced with Subspace’s way-more-cooler wallpaper job?” Mimi’s Rubees also struck the pentagon-shaped traps, freeing Nastasia, O’Chunks, Dimentio and Jareth.

    No... this isn’t possible! the Tails Doll shouted. How could this happen? ... No matter. Even with these minor setbacks, I shall prevail... It disappeared, laughing in a high-pitched tone quite unlike itself. Everyone else managed to get to the portal for the Labyrinth somehow.

    “Well, now what?” Jess asked after she and Stardust had been brought up to speed. “He’s just gonna go back and redo all that crap he did.”

    “Relax, crazy girl,” Dimentio said, “we can just get the Orbs again and everything will be fine.”

    “But how? They were scattered after you and Jareth were done with ‘em, right?” Errol asked. “It’d be impossible to find ‘em all now.”

    “Actually, the Orbs woulda probably stayed in this world. All the worlds were isolated from each other when that freaky yellow guy destroyed ‘em, so the Orbs wouldn’t have anywhere to go but places in this world.” Even more surprising than Kermit playing the blame game earlier, it was Zoot who let loose this fountain of completely useful information.

    “... Wow. I’m impressed,” Dimentio said, shocked. “You actually managed to say something that made sense.”

    “Wha... what are we talkin’ about?” Zoot asked.

    “That’s what I thought.” The “charming” magician started tugging the glove on his left hand.

    “So your intentions were pure after all,” a feminine voice said. The elemental being Dimentio and Jareth had summoned earlier appeared before them all, scowling as she had been before.

    “Excuse me, miss, who are you?” Kermit asked politely.

    “Oh, it’s that Nova-watchit girl...” Jareth muttered angrily. “I thought we didn’t deserve your services. If you’ve not come to help us, than get lost!”

    I see you still have a problem with names, Jareth,” she said. “It’s ‘Notivel Attertlap’, for future reference. And I’m not going to ‘get lost’. I’ve been watching you since you summoned me, and have come to the conclusion that for the first time in my existence, I was wrong about someone’s character. I would be more than willing to assist you and your comrades in any way I can.” She gracefully bowed before them all.

    “You will?” Web said excitedly. “That’s great!”

    But first, I’m sorry to say, you must collect the five Orbs again. I cannot stop the villain you seek to defeat alone. Only with Paltretta Leviton by my side will we both be strong enough.” Everyone groaned. Collecting the Orbs the first time had been hard work! Even if they were all in one world now, it would be a real doozy to look for them all. “Being summoned by the Orbs, I cannot seek all five for myself. Though I can make your search a bit less time-consuming.” She held out her hand and a purple light emerged from it. The Spirit Orb. “This is the only one I and my sister are allowed to handle. The others push us away because we are made up of all five elements. The Orbs are attracted to areas and beings that are of the same element as they represent, but repel their opposite.

    “So, like, if someone tried to throw the Fire Orb into the ocean...?” Janice asked.

    Exactly. But simply finding the Orbs again will not be enough. You must have someone who is capable of using light-aligned magic pour all their energy into the Orbs once they are all gathered. Only one of light can summon Paltretta. The two dark magicians you have with you are the reason I am here instead. They try to do it again and the Orbs will be scattered again.

    “Someone of light, huh...?” Dimentio muttered. He then pulled the glove off that he had been tugging. Standing out from his hand’s black skin was a brilliantly polished golden band on his ring finger, almost completely smooth save for an engraving that no one could make out because no one was close enough. His wedding ring. He took it off and pressed it to his lips, quickly saying something unintelligible under his breath. A portal then appeared over their heads and a pair of blue and purple boots lowered down from it.

    “David Robert Jones, what have you gotten yourself into this time?” Luna Pekkala said as she landed gracefully on the ground. Following her out of the portal were Terra, her older sister with blue-and-white hair and green eyes, and Helios, her younger brother whose entire look, including his eyes and wild hair, consisted of shades of red, orange and yellow. Dimentio quickly explained the situation to them, then introduced them to those who hadn’t met the magical sibling trio yet.

    Meanwhile, Notivel was looking over the three newcomers. “Hmm, not bad...” she said, smiling on the inside(though not on the outside... yet). “These three may be able to pull it off.

    “Notivel Attertlap, from the legends...” Terra muttered. “So I guess we’re here to try and summon Paltretta?”

    “How’d you know?” someone asked.

    “Duh!” Helios exclaimed. “Luna’s got books full of this stuff! The stories of the Elemental Five and their first two creations are part of our heritage.”

    “Well, now that we’ve all gotten chummy, it’s time to get to business,” Dimentio told them. “Here’s what we do...” He quickly formulated a plan to find the remaining four Orbs before the Tails Doll destroyed the world again. Jess and Mimi would both shapeshift into identical copies of Jareth and run around with two of Dimentio’s clones of himself, essentially having three Dimentios and Jareths roaming the Labyrinth, to confuse the Tails Doll. Meanwhile, four teams of two would search for the Orbs: Helios and Misty would search the Goblin City, Terra and O’Chunks would take the ravine, Nastasia and Gonzo would comb the highlands and Web and Errol would travel to the neighboring kingdom of Moraine, to attempt to enlist the help of Queen Mizumi. At the same time, Stardust, the Runner siblings and the Electric Mayhem would go to Tajiria, Free Country USA and the World of Trophies to find more people to help them out. Luna would stay behind with the others to try and recreate the star that had held the Orbs the last time they were used(it broke) and to create a magical barrier to keep those with her safe. They would be ready for anything that came their way.


    “What exactly should we be looking for, again?” Misty asked. She had no idea where to even begin looking in the big city.

    “We’re looking for something that deals with fire, or it’s really hot,” Helios suggested. “Maybe we should just burn stuff and make the Fire Orb come to us instead.” He got a crazed look in his eye when he said this.

    “No!” Misty shouted. “No burning anything! Lord knows we don’t wanna destroy the place.” Helios stared at her with pleading eyes. Pleading, adorable, watery, “please, pretty please, I’ll be good, I promise to keep the fire in a safe place, please” red eyes. She finally gave in. “Oh, alright, fine. Hope there’s some spare twigs or something so we don’t have to resort to stealing...”

    “Yay! Burning stuff!” Helios exclaimed joyfully. He twirled his two sun-decorated mini-staffs, then tossed them into the air. They accidentally collided in midair and set off some sparks. “Oops.”


    The Earth Orb was locked away in a natural cage of stalagmites and stalactites on the side of the ravine. Whether it had formed them to protect itself or not was an unknown, and also not important. What was important was that Terra and O’Chunks got to it.

    “Alright, stand back, please,” Terra told the muscle-bound man. “This might get a little messy.” She thrust her staff onto the ground and started muttering an unintelligible chant. Her green eyes began to glow, her hair stood on end and the ground beneath her started to shake. Her natural affinity with the earth was being put to good use. Too bad O’Chunks had the patience of a small child.

    “Argh, this be takin’ too long!” he shouted. “Enough wit’ this namby-pamby magic nonsense!” With that, he wasted no time punching his way through the spikes, grabbing the Orb in the process. Terra immediately stopped her spell, as it would do no good now.

    “I’ll admit, that was a little uncalled for,” Terra said, “but I have to say, I’m impressed.”


    “There it is!” she cried. “The Wind Orb!” Nastasia had spotted the green embodiment of wind hovering on its own at the top of a small yet incredibly steep peak. “But how do we get it?”

    “I got a great idea!” Gonzo exclaimed. “You could grab hold of my legs and throw me like those Olympic people do in the hammer throw, then I’ll try and grab it in midair. And if it doesn’t work the first time, we can just try again!”

    “Um, I don’t think that’s a good idea...” Nastasia tried to talk some sense into the blue weirdo, but he was already preparing himself for the throw. Knowing it was a terrible idea, she picked him up by the legs and started swinging him around as best she could(thankfully for the hypnotic secretary, he was very light). Then, when she thought her aim was just right, she tossed him at the Orb. Gonzo tried to grab it as he had planned, but something strange happened: instead of sailing past it, the Wind Orb blew him straight back in the direction he had just been thrown from, sending him crashing straight into the ground. Of course, that’s the kind of stuff he lives for, so he was okay.

    Nastasia sighed, then noticed something. The Orb was calling to her. It had somehow remembered the secretary from their alliance in Free Country, USA, as if it was alive. It benevolently pulled her upwards toward it, negating gravity itself...


    “Well, this is the gate to the palace of Moraine, I think...” Errol said. “What if they don’t let us in?”

    “It’s worth a try,” Web replied. She knocked on the gate, not really expecting it to work. Surprisingly, it did. The gates opened and allowed them entry, then closed as soon as they had crossed the threshold. The two birds made their way through the glistening fountain-filled palace to the throne room where Mizumi, the Queen of Cups, was waiting. She held a wine glass in her right hand filled with some unknown clear liquid and gazed upon them with a withering stare.

    “So,” she said, “I assume you two are Web the Swallow and Errol the Owl?”

    “Y-yes,” Web replied, obviously nervous. “How did you— I mean, what gave you that impression, your highness?” She was trying to be as courteous as possible, for she had never spoken to anyone in such a high political or social position before.

    “I was alerted ahead of time that you were coming.” The queen motioned to an object that could not be mistaken for anything other than one of Jareth’s magic crystals. “So, you’ve come to ask me something?”

    “Yes, ma’am,” Errol replied. “We need to find the Water Orb and we were wondering if you would maybe help us. It’s a blue glass ball, about yea big—” (he formed his fingers into a shape about the same size as the Orbs were) “—and it looks like it’s got water inside. We need to find it because if we don’t, the universe will be destroyed. So if you could help us in any way, it would mean a lot...”

    Mizumi sighed. “And Jareth put you up to this?”

    “Well, not really, but he is helping...”

    Mizumi stepped down from her throne and walked gracefully towards the two birds. “Even though I would rather not work with Jareth after the trouble he’s caused me over the years,” she said, still holding her wine glass, “I can’t allow the fate of the universe hang on an old grudge. I will gladly help you.” She smiled. “Hold out your hand, please.” Web obliged, and Mizumi tipped her glass into her open hand. The contents of the glass took the shape of a blue sphere about yea big seemingly filled with water upon contact with Web’s palm.


    Luna had almost finished repairing the star-thing as the four teams arrived back. “Did you get ‘em?” she asked each pair. They each held out the Orb they had been sent to retrieve. Helios and Misty were completely covered in scorch marks from their bonfire used to lure the Fire Orb to them. While Helios looked as though he couldn’t be happier if you had just handed him the cutest, softest puppy you could find and paid him five bucks a minute to pet and play with it, Misty seemed a little worse for wear. “Never... again...” she moaned. O’Chunks still had a bit of rubble in his beard, and also a booger from where he sneezed due to the dust, but we’ll let him figure that part out on his own. Gonzo had some minor bruises, but they were hard to make out in his blue, um... hair? Feathers? I don’t know... ANYWAY. The point is, they had the Orbs again. Suddenly, a rift appeared and Homestar and Shooting Star jumped out, both breathing heavily.

    “Well?” Kermit asked. “Is anyone coming?”

    “No one...” Homestar panted. “No one but... Strong Bad...”

    “He said he was coming,” Shooting Star continued for her brother. “But as we entered the portal, he said he had to do something and left. He said he had a plan, but I don’t know what...”

    “Either way, we can’t waste any more time,” Luna said. She had just completed repairing the star. They started to place the Orbs in their positions, the star lighting up again when it was complete. At that moment, Jess and Mimi, looking more like themselves as they ran, rushed to meet the others, the Dimentio clones having faded off. “Are you two okay?”

    “It’s coming!” Jess exclaimed, her eyes being the last to change back from blue and brown to their normal gray color. “We don’t have much time left!”

    “Oh no!” Web cried. “What’ll happen if it finds us?”

    “Don’t worry, I planned ahead,” Luna told them. “That’s what the barrier is for.”

    It was then that Dimentio and Jareth reappeared. “What’s this I hear about the barrier?” Dimentio asked. “No need to worry. If there’s one thing I know, no barrier made by my shmoopy has ever been broken. Even I couldn’t break it if it were me she was attempting to keep out.” This ended up in a sick little puppy-dog moment between Dimentio and Luna. ‘Shmoopy’, indeed. However, the affectionate moment didn’t last long. The same force that the Tails Doll had been using to consume the worlds, albeit in a diluted form due to its missing arm sapping at its strength, was starting to close in on them... seeping under the barrier. “No way!” Dimentio shouted. “No freakin’ way!”

    Then, to everyone’s surprise, another rift opened and the Mayhem bus sped out of it, closely followed by two mustachioed Italian brothers(the Mario Bros), a dark-blue spherical masked swordsman with bat wings(Meta Knight), a brown fox wearing a gray jacket and green jumpsuit holding a blaster(Fox McCloud), twin children wearing parkas and carrying large mallets(the Ice Climbers), a young boy with a baseball cap holding a yoyo(Ness) and an angel-winged teenage boy wearing Grecian-style clothing and carrying two golden swords(Pit). A large floating white-gloved hand not attached to an arm or body, known only as Master Hand, brought up the rear, deep red scars on its knuckles from a previous encounter with something incredibly nasty that I will not say due to potential spoilers for the Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros Brawl. “Gangway, coming through, look out!” Dr Teeth shouted as the bus plowed through the trees, the entourage from the World of Trophies following close behind.

    A third rift opened soon after with Stardust leading a large group of the best Pokémon he could find and who were willing to help. Right by his side were Dimentio’s other Pokémon, a Combusken named Major Tom, a Haunter named Jareth(not to be confused with the Goblin King), a Cacturne named Iman, an Umbreon named Diamond and a Spiritomb named Void. Behind them were a multitude of other Pokémon, including but not at all limited to a Wartortle, a Quilava, a Grovyle, a Pikachu, a Misdreavus and a Kirlia. He had even somehow managed to get Mewtwo and a Lucario on their side. Stardust was holding a large stick, which had no real importance, it was just a stick. “ATTAAAAACK!” he shouted, all the Pokémon charging to where the Tails Doll was. The darkness closing in from all sides was starting to retreat as the Brawlers and the Pokémon did their worst to the evil plush.

    “That should hold it off,” Luna said. She turned to Terra and Helios. “Are you ready?” They both nodded, and the three magical siblings began to pour all their energy into the Orbs. The Orbs gave off bright light in their colors, then the bright white light that had summoned Notivel shot up into the sky. Another figure was formed, this one having the exact same coloration as the Orbs she had been summoned from. She had the same body shape as Notivel though seemed a tad more graceful. Her hair was curly and not straight like her sister’s. Her eyes had the same five colors as the rest of her for did.

    This was Paltretta Leviton.

    Hellooooo, everyone~!” Paltretta greeted them in a far more cheery tone than her dark sister. “I’m here to help with whatever I can, be it unrequited love, a giant dinosaur attacking the town or universal chaos!” She bowed, just like her sister, and smiled sweetly at them.

    “Um, it’s that last one we need help with,” Nastasia told Paltretta.

    Cool.” The new elemental being looked around. “Where’s Novie? I wanna see her!” She soon spotted Notivel and proceeded to tackle-hug her.

    Paltretta, get OFF!” Notivel shouted. “Why must you be so childish?

    Why must YOU be so uptight?” Paltretta remarked back, with an obvious joking tone.

    “Ahem, hate to interrupt this happy little moment you two are having,” Dimentio said angrily, “but there’s a pure-evil freako doll-thing trying to destroy the universe and if we don’t do something right now we’re ALL GONNA DIE!

    Of course,” Notivel replied. “Now that we are together, we can defeat the evil. By merging into our ultimate form, we will have enough power to save the universe.

    But we’re gonna need your help!” Paltretta giggled. “We need a LOT of positive energy to merge and transform! So think happy thoughts, believe in us... and yourselves, as well! Think of Christmas, think of snow, think of reindeer, off we go! And wave your cares good-byyyyyeee~! We can fly, we can fly, we can FLYYY~!

    “Okay...” “I guess...” “Worth a shot...” “Let’s DO IT!”

    So they all closed their eyes and thought of happy things, pleasant memories and encouraging quotes from inspirational famous people. One by one, they each changed from their normal selves into a ball of light in the color of their true selves, circling the Elemental Beings gracefully. Paltretta Leviton and Notivel Attertlap clasped their hands together as their two bodies were beautifully merged into one...
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    Frooooggging loved! ! ! ! ! Oh man, there's so much here to huggle and gush over. This is why others' fics turn out so much better than my own. Spiritomb's the only one of those I don't know, but I can share some of my own character's Pokemon if you want sometime (not to be confussled with my CCH's). The brawler team... The morphing of Mimi... The story of Dimentio... This is the greatest ever!
    *Happy fainted exploded into little bits that will digitally remerge into creating the being that is am and are I.
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    Thanks! ^u^ But sadly, the fun's almost over. There are only two chapters left. The Scoop of the Century has almost come to an end. Hopefully a happy end, but an end nonetheless. I'm working on chapter 11 and the epilogue right now, with the epilogue strangely having way more done on it than the chapter before it. 8|

    However! Just because there are only two chapters left of this story doesn't mean that's all I'm doing here in terms of writing. There may or may not be a sequel to Scoop already in the works... There may also be some extras here as well... That's not a guarantee, though. Or is it? ;3
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    *Bump in the night... Hoping for an update please. *Retreats back into his lair.
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    PuppyLuver Studios presents

    The Scoop of the Century

    Chapter 11: The Beginning

    No special explanations or trivia tidbits at the top of this one. I think this chapter speaks for itself. Except for the overly long hiatus. It was, um, to build suspense? Maybe? Possibly? Bad excuse?

    See if you can figure out which universes the group get toured to. 83


    The formerly large group in the clearing was now condensed to a single form. Paltretta Leviton stood alone surrounded by a multi-colored aura... but it didn’t look quite like Paltretta. She had colored ribbons flowing back from her forehead, shoulders and feet. Her clothes now had darker lines down her sides, with paler lines inside those. Her eyes, instead of just being five colors, were every color at once and yet colorless at the same time. The star-shaped pendant near her neck was gone, replaced by a diamond that glowed all the colors of the light spectrum. Small colored lights twirled around her, representing those who had lent their energy to help Paltretta and Notivel achieve their most powerful form. “It’s time,” she said calmly.

    She took off, soaring through the skies graceful as a bird. Music seemed to be in the air, joyful music that made everyone present upbeat and motivated. She flew to where dark clouds were gathering, the place where the Tails Doll was attempting to regenerate its energy.

    Fools, all of you... it said. Just because you’ve obtained a singular, powerful form... and I’m without an arm... you think you can stop me...?

    I don’t think we can stop you,” she replied coolly.“I know we can.” A green light was drawn to her hand, which shot Mimi’s Rubees at the abomination. The sharp jewels nicked and cut at the Tails Doll’s fabric. It responded with a wave of dark energy that scattered the lights around Paltretta. “Come on... we have to stay together...!” This time, a blue light was drawn into her hand. She used the power of this light to fire blue lightning at the Tails Doll.

    NOOOO! it cried. YOU CANNOT STOP MEEEE! The red jewel hanging above its head glowed evilly, firing an immense energy wave that took the shape of a ferocious dragon. The energy-dragon made for the crystal on Paltretta’s chest, but three small lights blocked it. The energy-dragon shattered, severely weakening the Tails Doll. It’s often arrogance that is a being’s undoing... a voice that sounded like Dimentio echoed. Trust me, I have first-hand experience.

    And now, the grand finale...” Paltretta drew all the lights to her hands, combining into one powerful blast composed of all the group’s individual powers. “This is for all the lives you’ve ruined, abomination,” she told the Tails Doll. “Everyone you’ve destroyed. Everything you’ve ever done.

    She fired.


    The blast tore off the Tails Doll’s remaining limbs, stuffing flying everywhere as it fell. Paltretta landed softly beside where it had crashed. Its jewel had been severed from its head, but somehow it was still alive. You... cannot... destroy me... it moaned weakly. I... am the beginning... and the end... I am beyond immortal... you can’t kill death...

    Just then, another rift appeared. Stepping out of the rift was something unlike any of them had ever seen, except for Homestar and Shooting Star. It was a large creature at least ten stories high. It was S-shaped, covered in green scales and had large white spikes on its whip-like tail. Its legs looked way to thin to support its bulk, but they somehow did. It had beady black eyes and a large mouth with long, sharpened fangs. On its back were two small, leathery wings and a large muscular arm. Riding on the creature was none other than Strong Bad, a crazed look in his emerald eyes. “YEEEAAAAHH!” he cried. “GET ‘IM, TROGGIE!”

    Trogdor the Burninator roared proudly, bending over to taste his latest prey. As the fearsome dragon snarled, everyone could hear the Tails Doll’s last words quite clearly. Oh, crap.


    The abomination was no more.


    Later, the excess Pokémon, the inhabitants of the World of Trophies and Trogdor were being returned to their respective universes. Paltretta, Notivel and everyone else were now themselves again, separate entities. “Thank you for helping,” Kermit said to the elemental twins.

    No problem,” Paltretta replied. “It was kinda fun!” Notivel rolled her eyes at this.

    “Well, guess this is where we all say good-bye...” Jess said sadly.

    Wait! Before you go,” Paltretta suggested, “maybe we can give you a quick tour of the multiverse before sending you all home?

    “You all go on,” Jareth said. “I have some clean-up around here to take care of.”

    Everyone else thought that sounded like a good idea. So Paltretta and Notivel merged again, everyone reverting to the small lights that they had been during the battle. The labyrinth around them disappeared and was replaced by a sequence of worlds that the group flew through, invisible to all below aside from the rainbow trail.

    The first world was full of multi-colored people of different shapes. An orange circular being had its arms outstretched far too long to be possible, using them to tickle a blue, rectangular being.

    The next world had a large city surrounded by a thick stone wall, similar to that of the Great Wall of China. The city inside seemed to be a copy of an ancient Chinese city, as well. The people in the city wore mostly green and yellow outfits. Two people in particular noticed the rainbow trail, a young man with a burn scar on his left eye and an older, rotund man with a long grey beard.

    “That’s unusual,” the older man said. “A rainbow in the sky, yet there hasn’t been any rain for two days.”

    “Maybe it’s a sign of good things to come,” the younger man replied.

    “Could be.”

    They passed through many more worlds, one of human-like animals fighting an overweight man who commanded giant robots one minute, one of teenage human girls with animal appendages fighting invading aliens the next. They finally came to one world in particular that somehow emanated good feelings to everyone. “This world is my personal favorite,” Paltretta told the others.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been here, Mimi said.

    Of course not,” Paltretta giggled. “This world isn’t usually open to tourists. Normally, those who come here stay forever. This is what they’ve earned after a good life. But today, we get to visit. There’s some people here you’ll already know, those who wish to congratulate you.” She flew over floating cliffs that were somehow connected to one another by streams of air. People looked up at the group, focusing on particular individuals. One by one, the people sent their thanks to everyone.

    “You did a great job, Jess,” an older woman with curly grey hair and glasses said. She was holding a bowl that was filled with a large mass of butter and sugar. A little girl with a slight overbite wearing a white, brown and black spotted dress clung to the old woman’s leg. She had black hair and brown eyes. “We’ve all been watching you fight, and I was very impressed with your work. So was little Fluff here. I still have our ruined cookie dough, you know.” The old woman laughed a sweet laugh. The little girl said nothing, but smiled.

    Grandmommy... Fluffernut...

    A young couple also watched them pass. The man had dark blue skin and hair, wearing Victorian-style clothing. The woman wore a white dress with rainbow trim, triangle-shaped earrings and had brown hair with rainbow-dyes bangs. “Mimi, Nastasia, O’Chunks,” the woman said, “you made us both proud. You’ll never know just how great your actions were today.”

    “I was surprised with you, Dimentio,” the man said. “After you betrayed me, I never thought you’d turn over a new leaf and end up saving everyone ever born, ever. Thank you.”

    Count Ble—I mean, Blumiere! And Timpani!

    Kermit noticed in particular a bearded man. This man had been everything for Kermit. He was the reason that Kermit had become who he was in the first place. The man who held him up when he felt down and was always there to lend a hand. “You did great,” the man said to Kermit, and to all the other Muppets who had known him deeply. “I’m so happy for you, and not just about what you’ve done to save all the universes. I’m proud of how far you’ve come. Even when I left, you kept going strong. I’ll always be proud of all of you.”

    J... Jim...

    Paltretta flew into the horizon. The sun shone brightly upon them, returning them all one by one to their homeworlds.

    There’s just one thing I don’t understand, Dimentio said to Paltretta as everyone left. If our loved ones that have passed are all here... then where’s Marley? Why didn’t I see Marley? What does it mean?

    It means she’s still out there,” Paltretta told him. “She hasn’t passed on yet. She’s still alive, David.

    But that’s impossible... he muttered. I saw her dissolve with my own eyes... even if it just sent her to a different world then, there’s no way...

    Nothing’s impossible. Merely improbable.

    Dimentio smiled a sad smile as he disappeared.


    “Well, looks like we helped a lot today,” Errol said. They were getting their van repaired and refueled at the Hensonville Garage, courtesy of the Muppets. “And we even got free auto repair at that.”

    “Yeah, I guess,” Web replied. “But how are we gonna keep all this a secret? I don’t think this is something the world needs to know.”

    Errol shrugged. “I don’t know.” He looked up at the sky. “Do you think we’ll ever see them again? The ones from alternate universes, I mean.”

    Web giggled. “Oh, Errol,” she said, “if movies have taught me anything, there’s no doubt that we’ll see them again. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw them again tomorrow.”


    The repairman had finished fixing their van. They got in and left, their thoughts still dwelling on the day’s events.
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    Simply wonderful. The only one of those extra worlds I didn't identify is the stonewalled square city. Rully moved by what that bearded guy said. Rully well done. But is this the end? *Scary organ music.
  16. PuppyLuver

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    Thanks! :D No, it's not the end just yet. If it were the end, there would be big bold letters at the bottom that said THE END. But there are none... yet. :3 Plus, I'd never title the last chapter something like "The Beginning". It's been done too many times. :p
  17. PuppyLuver

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    PuppyLuver Studios presents

    The Scoop of the Century


    Yep, this is the end. I actually finished a story that I started. I’m so happy. I love you guys.

    Wait! Don’t reply just yet! I’ve got a credits reel! Wait until that’s up, okay? Thank you.

    I actually had half of this done before the previous two chapters were even thought up. Isn’t that hilarious? XD


    The mysterious case of the ‘Hensonville Goblins’ has finally been solved. 40-year-old David Robert Jones confessed to the various acts of wanton destruction of public property, claiming to have multiple personality disorder.

    I am so sorry for everything my other self did... I... I had no idea. He’s done some bad things before, but never... I swear, if I had known, I would’ve stopped him—er, myself—from doing it.

    Jones was tried in court and was found not guilty due to temporary insanity. This is Web the Swallow, reporting live for Channel Five News.

    The TV was shut off. The news manager of Channel Five News(an old vulture) had reviewed the story Web and Errol had covered. “I’m proud of you kids,” he said. “Not only did you exceed my expectations, you also made it seem as if you were hard-core news professionals.” He stood up to shake their hands... wings... whatever... Gonzo... “Congrats, Web, Errol. You’ve done good.”

    “Thank you, sir,” Web replied. Of course, the old vulture had no idea of the truth behind the story. The so-called “David Robert Jones” was really Dimentio in his human form. His lawyer had been Jareth, also in disguise. More than likely, the judge, jury and witnesses had been mind-controlled to clear the case. Hey, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

    The old vulture sat back down. “This next assignment probably won’t be as exciting,” he said. He rummaged around in his desk drawer and pulled something out. They were two all-access backstage passes to the next performance of The Muppet Show. “I wanna know how Kermit and his buds are doin’. Y’know, for the entertainment spot.” He winked. “Enjoy yourselves, kids. You earned it.”


    “Okay, Electric Mayhem on in five! Mayhem on in five!” Kermit called backstage. “Pepe, could you leave Jess alone for just one minute tonight?”

    Pepe, a Spanish king prawn with a habit of flirting with any girl that came near him, had insisted on staying by Jess’s side for the whole of the show, much to the teenage shapeshifter’s annoyance. “Oh, señorita, jou are so lovely, okay,” he said to her. “Jour soft hair is like drizzling chocolate. Let’s do dinner sometime, okay? I know the best restaurant in town. Just remember, when I start singing like Ethel Merman, that’s our signal to run out the back, okay.”

    “Look, shorty,” Jess replied irritably, “if you don’t stop with your lame pick-up lines, I’m gonna break out Mama’s recipe for shrimp tempura. And that’s not a threat, it’s a promise.”

    “Okay... I see jou need some time to think it over,” he said as she stormed off. “Call me, okay!” He walked off to get ready for his number(which was on after the Mayhem), having the severely distorted notion that Jess was head over heels for him. “Hehe, she loves me, okay...”

    Around that time, Web and Errol entered the Muppet Theater via the back way. Web made her way to where Kermit was working, lightly tapping him on the shoulder. “Not now, not now,” Kermit said, not paying attention to who was tapping him. “I’m a little busy at the moment.”

    “Kermit, it’s us!” Web told him. “Me and Errol! We came to see tonight’s show.”

    Kermit looked up and noticed who was tapping on his shoulder. “Oh! You made it!” he exclaimed happily. “How are you two?”

    “We’re fine,” Errol said. “Thankfully, our boss bought the cover story for the ‘vandalizations’.” He winked. The twosome made their way to a spot where they could see the show clearly. At the moment, the Electric Mayhem were performing “Nutbush City Limits”, and they were doing a pretty good job of it. When the number ended, everyone watching stood and applauded.

    “Absolutely not!” a familiar voice cried from the dressing rooms. “I refuse to perform anything with that thing! And especially not in this ridiculous get-up!” Web and Errol turned to see something special. Jess had somehow gotten Dimentio in a leopard-print outfit with high-heeled boots, complete with matching tail and cat ears. The two news birds also saw Mimi, O’Chunks and Nastasia peeking out of the cantina, laughing at Dimentio’s ridiculous outfit.

    “Oh, come on,” Jess said, giggling. “If you’re gonna be here, the least you can do is make yourself useful. Stardust isn’t complaining.”

    “Of course he’s not complaining! Stardust gets to be Amigo, the star! He doesn’t have to dress up as the one who’s always mistaken for a woman.”

    “There you go, that makes Rio the perfect character for you.” Jess grinned from ear to ear. “And I forgot to mention... if you don’t go through with the number, we’ll get to find out what happens to Buddha of Suburbia when it’s places in the microwave. On high heat.” This immediately got Dimentio to shut up.

    As the Mayhem came backstage, Fozzie pulled Misty aside. “What is it?” she asked.

    “Remember right before we went in the Labyrinth and I told you the first part of a two-part joke?” Fozzie asked. “And how I’d tell you the second part when we got out?”


    “Well, here goes.” He cleared his throat and began part two. “This man was in an airplane with his dog. The man, he lights a cigar. The stewardess comes by and says ‘Sir, there’s no smoking on this plane.’ ‘Fair enough,’ the guy says. So he opens the window, and this was back when you could actually open the windows of an airplane, and tosses the cigar out. Naturally, the dog thinks it’s a stick and jumps out after it.”

    “Oh my!”

    “Yeah, yeah, and later these cops are looking around down on the ground and they see the dog. It’s dead, of course, but it has something in its mouth. What do you think was in the dog’s mouth?”

    “The cigar?”

    “A pink brick.”

    Misty had never laughed so hard in her life. That joke was definitely worth the wait.

    Later, Dimentio was shoved onstage for the next number. Stardust and Pepe were already there. “I should get paid for putting up with this crap...” he moaned. The music started as Pepe began to sing.

    She's into superstitions, black cats and voodoo dolls
    I feel a premonition that girl's gonna make me fall
    She's into new sensations, new kicks in the candle light
    She's got a new addiction for every day and night

    She'll make you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain
    She'll make you live her crazy life but she'll take away your pain
    Like a bullet to your brain (come on!)

    Upside, inside out she's livin' la vida loca
    She'll push and pull you down, livin' la vida loca
    Her lips are devil red and her skin's the color mocha
    She will wear you out livin' la vida loca (come on!)
    Livin' la vida loca (come on!)
    She's livin' la vida loca

    Woke up in New York City in a funky cheap hotel
    She took my heart and she took my money
    She must've slipped me a sleeping pill
    She never drinks the water and makes you order French Champagne
    Once you've had a taste of her you'll never be the same
    Yeah, she'll make you go insane

    Upside, inside out she's livin' la vida loca
    She'll push and pull you down, livin' la vida loca
    Her lips are devil red and her skin's the color mocha
    She will wear you out livin' la vida loca (come on!)
    Livin' la vida loca (come on!)
    She's livin' la vida loca

    She'll make you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain
    She'll make you live her crazy life but she'll take away your pain
    Like a bullet to your brain (come on!)

    Upside, inside out she's livin' la vida loca
    She'll push and pull you down, livin' la vida loca
    Her lips are devil red and her skin's the color mocha
    She will wear you out livin' la vida loca (come on!)
    Livin' la vida loca (come on!)
    She's livin' la vida loca

    The applause was nearly deafening. “Thank you, thank you, gracias!” Pepe cried. He threw an index card into the audience. “Ladies, my number’s on that. Call me later, okay?”

    Meanwhile, Mimi was getting ready for the closing number. She was wearing a pink long-sleeved jacket with a white shirt underneath, along with a blue skirt and black shorts, both lined at the bottom with white lace. “Do I look pretty, Nastasia?” she asked.

    “Yeah, you look great,” Nastasia replied. “You’ll do wonderful out there.”

    “But what if they don’t like me?”

    “They will. And don’t forget, I’ll be out there too. Everyone will.”

    Mimi smiled. She went out onstage, waiting for Kermit to introduce the closing number.

    “And now,” Kermit addressed the audience, “we come to the end of yet another show—”

    “Hope it’s the last one!” a voice shouted up from the balcony. Like clockwork, Statler and Waldorf were doing what they did best.

    “Will you two cut that out?” Kermit shouted. “Really, if you don’t like the show, why do you bother coming?”

    “We have nothing better to do,” Waldorf said.

    “If we did, we sure wouldn’t be here!” Statler chimed in. They both laughed.

    Kermit did his trademark “scrunchy-face”. “Anyway,” he continued, “we bring this particular show, which is not in any way the last one, to a close with this little beauty of a number. It starts off with a recently discovered performer, but everyone will be in on it by the end. Now here it is, DREAMS DREAMS.” He jumped behind the curtains real quick before they opened. Mimi was standing there, holding the microphone. As the instrumental opening for the song began, she felt the butterflies in her stomach. What if she messed up? What if she forgot the words? She turned to see Nastasia giving her a thumbs-up. That was all the encouragement she needed. Mimi began to sing right on her cue.

    In a dream I could see you are not far away
    Anytime, anyplace, I can see your face
    You are that special one that I've been waiting for
    And I hope you're looking for someone like me

    In my dreams,” Nastasia joined in, “I can hear you call on me
    In the night, everything's so sweet
    In your eyes, I feel there's so much inside” The two sang together.

    In the nights, dream delight
    I want to see you standing there
    In the nights, dream delight
    I've found someone who really cares
    In the nights, dream delight
    I want to see you smile again
    In the nights, dream delight
    You're the one I've waited for

    Another instrumental bit, then little Robin sang the next verse. “In a dream we can do everything we want to
    There's nowhere I'd rather be but here with you
    The stars above light the way only for you and I
    I'm so glad I've found the one that I've been looking for

    Keep the dream,” Kermit sang, “of the one you're hoping for
    Love can come through an open door
    Just be strong and you're sure to find
    The one, the one, the one, the one” Then everyone joined in.

    In the nights, dream delight
    I want to see you standing there
    In the nights, dream delight
    I've found someone who really cares
    In the nights, dream delight
    I want to see you smile again
    In the nights, dream delight
    You're the one I've waited for

    In the nights, dream delight
    I want to see you standing there
    In the nights... I've found someone who really cares
    In the nights... I want to see you smile again
    In the nights... you're the one I waited for
    In the night... delight
    You and me, we could be together forever
    In the nights... delight
    Baby, baby, baby, oh woh, yeah, yeah
    In the nights, dream delight
    I found someone, I found my love in the night
    In that dream with you girl
    You're the one I waited for
    I dream, I dream, I dream, I dream, and you know...

    And so the show ended with uproarious applause. The performance of DREAMS DREAMS brought down the house. And with the show coming to a close, so does our story. But don’t be sad. All good stories must come to an end eventually, and there will always be beginnings to new, better stories just around the corner.

    We may part for now, but only because this story has ended. Just as sure as all fish swim and most birds fly, we will meet again. I may have new stories for you, or you may have a story you wish to share with me. One thing’s for sure, the cycle of storytelling and the conclusions of stories told will continue till the end of time.

    ~THE END~
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    The Scoop of the Century


    Directed by Jess aka PuppyLuver

    Written by Jess aka PuppyLuver

    Music by a multitude of people, including David Bowie, Bob Seger, Styx and Koji Kondo

    Costumes by Ms Nicole Vogue

    Makeup and Hair by Shirley Vogue

    Lighting by the Sylvania light bulb peoples


    Steve Whitmire as Kermit the Frog, Rizzo the Rat, Beaker, Lips and Statler

    Eric Jacobson as Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, Animal and Sapia

    Dave Goelz as Gonzo the Great, Zoot, Dr Bunsen Honeydew, Waldorf and Errol the Owl

    Bill Barretta as Rowlf the Dog, Pepe the King Prawn, Dr Teeth and Nurse Tongues

    Brian Henson as Janice and Panjan Spittledrum

    John Kennedy as Floyd Pepper and the Tails Doll

    Fran Brill as Web the Swallow, Misty Pepper, Kikit, Hands and Mimi

    David Bowie as Jareth and Dimentio

    Matt Chapman as all the male HSR characters

    Melissa “Missy” Palmer as Marzipan and Queen Mizumi

    Karen Wagner as Shooting Star Runner

    Nicholas Cage as Stardust the Sableye

    Jen Taylor as Luna Pekkala, Terra Pekkala and Nastasia

    Scott Burns as Helios Pekkala and O’Chunks

    Random extras as random characters

    Jess aka PuppyLuver as herself, Paltretta Leviton and Notivel Attertlap

    Copyright Crap

    All the Muppets belong to the Jim Henson Company

    Dimentio, Nastasia, O’Chunks and Mimi belong to Nintendo and Intelligent Systems

    Pokémon belongs to Nintendo and GameFreak

    Super Smash Bros series belongs to Nintendo and HAL Laboratories, all related characters belong to Nintendo in some way except for Solid Snake who belongs to Konami and Sonic who belongs to SEGA/SonicTeam

    Homestar Runner characters belong to Mike and Matt Chapman, aka the Brothers Chaps

    Misty Pepper and the Fer Sure Four belong to Maddie aka ZootyCutie

    This story, Web the Swallow, Errol the Owl, Shooting Star Runner, Snowflake, Luna/Terra/Helios Pekkala, Dimentio’s Pokémon(the individuals, not the species), Paltretta Leviton, Notivel Attertlap and any human incarnations of non-human characters belong to Jess aka PuppyLuver

    DREAMS DREAMS lyrics, Sonic series, NiGHTS series, Samba de Amigo series, Can You Feel the Sunshine? lyrics and the Tails Doll belong to SEGA and SonicTeam

    Special Thanks

    to Maddie aka ZootyCutie, for letting me use her characters in this story

    to Joy aka PuppyMother and William aka PuppyDaddy, for bringing me into this world

    to everyone at Muppet Central, for taking the time to read my fanfiction and for nagging me to get it done

    to Satoshi Tajiri, for creating Pokemon and making me into the total nerd I am today

    to the peoples at SEGA and SonicTeam, for putting sound test features in Sonic (Adventure/Adventure 2/Heroes/Riders) and NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, and also for creating Samba de Amigo so I could be inspired by the great music of said games

    to David Bowie, for a spectacular performance of Jareth the Goblin King, which led me to making Dimentio so obsessed with you

    and to Jim Henson, for creating the Muppets all those years ago so that this story would have been possible in the first place

    Keep the dream of the one you’re hoping for

    Love can come through an open door

    Just be strong and you’re sure to find the one

    ~Jess aka PuppyLuver~
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