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The Storyteller

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by Party_Animal, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. Party_Animal

    Party_Animal New Member

    Favorite episode of The Storyteller

    The Storyteller has been my favorite Jim Henson TV show since I saw it when my sister got the DVD. I wanted to know if anyone had a favorite eposide. Mine would have to be 'The True Bride' because I just think it's cool and interesting. Also one of my favorite actors, Sean Bean, is in it. :halo: Anybody else have a favorite? :)
  2. jediX

    jediX Active Member

    'True Bride' was always my favorite Storyteller of the ones shown as part of The Jim Henson Hour -- I loved that lion and still do. I also like 'A Story Short'.
  3. Smy Guiley

    Smy Guiley New Member

    I like THE SOLDIER AND DEATH and also I think my favourite is FEARNOT. You gotta love how NOTHING scares him!

    "You know what this is at your throat?"
    "I don't know, sir. A knife?"

    I love it!

  4. Zelda Rose

    Zelda Rose New Member


    Well, I'm sad to say that I only remember a one hour special of "The Storyteller". I live in the South, and as much as I love being born and raised here, I hate to admit how backwards "we" still are in some of "our" thinking, so I'm guessing they only showed one episode because it was "Fantasy" and had elves and such in it and since that's not good Bible talk, well then it just wasn't "right".

    Ok, sorry to get on my soapbox and offend people :o .....

    What I want to say is this, I only got to see one episode of it, but LOVED every second of it! My Dad recorded it for me, and I'm sad to say that the tape is so old that it's unwatchable now. I remember the hedgehog and how he turned back and forth from a man to the hedgehog. I thought the costume was just AMAZING.....I wanted a coat like that. (Hey, it was the 80's and I was a teen in high school.......whadda' ya' want? LOL!) I don't recall any episode names or much more than that..........but I'd give ANYTHING to see ALL of the Storyteller episodes! :excited:
    I also remember the lion and thought he was SO beautiful! Wasn't it Brian Henson that was the lion?
  5. leliebel

    leliebel New Member

    I just got the last dvd a couple of weeks ago (well, it's actually the first one, but it was constantly sold out so for me it's the last). But I haven't been able to watch it due to circumstances. I only want to watch it when there's nobady home and there is not a chance of me being disturbed in the middle of an episode. :D
  6. uncledeadlysgrl

    uncledeadlysgrl New Member

    i love 'the soldier and death'. The devils are awesome.
  7. AndyWan Kenobi

    AndyWan Kenobi Well-Known Member

    My wife and I watched all of the episodes on DVD last fall--I always loved them, and she had never seen them. For Valentine's Day, she picked up the Greek Myth episodes for me on VHS--I've never seen these before (though I knew about them), so I'm really excited! We watched "Perseus and the Gorgon" last night, and I thought it was really cool.
  8. Sir Didymus

    Sir Didymus New Member

    "The Story Short" is probably one of my favorite Jim Henson creations.
    It is so wonderfully put together, and it is definitly a tale I will never forget.

    If you haven't seen this, GO BUY IT!

  9. AndyWan Kenobi

    AndyWan Kenobi Well-Known Member

    I especially like "Hans My Hedgehog" and "Fearnot"--the lovey-dovey-ness of them gets to me. Actually, I love them all!
  10. mupvisiongirl

    mupvisiongirl New Member

    I have a special spot in my heart for "Hans my Hedgehog"- I just think it's really sweet (and, hey, hans is pretty cute when he takes off his quills). Whenever someone asks me to tell them a story that's always the one I pick, it's a unique one that many haven't heard before and I've found that all ages seem to like it alot. :)
  11. TheWhiteLion

    TheWhiteLion New Member

    The best for me is "The True Bride", because the main man...errrr...animal, the White Lion, is the star.
  12. Daylight

    Daylight New Member

    I love 'The Soldier and Death' too. The Storyteller is one of the only shows I've watched that my mum loved too. She borrowed my dvd then let one of her friends borrow it who loved it and plans to buy her own copy. So I think I've done my part to spread the awareness of and love for the Storyteller around.
  13. SarahFraggle

    SarahFraggle New Member

    magical animals

    My favorite was 'the true bride'. The white lion was so beautiful. And I loved the Gryffin in 'the luck child'. :flirt:

    Since I got the DVD my sis always wants do see Sean Bean in 'the true bride' from LOTR. :smirk:
  14. Show and Tell

    Show and Tell Member

    I rented The Storyteller from Netflix and watched it last night for the first time. Not bad really considering it was the 80's I think when it was shot. I especially liked the storytellers dog.
  15. Party_Animal

    Party_Animal New Member

    1987 I think. The Storytellers dog is really funny. :D
  16. leliebel

    leliebel New Member

    especially in sapsorrow

    I finally got to whatch all of them.

    Sapsorrow is so dramatic and the heartless giant so sad. I don't know which one is my favourite now.
  17. JaniceFerSure

    JaniceFerSure Active Member

    The StoryTeller,thoughts.

    Hiya.I found,awhile back,the book of the stories,The StoryTeller.Its a great book,very hard to find.

    My favs of StoryTeller are:
    1)Hans my Hedgehog(all time fav.) :cry:
    2)True Bride
    3)The Soldier & Death
    4)The Luck Child

    John Hurt was born to play the StoryTeller,that voice & persona.
    I loved the opening to the show too. :flirt:
  18. damaged

    damaged New Member

    I had never heard of it until I stumbled across the DVD at Wal*Mart. Since it was a Henson movie and had two of my favorite actresses in it and just looked interesting, I bought it. The Three Ravens, Sapsorrow, and The Luck Child are my favorites.

    Miranda Richardson rocked my socks off. :)
  19. ohdarling

    ohdarling New Member

    i have a few of the storyteller on vhs from when they aired. and hans my hedgehog always made me so sad i could never watch it. lol. but i love that show. :)
  20. Sylinde Bren

    Sylinde Bren Active Member

    My favourite 'Storyteller' episode would either be the faerytale of Sapsorrow or Fearnot. Both are easily tied for first place.

    My favourite 'Greek Myths' episode is also tied with that being the tale of Orpheus & Eurydice and Theseus & The Minotaur.

    John Hurt and Michael Gambon were the best choices for the storytellers. John Hurt is the ideal Medieval European tale-weaver with the voice that conjurs up images and magick while Michael Gambon's can put you to the edge of your seat with suspense with just a little assistance from Rachel Porter's music skills.

    Is anyone else really glad that Michael got the role of Dumbledore for the 'Harry Potter' series? I know I had my fingers crossed that he would get the part.

    And does anyone else feel, like me, that all of the music from 'The Storyteller' and 'Greek Myths' is deserving of being put to a CD release?

    ~ Sylindebren

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