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Theories why Bear came to an end

Discussion in 'Bear in the Big Blue House' started by beaker, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    I couldn't get into Thomas...but you know what show is now one of my favorites and has commanded my attention? Chuggington. Seriously. I know, its some new kiddy middle of the road cgi show from the UK, but there's something magical about it to me.
    Sadly it seems like they redubbed the British voices out of it for the American audience, lol

    Fraggle Rock is on a whole other plane of awesomeness really. I remember for years I kept telling you to check it out, so Im glad youre into it.

    I hadnt seen Bear in some time. I noticed the newer Disney Bear releases were six bucks each at Toys R Us, so I picked one up(Storytelling With Bear) and I felt the magic all over again(tho sadly theres only 3 episodes) It doesnt matter if youre 2 years old or 32 like you, you just instinctively want to hug Bear and give him a kiss on the nose, and do the 'cha cha cha'. Not many Muppets bring out that side of me. But to me Bear is such a perfect magical show, I'm hoping like you that they finally begin re-airing all the seasons on a cable channel. I mean, its not like it feels at all dated...looks like it coulda been filmed yesterday.

    Do you remember the first time Muppets were seen outside a studio? Was it the Kermit/Fozzie in the pasture outtakes from the Muppet Movie? It's a device that just works wonders. I have saved pretty much every Uncle Matt sketch from FR in a separate folder. Man, now thats ONE Fraggle puppet that needs to be rebuilt
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  2. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    I am sooooo grateful I was alive to and the perfect age to bear witness to the glory that was children's television 84-90
    (Muppet Babies, Reading Rainbow, G1 Transformers, etc)

    I have no idea how anyone can like the newer generation. Whats that one nightmarish looking kids show with the mutant teletubbie ball things? Oh gosh, theres so many nightmarish kids shows out there
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  3. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Boohbah? That thing was a TITANIC failure. And I mean that in the boat, not just the size. I remember Target having shelves and shelves of them for deep discount clearance and they STILL didn't move. I will say the educational shows for older kids have done nothing short of improved. World Girl is one of the best written shows for kid's I've seen... WildKrats has been amazing the three episodes I've seen... really, I HATE nature shows, especially the garbage ones they run at 3 Am Sundays to fulfill an FCC requirement, but the Krats have ALWAYS made nature shows so magical and fun, be it their first show, or Zaboomafoo. Even Curious George is beyond amazing, and that's for the wee ones. I'm glad to see the weak junk outnumbered.... but Barney's an immovable mountain of mediocrity and Super Why just... it's just unpleasant on every level.

    But other than that, Teletubbies is LONG gone from my outlet, Barney's only got one odd timeslot in the middle of the morning on the supplementary PBS . Seems things ARE moving in the right direction there.
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  4. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    I was having a conversation with someone about this, who didn't see why I had issues with modern Sesame Street. I tried to explain that Barney was responsible for Sesame Street changing its format and dumbing itself down. She said Barney was over now though and Sesame Street was still going strong. Well, it may still be on the air, but Sesame Street is far from going strong, in my opinion. Barney may be gone but I think the wrath of the purple dinosaur may be felt for quite awhile, heh. Not saying there's no hope, but it will take time.
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  5. rowlfy662

    rowlfy662 Well-Known Member

    lord i remember seeing super why when i was in florida i could not sit threw it i really hate seeing 2d and 3d together it does not work

    bear we need you :cry:
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  6. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Well, to be honest, Barney hit them hard in the early 90's... it's Blues Clues and Dora that REALLY warped 'em good lately. And every time they try to switch things back to normal, something comes up and they change everything over again> I know it, you know it, the people working on the show know it. They desperately wanted to bring the show back to what it was, at least pre-season 32 standards, but they just couldn't and changed things over again...

    Oh, and Teletubbies was ONLY popular because of that big mouthed guy whining that one of them was a symbol of homosexuality or something. If he wanted the show to be a failure, he shoulda kept his big fat mouth shut. Seriously, what WAS that stuff?

    But back to the subject at hand, there is no call for Bear to just be tossed in a corner. I still think it could play today, but the problem is where? It was, as beaker said, a joint between Henson and Disney, and I dunno if Disney would be all that willing to let it out to another channel (cough HUB cough cough). Really, air that right next to Fraggle Rock... would fit perfectly.
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  7. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    I think for whatever reason, the powers that be at Disney would want to keep Bear geared toward an early developmental audience(1-6 years old) Fraggle Rock if I recall was always more 3-12 year old range. I am still tickled beige for the existence of The Hub, even though I don't have cable. Having grown up loving Fraggle Rock despite rarely being able to see it due to not having premium cable...now that virtually everyone has cable countless kids can be exposed to it. The greatness of The Hub is that it seems to be a virtual celebration of all that I recall being glorious in the 80's. Be it G1 Transformers and GI Joe, or Fraggle Rock. Even the new GI Joe I like(TF Prime is still growing on me)

    Bear would simply be perfect right where it was originally: On Disney or other Disney channels. Though most perfect would be PBS. Call me crazy, but I kind of like Martha the talking dog and some of the other newer PBS morning kids shows. There is a simplicity that like Little Bear and Rupert, I find relaxing. Thats why I liked Muppet Babies and The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh so much. I think the only cheap-o cgi kids show I ever liked was that one with the Crocodile and the duck.

    But from the Bear dvd I have, it's now "Disney's Bear"(replacing Jim Henson's signature), and the legal stuff on the back say "Muppets Holding Company"(which would now be Muppets Studio)
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  8. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, Martha's amazing too. PBS is making strides with really good kid's programming, but Super WHY was a step backwards, and even with an 11:30 AM death slot, the fact they desperately cling on to Barney is nothing short of sad. I'm half and half on the Cat in the Hat cartoon, though. I love Martin Short's interpretation of the character, and I like the things and the fish... but the kids have ZERO personality, the show is dreadfully repetitive (down to singing the same Off We Go song with the same animation twice in a half hour), and the flat Flash animation with fixed poses. But there are strides in better kiddy programming. I can't wait till they disprove the Dora/Blue modual of educational kid's TV.
  9. KirbTreelo05

    KirbTreelo05 Well-Known Member

    February is getting close,and I still can't find any official signs that Bear will be returning to Disney Junior...

    Forget what I said about the Hub for a moment in my earlier post; I think it's great that “101 Dalmatians: The Series” is returning, but if Bear doesn’t come back on this channel with some of the older Playhouse Disney shows, (like Drtooth said on the other thread) this will be a major fail on their part. They can’t have a 24-Hour channel with the little bit of shows that are confirmed.

    Playhouse Disney has had its own channel in different countries for some time now, airing older shows with new ones, and having host in between programs (similar to how Sprout does it). Why it is when we finally get our version of the channel everything gets changed? The new name makes it sound like they got it from Nick Jr. When I first heard of it, that's exactly what I thought. Playhouse Disney sounded more distinctive and unique...

    Getting back to Bear and its discontinuation, I wondering what made "Breakfast With Bear" so short-lived. (Low ratings? Did it become too costly to fly continuously back-and-fourth from New York to California? ...Hmm, maybe not that last one...)
    Sure, it may have not been as insanely awesome as the original show, but even before I got fully interested in him again, I enjoyed watching it when I got the chance. It was the first time I had ever seen him in the real world. I thought the idea was neat. :super:

    I'm in process of create a BitBBH group with someone on DeviantArt. I was planning on talking about the spin-off in a journal at some point, but hardly anything comes up when I search for it. It feels as if it never happened. :(

    I kinda like this show, but I agree with you on with the kids and the animation. I was recently watching an episode where Sally and Nick were learning about hibernation from a black bear named Borris. They made them sound so clueless when they asked Borris questions like if he brushes his teeth or washes his face before he goes to sleep. I couldn't help but be bothered by that. It's like when Kai-Lan acts as if she has no idea why her friends get upset, when usually she's right there during what was happening. I know people do this to make the younger viewers more observant, but there's another way of doing it that won't make the characters seem so oblivious.

    Hopefully the animation will improve in the next season. When it comes to Flash, I prefer the fluidness Foster's used to have.
  10. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I truly wanted to like this show ever since I heard of it. I do, but it just isn't as watchable on a daily basis as it could be. Martin Short acts the heck out of the role, giving a wonderful exuberance that makes him the perfect Cat in the Hat. I have a bug with the fish not being all that resistant, but I guess he warmed up to the Cat over time. Even love how they handle the Things. But the kids with no personality (one should be a lot more reluctant, almost Booberish about flying off to places) and the repetitiveness of using the same song and transformation sequence for 3 minutes of every episode just takes a toll on the rewatchability factor. Seems like next season, they should get someone in saying "We don't NEED to have them sing off to adventure every episode, and we could just quickly cut to wherever they're going instead." Sid the science kid does sing the same songs and has the same structure every episode, sure. but he only does it once in a half hour. I could imagine Moomy going, "Okay... they're singing that song for the hundredth time, and I can't take it anymore" and changing the channel.

    Plus, much like the books they're sort of based on, next season they should move onto other scientific topics besides animals in nature. It has a Magic School Bus feel to it, and I'm sure kids would like to see the human body at work or something like that.

    As for the animation, it looks lazy. There's a LOT of motion tweening shortcuts, and you rarely see anyone move from a 3/4th angle. Essentially, it looks like you're staring at the same drawing moving. I agree, Fosters did magic with 2D computer animation, even The Mr. Men Show. It's a tool that makes animation easier, but that shouldn't be an excuse to make everything look like 1990's internet videos. Internet videos today have a LOT more movement.

    As for Disney Junior... anyone know what's confirmed on that channel? I find another 24 hr preschool network to be a strange, and disappointing choice. I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking this, but why didn't they make a general Disney classics channel with all the old movies and cartoons they used to show. I'm not talking Ducktales or Darkwing Duck, but rather Donald, Mickey, and the rest.
  11. KirbTreelo05

    KirbTreelo05 Well-Known Member

    I can't find anything official saying every single show that'll be on there, but some users have created a pretty reliable list on Wikipedia of shows that will appear as of now:

    Playhouse Disney Series

    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
    Imagination Movers
    Jungle Junction
    Handy Manny
    Little Einsteins
    Special Agent Oso
    Charlie and Lola
    Timmy Time

    Short Series

    Mickey Mousekersize
    Special Agent Oso: Three Healthy Steps
    A Poem Is...
    Tasty Time With ZeFronk
    Can You Teach My Alligator Manners?
    Choo-Choo Soul
    Happy Monster Band
    Where Is Warehouse Mouse?
    Shanna's Show
    Lou and Lou: Safety Patrol

    New Shows

    Jake and the Never Land Pirates
    Doc McStuffins
    Tinga Tinga Tales
    Babar and the Adventures of Badou

    101 Dalmatians: The Series probably isn't listed because of the uncertainly. It should be true though, they made a logo with Lucky's ears on the "i"
  12. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    I don't have cable or know what many of those shows are...just wanted to say, from the episodes I've seen online, Chuggington is glorious. I don't know what it is about it; but feels magical to me.

    When it comes to children's programming, I often lament with Drtooth about how the golden age was the 80's(Muppet Babies, Fraggle Rock, Reading Rainbow, Duck Tales, Garfield and Friends, New Adv of Pooh, etc...heck I even love the animated Fraggle Rock)

    But I do find good quality kid's shows that don't placate or dumb things down. Even the real simplistic slice of life stuff I enjoy. I don't know why, but Martha always seems enjoyable.
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  13. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Really? REALLY? They're going to replace an entire channel and start over with shows they show anyway on their regular channel for 24 hrs? Really, I think Disney has come a long way since the dark days of Hanna Montana and NOTHING ELSE, but this is just disappointing. No older programs, and basically the stuff they show anyway with 2 other shows.

    Really, it completely confuses me that they had a clear and obvious chance to make a classic Disney channel with old movies and TV shows and basically throw it all away for a cheap kiddy TV cash grab.

    Well, it depends. If it's preschool shows, there was clearly that annoying movement that started with a certain purple spongesuit dinosaur and I don't wanna go into that mess again. But then again, we lost MOST of the horrid shows of that era, like Telewhatevers and all those cheap Barney knockoffs. Ewww... Remember those.

    As for Saturday morning 7-12 year old programming, that's an unfortunate mix of greedy network heads, idiotic FCC regulations, and loudmouth self serving parental groups. More channels are owned by less and less companies, the TV E/I regulation is basically lipservice, and due to parental groups whining about junk food and doing nothing constructive about it, you can't profit off of advertising to make a series. So, instead we get infomercials for diet drugs that kill, poorly crafted exercise machines, quick fix secrets for making money "they" don't want you to know about, get rich quick schemes involving the stock market, and various other things much more harmful to adults than a candy bar is for kids. So basically, stupidity, greed, and hypocrisy killed Saturday Mornings.
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  14. TSSD

    TSSD Well-Known Member

    Guys, I just want to point out that the 24 hr channel is a year away. That list is for the rebranding of Playhouse Disney to Disney Jr.
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  15. KirbTreelo05

    KirbTreelo05 Well-Known Member

    Really? Oh... I've been misreading the articles :o

    Then that means there's more time! :D But I can't wait that long...D:
  16. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Dr Tooth: saturday morning cartoon routines and culture died a long time ago. Sure CW Kids kept it going with the 4Kids stuff, but it's dead. I primarily count free channel kids cartoons, but given you now have to have a converter box(which often doesnt half work)...people like me who refuse to pay for cable mostly use the internet(hulu, pirate bay/torrents, youtube) to watch tv

    You seem very upset about all the changes in programming over the years; yet this has been a long time coming...and it just means hopefully more alternatives like The Hub will sprout up and attract fans.

    Trust me, I wish I could bring back the 1980's, but it ain't gonna happen
  17. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    80's? Heck. I would be happy if we could go back to the early 00's when things were still reasonable. I seriously hate the idiots that run the CW... getting rid of Reaper for one, and killing their own profitable cartoon line up and putting an early axe to Spectacular Spider-Man for another. Yeah, I'm thankful 4Kids is doing what they can... would it maybe kill them to run one lousy episode of Ultimate Muscle instead of one out of 70 episodes of Sonic X?

    I know it's a long time coming, but it really crashed in the 2005-2009 era. I remember the 90's when there was at least 4 providers. Now you need cable, and there's only like 5 shows out there worth watching... Yeah, I get it that TV's obsolete and the TV people are thumble thumbs on the whole deal... but that's no excuse for stations to let infomercials carry their saggy sullen behinds. The FCC regulations that killed Saturday Morning were ridiculous, and now TV EI is just lipservice to keep their licenses. I cannot afford cable at all, and the only cartoons I ever get to see are on PBS, Fox Sunday, or the internet where they're pulled down by companies that don't even care about them and never release them.
  18. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    You just have to adapt, lest you can invent a time machine or make your own cartoons. I just put all the episodes of Young Justice, Generation Rex, TF Prime and GI Joe Renegades in HD on dvdrs to watch at my leisure. All look amazing, no commercials, etc. There is no free tv anymore really. I could care less what is shown on tv or cable, as I havent watched tv in general since the late 1990's.

    But the golden age you are talking about is 1994-1995 or there abouts. When a kid could wake up early sat morning, flip on ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox and do the saturday ritual. I get it. But times change.

    I feel bad for kids...every kids film is clogged with bad cgi, all video games for kids is all cgi, and a lot of cable cartoons(and Im sorry, including ones you like) these days have that flash look.
    Tho at least for us older folks, we can download virtually every show, cartoon, video game, etc we remember from our youth to enjoy at our leisure. I get the sense you rely too much on what companies do or don't do, and don't seem to realize that times change. I used to tether my happiness to a lot of pop culture entertainment; and indeed reliable creature comforts we get used to our nice...hence why we fix emotional attachments and memories to certain objects, foods, experiences, etc. But we must adapt.

    Hey cool thing tho, most movies at theaters near me are back to $5 depending on the day or time where I live. And everywhere I go theres muppet, sonic, mario and other shirts.
  19. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but then what? I know things change and everything, but it IS mainly because of said groups and regulations.

    The problem with "make your own" is that EVERYONE is doing make your own, and only a handful of them are good. Most of them are just dirrivative of one show they currently like, and there's an awful lot of wasted talent doing furry porn.

    But I at least want to see the people who made it make something. I'm thinking of doing something else... I'm considering something I don't wanna talk about as an if all else fails.

    I actually quite dislike watching cartoons on the internet. It's unreliable, companies that refuse to sell the stuff on DVD get furious and take the stuff down, Everything "pirated" takes too long to download at ANY speed just for you to find out it's terrible quality if the file works at all (I had a LOT of problems with avi files in the past... half the time I just get the sound file). Most of the best animes I have to check out are raw, or even in another language I don't understand (I've seen a bunch in Italian) And above all, as much as I like watching the same old thing, I want something new DESPERATELY.

    It is also part of the instant gratification culture. Parents buy their kids love with every new gadget, kids grow up so fast they don't HAVE a childhood, they hole themselves in their rooms and play Halo at all hours, and NO ONE is watching TV anymore.

    As a result, less cartoons are being made, less potential animators, less work, and all we can do is make a crappy flash cartoon for the internet that people may or may not watch. And I have yet to see something worthwhile on the internet besides Homestarrunner. And I know as soon as I get some self published black and white comic out there, there's gonna another indie comics crash.

    It sucks. And all because people have dumb gadgets I can't even afford and enjoy myself. Seriously, if people put that crap down for five bloody seconds and watch something when it's broadcast instead of pirating it, maybe they won't have to whine about it getting canceled so soon.

    It's not that I refuse to adapt, but adapting DOES suck. You get your choice of stuff you already seen and stuff that you can't even get attached to. And this is BEFORE the major conglomerates get to control the internet, making it just as lousy as the same TV stations they ruined.
  20. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    I think the problem people have with tv now, especially the young, is that it's a passive entertainment. It's not interactive. Sure movies are too, but it feels like youre in on a journey.

    Yes, having everything all rolled into one is a bit dizzyingand I'm a bit too poor to afford it all...but companies want to project the idea of 55" LED 3d 1080p flat tvs in every room, where you can surf/netflix/stream/blu ray/watch a zillion channels/etc all synced and accessable in an instant.

    Everything is being hybrid, amalgamated, etc.

    I'd say around the turn of the millennium I got really sick of watching tv. I may catch the world news every now and then, or enjoy the ritual of watching an "as it airs, commercials and all" airing of the Simpsons...but I just don't like to be tethered to a tv schedule. Also the commercials...you probably have no idea how many commercials youve been subjected to and subliminally brainwashed by:) A decade of pretty much tv free living has been good, that and I just dont see the point in paying for tv.

    Ive never heard any non corporate person complain that noone is watching tv. I will say I am a bit alarmed by all the instant text/tweet/facebook/etc stuff, as youth are getting more compartmentalized, fidgety and ADHD as newer studies have shown.

    Also, you on dialup? You can pretty much snag whole seasons of whatever in an hour or two. I still buy boxsets here and there as a collector, but alot of stuff hasnt been made commerically available in the US

    You want something new? Shoot, there's a wealth of stuff I guarantee you havent seen and would love out there

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