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This Dog has Graduated!

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by Zack the Dog, Jun 30, 2002.

  1. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Active Member

    This Dog has Graduated from high school!

    Hi Guys!
    Sorry for this being late but i have been so busy!
    It was last Wensday night, and my party was the next day! (thursday)and then i spend friday bike riding and river rafting at a park close by with my brother and a bunch of my friends, then i had to work the rest of the day and i went to sleep when i got home,seeing that i did not really sleep wensday or thursday night, and today i went to a party for my one of my freinds graduation, then i had to work and not here I am, outta breath!

    Graduation was great! I won two awards i didn't even know i was getting! one was for an outstanding trait school award in which a got a gold pin,for my Advertising and design class, and the second award was anawared dedicated to a boy that died of cancer a few years ago and because he was such a kind person and hard worker the award was named after him. I won that award along with another girl in my class, i got $50.00 towards a craft and hobby store! i could buy stuff to make puppets and or outfits for my muppet puppets!

    My friend Sarah got me the new Kermit the Frog action figure for a graduation present! Kermit's amazing! they are finally on my planet! but still not in the store i have them reserved, i'm sure i can get my deposit back for the kermit fig thought,

    you know how great it is to receive one of these as a present rather then buying it and not really knowing it? Sarah was so sweet she also got my and Animal pen and Animal keychain and the miss piggy pez keychain, she didn't have to do all that, she said she wanted to buy me muppet stuff and i told her that spencers and hot topic has new stuff and that i usually by everything with kermit on it so animal and piggy or others were fine, but then Sarah told me that the thing she got me was just put in to the store that day of graduation and that way she knew i didn't have it yet, i kinda figured out that it was the muppet show action figure but i wasn't sure, but still i told my friend i have been calling every other day for a month now, this is the BEST gift i have ever gotten! thank you!!!!!

    Zack)Rowlf the, i got another great Muppet gift from my younger brother, but i'll post it in another post, dog.
  2. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Active Member

    hey and now also i got the Kermit in Tux action figure as well! when my 25 year old second cosin saw my reg Kermit fig when i got him at the party, she and her boyfriend when gaa gaa!

    then i told them about all the others and playsets and they started to drool over the chef and band sets! i forgot to tell tme about the pigs in space set!

    well i old them about the kermit in tux and they said they were going the next day "friday" to buy them and they would pick me a a kermit in tux and they did, that was kind of them, they also got one for them and a dr teeth, he was so cool seeing that they showed him to me after they droped the kermit in the tux off, i think they got the reg kermit as well and maybe piggy, but bunsen was sold out

    i told them i got them with downpayments at anotherstore...which does not have them in yet...but better to wait longer safe then wait longer....unsafe i guess?

    Zack)Rowlf the, so i have the reg & Tux Kermit and EB long haird Piggy now ;-)Dog.
  3. EmmyMik

    EmmyMik New Member

    Congratulations Zack!

    (it's morning, and I'm not fully awake, so insert words of wisdom, or some meaningful message here)
  4. Crazy Harry

    Crazy Harry New Member

    Horay for you!

    (Don't bother thinking up any words of wisdom for this post. Remember who we're taking about here.)
  5. Cindy

    Cindy Moderator Staff Member

    Congratulations Zack! We're very proud of you. Any plans for the future? College, job, or just hanging out enjoying your summer? Whatever it is, I'm sure you'll do it with the same enthusiasm you show us here each time you visit. :)

    Way to go!
  6. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Active Member


    Thank you guys:)

    Yes, i am going to collage, i'm starting off with a two year and then most likey will go on, i'm first going to start will classes like liberal art and stuff, you know get all the core cores out of the way and then i will proceed in to Media Communications (radio and TV)

    I have a job, although i never thought i would still be there for three years, i started in Aug of 2000, so it's almost three years, i have made a lot of great friends at my job although the job is not all that great, (i mentioned it here before) at a pizza place, it's very hot in the summer and freezing in the winter but it is a good job for now, but i certainly would not want to get stuck there!

    Zack)Rowlf the, Pizza is not on my favorite foods list...Dog.
  7. Yeah doggie, congratulations! :D
  8. Ryan

    Ryan New Member


    Congrats! I just graduated 8th grade!

    (Throws Rowlf hat in the air);)
  9. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Congradulations Zack!!!!!!!
  10. Bragi

    Bragi New Member

    Re: Cindy

    Hey, Zack.

    Lots of congratulations from up north.

    So, which college are you going to?

    And call me crazy, but if you started in August 2000, isn't it more like a year and a half rather than two and a half years? Maybe some math skills might come in handy at college (-:
  11. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Active Member


    err, umm yeah, it is three years, i just had the year wrong, i started in 1999,I should have remembered MFS came out before then.
    My math skill were never great anyways...

    (EEC) Eire Community Collage

    Zack)Rowlf the, but that's ok, i don't mind,Dog.
  12. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member


    I think I made a congratulations in a personal email once...but, let's make it personal!


    Whew...that took a lot out of me...

    FOZ :)
  13. CaptCrouton

    CaptCrouton New Member

    Now hold on a second.

    ZtW told Cindy he was going to collage. :D I like to cut out old magazine pictures and combine them in humorous ways just like the next person. But I really think you need to be more forward thinking in your decisions here, Zack. After all it is your future.

    Maybe you should consider taking some academic courses while working on your collage.

    Just teasing. I love spelling errors that form new words. Congratulations Zack.
  14. radionate

    radionate New Member

    Congrats Zach! I hope you do go into Media Communications, if you do I know you will love it. Some of the most fun stuff I took was in the journalism department. I'll sell you some old term papers if you want!;)
  15. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Go, DOg, GO!!! How about that for a P.D. Eastman reference. Congrats. You know, when I graduated, I think I should have taken a year off first. I think my mind is gone.


  16. AbbessBryony

    AbbessBryony New Member

    Congratulations!!! I have to wait 'till next year to graduate. Rats!!!! :(
  17. Bragi

    Bragi New Member

    I've graduated 3 times so far. And I have at least one more to go. A word of warning to you young ones: it never ends!

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