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Threadless Muppet T-Shirt Design Challenge

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by Pork, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I saw one t-shirt design which is a parody of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. I think that one is my favorite (and not just because it's the only oen I've seen where Lips is included). But there is one character right next to Sam the Eagle who I can't quite tell who it is... I think it might be Gladys, but the color is off (then again, on the same image Lips is colored green). Or maybe it's the feather boa from the opening number from the Twiggy episode.

    If I were to submit a design, I'd make sure I didn't include anybody I know aren't owned by Disney, but I'd take a chance with including some Jim Henson Hour characters (it seems unclear as to whether Disney owns them. I would expect Disney to, and Disney did include Waldo in the most recent Muppet Vinymation series, but for some reason Boom! couldn't include them in Muppet Snow White).
  2. dwmckim Well-Known Member

    I still think the people at Boom took out some of the JHH characters not so much out of any knowledge that Disney didn't own them but more the fear that they may not and erred on the side of caution.
    In all honesty, some characters/puppets could be said to be under the providence of either and a case could be made for either parent. Basically, if someone presents a good arguement with cited specific examples as to why a puppet/character is indeed a "Disney" Muppet, they can accept it. Heck, that's what us obsessed Muppet Freaks are for - being able to keep track of every odd character when the suits at Disney don't know them all.
  3. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    That's true. It will eventually change seeing that so many minor classic characters were recreated for the movie.

    Digit and Leon were high on my list of potential characters that got cut. Seymour, Big Mean Carl, Van Neuter, Polly, Clueless, Andy, Randy, Nigel the producer, Zippity Zap and Jowls from Muppets Tonight were also cut. Mulch, Fletcher Bird, Behemoth, Fleet Scribbler, Gladys, the Mutations, Gorgon Heap, J. P. Grosse, Zelda Rose, her Singing Owl, Shakey Sanchez, Wayne, Wanda, Beautiful Day Monster, Annie Sue, Timmy Monster, Vendaface, Merdlidops, Hilda, Hugga Wugga and assorted Muppet vegetables were all on the list that got slimmed down. Miss Mousey, however, never stood a chance. ;)

    I think that pseudo-Gladys-looking character in that person's shirt is supposed to be a Muppaphone.
  4. dwmckim Well-Known Member

    I think Miss Mousey's been banned from Disney anyway. They don't want any potential spoiler to Mickey and Minnie's all-is-fine-for-the-press relationship.
    minor muppetz and frogboy4 like this.
  5. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I mean, if the Java Muppets were off limits, Mahnah Mahnah would probably be off limits too, since he also predated the show.
  6. dwmckim Well-Known Member

    Remember those two Muppet Show posters that were "cast photos" that were essentially just a whole bunch of seperate protos of Muppets photoshopped together? Did those come out before or after Muppets were Disney (and if before, i think the same collage has been reused for other pieces of merchandise since). The Java Muppets are on there ... as are the Country Trio. If they're on an official piece of Muppet merchandise since the Disney sale, that sets a good precident for being considered a Disney Muppet and fair game to use elsewhere as such.
  7. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    They came before.
  8. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Palisades' Jim Henson puppet action figure had to go through the Henson Company and the Henson Foundation too. It was very tricky (and I think expensive too). That whole situation was odd. If you have one - hold onto it! It ain't likely to happen again. As for his image on posters...i think there's a fuzzy area. But full out featuring Jim Henson imagery would cause some eyebrow raising at legal.
  9. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Which is disappointing, since there are a lot of sweet looking images with Henson on them. Stuff that makes you go, "Awwwwww"

    Out of all the parody designs, I'm REALLY loving the Hangover one, and oddly enough, I'm not a huge Hangover fan. Maybe because it's the only parody one that ties into Friendship without being a dated Friends parody...
    frogboy4 likes this.
  10. beaker Well-Known Member

    I have a feeling the wallet photo one might win. I think what will probably win is NOT parody stuff but more simple/unique
  11. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    The only really good parody one is the Hangover one. At least it ties into the Freindship them. I dig the idea of the wallet photo one, but I cannot abide how Gonzo looks in that one. Gonzo's not an easy Muppet to draw, and I've been struggling with him for years myself... but there's just something creepy about how he looks here.

    The simplistic ones vary from cute to "if this wins, it'll be a total screw you to someone that killed themselves with something more complicated."
  12. GonzoLover85 Member

    Jamie.. it's amazing.
    I'll be very surprised if you don't win.
    It's truly a masterpiece, and clearly a lot of hard work went into it.
    Nicely done.
  13. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Thanks! :oops:

    Where in the world did your avatar come from?
  14. rowlfy662 Active Member

    i love that design i've seen many designs on the challenge but yours is the best i've seen my eyes went big when i saw it well done :) also do you need to sign i to submit it and can you nonly post if your in the US if so i shall be sad
    frogboy4 likes this.
  15. GonzoLover85 Member

    I was honestly just mucking around in various blogs.. not looking for anything muppety or star wars related at all and stumbled across it.
    If you google image search "A Fine romance Piggy" you should find it...
  16. rowlfy662 Active Member

    i found that pic too on deviantart as soon as i saw i faved it star wars and muppets best combo ever :)
  17. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    If I didn't have to have some sort of sign in account I'd vote... I agree... there's some I just don't like, but I would never have the heart to give someone a bad review... I'm too upbeat... even stuff I really didn't like I couldn't even see giving a 2 (the ToughPigs guy is pretty merciless, though).

    Seriously... I definitely wouldn't have submitted stuff. I'd get too many 1's for killing myself to do something great. Then again, I'm pretty lazy and just have redone something I already did on DA... though my parodies are too left of center.

    But I'd be WAAAY too tempted to redesing and submit This piece and I'm sure only people that went to Anime Boston 2 years ago would have gotten it. But if you get the reference, you'd be LAUGHIN'... or... well.. This seems to be at least known. And like only one or two people got the subtext of that joke.
  18. GonzoLover85 Member

    Don't worry.. .I'm one of the few that appreciates the joke. :concern:
  19. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I tell yah... the Gonzula Sovereign of the weird one was too fun for me to draw. I laughed my butt off with every single pencil line... I was of course refering to this:


    Trust me... it's even crazier in the context of the movie.
  20. beaker Well-Known Member

    Oh man, that's crazy awesome Frogboy. You definitely need to aggressively and shamelessly promote this design entry on all the official/non official Muppet facebook pages, twitter, etc. Definitely hope you win! Heck, I think they should just pick the top 3 entries or something.

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