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TMS-Guest Star Jerry Lewis

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by JaniceFerSure, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. JaniceFerSure

    JaniceFerSure Active Member

    TMS with Guest Star-Dean Martin

    Note that the guest star was changed.I can't change the original thread title for some reason. Hope you like it.

    <Dean comes in through the back theater entrance>

    Pops: Hey,I know you,sure,your Dean Martin.
    Dean: That's right,I am.You must be Pops.
    Pops: That's what they tell me.
    Dean: Well,excuse me Pops,but I have the show to do.
    Pops: Good luck.(under his breath,'You'll need it tonight.')

    Kermit: It's The Muppet Show,with our special guest-star,Mr. Dean Martin! Yayyyy!

    (Muppet theme is sung)

    :: Gonzo is in the O,tap-dancing,on Zoot's final note,Gonzo taps out of the O ::

    Gonzo: Whoopie!!

    Kermit: Ok,Welcome to The Muppet Show.We have a special guest tonight.He sings,acts; he swoons & croons.The one and only,Mr. Dean Martin.

    (audience ooohs)

    Kermit: Yes! But first,a nice musical number,set in Italy.(Piggy sings "Mambo Italiano",along with the male pigs as back-up)

    Gonzo plays a lute,while weaving a basket,to the tune of 'Luck Be a Lady'.

    Kermit: Moving right along..ahem..here is Dean & Rowlf.(Rowlf plays piano & sings with Dean 'That's Amore').

    Statler & Waldorf sing:'Buona Sera'.

    closing number: Dean sings Volare,to all of the muppets.(The number is set in an old Italian restaurant).

    Kermit: Well,that's all we have time for this week.I'd like to thank once again,Mr. Dean Martin! Yayyyy!!!

    Dean: Thanks for having me Kermit,I had fun.

    Kermit: You bet.

    Statler: We did a good job tonight.
    Waldorf: We sure did,least the frog gave us something to do.
    Statler: Which is better what we usually do.
    Waldorf: Yeah,watch the show!
    (both laugh)

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