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TMS Outline: Bruce Campbell

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Monstermaster, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Monstermaster

    Monstermaster New Member

    Cold Opening:
    Scooter comes and tells Bruce that it's 30 seconds to curtain, Bruce looks at himself in the mirror for a while before Miss Piggy and various other females come in and ask him for autographs.

    Theme Song:
    A stream of love hearts sprays out of Gonzo's trumpet and Camilla and a bunch of doves fly up to him.
    Opening Number:
    Miss Piggy and Kermit perform a duet, performing the Frank and Nancy Sinatra classic Somethin Stupid.

    Statler: Awww..can you just feel the love in the air tonight?
    Waldorf: No. I feel ill.
    Statler: Love sickness?
    Waldorf: No....a headache from Piggy's singing!

    Bruce is walking around the studio when he recieves a note from a secret admirer and he goes to find out who left it while Rizzo helps Gonzo get a valentine's gift for Camiliah.

    The stage is lit up as Bruce Campbell, Link Hogthrob, Rizzo and Fozzie and Gonzo perform a love ballad called Is Heaven Missing An Angel. And Bruce is seen with angel wings on his back.

    Waldorf: Was that good?
    Statler: It was terrible.
    Waldorf: Not even Bruce Campbell could make it good?
    Statler: He may be an angel...but not even he can save the Evil Dead that is this show!
    Veterenarian's Hospital Sketch:
    Dr Bob cures a patient with a bad case of Love Sickness who apparently got it from being hit by Cupid's arrows.

    Dressing Room:
    We see Bruce with Link Hogthrob as he's giving Link acting and style tips on how to impress the females.

    Muppet Labs:
    Bunsen invents a love-tester machine called The True Love Testing Machine which can help tell what true love is.

    Miss Piggy is picking out a new outfit to wear so that she'll get noticed by Bruce, a couple of muppet angels fly around her as she does so.

    UK Spot:
    Several female muppets are seen cheering as Bruce is waltzing across the stage while Zoot plays a saxaphone solo.

    Swedish Chef:

    The Swedish Chef makes a special Valentine's cake but the cake starts blowing kisses and making all the other food items fall in love.

    Gonzo is standing by with a present that Rizzo helped him choose for Camillah, Camilah sees the present and starts going love-crazy.
    Miss Piggy performs a salsa rendition of the song Why Don't You Do Right as she dances.

    Statler: I feel ill..
    Waldorf: You've got love sickness too?
    Statler: No...another headache!

    Pigs in Space Sketch:
    The Swinetrek crew lands on a planet where Valentines Day is celebrated all year round and Miss Piggy is zapped by a love-ray that makes her fall in love with an alien.

    At the Dance Sketch #:
    The Muppet couples perform a Romantic country dance number.

    Closing Number:
    Bruce Campbell performs When A Man Loves A Woman, he's decked out into a 1960's lounge singer costume.

    Bruce Campbell, Kermit, Gonzo, and Rizzo all come on stage and say goodnight before Bruce picks up a boquet of flowers and gives some to Miss Piggy.

    Waldorf: Well the Valentine's special is over.
    Statler: About time too..
    Waldorf: I loved it.
    Statler: ...Yeah loved to hate it that is!

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