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TMS Outline with Cher

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Barry Lee, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Well-Known Member

    Host:Floyd,Animal,and Janice

    Cher:Hello? Hello?
    (audience cheers)
    Pops:Wha? Cher?
    (Doglion,Sweetums,Big Mamma,and Timmy Monster pop up together and grab Cher)
    Monsters:We got you babe......
    (audience laughs)


    Gonzo's trumpet:When Gonzo blows the horn he hears nothing until Rowlf,Muppy,Afghan Dog,and Sprocket run over Gonzo


    Floyd:Hey.Welcome to "The Muppet Show"
    Janice:And like it's the neew muppet show
    Floyd:Thanx.We also have Cher for our guest tonight
    (audience cheers)
    Floyd:but first.....
    Janice:Hunnyyy.Let me do this but first our opening number.

    Statler:We'll a new muffin show ay?
    (this year if anyone calls the muppet show the muffin show Crazy Harry blows up somthing beacause Kermit is always mad about the "Muppet Show" called "The Muffin Show")
    Crazy Harry:It's the Muppet Show.....
    (balcony explodes)
    (audience laughs)

    (curtain opens)

    OPENING NUMBER:"Thank you for the Music"sung by Cher,Janice,Annie Sue,Miss Piggy,Dr.Teeth,Zoot,Rowlf,Kermit,Fozzie.Background Singers:Buegard,Droop,
    Gonzo,Beaker,Swedish Chef,Mahna Mahna,Snowths,Camilla,3 Penguins,Bemouth.
    (the begining Cher comes up with Rowlf starting to sing then Piggy,Zoot,Mahna Mahna,Annie Sue walk in.Then Janice,Dr.Teeth,Kermit,Fozzie,Droop,Gonzo walk up.Also Bemouth,Camilla,Snowths,Swedish Chef,and the rest of the muppets slowly walk up)

    (Fleet the Scribbler walks in backstage)
    Kermit:Oh great it's Fleet.
    Fleet:Hey frog.
    Kermit:stop bothering us Fleet.
    Fleet:I'm not a tabliod reporter anymore.
    Kermit:Oh good.
    (Kermit walks on-stage)
    Fleet:Come on in guys....
    (Boppity,Pink Frackle,Newsman,Bobo the Bear,Plind Pew walk in dressed as reporters)
    Fleet:He he he.

    SKIT:"Lobby Skit"Tonight's Lobby Moment features Nigel,Gorgon Heap,Mahna Mahna Mahna,Grover,Snowths,Swedish Chef.

    Nigel:Hey.Grogon what do you want?
    Gorgon Heap:You.
    Nigel:Hey Sweish guy?
    Swedish Chef:*in swedish*ugh.....
    (Grover the waiter pops up)
    (gets his tray with the letter "u" on it.)

    Nigel:Hey Mahna Mahna.
    (Snowths pop up)
    Snowths:do do do do dee.
    Mahna Mahna:Hey.

    (audience laughs)

    Kermit:Cher? Are you ready for the next song?
    (Doglion,Timmy Monster,A Mutation,Sweetums run over Kermit)

    SONG:"Half-Breed"sung by Cher,Doglion,Timmy Monster,Sweetums,Mutations(dressed as indians),and the Boss Men(not as indians)

    UK SKIT:"Everything is Beautifal" sung by Gonzo,Uncle Deadley,and Droop.

    (Fleet pops up the balcony with the other reporters)
    Fleet:Do you luv this show?
    Waldorf:We hate it.
    Fleet:Old geezers hate the muffin show
    S&W:MUFFIN SHOW?Uh.Oh.....
    (GRazy Harry blows up the balcony)

    SKIT:"At the Dance":dancers;Gorgan Heap & Robin,Cher & The Brewster,Gonzo & Sexy Muppet,Droop & Mildred.
    Gonzo:Camilla you look different.
    Sexy Muppet:Camilla?(smacks Gonzo)I thought you were Link.

    SONG:"I got you Babe"sung by Cher,Bemouth,Droop,Gonzo,Robin,Nigel,Mahna Mahna,Kermit,Link,Brewster,Wayne,Pepe,Bo Bo the Bear,Bunsen,and Beaker.The guys fight over Cher.

    Fleet:Do you want to be here?
    Cher:No, they payed me...
    Fleet:How much?
    Cher:$5,000,000 bucks
    Fleet:guests on "The Muppet Show" get begged to be on the show and get payed $5,000,000.

    SKIT:"Swedish Chef's Kitchen"today he cooks pancakes by making a cake shaped as a pan.

    Waldorf:Ya liked the skit?
    Statler:No.I had a amazing dream.

    SKIT:"Muppet Sea Voyagers"(new skit) Link Hoghthrob,Kermit,Gonzo,and Lew Zealand explore the sea.Tonight's episode is part one of ???? a "Muppet Treasure Island" spoof they say it's just like the movie but there living it with all the original muppet pirates.

    CLOSING NUMBER:"Gypsies,Tramps,and Theives"sung by Cher and the Muppet Gamblers(from the Kenny Rogers episode)
  2. A very funny bit there.:D

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