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TMS outline with Rod Stewart

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Barry Lee, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Well-Known Member

    This is the first episode of the new TMS idea.

    Guest Star:Rod Stewart

    COLD OPENING-Scooter asked rod what Rod was singing tonight and he said "Bewitched.." and Scooter turned into Gloat.

    OPENING THEME-Same TMS theme but all the muppets are singing backstage getting ready for the show the muppets in the theme include:
    Mildred,Piggy,Janice,Camilla,Wanda(Girl Vocals)and Boppity,Link,Scooter,
    Statler,Lenny Lizard(Male Vocals),at the end of the song the muppets go on-stage with the backdrop used in "Last Time I Saw Him" and Kenny Rogers closing number the muppets who are singing in their include:Kermit,Gonzo,Robin,Pepe,Fozzie,Rizzo,Miss Piggy,Janice,Floyd,Rowlf,
    Mahna Mahna,Droop,Statler,Waldorf,Emily Bear,Yolanda,Scooter,Buegard,Lew
    Zealand,Beaker,Bunsen,Marvin Suggs,Boppity,Gorgon heap,Bemouth,Gloat,
    Sexy Muppet,Shakey Sanchez.

    OPENING NUMBER-"Bewitched,Bothered,and Bewildered"sung by Rod Stewart,Tammy,Sweetums,.Rod is singing to Sexy Muppet then at the time he says Bewitched She turns into Mulch.

    Mildred,Wanda,Annie Sue,Emily Bear,Janice,Gladys,Camilla,Yolanda,and Two Snowths run up to Ron
    Girls:"We loved that song Bewitched..."
    Mildred turns into Boppity,Wanda turns into Flower Eating Monster,Annie Sue turns into Luncheon Monster,Emily Bear turns into Gloat,Janice turns into
    Big Mamma,Gladys turns into Beautifal Day Monster,Camilla turns into Animal,
    and Yolanda turns into Shakey Sanchez.
    Kermit:"Everytime we say Bewitched we turn into a monster."
    Kermit turns into Lenny the Lizard.

    Newsman:"it seems like whenever we say Bewitched we turn into a monster thanks alot Ron"
    Newsman turns into Bemouth.
    Ron:"Why is it my fault you say Bewitched you turn into a monster?"
    Ron truns into Doglion Beast.

    Now Lenny the Lizard has Kermit's voice and whoever turned into a monster they still Keep their original voice.
    Lenny:"Ugh Rod Stewart I mean Doglion your next with Miss Piggy."
    Doglion and Piggy walk.

    SONG-"Tonight's The Night."sung by Doglion Beast and Piggy.Piggy say Doglion isn't Ron and Ron has A hunger for Piggy and starts singing "I've Growned Accustemed to Your Face."

    Statler:"Tonight's What night?"

    Lenny or Kermit and the gang have a meeting and by now everybody has turned into a monster.In the meeting the monsters include Doglion,Bemouth,Lenny the Lizard,Big Mamma,Boppity,Gloat,Warthog,Alligator.Then when Lenny says Bewitched all the muppets turn back to them selves so now who's really in the meeting Kermit,Rod,Janice,Scooter,Gonzo,Newsman,and then the rest are real monsters.

    SKIT-"Witch Doctor Skit"preformed by Witch Doctor,Rowlf(Piano),Link,
    and 3 AM Rats(Background Singers).The witchdoctor sing "Witchdoctor Song" along with Link and the Rats in a Doctor's Office.

    CLOSING NUMBER-"Maggie May"sung by Rod & Janice and the EM Band.

    CLOSING COMMENTS-Rod,Kermit,Sweetums,Boppity,Jancie,Piggy,Witch Doctor,Newsman,Beaker,and Link

    Statler:"Have you seen the show Bewitched?"
    Waldorf turns into Frazzle.

  2. Hahahahahahahaahahaha This would be such a cool show. If they ever made this I would pay whatever money in the world to get it on video tape. Good Job keep the skits with Muppet Monsters esp. Boppity & Gloat
  3. Thijs

    Thijs Well-Known Member

    Sorry, Barry Lee. Bad script.

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