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Too Smart

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by miss kermie, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Too Smart

    Chapter One- Bad news

    Kermit and his friends...and his ex-girlfriend, are currently taking a math test, and once again, Piggy finished hers in less than five minutes. The teacher checked it immediately, and once again, she got an A+. Yes! My ninety third consecutive A! Piggy thought. Kermit thought about tripping her on the way back to her seat. She's so pompus... Kermit thought. Piggy smirked at him and Kermit just scoffed. Fozzie was asleep, and Jaz watched him sleep as she finished her test. Gonzo was planning his cannonball trejectory on a piece of paper, rather than even starting his test. After a few minutes, the bell rang. "Gonzo, Piggy, may I speak to you two after everyone leaves?" The teacher asked. Both of them nodded. "Gonzo, why didn't you even attempt your test?" "Too many seven times tables. I don't ever get them right. Don't you people know that seven times two is seventeen?" Gonzo smiled. "Get out of here Gonzo! Piggy let me talk to you." Gonzo left to find his friends, and his girlfriend, waiting for him.

    "So what happened?" Fozzie asked. "Nothin'. The teacher just asked me why I didn't attempt my test, and I said-" "Gonzo, don't end up flunking high school! You need a degree here, to get a part time job!" Jaz cautioned. "Oh well!" Gonzo scoffed. Piggy then walked past them with her head down. Everyone was worried, except for Kermit who could care less. He just sat on the bench near them and listened to his friends. "Piggy, what happened?" Jaz asked. "The teacher said I had a lot of A's." Jaz's face scrunched up like Kermit's did. "That's the problem?" "No. The problem is that I have an incredibly high grade point average, so I have go to a different school." Kermit looked up at her. He couldn't believe it. "S-Seriously?" Kermit said louder than intended. "Yes! I'm sure you're very satisfied with yourself aren't you?" Piggy snapped. Kermit didn't say anything, but to avoid looking like he cared, (Which he did.) He scrunched up his face, and crossed his arms. "I've only got two weeks left. They've already sent my records to this other school..." Piggy frowned. "Don't worry Piggy! Maybe there's a way out of this!" Jaz assured. "I can't believe this... I can't believe that she's going to move away from us..." Kermit said louder than intended once again. Everyone looked at him, and Piggy smiled just a little. To avoid looking like he cared, (Which, again, He did.) He decided to add on to his sentence. "What I mean is that I can't believe she's going to a smarter school, when I can think of several reasons why she's dumb as dirt!" Kermit snapped. Piggy's slight smile dissapeared, and turned into a angry frown. Piggy snatched him up by his neck, and slammed him up against the wall. "SHUTUP BEFORE I SLAP YOU SO HARD YOU END UP A TADPOLE!" Piggy threatened. Kermit looked at her. But it wasn't just any look. It was the irresistable 'I'm Sorry' look that Kermit gave. It made Piggy loose her grip. "Oooooh! I hate you!" Piggy stomped down the hallway, and Jaz, Fozzie, and Gonzo followed. Kermit just stood there thinking two things: One, He's lucky that he knew how to get her to stop choking him, and two, if Piggy really hates him. Kermit just leaned against his locker, and started to write something in his notebook.



    Chapter Two

    The Big Game




    Kermit couldn't sleep. Knowing Piggy was going to leave would effect him way too much. Fozzie happened to look at him, and he was writing in his notebook. "Kermit, did you sleep yet? It's 2:00 in the morning!" Kermit ignored him. Nothing could break him from writing. Fozzie realized that this wasn't good for him, so he went under his bed. He grabbed earmuffs, some yarn, a seltzer bottle, duct tape, and a bullhorn. Fozzie put on the earmuffs, and duct taped the seltzer bottle to the bull horn. Then he duct taped yarn to the seltzer bottle trigger, and the bull horn trigger. "Kermit, this is your last chance to respond!" Fozzie yelled. No response. Fozzie took the yarn pieces attached to the triggers and yanked on them. It was loud, and very wet. The earmuffs didn't help Fozzie at all. Kermit, at least was startled, and Gonzo woke up, as well as Floyd. "Fozzie, it's 2:00 in the morning! Why would you do that?" Kermit yelled. "Well, you kept writing! You haven't slept since you got in this room!" Kermit paused. "I...I haven't?" Fozzie shook his head. "Gee... I'd better get some sleep then." Kermit started to fluff up his pillow. "Kermit, what are you writing anyway?" Gonzo asked. "Nothing you can see." Kermit responded quickly. "What is it, a diary?" Bobo laughed. "No! Diaries are for girls..." Kermit yelled. Gonzo laughed at Kermit's response. "But this is for a girl too..." Kermit whispered as he covered up. Fozzie heard him. "Kermit?" Kermit was already asleep. Fozzie covered himself up, and went to sleep as well.

    In gym the next day, Kermit was glued to his notebook. He was writing still. Piggy tried to get him unglued, but then she paused. What am I doing anyway? Kermit's being a jerk! Why am I helping him? Piggy thought. Kermit looked up at her, and returned to his notebook. Kermit began to smile as wrote after that. Then Kermit frequently looked up at her, and Piggy caught him do it. Piggy just looked at him with squinted eyes, and crossed arms. Link walked up to Piggy and leaned up against Kermit, as if he was a wall, and Kermit still did nothing but write. "So Piggy, wanna be my partner for the basketball competition?" Link said in the the suavest way possible. Piggy was frequently looking over at Kermit, and how he did not move as Link spoke. "Um...Sure Link...Uh...C'mon." Piggy grabbed Link by the arm, and dragged him to the center of the gym. Kermit was still in the corner of the gym, writing. Jaz ran up to him and slapped his notebook out of his hands. "What was that for?" Kermit asked as he picked up his notebook. "Dude, It's gym, not writing! Quit scribblin', and get dribblin'!" Jaz snatched away his notebook, and ran to the center of the gym, and of course, Kermit followed. "Alright, It looks like Jaz and Kermit, V.S. Link and Piggy." The gym teacher said. "Yo coach! Take this from Kermit, and unless he wins, don't give it back to him!" Jaz handed the teacher Kermit's notebook. Kermit just stared at Jaz with hatred. Kermit's goal was simple. Win the game!

    Link started to dribble the ball, and Jaz stole it from him. Kermit didn't know a single thing about basketball. He just watched as Jaz made a basket. Piggy took the ball, then passed it to Link, who made a slam dunk. Kermit took the ball, dribbled it, attemped to make a basket, but when he did, it bounced off of the backboard, and hit him in the head, causing him to fall backwards. Jaz took the ball after that. Jaz dribbled past Link, but ran into Piggy, and they both fell down. Kermit then slid over to the ball , grabbed it, and ran. Kermit tried to shoot again, but Link jumped up and smacked the ball out the way, but it landed back in Kermit's hands. Kermit dribbled the ball, and ran a little closer to the basket, but on the way there, he was tripped by Piggy. Jaz grabbed the ball, and started dribbling. Link threw Piggy in the air so she could intercept the ball, but Kermit saw a few problems. Jaz's trejectory was off. It wouldn't make the basket, it would hit Jaz in the head. But on the other hand, Link's trejectory was off too, and Piggy wouldn't intercept the ball, she'd fall down and injure her spine. Kermit thought about it. Then he started to run. He jumped up, caught Piggy, landed, put her down, and then jumped in front of Jaz, so he got clocked in the head with a basketball. He could get hit once, but the second time, he gets a concusion. "Um...Kermit? You alright buddy?" Jaz asked. "Hey Jaz, how come there's three of you?" Kermit asked in a dizzy tone. "Um...Let's take him to the nurse." The gym teacher said. "Waaaait! I-I'm fine! Seriously! Put me down you lunatics!" Kermit wriggled himself loose, and ran out the gym. After a few seconds, Kermit came back. "And gimmie that!" Kermit snatched his notebook back from the gym teacher, and ran out the gym again. Jaz and Piggy exchanged looks. They watched as Kermit ran out like a maniac. Piggy just couldn't help but smile, and she wasn't sure she'd stop smiling either.

    Chapter Three

    Trouble for writing





    Kermit was writing in his book at lunch. Fozzie often tried to take it away from him, but when he did, Kermit stomped on his foot. Brad walked over to Kermit, with Link and Piggy behind him. "Yo flipper face!" Brad yelled. Kermit didn't answer. "I said, YO FLIPPER FACE!!!" Brad yelled even louder than the first time. Kermit looked up at him. "Brad, my name is Kermit, and what, may I ask, do you want?" Piggy almost busted out laughing. "I want your lunch money, punk!" Brad snapped. Kermit just looked at him with no expression. "No. I'm busy." Brad raised one eyebrow. "What did you say?" Kermit got up. cleared his throught, and blinked twice. "I said, NO I'M BUSY!" Kermit then sat back down, and continued writing. Piggy seriously started to laugh then. "What're you laughin' at Bacon Bits?" As soon as Brad said that, Piggy punched his lights out, and he was unconcious. Piggy put on her 'Oops' look, because she hadn't intended to punch him that hard. Kermit looked down at him and laughed a little. When the bell rang, Brad became consious again, but Kermit kicked him in the head, and he was unconsious again.

    In writing, Kermit wasn't doing his assignment. He was writing in his book. "Kermit, give me the book, because distracting you from your assignment." The teacher commanded. "No." Kermit responded. That response had everyone looking at him. "Excuse me?" "No." kermit responded again. The teacher snatched the book from Kermit. "Then I guess I'll have to read it aloud." The teacher smirked. Kermit jumped out of his seat."No! Don't read it aloud!" "I'm sorry, but you've left me no choice!" The teacher said. Kermit tried to snatch the book back, but the teacher ended up knocking him down in the process. Kermit jumped up again, and this time he punched the teacher in the face, and the teacher became unconcious. "Whoops." Kermit said. Gonzo's mouth was wide open, Floyd was chuckling, and Piggy had both of her hands over her mouth, showing concern. Kermit then ran out the room, and ran into his dorm. Kermit then locked the door.

    Later, Fozzie knocked on the door, with Floyd and Gonzo behind him. Kermit unlocked the door, and opened it. Fozzie, Gonzo, and Floyd hurried in. Kermit then slammed the door, and locked it again. "Kermit, do you know that the police are looking for you?" Fozzie said. "So? That teacher had no business reading my stuff out loud!" Kermit shouted. "Why are you so protective of that thing man?" Floyd asked. "Long story Floyd. Let's just say, I've got feelings for someone, and don't ask who it is, because I refuse to tell you." Kermit snapped. Fozzie and Gonzo exchanged looks.

    In the girls' dorm, Jaz was doing her homework, Janice was practicing her music, Camilla was playing darts with the Coloniel's face, and Piggy was finishing her packing because she had to leave in two days. "Jaz?" "Yeah?" "Do you think anyone's going to miss me while I'm gone?" Piggy asked. "Of course people will miss you! We're gonna miss ya! Fozzie and Gonzo will miss ya! Link and strangepork will miss ya!" Piggy smiled a little, but then her slight smile dissapeared. "Well, it's time for bed." Piggy said. Everyone got in bed, and Camilla turned off the light. Piggy pulled out a picture from under her pillow, and held it close, and Kermit did the same thing.

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  2. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member



    Chapter Four

    The goodbye party





    Piggy was sitting on her bed, just thinking. She's gone through so much in that school. Finding the love of her life, losing the love of her life, finding a best friend, and achieveing perfect grades. But that seemed to be how she got in this predicament. Piggy didn't know how she'd get on without Jaz, Gonzo, Fozzie, or even Kermit. She wondered if they really even cared about her leaving. Maybe they all were opposite. Maybe Jaz was pretending to be her friend because she was tough. Maybe Gonzo and Fozzie were pretending to get closer to Camilla and Jaz. And Kermit seemed to already hate her. Thinking about Kermit just made her feel awful. Piggy often thought about the way he snapped on her, and how she snapped on him afterwards. It made her feel like a bad person. Just as she was about to go to bed, Jaz ran in, and snatched her up by her hair. Piggy was mad, and began to chase Jaz out the room. Jaz was terrified. She has never in her life, had to run from a angry pig. "Open the doors!" Jaz shouted ahead of her. She ran toward the cafeteria. Jaz slid through the doors and they shut behind her. "Ooooh! You all make me angry!" Piggy shouted to the people giggling behind the door. Piggy pushed the doors open to find many of her friends. "SURPRISE!!!" They all yelled. Piggy was speechless. "But...It's not my birthday!" Jaz just laughed. "It's not your birthday party! It's your farewell party!" Piggy began to smile. "Oh! Thank You! You're all so wonderful!" Piggy gave a big hug to Jaz. As everyone began to socialize, Piggy just looked at all her close friends. Jaz, Fozzie, Gonzo, Link... Then Piggy looked in the corner. Kermit? Why is he at a party in my honor? She thought. Piggy snuck over to him. "Hi!" Piggy said cheerfully. Kermit was startled by her, and he threw his notebook in the air. "Sheesh! Don't scare me like that!" Kermit yelled. That made Piggy giggle. Kermit smiled. Piggy crossed her arms. "So. what are you doing here?" Kermit scoffed. "I'm not here for you. I was asked to come." Piggy frowned. "Oh. I see..." Piggy then turned around and went to speak to someone else. Kermit watched her. Then Gonzo came out of nowhere. "Is it just me, or did she seem sad about that?" He yelled. Kermit was startledain, and he launched his notebook into the air again. "WOULD YOU KNOCK IT OFF?" Kermit yelled. Everybody looked at him and was shocked by his presence. Kermit blushed. Then he remembered the police were looking for him. He knew a few people would squeal about him being at the party. He immediately ran to his room. Piggy smiled and Jaz was puzzled by her smile. But they continued with the party without further thought.

    Chapter 5- The truth revealed





    It was time.
    Piggy was gathering her belongings. The car that was supposed to come take her to her new school was now on it's way. "Piggy..." Piggy looked over her shoulder to find Jaz, Janice, and Camilla, in tears. "Piggy...I...You...I'M GOING TO MISS YOU!!!" Jaz zipped to Piggy and gave her a big hug. "You're the closest thing I had to a mother..." Jaz whispered. Piggy looked her in the eyes. "Jaz, you'll be just fine without Moi. I promise." Jaz finally let go and nodded. Piggy looked at her friends, and then she began to walk towards the school's entrance.
    Kermit knew that today was the day. The day Piggy would leave. He was ready to show her...
    The Notebook.
    Kermit ran out of his room with his notebook, and as soon as he took one foot outside of his territory, he was handcuffed. "H-Hey! L'emme go!" Kermit squealed. He was hauled down the hallway, and outside in the pouring rain, to find a police car, ready to take him to prison. When they reached the car, the police took the cuffs off of him, and began to push Kermit in the car. However, the sound of screech tires distracted both the police, and Kermit. In the process of looking at the car who screeched behind them, Kermit saw Piggy. "Piggy!" Kermit released himself from the Police, and ran into Piggy, giving her a big hug. "Piggy, I'm so glad you haven't left yet!" Kermit said as he pulled back on his hug. "Look," Kermit began. "Breaking up with you...Was the worst decision I've made...In my entire life. I really...Really want you back. I've missed your hugs, your kisses...I miss you." Kermit looked into her eyes with compassion. Piggy was shocked about all of this. "Kermit...I don't know what to say, I mean...You and I have had our time. Now, me and Link are together, and-"
    "And he treats you like dirt!" Kermit interupted.
    "Well he treats me better than you've treated me!"
    "That is a bold faced lie Piggy!" Kermit became enraged.
    "Moi, does not lie. You broke my heart. Link hasn't."
    "Link's too stupid to break your heart! He doesn't even love you like I do!"
    Piggy paused. She gazed into his eyes. They were wet with tears, as were hers. "Kermie...You...Love...Me?" Piggy asked. Kermit wrapped his arms around her waist. "More than anyone in the entire world." Kermit whispered. Piggy put her arms around his neck. "I...I love you too." Piggy whispered back. Kermit was overjoyed. He kissed her softly. Then agressively. After a few seconds Kermit was pulled away from Piggy. Kermit was so relaxed from that kiss, he just let police drag him away. His only focus was Piggy's beautiful face. One of the police looked over at the car behind their car. "Hey! That's the guy who has a phony highschool! The one who kidnaps teenage girls!" He yelled. Both the police dropped Kermit, and handcuffed the driver of the vehicle. They shoved him in the police car, and shut the door. The other police man looked at Kermit. "Well...If you hadn't had that little reunion with ya girlfriend, we would've never caught this guy... But... I'm afraid we still have to take you in."
    "The good news is, we only have to put you in for a minimum of two days." The other policeman said.
    "Ok... Well... See You later Piggy." Kermit walked to the police car, and buckled his seatbelt.
    "Um... What about my school records?" Piggy asked.
    "We'll get those to you as soon as possible ma'am. Have a nice day." The police then got in the police car with Kermit and the criminal, and drove away. Piggy was just about to walk inside when she noticed that Kermit dropped his notebook. She picked it up, and walked inside. This notebook is still dry enough for me to read it... Maybe I should read it. After all, he smiles at me when he writes in it. Piggy thought. As Piggy open the notebook, She saw something titled "For Piggy" written completely written in green ink.
    "To my dearest Piggy, I just want you to know that I'm going to miss you. I'm really going to miss you. I'm going to think about your beautiful blue eyes, and your wavy blonde hair. When you leave, and grow into an adult, I will find you, and we will get married. I promise. I'll do whatever it takes to earn your love back. I know I'm not good at saying these things, but I didn't realize that this was love until you disapeared from my love life. Please come back to visit... And don't forget about me...Ok? Goodbye Piggy. I'll miss you. -Kermit"
    Piggy's tears dripped on the words that Kermit wrote. Oh Kermie... Why are you so wishy washy? Piggy thought. She smiled, and walked away with the notebook. What was Piggy going to do now?


    Chapter Six- Piggy's response





    Two days had passed since Piggy was allowed to stay at her school. That meant that Kermit would return later this afternoon. In the meantime, Jaz, Piggy, and Janice were outside talking.

    "So like, You and Kermit are groovy now?" Janice asked.

    "Yes dear. Moi and Kermit are tres 'groovy' now. Don't vous worry your pretty little head about it." Piggy Assured.

    "Soooooo....Is there hope for you now?" Jaz asked.


    "You know... Any chance of some kissy kissy to Kermie Wormie?" Jaz smiled. Piggy stared at her with a tilted head. "You're a wiiiiierd girl." Piggy said.

    "Piggy... Did you guys kiss at all?" Jaz yelled.

    Piggy blushed.

    "You DID didn't you?" Jaz shouted.

    "Nooooooooooooooo..." Piggy lied.

    "Like, we know when you lie." Janice said.

    Piggy had turned pig pink, to apple red.

    Jaz shook her, demanding answers.

    "Alright, MAYBE I kissed him.... On the cheek..." Said Piggy.

    "Lier." Said Jaz. "You had to have kissed him on the lips."

    "I didn't." Lied Piggy.

    A police car pulled up, and out came Kermit. He was given a new outfit. A black leather jacket, and old blue jeans. Fozzie ran up to Kermit, and gave him a big bear hug.

    "Kermit! You're alright! Did they beat you with a paddle?" Fozzie asked.

    "Um... No, they actually gave me doughnuts and let me sleep in the employee lounge." Kermit explained.

    "Oh Good!" Sighed Fozzie.

    Kermit looked around and saw Piggy. "Piggy!" Kermit yelled. He ran over to her, picked her up, and twirled her around. "Hi Kermit." Piggy said casually. Kermit then leaned in and kissed her. "I missed you." He said.

    "I missed you too."

    "Awwwwwwww!" Said Jaz and Fozzie in unison.

    Kermit shook his head. "You guys!"

    Jaz laughed at her little green buddy, and gave him a hug. "Good to have you back." Jaz said.

    "Thanks. Now..." Kermit turned to Piggy. "Where were we?" Kermit pulled her close, at the point were Piggy had to push him away.

    "Nowhere!" Piggy yelled.

    "Sheesh... You kiss a girl before you get arrested and she gets mad at you."

    "So you DID kiss him!" Jaz yelled.


    "Sheesh! Sorry!" Kermit shouted.

    "Wait... Did you break up with Link yet?" Jaz asked.

    "Oh! No I didn't!" Piggy gasped.

    As if on cue, Link is shown walking with a poodle named Luanne. "So Lu, you come here often?" Link asked.

    "It's school dear..." Luanne sighed. Link then kissed Luanne, which caused Lu to smile widely.

    Piggy crossed her arms.

    "OH, OK! SURE! FORGET ABOUT ME LINK!" She yelled. Kermit grabbed her waist, and kissed her. After he was done, Piggy was lovestruck.

    "Aaaaaand I'm over it." Piggy sighed.

    Jaz laughed as she began to walk inside with Fozzie and Janice.

    "Oh, and Kermie?"


    "Here. I wrote something." Piggy handed Kermit his notebook and made her way inside the school. Curious, Kermit opened the notebook to find pink ink under his green ink.

    "To Mon Capitaine (Kermie), I'm glad that vous would do anything to earn Moi's love back. Truth be told... Just say the words, and I'll be at your side again. I promise. And you won't have to look far to find me, because I'll always be near you. And Kermie? I knew this was love when we met. -Piggy"

    Kermit smiled. He closed the notebook and walked inside. When got inside, Piggy was there. "Did you like it?" She asked.

    Kermit responded by kissing her, and not letting go of her. Piggy finally got the strength to pull away.

    "I need to breathe you know!" She yelled.

    Piggy then looked at her watch.

    "I need to get into uniform for chorus."

    "You want some help with that?" Kermit teased.

    "Do you want to go back to jail?"

    "Oh, look at the time! Looks like I can't help you." Kermit smiled. Piggy giggled and walked away. Kermit promised himself that he'd have the best year ever, because he had his pig by his side. (To sing along... =D)

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  3. mo

    mo Well-Known Member

    your story's are really good i wanna know if maybe you could write me in...it's really ok if you don't want to i just think it be to interact with muppets!:)
  4. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Oh sure, I'd be happy to! Is there any specific character you're known as? Like I'm known as Jaz!
    mo likes this.
  5. mo

    mo Well-Known Member

    you could write me as mo or charlie (luv that name on a girl) thank you a lot :)

    have you ever written any other stories based at this school?
  6. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Well, yeah, but they have to do with Muppets as backround characters
  7. LinkiePie<3

    LinkiePie<3 Well-Known Member


    Yay! =D Thank you for adding my char, Luanne, m'dear. <3

    Great story! ^w^
  8. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Thank You! And you're welcome!

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