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Top Ten Favorite Pokemon

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ChickyBoy37, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. ChickyBoy37

    ChickyBoy37 Well-Known Member

    Do you Guys Have A Top Ten Favorite Pokemon? I Have a list.

    1.) Wigglytuff
    2.) Chikorita
    3.) Blaziken
    4.) Wobbufett
    5.) Pikachu
    6.) Crobat
    7.) Charmander
    8.) Psyduck
    9.) Meowth
    10.) Azurill
  2. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Marill...sorry, I haven't seen Poke'mon in a long time; and I lost track of how many Poke'mon there are after #251.
  3. Krazedmuppet

    Krazedmuppet Well-Known Member

    ok, wanna hear something really funny?

    Well, My bro works a Water World here in Colorado (umm... its one of the biggest in the country... or at least thats what they claim, its really fun- see? http://www.waterworldcolorado.com/ ) Hes a lifeguard, my cousins work there too. Anyway My bro and my one of my cousins (who are like 18) were all standing around at break one day talking about their childhood. One of the most memorable times was playing pokemon on the gameboy color. Well they decided to go and dust off their old gameboys and start playing at work and trade pokemon and such. It started a huge fad, all the lifeguards started to play, then the grounds kids, then soon the wave rats (kids that spend their summer at the ride called "The Wave") and so on and so forth. People from the ages of 15-30 were getting out their gameboys and playing pokemon. Its sooooooo funny. People were buying them off ebay (and oddly enough, the pokemon games cost 15-25 still!) Even I stared playing again (I played till I won the game, then traded my good pokemon to my couz and quit) It was something fun to do and walk down memory lane of fond times of waisting my life.

    BUT ANYWAY to go with what the thread was (and up till I started playing again, I would not have rememberd, but I will play along)

    1. Charazard
    2. Pikachu
    3. Haunter
    4. Alakazam
    5. Articuno
    6. Clafable
    7. Oddish
    8. Squirtle
    9. Psyduck
    10. Jinx

    Its sad how you never forget that stuff totaly- but then again thats how I spent 6-9th grade... so 4 years? thats like high school... I really did waste my life infront of that thing! mom was right.... LOL
  4. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    Man I going to sound like a dork, but when I was into, I loved the water pokemon and whenever I would play it, my whole party would be water, :) . Which would still totally be the case if I would playing it today, but here is my list with the first three being the you'll always find in my party..

    1)Squirtle (my all time fav, I would never let him "envole" to warturtle or nothing)
    2) Vapreaon (sorry about the spelling)
    3) Seadra
    4) Politoad (the only "newer one" from the original 150 that I like)

    Really I guess that's it, like I said I was all about the water, lol.
  5. Kiki

    Kiki Well-Known Member

    Digimon Rules!
  6. Kiki

    Kiki Well-Known Member

    You can actually remember the names of 10 pokemon? I just called them P1 & P2 and so on.
  7. RedDragon

    RedDragon Well-Known Member

    I lost interest after they broke out of the first 150...

    I mostly like fire types and Mew...other then that, I don't remember...

    I like Digimon better...
  8. Krazedmuppet

    Krazedmuppet Well-Known Member

    yeah... then it was just rediculace....

    ok ok- Guilty confession time!

    who could rap all 150 at one point in their life?! ME! (Very very very very sad...) but, I cant anymore.... oh well.

  9. ChickyBoy37

    ChickyBoy37 Well-Known Member

    I can Really, I Know it all by Heart.
  10. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Well-Known Member

    I usually only have a Top Six, so I'll just fill in the final four spots with Legendaries I like(because I'd like to make an actual team with my Top Six and have banned Legendaries to be fair to less progressed people).

    1. Wartortle(My all time favorite. I'm gonna find an Everstone on LeafGreen so's he doesn't evolve into Blastoise. I don't like Blastoise too much.)
    2. Pikachu(I'm a sucker for cuteness. Plus, Pikachu kicks serious butt in the Cerulean gym.)
    3. Quilava(Quilava > Bugsy. Plain and simple. And also... he reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog sometimes. XD)
    4. Misdreavus(The pure Ghost-types of Ruby and Sapphire are OVERRATED. Misdreavus is where it's at, yo!)
    5. Grovyle(Just... I dunno. Just awesome.)
    6. Kirlia(I like Psychics a lot, but I've never found a non-Legendary Psychic that worked with my style until Ruby and Sapphire. Finding a Ralts to catch is tough work, but at level 20... it's all worth it.)
    7. Jirachi(I remember when they revealed Jirachi in an issue of Disney Adventures, I was all like "Aww cutie!".)
    8. Celebi(Time travelling = the greatest.)
    9. Kyogre(Sapphire was my first Hoenn game, so Kyogre wins.)
    10. Deoxys(Because aliens are awesome.)

    This may seem off-topic, but has anyone but me ever thought some of the Pokemon were like some of the Muppets? Just curious.
  11. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    You're fav is Wartortle and my is Squirtle, lol. Tell you what let's pin my Squrite agianst your Wartortle and see what happens, :) ;) .

    As for the Muppets and Pokemon thing, not really, to be honset. But that could be becuase I'll love Muppets way more than Pokemon ever. So to me, Pokemon isn't no where near the same level as The Muppets.
  12. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Well-Known Member

    We'll see about that battle... *feeds Mikey(my Wartortle) a couple of Rare Candies real quick*

    Since I started back into a Muppets craze, I've thought that Muppets and Pokemon complement each other naturally. The way I see it, Jim Henson = genius. Satoshi Tajiri(creator of Pokemon, for those who don't know) = also genius. So Muppets + Pokemon = twice the genius, right?
  13. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    I haven't rully played the game too much since Ruby and Saphire came out, but I will offer my ten faves:

    1. Umbreon (Rully just all around cool. I loved evolving my Eevee on Silver into an Umbreon.)
    2. Blastoise (I've chosen Squirtle as my first Pokemon in every game I could and I just love the last form.)
    3. Tyranitar (Such an awesome looking and uber-powerful Pokemon.)
    4. Dragonite (Again, awesome looking and uber cool and powerful.)
    5. Jynx (I love ice types and I love psychic and Jynx is both wrapped in one! I love it!)
    6. Raichu (I get sick and tired of seeing Pikachu everywhere, but I really like Raichu.)
    7. Gyrados (Really really cool.)
    8. Hariyama (I never really like fighting types too much, but Hariyama grew on me.)
    9. Ninetales (I put it here just because...:p)
    10. Manectric (I'm a big fan of electric types.)
  14. RedDragon

    RedDragon Well-Known Member

    I uses to know the names of all the pokemon and what sounds they made....
  15. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Well-Known Member

    I still do. :)
  16. ChickyBoy37

    ChickyBoy37 Well-Known Member

    Wow! So Do I, My Friends would quiz me on their Cries.
  17. ChickyBoy37

    ChickyBoy37 Well-Known Member

    Considering Diamond and Pearl I have revised my top 10 list.

    1.) Wigglytuff
    2.) Carnivine
    3.) Pikachu
    4.) Wobbuffet
    5.) Blaziken
    6.) Mime Jr.
    7.) Roserade
    8.) Meowth
    9.) Starly
    10.) Aipom
  18. Xerus

    Xerus Well-Known Member

    My favorites are...

  19. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Well-Known Member

    I dislike pokemon.
    But here is the list...

    (If I were a pokemon trainer, LOL!)
    Teddyursa (Don't remember)

    Not top ten...but eh...
  20. MrsPepper

    MrsPepper Well-Known Member

    Kiki, I liked Digimon too, but I loved playing Pokemon! I get totally lost after 150, so I'll just stick with that.

    There are some I liked playing with in the game:
    Bulbasaur (My first pokemon! Her name was Tulip)
    Kadabra (Just really cool)
    Lapras (Amazzzzing)
    Pidgeot (I know it's plain but really useful if you teach it fly)
    Pikachu (he's actually wicked useful in the beginning of the game if you can catch one)

    And I like these ones because they are cool looking and absolutely pointless/ridiculous:
    Mr. Mime

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