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Twilight Edward Puppet head

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by pashmonster, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. pashmonster

    pashmonster Member

    Heres a few pics of my Edward Cullen Twilight puppet, i am not a fan of this series of books/films this is to be a gift for my sister at the end of this month. Who knew these vamps dont have fangs i was looking forward to giving it teeth but the mrs says they dont have them, also due to the antron fleece it has a stupid sparkle to it like the movies.

    I made this head over the weekend, i just need to glue on the eyes, nose and eyebrows as there currently just pinned.

    This is the first time i have attempted a puppet version of a real person, I wanted to keep the muppet feel and use my sons old 12 month clothes for the body.

    I'll post more pics once i get it finished.

  2. Greenlantern999

    Greenlantern999 New Member

    It looks great! I am not a fan of the franchise but I am always a fan of awesome puppets! Do you make your own patterns? It look amazing.
  3. pashmonster

    pashmonster Member

    I used a rotondo pattern for the mouth and sides, then started cutting and adding peices until the forehead was bigger, it looks like a frankenstein head with no fleece or hair. Also i found the rotondo pattern was way to large so ended cutting out an inch from the middle so ended up being more peices than expected as had to glue the two back together. There are 8 peices to it in all but you cant tell cos the fleece covers all.
  4. bezalel

    bezalel New Member

    Looks great, pashmonster! All your work has a nice clean look. I absolutely love your Kermit in his news reporting attire. Awesome stuff!

    Where did you find the wig? And what did you use to get the hair styled in position? (If you don't mind my asking.)

    P.S. Judging from the finished head shape, it probably would have been easier to start off with the Pinhead Pattern, maybe adding some length to the head through some alterations. Using the Rotondo to start called for quite a bit of modification.
  5. pashmonster

    pashmonster Member

    I bought the rotondo pattern yrs ago and this was the first time I used it so had never seen it made. I've mainly used the simple series patterns. So I just made that pattern to see what it was like then changed it to fit.

    I cant draw at all so cant put down on paper a design, i just add or take away foam and just see how it looks. Anyway the antron fleece always covers any flaws or gaping holes.

    The wig is a nasty brown boyband style wig found at local novelty shop which i just cut up and hot glued the hair in an upward position for the front. The hair is in about 10 peices, this is the 1st time ive cut up a wig but its pretty easy to do. I just pinned it down and when it looked ok just chucked lots of glue down, i could probably make another puppet with the left over hair.

    I have an problem with imagination i cant come up with a original idea i can take a look at something and copy it by using simple trial and error, this is why i never enter and competions on project puppet. I may try a vampire angel puppet ater this one.
  6. bezalel

    bezalel New Member

    Well, the hair looks great. And I think it was a great idea piecing the hair together that way. You won't have to worry about keeping the style with hair spray or a white glue mixture, etc...styled but still retains some movement.

    As far as being a "non-drawer" goes, you can certainly be an inspiration to a lot of folks. I just started the first project for Puppetsmith (www.puppetsmith.com) which included collecting character designs from different individuals. Through email, some expressed the feeling that they couldn't be puppet builders because they couldn't draw. You've blown the lid off of that line of reasoning. ;)
  7. Gerbert

    Gerbert Member

    Amazing! D:
  8. ilovemusic

    ilovemusic Active Member

    Hah! I don't like twilight at all, but this is making me laugh!
    If the people from my class see this... They would nearly die. (I'm sharing a class with 21 of 30 twilight fans...)
  9. pashmonster

    pashmonster Member

    thanks, ive gotta finish it by thursday so i can give it as a gift on friday. Ill post some more pics once ive finished it.
  10. pashmonster

    pashmonster Member


    ive updated the pics of the finished puppet, came in at under £30.00 ($45.00), only parts that were not hand made was the t shirt (sons old 18-24 month t shirt) and the sunglasses.
    All other parts were hand made and took about 40 hrs, i dont work quickly cos I spend most time listening to Adam Carrola podcasts and Smodcasts could probably do it in 2/3rds time if i tried.

    Pics are not great cos i forgot to ake them before i wrapped up the gift, i will take better pics at a later date.
  11. Lil0Vampy

    Lil0Vampy Member

    ......Didja put glitter on it? Make 'im sparkly? XD Just kidding, great puppet though!
  12. pashmonster

    pashmonster Member

    the antron fleece looks sparkly under a light, i didnt add any glitter to it but did give a can of silver glitter spray along with the gift so perhaps next time i see it it maybe full of glitter.

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