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Two Plaza Sesamo DVD

Discussion in 'Sesame Worlds' started by Erine81981, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. Erine81981 Active Member

    I found two DVD of Plaza Sesmo at walmart. So if ya'll enjoy Sesame Street spanish then got them them. I did because I love any thing Sesame Street stuff no matter if I don't know how to speak it I can be taught becase of the old songs.
  2. MuppetDude Active Member

    I'll keep an eye out for 'em.

    Are they "A Dormir" and "Existos Musicales"?
  3. Erine81981 Active Member

    No there "Vamos a Cantar!" and "Me Gusta Ser Yo"
  4. Pino Member

    are those with abelardo and the other mexican characters?
  5. Erine81981 Active Member

    Yes they are. Abelardo, Lola and Pancho.
  6. MuppetDude Active Member

    Ah, so they're completely new! Great. I couldn't find them at Wal-Mart though. Where exactly can they be found in the store? (Maybe I should've asked someone at a counter...)

    What clips are featured?
  7. Erine81981 Active Member

    I found them over by the spanish videos and DVDs. I'll take note and watch them again to tell you what skits or songs are on there.
  8. Dantecat Active Member

    So Kyle,Did you find out what skits are on those 2 DVD's yet?:)
  9. Erine81981 Active Member

    Nope. I haven't watch them again. Here's what I can remember.

    "Fuzzy and Blue" (song)
    "Grover tries new noses" (skit)

    Thats about it. I'll watch it some time and try and write down the skits and songs.
  10. TotallySpiesFan New Member

    Here are some more:

    "Just Happy To Be Me"
    "Imagine That"
    "Caribbean Amphibian"
    "That's What Friends Are For"
  11. MuppetDude Active Member

    "Grover tries new noses"?!

    Hey, Kev; you interested in trading? I can't find copies of these anywhere.
  12. Dantecat Active Member

    What's Grover tries new noses about and what year was it?
  13. Erine81981 Active Member

    My name is Kyle not Kevin. Get that right. Don't forget that it will be Spanish not English.
  14. MuppetDude Active Member

    Sorry...:o Everyone makes mistakes.
  15. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    Is anyone looking for Plaza Sesamo DVDs? I am in Mexico right now and they're fairly easy to find here.
  16. MuppetDude Active Member

  17. Pino Member

    Can you look for the paco puppet.. a green parrot sesame street puppet and old records?
  18. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    I'm back in Canada now for the holidays, but I will be in Mexico again in January. There's limited stuff available where I have been staying. The big American stores like Wal-Mart and HEB seem to only carry Mexicanized versions of the American merchandise, but I'm planning a trip to the Plaza Sesamo theme park in Monterrey and will be in Mexico City as well so I will keep an eye out for stuff.

    I'm really busy so no promises, but I will do my best if anyone is looking for anything specific.

    BTW, if anyone is looking for something specific email me privately through the board because I usually only check the Puppetry section and rarely read this part of the forum.
  19. D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    I saw one of them at Wal-Mart today while *trying* to find a copy of Green Acres Season 3. I'm not sure what it's about, but Abelardo and Lola were on the front of the case, and on the back was a shot from "Fuzzy and Blue". I thought "Oh, so cool!". I remember several years ago when I was playing around with a prize-grabber machine, and I saw a Lola beanie in there. I tried to get it, but you know how those machines are rigged.:sympathy:
    Now correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Pancho SUPPOSED to be a grouch?
  20. Erine81981 Active Member

    I think so.

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