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Vintage cookie monster puppet

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by VonCount, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. VonCount

    VonCount Active Member

    I've been repairing some vintage puppets I got online, specifically cookie monster and Grover. The cookie monster has a gap in his mouth, is that from wear or was it designed that way originally to accommodate a cookie?

    Either way I may leave him that way because then he can "eat". I sewed up some holes near his eyes and on Grover's eyes, they're looking a lot better. I wish I knew how to attach photos or I'd show a before and after.
  2. GroverBoy

    GroverBoy Member

    Yup, Cookie Monster came with a "gap" in the back of his black felt mouth. If it's all there it's almost like a black yube going down his throat - not just a split mouth. The original box came with cookies printed on the back for cookie monster to eat.
  3. VonCount

    VonCount Active Member

    Thank you! The felt is all worn off but I bet I could spruce it up, at first I thought it was ripped but there were pieces of felt hanging in the throat which did seem like they originally connected to the mouth plates.
    GroverBoy likes this.

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