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Vote for the Weezer and Muppets video on MTV!!!

Discussion in 'On the Web' started by Slim, Aug 20, 2002.

  1. Slim New Member

    Ok, I'll leave it up to a moderator to decide where this thread belongs in the forum...I'm just gonna put it out there. Ok, as some of you know (maybe all of you...I don't know) the group Weezer recently did their latest video featuring the Muppets. Now, I know Weezer has been pretty popular this summer...but that video has not yet made it's way onto TRL (the big time request show that all the kids love). So, me and Travis were talking and I decided to get up here at Muppet Central and post the link to the voting area for the video's. If you guys could...go to the site and vote for this video. It's called "Keep Fishin". Tell other people you know to vote. I really want to get this video onto TRL...that way the Muppets make their way into more people's homes. Thanks alot!

  2. Traveling Matt New Member

    Thanx for taking us out of the dim, Slim! Good find!

    I'll vote!

    - Billy :cool:
  3. Slim New Member

    Thanks! Get as many people as you can to vote! This could work out really well!
  4. Sunshineboz New Member

    Hey yo,
    Do you have to sign up on the MTV website to vote? I want to vote, believe you me!!!
  5. Slim New Member

    No, I voted and I'm not registered. The weird thing was...they make you fill out all that info. I just made mine up. But, it only let me vote when I put in 1975 as the year I was born. Maybe it's a little quarky. Keep trying.
  6. Traveling Matt New Member

    Hmmm....it said "your vote cannot be cast at this time" or something like that.

    I'll try again later. Maybe they're overloaded right now.

    - Billy :cool:
  7. Louis Kazagger New Member

    Yeah, they must be getting jammed with votes. I just had the same problem. Sounds like if all the forum voted for the video we mightbe a drop in the ocean of votes.
  8. SuprGro78 New Member

    VHI as well

    Hey I don't know if there is a specific link because I can't seem to find it, but the Weezer video was number 17 on VH1 last week. You can vote there too.
  9. Louis Kazagger New Member

    I just tried again and I got my vote in.
  10. SuprGro78 New Member

    I am on my third vote in about five minutes so you can do it more than once! yay
  11. Sunshineboz New Member

    *slaps on a black face mask and says YIP YIP*
    I'm on the way to vote and save the day!!!!!
  12. Traveling Matt New Member

    It worked. Kewl!

    - Billy :cool:
  13. kansasteen14 New Member

    I tried for 2 times and finally got in with the year 1975 I voted 3 times.
  14. electricmayhem New Member

    I just voted about 5 times with a different name and year each time:)
  15. Slim New Member

    So, it's workin out good for everyone? Hopefully it'll get the video onto the show. I think I'll vote a few more time myself.
  16. wockawocka New Member

    I voted! I love that music video! (I don't have MTV, but oh well!)
  17. wockawocka New Member

    Can you vote more than once?
  18. The Great Gonzo New Member

    I'd just like to say that I LOVE that video. My favorite part is watching the guys in the band trying not to crack up at the Muppet antics.
  19. electricmayhem New Member

    >>>My favorite part is watching the guys in the band trying not to crack up at the Muppet antics. <<<

    I know! I love that part too! It's so funny! I also love the way Kermit dances during one of the parts, it's so cute!:)
  20. kansasteen14 New Member

    you can vote multiple times.

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