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Wanted: Muppet Sheet Music

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by No1MuppetFan, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. No1MuppetFan

    No1MuppetFan Well-Known Member

    I am desperately trying to find the FULL Muppet Movie Songbooks for BOTH: *The Muppets Take Manhattan and *Muppet Treasure Island. I am willing to pay high for these songbooks as I know how rare they are to find. Anyone who is interested please either reply to this thread or e-mail me at: danielmarando@msn.com :)
    ElizaSchuyler likes this.
  2. SarahOnBway

    SarahOnBway Well-Known Member

    I have been on the lookout for Muppet Sheet Music for YEARS! As of yet, I have not been able to find a single copy of the Sheet Music for Muppets Take Manhattan :( Very sad, especially because I would DIE for the music to Right Where I Belong or I'm Gonna Always Love You.

    That said, I don't own the sheet music for MTI, but I *DID* copy it from the Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts here in NY. I could totally send the songs I have to you, whether that be through fax, mail or email. I don't need any money for them, as all it cost me to get them was the price of the library copy machine (15 cents a page though--WOAH. Robbery), but if we share I *would* like a copy of the songs from MTM if you ever get your hands on one. Whaddya say? Here's what I have:

    Saying Goodbye (the only MTM song I have)
    Something Better
    Sailing for Adventure
    Cabin Fever
    Love Led Us Here

    And I could easily get Shiver My Timbers and Professional Pirate--I just didn't have enough change on me the day I went!

    IDK if you're looking for any other Muppet books, but I also have the books to The Muppet Movie (in both easy piano and regular), Muppet Christmas Carol, A Christmas Together, Favorite Songs from Jim Henson's Muppets (I actually have 2 copies of this) and all the songs from The Great Muppet Caper, which is the other thing I copied from the library.

    Hope that helps!
    ElizaSchuyler likes this.
  3. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Wow Sarah, you're the walking muppet music jackpot!
  4. SarahOnBway

    SarahOnBway Well-Known Member

    Haha, well I love sheet music and I love the Muppets, so it makes sense! :)

    ...I also forgot to mention that I have the illustrated Sesame Street Songbook. Which is all kinds of awesome.
  5. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, I can imagine!
    :) Can you play any of this music, or do you just like collecting it?
  6. SarahOnBway

    SarahOnBway Well-Known Member

    Oh I play it! Haha, what good is sheet music if it just sits there? Unless you frame it, that's pretty.

    I mean, I don't play WONDERFULLY, but I play well enough. I'm a singer so I mainly play to accompany myself, which really consists of accurate right hand work and broken up chords on the left. Ah well, it still sounds pretty.

    Want a piece of Sarah's Muppet Sheet Music Trivia? The hardest Muppet song for me to play? It Feels Like Christmas. There are a LOT of eighth and sixteenth notes and it moves INCREDIBLY fast. Song I like to play most? Currently it's probably When the River Meets the Sea. Or I'm Going to Go Back There Someday.

    Basically I love me my Paul Williams, hehe! :)
  7. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Oh yes, he is great, isn't he? Those are such beautiful songs, and though I don't know much about the technicalities of music, I'm sure the fact that those two songs are slower helps a bit.
  8. JennyMuppet

    JennyMuppet New Member

    Hay Sarah on Bway, I really need to get hold of the music for Shiver my Timbers and When you're a Professional Pirate for a pantomime I'm doing. PLease Please can you e-mail them to me? My address is jennymorris18@hotmail.com. Please please help me.xxxxx
  9. selkiechick

    selkiechick New Member

    I don't suppose you have sheet music for the "At the Dance" music from the Muppet show? I want to dance to this at my wedding with my Dad... I have just the jokes for the occasion, but I can;t find a version of the music that doesn;t have jokes already in it...

    (Thank You!)
  10. emineminy1089

    emineminy1089 New Member

    oh is there any way that i could have any and all MTI sheet music sent to my email as well, i have searched EVERYWHERE and have not been able to find copies anywhere, and it would be a fantastic birthday present for a good friend of mine with a birthday this month. my email is cgballetbabe123@comcast.net

    thank you so much if you could do this for me!
  11. thespianicqueen

    thespianicqueen New Member

    Hi Sarah,

    Is there anyway you could e-mail me Professional Pirate. I've looked everywhere for it, but can't find it at all and really want it for a panto I'm writing.

    I love it feels like christmas. I put it in a show last year and I'm doing it again this year, it's got such a great tune and you just want to bob along to it. It is really difficult to play though:sympathy:
    I ended up putting it on Sibelius to make it easier and making a backing track.

    e-mail is eleanor.mallinson@btinternet.com

    Thank you x
  12. Dearth

    Dearth Well-Known Member

    I want someone to sing "When the River Meets the Sea" at my funeral.

    Not only is it a beautiful song, my last name is one of the words in the lyrics.

  13. Metalskeeter666

    Metalskeeter666 New Member

    if you have the sheet music to shiver me timbers, and professional pirate could you email them to me I say your post and joined the forum for this reason only :)

    i cant find it anywhere, my email is dreyes2189@yahoo.com u will be my new best friend
    :) plz plz plz
  14. Craig

    Craig Member

    Help! I need to get the sheet music (for piano) for "Professional Pirate" from "Muppet Treasure Island". The only source seems to be the movie songbook which apparently is permanently out of print.

    While I'm here I may as well ask: I also need the sheet music for "Mack the Black" by Cole Porter from the 1948 Judy Garland/Gene Kelly movie "The Pirate". It also seems to be out of print.

  15. Craig

    Craig Member

    Thanks!! One of you sent it to me within an hour! Much appreciated!

  16. 2ndEnding

    2ndEnding New Member

    Could you please send me the MTI sheet music as well?
    My email is secondending@live.ca
    Thanks in advance :)
  17. brianmurray92

    brianmurray92 New Member

    Same here for all of MTI, would be greatly appreciated if sent as soon as possible (Musical in a week :eek:.
    brianmurray92@hotmail.com :D
    "Now, Jim, that be Polaris, the North Star. Even in the China Sea, that's north. "
  18. nitenurse

    nitenurse New Member

    Hi - Have just joined this forum as I am desperately looking for either backing tracks (instrumental) or sheet music to
    Professional Pirate
    Something Better
    Sailing for Adventure
    I know that SarahOnBway has helped others and if she or anyone else could help I would be eternally grateful - email is merseholdings@aol.com
  19. nitenurse

    nitenurse New Member

    Hi again - Just wanted to say how fantastic you guys are - within about 10 minutes Brian kindly sent me exactly what I wanted - thanks again.
  20. AlisonB

    AlisonB New Member

    Hi - saw previous posts and have just joined as I am desperate for the sheet music for all of MTI as soon as possible. Can anyone help me? alison.byard@blueyonder.co.uk. Thanks

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