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Wanted: Scooter Palisades Figure

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by DramaQueenMokey, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. DramaQueenMokey

    DramaQueenMokey Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for a Scooter palisades figure. Not Superhero Scooter or Movie Usher Scooter (as I'm not too fond of Movie Usher Scooter :/. I'm looking for plain old Scooter, you know, how he looked on the Muppet Show.

    I don't care if he's in the package or loose, as long as he's in good condition and has at least the clipboard accessory if not all of them.

    The Scooter figure I was bidding for on Ebay (and lost :boo:) was about $11, I'm willing to pay up to $30 if he's still in package and if he's not in the package $11 to $25.
  2. BobbyBenson64

    BobbyBenson64 Active Member

    the figure is wonderful i recamending buying it i got mine a montha ago got in packege for 15 dollars but it is geting harder to find;)
    DramaQueenMokey likes this.
  3. muppetsliveon

    muppetsliveon Member

  4. DramaQueenMokey

    DramaQueenMokey Well-Known Member

  5. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    All of the Muppet Palisades figures are starting to go up in value, well at least most of them, bacause all of them are getting harder and harder to find. Makes me glad I bought most of them during their original run.

    Good luck with your search for Scooter. ;)
    DramaQueenMokey likes this.
  6. DramaQueenMokey

    DramaQueenMokey Well-Known Member

    Lucky :3 I was barely old enough to have/play with them when the figures came out, I remember I had Miss Piggy but she fell apart...(I played very rough with her because I decided she could take all my Barbie dolls in a 1 on 20 fight...she won until her dress ripped and her head and arm broke off)

    And thank you, I should probably be a little more lenient with my price limit.

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