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Wanted: Some old skits

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by dcfboss, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. dcfboss New Member

    I was wondering if anyone had some old Sesame Street skits or scenes or whatever. I use KaZaA but the only thing I got off of there was Elmo and the Goo Goo Dolls. I tried to use other programs like WinMX but it works slow on my computer and once I shut it down, it is impossible to get the rest of the file....I have downloaded 2 skits off there (Ernie eating cookies in Bed and Ernie singing the D song with cookie monster in the background) and none are complete and I am getting frustrated

    If anyone has any old skits on their computer please respond and maybe we can work something out. I would love anything with Cookie Monster. I would be willing to send out blank CD-R's for a copy of these skits or any others. I would also pay for the return shipping.

    If you can help, please respond and I'll send you my e-mail address so we can work something out. Thanks!!!

    Can't wait for the new season to start...whenever that is, lol
  2. Clean Gultch New Member

    heres a few. they might not work tho. Sesame Street - Zizzy Zoomers.avi Sesame Street - Subway.avi Sesame Street - Herry and Cookie Sing Circles.avi Sesame Street - Alligator King.avi street pinball.mpg Sesame Street - Cookie Eats Ernie's Pillow.mpg Sesame Street - X Marks The Spot.avi Sesame Street - Wood You Like One.avi Sesame Street - The Remembering Game.mpg Sesame Street - The Land Of 8.mpg Sesame Street - Telephone Rock.mpg Sesame Street - Rubber Ducky.mpg Sesame Street - Opening Theme.mpg Sesame Street - Monster In The Mirror.mpg Sesa..., crappy quality but worth download time).avi Sesame Street - Kermit Tests Cookie and Herry.mpg Sesame Street - Is it a Cookie.mpg Sesame Street - I'd Like To Send A Letter.avi Sesame Street - i on your hat.avi Sesame Street - Ernie Has A Banana In His Ear.mpg Sesame Street - Eating Cookies In Bed.mpg Sesame Street - Dee Dee Dee.mpg Sesame Street - Counting Robins.avi Sesame Street - Count and Cookie Cooperate.mpg Sesame Street - Closing Theme.avi Sesame Street - C is for Cookie.mpg

    i recomend you use the avis in virtual dub cause some dont work right in divx or windows media
  3. Clean Gultch New Member

    if none of these work, get on winmx and search sesame street in videos. im online alot and you shoukld be able to get the files from me. just tell me the name you use, and ill let you cut in the que
  4. dcfboss New Member

    Wow...that's a lot of stuff.

    After I started this thread I browsed around the forum and found that you listed all the videos you have.

    Anyway, my name on WinMX is dcfboss170

    Thanks a lot.....I think I started to download the Ernie and Cookie Monster "Dee Dee Dee" from you last night. Either way Thanks!!!!
  5. punkNpuppets New Member

    WOW!!! wowowow....WOW!!! wowowow..............zizzizzzzzzzzz!!!!!zizizzz zizzizzz zizzzizz!
  6. dcfboss New Member

    I started searching on WinMX and I noticed there are many users who have clips. I was wondering which user you are so I can message you.....and if you were the person to message me about Meet Joe Black then I am sorry I didn't respond, I was away from my computer. Thanks!!

    Oh, and do you have any advice about how to get your download speed faster....I have DSL service and my speeds aren't even 1kb/s...Thanks!!
  7. Clean Gultch New Member

    im not sure about the connection but my name on winmx is Røø§è\/3£tFrÃ/\/k£î/\/
  8. punkNpuppets New Member

    the Subway clip wont work. why?
  9. Clean Gultch New Member

  10. punkNpuppets New Member

    FELLAS! I found Pretty Great Performances (The Animal Opera with Placido Flamingo and Seiji Ozawa) being shared on WinMX!
  11. Lord_Morgoth New Member

    some great work there!
    Cleangultch - do you have the "T for Toes" skit? I HAVE to see it before I die!!
  12. dcfboss New Member

    You really have a big collection there Clean Gultch....did you ever consider switching your program to Kazaa? There are more search results, and I find that it uses up less system resources. I know the new version contains spyware, but the old one doesn't. You could download it at www.kazzalite.com if you want. Just a suggestion. It's really much better than WinMX
  13. Clean Gultch New Member

    to lord - no sorry but ill be on the look for it

    to dcfboss - i have kazaa and i couldve sworn i put i wanted to share files but at the bottom it says im not sharing anything
  14. dcfboss New Member

    I dont know about your sharing files problem. The only thing I can think of is to:

    Run Kazaa
    Click the Tools menu
    Click the Traffic tab
    Make sure "Disable File Sharing" is not checked and make sure you're sharing the folder with the files in it.

    if u do this u might have to restart kazaa for it to take effect
  15. Lord_Morgoth New Member

    Thanks, Mr. Gultch.
    I hope you succeed, because I sure haven't!
    ...wasn't there a SS skit (cartoon) wherein someone mentioned "Smuggler's Gulch" or something like that?
  16. SomeGuy75 New Member

    T for toes skit

    Cleanglutch, how are you? I am a WIMX user and I have looking for the T for toes skit for quite some time. From the other postings it seems as though you have a lot so I am wondering if happen to have the T for toes skit? I would love to have this sketch and I will find a way to hook you up with something on WInMX or even Kazaa. Well let me know all right. Been looking for this one for a long time. You can also reach me thru AIM, my screen name is JAMESCRI75.

  17. SomeGuy75 New Member

    T for toes skit

    My screen name on WinMX is frachisj393
  18. punkNpuppets New Member

    my new sn is xcommiebstrdx
  19. punkNpuppets New Member

    cuz i have had winmx but i deleted, and i got it again and deleted it, and now i have it AND kazaa!
  20. Frazzle New Member

    Hello Clean Gultch! Would I be able to download some classic SS video from you? I have lots of other files on MX & a few old SS classics if you would like to trade. I have three MP3 versions of Mahna Mahna & I have the video version of Mahna Mahna & the Snowths. One MP3 version of Mahna Mahna is the original recording from early SS where 3 Muppets (2 female one male) sing it, the other is the audio version of the Mahna Mahna & the Snowths video, & I have a rock band covering Mahna Mahna. I would love to get my hands on some of the old SS stuff! :flirt:

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