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Was Jim Henson on an American Express billboard?

Discussion in 'Muppet Appearances' started by beakerismyfave, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. beakerismyfave

    beakerismyfave New Member

    hi all,

    in light of the new american express ad, i thought i would see if someone could help me with a longstanding debate that i have been having with my husband.

    the backstory..
    around 2005, i saw an american express billboard with a photo of someone who looked very much like jim henson on it (it was pretty high up on top of a building). i showed it to my husband and the other people we were with, they thought it was odd to have a billboard campaign with someones image who had passed away about 15 years prior.

    i didnt think it was odd, especially if they wanted to represent their distinguished members!

    so my husband and i have been going on and on and he refuses to believe me. i even showed him the current ad, to which he said, that still wasnt him on the billboard.

    i've done google searches in every wording that i can and havent come up with anything, but i found this forum...and i'm glad that i did.

    does anyone know if in fact i am correct? i would love to put this to rest, so to speak... and gloat if i am right!

    thanks in advance

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