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Watching FR with Non-Fans

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by charlietheowl, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. charlietheowl Well-Known Member

    Since Fraggle Rock is admittedly a strange show, I've got a lot of interesting reactions from friends and family members when watching the show around them. To summarize and share a few:
    • my sister (who's in high school) watched Red's Club with me and simply became fixated on Cotterpin Doozer and her nasally voice. She told me that Cotterpin was simply the most annoying character she had ever seen on any television show and that Red should have stomped on her. Needless to say, she didn't watch any more episodes with me after that.
    • my roommate watched a whole bunch of episodes with me and found the show amusing, but was confused by a lot of things, namely how old the fraggles were. I watched The River of Life with him and he was shocked at how sad the episode was. I told him that the show wasn't afraid to be really sad just so they could flip things around and then be really heartwarming.
    • I had one friend of mine twice mistake the show for Sesame Street, and then insist that the show was too depressing when she actually sat down to watch it, even though we watched Wembley's Egg, which is a little sad but not really depressing.
    • I watched The Incredible Shrinking Mokey with another friend of mine, who spent the entire episode comparing Begoony to his on-again/off-again ex-girlfriend. In front of his new on-again/off-again girlfriend. Awkward stuff.
    • I had another friend of mine see my fraggle wall clock and become visibly offended to my surprise. She then ranted for two minutes about how "gross" muppets in general were and then told me I was weird for liking the show. Considering this was the same person who had previously questioned the sexuality of various characters from Winnie The Pooh, I dismissed what she said.
    • Perhaps the weirdest thing is the amount of jokes from my friends I've heard about the sex lives of the Fraggles. I guess they think the Fraggles are a bunch of free-love hippie-esque characters, or my friends are a lot more pervy than I've realized. Won't go into the details of the jokes because this is a family forum.
    I was wondering if anybody had any similar stories of people who weren't really fans of the show reacting to seeing an episode or just the show in general. I figure that despite how weird some of the reactions may be, I'm coming out on top because I've actually got people to watch Fraggle Rock with me! :coy:
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  2. mostlikemokey Active Member

    I watched "You can't do that without a hat" with someone, and I actually felt rather silly to admit my fandom, but they liked it and I don.t feel silly anymore! Why should I anyway? It's the most amazing show!

  3. charlietheowl Well-Known Member

    I can totally relate to that, because I was a little skeptical to watch the show with my friends because it's not exactly the sort of thing we would watch together previously. But you're right about not having to feel silly, because it is such a great show.
  4. heralde Well-Known Member

    Well I watched "Marooned" with two different friends, both Fraggle fans. The first friend found the episode "too morbid." The second friend thought it was sad sure but loved the happy ending. Especially the "Stay a little longer with your friends" reprise. :)

    So a lot of this is depends on who you're watching with and their own points of view.
  5. charlietheowl Well-Known Member

    Marooned is a pretty heavy episode, so I can see how some people unfamiliar with the show might say "hey I thought this was for kids and now the characters are talking about suffocating to death! what's going on!".
  6. Puckrox Well-Known Member

    I also think it's one of the most beautiful moments of Fraggle Rock. Dave has been quoted saying it's his and Karen's favorite episode of FR, and I don't blame them. It's so powerful.
  7. mostlikemokey Active Member

    I've only seen clips of that episode, but I loved what I saw, and it made my heart hurt when I saw it. It was just so beautiful.
  8. DramaQueenMokey Well-Known Member

    Been there done that and I regretted it. I made my cousin sit through a whole disc of Fraggle Rock episodes (can't even remember which one right now) and more of the reason I don't remember is because of her asking: 'When are the pig chick and her lizard boyfriend gonna show?' and she asked this almost every five seconds -_-

    I kept trying to explain that they were different shows, but she didn't (and still doesn't) get that...Boy is she lame!
  9. bazooka_beak Active Member

    I'm very selective with who I watch Muppet stuff with, so I haven't really had any weird reactions as of yet. I do have a friend that was vaguely aware of the Muppets, and I showed her my DVD set. She later called me up to ask if I could bring them out for us to watch if she came over :)
  10. Puckrox Well-Known Member

    I am too! I've watched MTI with a group of friends once and then I've seen the new movie with friends as well, but that's really been it. A lot of my friends love the Muppets, but, I dunno, I'm just terrified I'll watch a movie or the show with someone and they just won't like it. How would I go about responding to that?

    For example, my best friend could not care about Muppets any less. I love him dearly, but when the new movie came out I told him specifically that I wasn't going to see it with him. I don't want to be there if he decides he doesn't like it, cause I'd probably slap him (our relationship is an odd one).
  11. charlietheowl Well-Known Member

    Do whatever it takes to see it. Seriously. One of the best episodes of the show hands down.
  12. DLGabriel Active Member

    I watched a few episodes of Fraggle Rock with an ex-girlfriend. Looking back, I probably should have known that the relationship wouldn't last when she went on a tirade about how childish and stupid it was for an adult man to like a kids show (even though she was nearly obsessed with all animated Disney movies, which were apparently okay to enjoy, unlike Fraggle Rock).
  13. BobThePizzaBoy Well-Known Member

    That's why I didn't date in high school. Being nearly obsessed with SpongeBob was A-OK, Muppets? You've got to be insane! :sigh:

    I was watching The Day The Music Died with this guy once and he thought Wembley said "Jigaboo" instead of "Gee, Gobo." Wait... :coy:

    Anyway, I got a friend's younger sister to watch "Home Is Where The Trash Is" once just because it was on a tape that happened to be in the VCR. Not the best episode to start with, but she had apprently seen the animated version of school and found the Muppet version to be a total bore. In her defense, she was 9 or 10 at the time and "Home Is Where The Trash Is" isn't a particularly good episode to start with.
    There was another time another friend watched "Wembley and the Gorgs" and was instant Pa Gorg said "Leave that crap alone!" instead of "Leave the trap alone!" And then there was our massive in-joke for Ned Shimmelfinny - who we created in The Sims. He wore a viking hat - he was awesome.
  14. Collgoff Well-Known Member

    why's that?
  15. charlietheowl Well-Known Member

    I see that a lot of people are reluctant to watch not just Fraggle Rock with their friends, but Muppet stuff in general. It's hard to have an interest that doesn't exactly line up with what your age-group or gender is "supposed" to like sometimes. There is a bit of a double standard sometimes for girls versus guys, like my 19 year old cousin can watch Good Luck Charlie and it's funny, but yet my mother told me that I shouldn't wear my Fraggle Rock t-shirt up at school because people will laugh at me. Also, I think it's not perceived as normal for guys to have an emotional reaction or bond to a tv show or movie or something. No one really gets it when I try to explain that Fraggles are all about love or acceptance and that's why the show is so great.
  16. DLGabriel Active Member

    Me thinks you head the nail on the head there. Seems perfectly fine for girls to bond and form an emotional connection with something like a TV show, but not guys. Tis especially hard in high school (mine also had a rampant obsession with Spongebob for some reason). The backback I used was totally decked out in patches, two of which was a fairly good sized Kermit The Frog "head logo" patch and an Animal patch. It was mixed in with various band patches of Marilyn Manson, A Perfect Circle, Danzig, KoRn, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, and H.I.M. as well as a Bigfoot and Beavis And Butt-Head patch. The Kermit one was the last to go on (I saved a spot for it, determined to find one, even though it took me a while to track it down - got the Animal one in the same lot). Almost as soon as I put those two Muppet patches on, I started getting ridiculed, even called a not so nice "F" word (rhymes with maggot) on more than one occassion. It upset me greatly at the time, but the benefit of hindsight has shifted my feelings towards those who placed such ridicule upon me from anger to pity. I truly feel sorry for people who simply don't understand that Fraggle Rock and The Muppets are far more than just a "Kid's Show" and thus must attempt to make those who like them feel inferior in some manner. It's totally okay to not like the shows, but I will never understand why people must put down those who do.
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  17. DLGabriel Active Member

    I honestly couldn't tell you. I always supported her love for the Disney movies, even though I didn't particularly care for the majority of them. I even watched most of them with her on more than one occassion. Knowing her love for the Disney movies, I thought she might get a kick out of Fraggle Rock too, so we watched a few episodes (this was before the DVDs came out, but I had almost the whole series on VHS tapes that my parents recorded from HBO). She totally went off on me after about two episodes. Not sure why.

    She lit into me about it again the following Christmas when my Parents actually tracked down and got an entire set of Fraggle Rock plush dolls (save for Gobo, whom I found at a garage sale one day while riding through the neighborhood on my bike). I was excited to the max about that, which apparently really irritated the shizzle out of her, so she kinda yelled at me for a good fifteen minutes after that (she apologized some time later, but even back then I could tell she wasn't really sincere about the apology).
  18. BobThePizzaBoy Well-Known Member

    Since you probably don't hang out on the Puppetry forums, you probably don't know about the time I attempted to start a puppetry club in high school. It got the attention of the school's then popular ***** who acted like she was "interested" in the club and later got all her friends involved in her plot on Facebook - which eventually led to me being an outcast in nearly everyone's eyes for the rest of high school. Even my own best friends wouldn't have anything to do with me for a little while. Thankfully, school got a little bit better once she graduated, but the damage was still there. :(
  19. DLGabriel Active Member

    That sucks big time... For what it's worth though, I do kinda know how it feels. I was the textbook definition of an outcast throughout high school. It was only during the last half of my senior year that that changed even slightly. Even then, the only people I hung out with were those who knew me exclusively through the aforementioned ex-girlfriend. It's rough being ostrisized for something you truly love.
  20. Collgoff Well-Known Member

    But why ypu broke up with her?
    I mean it must of been quite very sad for you!

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