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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Ladywarrior, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. Ladywarrior

    Ladywarrior Well-Known Member

    Click. Click. Click.
    The cameras shutter went off, taking stop motion images of an apartment building.
    Click. Click. Click.
    A mail truck pulled up and the driver stepped out, walking up to the row mail boxes aligned along the side wall.
    Click click click
    The mailman finished up and headed back to his truck, climbing in and driving away.
    Click click click
    Someone in a red and brown band uniform stepped out of the building and opened one of the mail boxes. They took out a stack of bills and headed back inside the building
    click click click....

    Chapter 1

    The final cords of the Muppet Show's ending theme died away as Dr. Teeth stepped into the dressing room he shared with the rest of the Electric Mayhem, the theaters resident rock and roll band. Humming a tune to himself, he opened his locker and rummaged around inside until he found the keys to the band's large bus. When he and the other members of the Electric Mayhem had become the main source of music for The Muppet Show, aside from the house band run by Nigel, they had sold the old church they'd intended to turn into a coffee house but had kept the bus for transportation. It was one of the few things left from that time, aside from their instruments and a few costumes. And Dr. teeth,the band leader's, rings of course. He wouldn't part with them unless they were pried from his cold, dead fingers.
    He pulled the keys out of the locker and slapped the door shut before turning and heading out of the room and toward the exit. He found Janice already outside of the theater, waiting at the bus. She was looking at one of the tires, back rested against the bus and arms folded, and he could see it was flat. Oh boy.
    "Hey, baby, has Floyd been letting Animal chew on the tires again?" he asked, chuckling as he drew closer to the only female band member.
    Janice looked up from the tires, startled by his voice. When she saw who had spoken her face relaxed. "Oh yeah," she said. "Animal, like, started losing his cool backstage so Floyd took him outside. I think the tire chewing might have been an accident."
    "Well, no big issue," he told her, giving a careless wave. "I think we've go a spare in the back, if you want to help me out here."
    "Fer shure," she agreed following him to the back of the bus to retrieve the spare.
    Once the two had found the tire they set to work at changing it. Dr. Teeth never even thought of suggested she let him do it himself, he knew she wouldn't stand for that anyway. "Hey, need help?" a voice spoke up behind them.
    The two musicians turned and spotted Zoot, Animal, and Floyd Pepper, Janice's boyfriend, coming toward them. They'd changed out of their orchestra outfits and were wearing normal street cloths.
    "Nah, man, we're fine," Dr. Teeth assured his fellow band members. "we're nearly finished changing this bummer."
    "Okay," the group arrived at the bus and began to load their instruments inside.
    "But next time you want to calm down Animal be sure to use one of the chew toys in the glove box," Teeth added as Floyd passed, gripping the drummer's chain.
    "Sorry, man, it was either that or I let him chase after Lady Gaga, " Floyd called after him. "He mistook her for a walking cheesecake and wanted to take a bite out of her, and you know Kermit wouldn't be down with that."
    Dr teeth chucked. The night's guest star's wardrobe had even made him balk. "Yeah, that lady gaga babe sure has a strange sense of style."
    "Look who's talking," Janice teased, playfully tugging on the feather on the piano player's hat. "Maybe you could, like, give her fashion tips."
    "Doubtful she'd be interested." He laughed and put away the tools before throwing the flat tired into a dumpster. "Well then let's make our exit."
    Janice headed inside and Dr. Teeth quickly joined her. He put the key in the ignition and carefully pulled out of the Electric Mayhem's reserved parking spot. It was pretty late so traffic was scarce and within ten minutes he was pulling the bus into apartment complex parking lot. After he turned off the engine he pulled on the handle that opened the door and the band unloaded, carrying their music cases into the building, except for Animal and Dr. teeth because they already had instruments in the apartment because the one's at the theater were too heavy to bring home.
    After they entered the apartment Floyd flopped onto the well worn sofa and sighed with relief. "Another successful show over with," he stated.
    "Fer shure," Janice said, joining him on the sofa.
    Zoot took his saxophone case into his bedroom while Animal raided the fridge. Dr. Teeth went over to the answering machine resting on the small ceramic island that separated the kitchen from the livingroom, to see if they got any calls while they were out but the digital light blinked zero. He turned his attention to the counter then, looking around for something. "Hey, Floyd I thought you brought in the mail."
    "No, man, that was yesterday," the bassist looked up at him, his arm around his girlfriend's shoulders. "I'll go down and get it." He started to get up.
    The band leader stopped him. "Never mind," Teeth said, turning from the counter. "I'll get it, I left my harmonica in the bus anyway so I'll just retrieve our parcels on the way back."
    "Kay man, and don't forget to lock the door this time," he called after him. "With the way things in LA have gotten I wouldn't put it past some punks to try to steal the bus and go on a joyride."
    "I always lock it," the pianist called back as he stepped into the hall. "Maybe Zoot got something from it last night and forgot. You know he has short term memory loss."
    "Do not!" he heard Zoot call out from the bedroom.
    "He was kidding," Floyd told him.
    "Then why didn't he say so..." the voices faded out as Dr. teeth headed down the hall to the elevator. He chuckled to himself when he climbed in and pushed the button to the ground floor. Of course he'd been kidding. He'd never intentionally insult any of his buddies.
    The little bell chimed and he stepped out as the door opened, crossing the lobby and pushing open the doors before entering the parking lot. Within minutes he'd retrieved his harmonica, testing it out before pocketing it and heading to the mailbox with the apartment number stenciled on it. Reaching inside he pulled out the mail, flipping through it as he headed inside.
    "Bill... bill... bill...another bill. Bummer," he muttered stepping back into the elevator. "Would be cool to get some fan mail once in awhile.. hello what's this?" he lifted one of the envelopes for a better look.
    The envelope in his hand had his name written in flowery penmanship surrounded by stickers of hearts and flowers. Quickly he flipped it over and opened the flap taking out the letter and beginning to read.
    Dear Doctor Teeth
    I've been a fan of yours since the beginning of the Muppet show and I was saddened when the producers ended the series. It really upset me because I was unable to watch you play anymore. I am very happy that the series is back again and I can watch you once more. I think you've gotten even better. I'm glad you haven't changed in all that time and are the same easy going pianist I remember. Keep it up!

    Your biggest and most faithful fan.

    "Huh well that's nice, kinda cute," he said, putting the letter back into the envelope. He flipped it over to see if there was a return address figuring he'd give them an answer since it was the first fan letter he'd gotten in a long time but there was none.
    Well that was odd but he didn't think much of it. Maybe whoever had written it was shy about giving out their personal information.
    Dr. teeth put the letter in his pocket as he stepped out of the elevator and quickly made his way back to the apartment. He knew if the others saw it they'd tease him about it and much as he didn't mind being picked at, well it just felt nice having something to himself for now. Also there was a chance they'd be upset about not getting their own letters and he didn't desire that either.
    "Hey Doc!" Floyd called to him when he entered the apartment. "anything good come in the mail, like some letters from our adoring fans?"
    "Eh nothing that spectacular," he remarked, crossing the room. "just a pack of bills." he tossed the envelopes on the counter. "but I mighta missed something feel free to check it out for yourself."
    Floyd picked up the letters and flipped through them. "Electric bill, water bill, internet bill?! We don't even have a computer!"
    "Not true," Dr. teeth corrected him as he scooted past Animal to take a peek into the fridge. The drummer was happily gnawing away at a large leg of lamb. "Our frog brother implied we should purchase a personal computer so we could keep up with recent news of our renewed fame. It's in Zoot's room." he slammed the door shut, shooting Animal a look. "Oh man, that was for dinner, you could have at least waited until I cooked it."
    "Meat," Animal said happily as he chewed away on the meat. "Animal likes it rare."
    Floyd dropped the mail on the table. "Not cool, Animal, now what are we going to have for dinner?" he demanded, tromping toward the drummer. "Why are you so greedy man? The rest of us get hungry too!"
    Animal just laughed and ran off with the leg of lamb hanging from his mouth.
    Floyd ran after him, still yelling at him for being a greedy miser.
    Dr. Teeth watched them and chuckled before glancing over at Janice who was still sitting on the sofa. She'd picked up a magazine from off the top of the coffee table. "Chinese?" he asked her.
    "Fer shure," she agreed, glancing up at him briefly before returning to whatever article she was reading.
    "Don't forget to get some egg rolls, man," Zoot said, stepping out of his room. "You forgot to order them last time."
    "No problemo," the pianist agreed cheerfully as he picked up the phone to place the order. "and could you do me a favor and get Floyd off of Animal before he chokes the life outta him?"
    The saxophonist nodded. "Groovy." he headed to the bathroom where a loud succession of thumps was coming from. "Hey, hey cool it!" Zoot called out. "Floyd you- what are you doing? AHH HELP!"
    Animal came running out of the bathroom dragging Floyd ,who'd gotten his hands on the drummer's chain, across the floor. "Put it down!" he was yelling.
    A moment later Zoot followed after them, looking frazzled. "You didn't have to stomp on my face!"
    "It wasn't my fault!" the bassist called back to him as Animal rushed toward the sofa, dragging him along for the ride.
    The crazy drummer jumped up and landed on the coffee table which flipped over due to his weight. The vase on the table flipped into the air and landed in Janice' lap spilling water all over her shorts.
    "Man, you guys are so lame," Janice exclaimed getting up off the sofa. "'I'm goin' to my room. Like, let me know when you are ready to act your age."
    "Hey wait, babe!" Floyd called after her, releasing Animals chain. "It wasn't my fault! Animal did it!"
    "I'm not listening!" she yelled over her shoulder. "He wouldn't have, like, been fooling around if you hadn't, like, chased him!"
    Animal sat on the sofa laughing at Floyd who'd begun to follow after his girlfriend. Zoot made a face then walked off to his room to be by himself.
    The band leader called after his bassit. "Hey, Floyd you might wanna show Janice you're not just jiving, if you know what I mean!" The phone rang in Dr. Teeth's hand just then and he answered it. "Hello? Hello?"
    No answer.
    "Huh, musta been a wrong number," he said, hanging up the phone before rummaging through the cabinet. "Any of you cats know the whereabouts of the menu?"

    (so here's chapter one. please forgive me for butchering the way the electric mayhem talks. if you enjoy it please let me know and i'll pot more chapters)
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  2. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Hmmm, intriguing! I can't wait to see what happens next! About the fanmail, Doctor Teeth, be careful what you wish for, man!
    :D And now I want Chinese...
    LipsGF4Life likes this.
  3. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    FINALLY!! I been waiting for this! Oh man, this is the fanfic I deserve to read.

    Oh you got it just right. The Electric Mayhem are supposed to act chaotic and moody offstage.

    I don't think you have them "butchered" and they're certainly in character.

    Leaves an Electric Mayhem t-shirt and an eye roll for a job well done on your first EM (Electric Mayhem) fanfic.
  4. Ladywarrior

    Ladywarrior Well-Known Member

    Binoculars were trained on bedroom window of the apartment building. They focused on the only one with a light still on. For the moment the room was empty but that didn't last long. A figure in a wild costume entered the room and walked over to the dresser resting against the back wall. They took out some clothing and then began to change.
    A camera shutter buzzed.
    Good night, Doctor.

    Chapter 2

    "So you're saying you want us to play this song the way it was featured in the film?" Dr. Teeth asked Kermit as he stared at the Muppet Show schedule. It was about a week later and the time for the Muppets to put on another show had come. That week's guest was Idina Menzel from Frozen and Wicked fame.
    "Yes, just as it was written," Kermit confirmed pointedly.
    "Bummer," Dr. Teeth muttered, looking disappointed. "Fans probably are tired of hearing this as is, why not let us spice it up a little?"
    "No," Kermit said firmly."I still remember the last time you spiced up a gust star's number."
    "Hey man, you can't blame me for that," Teeth responded, looking up at the frog. "Animal freaked out. Nothing I woulda done coulda prevented that. Classical music to him is like kryptonite ta Superman"
    "This song doesn't require a drum," Kermit responded evenly. It was apparent he didn't want to discuss it further. "He doesn't have to play."
    "Okay, if that's what ya want," the pianist begrudgingly agreed. "but he ain't gonna like that."
    "It's either this or I find new musicians."
    Dr Teeth sighed, pocketing the piece of paper. "You don't gotta go that far, my frog brother. We'll do the song. Calm your flippers."
    "Okay then, thank you," Kermit said. "Now excuse me, I have to do the opening." the frog hopped off, ready to begin.
    Dr. Teeth looked at the program once more and sighed. "Bummer, frog brother doesn't know a golden opportunity when he sees one." Spotting Janice walking in from the parking lot, he walked over to her to tell her about the musical number.
    "All right," she said, nodding her head once he was finished. "We'll do it."
    "Okay then," he said. "don' forget to tell Floyd and the others. I gotta go get ready."
    "Okay, see you in a few," she called after him as he headed up the stairs to one of the dressing rooms. "and could you like, check and see if I left my guitar pick in my locker for me? I like, already checked outside and it's, like, not there."
    "Sure thing," he called back as he opened the door.
    "Thanks a bunch."
    "No problemo, baby."
    Janice walked off to find the others and Dr. Teeth stepped into the dressing room. He walked over to the clothing rack resting against the back wall and started to go through the various costumes hanging from it. Since he usually wore one costume most of the time during his performances, he was thinking of changing into something different like Floyd did every once in awhile. Maybe his black and white one would look good?
    "Now let's see..." he slowly rummaged through the assortment of colorful costumes but none seemed to hold his interest, and the black and white striped suit and hat seemed to be missing. How disappointing."I know I hung it up in here somewheres..." He was so focused on his task he didn't hear the door quietly open and close behind him. "Did Hilda take it out?" he pulled out one costume and frowned. "I remember this abomination here. What was I thinkin' even believing it was in style." he tossed it on the floor.
    As he tossed the garment, the door opened loudly and Wayne and Wanda stepped inside but paused when they saw him.
    "Oh we didn't know anyone was in here," Wayne said, sounding startled. "Sorry we'll come back when you're gone."
    "Eh, no big deal," he told them, turning to the couple. "I'm done anyway." he had not been able to find his other costume. "You don't gotta make an exit." he headed toward the door head out and give the duo some privacy.
    "Hey, you gonna leave that on the table?" Wanda asked him.
    "Leave what?" Dr. Teeth looked at her confused.
    She pointed toward the small circular table in the middle of the room. "That little box there. It's got your name on it. Looks like someone left you a present."
    "Oh?" he turned to the table. He hadn't noticed that when he came in. When had it been put there? "Yeah thanks." he picked up the box and left with it. "I'll open it later. I gotta start my gig with Idina menzel now."
    "Break a leg!" Wayne called after him.
    "Yeah, thanks, man." The pianist stepped down the stairs, fingering the box in his pocket. He wondered briefly if Janice had set the box there for him but couldn't think of why. It wasn't a holiday or even his birthday and he doubted she'd have any ulterior motives. Nah it couldn't be her. It had probably been left by one of the other people who worked in the theater. They'd probably just seen something in a store that they thought he'd like and decided to buy it for him, though he still had no idea who it could be.
    "Maybe it was Idina Menzel herself," he chuckled to himself. "I wouldn't mind her being a fan one bit." after all Ms Menzel was rather hot and had a voice to die for.
    "Hurry up, Doc!" Zoot's voiced called to him from near the stage. "The frog says the babe will be on in twenty seconds."
    "Coming!" he rushed toward the stage to join his fellow band members.
    When he entered the stage, which was still covered by the curtain he noticed the others and the celebrity star were already there waiting for him. He quickly took his place behind the keyboard and waited for his cue. "Hey, baby," he said to Idina Menzel. "Looking good."
    The singer looked at him and nodded but said nothing. She looked like she was waiting to be introduced and didn't want to be distracted which he didn't blame her for. He had to focus too, though it couldn't hurt her to at least say hi back. Then again some of their guest stars were a little stuffy...
    "Next the lovely Idina menzel will sing her much beloved song "Let It Go" from the Disney movie Frozen. Let's give a hand for the lovely Idina Menzel backed up by Dr,. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. YEAAAAAAAAAAH!" the pianist heard the overly excited frog do his introduction before dashing off the stage in a flail or arms and legs as the curtain was raised behind him.
    Once the curtain was up Idina, wearing a sparkling gray dress began her signature song.
    She moved gracefully across the stage as she began to first verse. Dr. Teeth, who happened to be a fan of the song, played quietly behind her until her voice began to rise with the beginning of the chorus. That's when he just "couldn't hold it back anymore". It was just too much for him. "OH YEAH!" he suddenly exclaimed, beginning to play the chorus in a more upbeat tempo which quickly caused the rest of the band to join in happily. "LET IT GO, LET IT GO, CAN'T HOLD IT BACK ANYMORE!"
    The group were so into their updated version of the song they didn't notice Idina had stopped playing and was giving them looks of utter annoyance.
    "Not again," Kermit groaned from off stage.
    Suddenly Idina turned to the group and began to loudly belt out the verse defiantly, which only spurred them on to play louder. Dr. Teeth, encouraged by this, proceeded to sing in unison with her, expertly hitting all the right notes on the piano even though he'd only ever seen the sheet music once. The song went from then on without a hitch and Idina even stood beside Teeth's keyboard as she and the Muppets finished the last chorus of the song. Animal ended the song by hitting the drum so hard there was a huge explosion and everyone, including Menzel would up running off the stage, coughing. Well all except animal who laughed, proud of himself.
    "Well that rendition was a blast," Dr. Teeth wheezed as the band and the human guest star stood back stage to clear their lungs.
    "Well I never heard my song played that way before," Idina commented. "it was... different."
    "Hey, thanks," Floyd remarked. "and you were pretty hip with it by not losing your cool."
    "I've had worse," she told him. "Like this one time I had to sang in New York on New Year's Eve and everyone on Twitter said I butchered the song afterward-"
    "Ms. Menzel! Ms Menzel!" Kermit cut her off as he ran over with his arms flailing. "I'm so sorry! I told them not to do it but they did anyway."
    "Kermit, Kermit," she spoke up, raising her hands in an attempt to calm him down. "it's all right. It didn't bother me at all."
    "It didn't?" he asked, looking surprised.
    "Of course not," she answered. "I thought it was pretty... hip." behind her the band nodded and agreed, suddenly very happy that they'd found a new friend. "So you don't have to apologize. It was fun." she then pushed past him to go change out of her soiled outfit.
    Kermit watched her go then looked at the band. "So what do you think of us changing the songs now? Hehehe?" Dr. Teeth asked him.
    "Oh good grief." Kermit muttered, face-palming as he walked off.
    "Looks like he's not cool with it," Zoot remarked.
    "Ah well," Dr. Teeth shrugged. "at .east it didn't end badly. That chick sure is easy going."
    "Yeah, she's not square at all," Floyd remarked. He turned back to the stage as screams came from the audience. "I'd better go get Animal before he eats somebody."
    "Yeah, and make sure he hasn't chewed up any of our instruments while you're at it!" Teeth called after him. "Last time this happened, I found teeth marks all over my keyboard."
    "No sweat, man!" Floyd's voice came from the stage. "Animal get down from there! Those old farts will give you gas if you eat them!"
    "He's already got gas!" they heard Statler's voice call back.
    "Smells better than your act!" Waldorf also yelled then the two old men laughed in unison, until Animal chomped down on Statler's arm. "AHHH BACK! GET OFF ME, YOU WEIRDO!"
    "Animal, let go, you don't know where that's been!"
    "Do you, like, think we should help him?" Janice asked Dr. Teeth.
    "Nah," he laughed, heading for the stairs. "Floyd is a master at dealing with Animal. No sense causing a riot. But if you feel like we should..."
    "No, it's okay," she said, still looking toward the stage. "here they come."
    Dr. Teeth looked toward the stage, spotting Floyd dragging Animal by his chain as Kermit sent Fozzy out to distract the audience with some corny jokes about fruit. "Well that didn't take long."
    "Fer shure."
    Dr. Teeth quickly climbed the rest of the stairs figuring he wouldn't be needed for awhile and politely knocked on the door of the dressing room Idina Menzel was assigned to. They'd sounded so well together on stage he figured it couldn't hurt to ask her out. The worst she could say was no.
    "Who is it?" the singer's voice called from inside.
    "It's me. Dr. Teeth," he replied. "Mind if I come in?"
    "I don't mind," was her response.
    He opened the door and poked his head inside covering his eyes with his hand. "You decent?"
    "Of course I am."
    He dropped his hand and grinned. "Yes, you are and you look good."
    She smiled at him as he came inside. "Why thank you, " she answered. "But you're not saying that just because I'm the guest star, are you?"
    "Of course not, darling," he told her. "I mean it...." there was a brief silence. "So um.. are you busy tonight?"
    "Yes," she answered. "I'm having movie night with my husband."
    "Your husband?" he asked, feeling slightly embarrassed. He hadn't realized she was married. Better save face so she wouldn't suspect anything. "Lucky man."
    "Yes, he is." she agreed. "Was there something you wanted to ask me?"
    "Uh yeah," he said. 'but now it seems kind of silly seeing as you're married and all."
    She smiled. "Let me guess, you wanted to invite me out to dinner?"
    "Something like that."
    "Well, I'd love to go," she told him. "but only as friends."
    He nodded, forcing a smile. That was better than nothing. "Sure, thing babe. Oh, by the way." he handed her a box that was in his pocket. "Here. Just call it a thank you gift for agreeing to participate in this cornball show and letting me down easy."
    She graciously took the item. "Why thank you, it's been pretty fun so far.”
    “Ms. Menzel!” Scooter called out, opening the door. “You’re on in thirty seconds.”
    “Be right there,” she called to them. She looked down at Dr. Teeth. "Guess I’d better get back on stage.” she leaned over and kissed Dr. Teeth on the cheek as she went out. "Thanks for the present.”
    “Right,” he replied, blushing as she left the room. Once she was gone he touched his cheek and grinned. “Oh yeah!”
    “Doc!” Floyd called out, opening he door. “it’s almost time to-” he paused and stared at the pianist, a huge grin spreading across his face. “Oh what do we have here?”
    Dr. teeth stared back at him, confused. “What?”
    “She kissed you, didn’t she?” he asked, pointing toward a mirror. “You reached first base already, man!”
    Teeth saw the lipstick stain on his cheek and quickly cleaned it off. “She was just thanking me.”
    “For what?”
    “I gave her a present.”
    “Boy man, you move fast!”
    “Hey now, cut it out, she’s married.”
    “and with a married woman!” Floyd exclaimed, having a ball at how flustered he was making the band leader. “You tiger!”
    Dr. teeth knew he was being teased but he still felt slightly defensive about it.. “Oh stop it, you know I wouldn't bed another man’s wife, that’s lame.”
    “Suure,” Floyd teased him then turned to the door and began to yell out for everyone to hear. “Hey everyone Dr. teeth is making it with a married woman!”
    “Floyd! Don't” Dr. Teeth rushed at his friend tackling him, cutting him off halfway through his announcement. The two crashed into the small landing then accidentally tripped over poor Camilla , sending the chicken rocketing into the air, as the duo fell down the stairs. They rolled down together and hit the floor in a tangle of arms and legs.
    “Watch it, buddy!” Miss Piggy yelled at them when they nearly ran into her at the bottom.
    "Sorry, hey Piggy, did you know teeth-"
    "Shhhhhh!" Teeth exclaimed, clamping his hand over his friend's mouth as the sow flounced away with her nose in the air.
    "Mmmmm mfff mfff!" the bassist muttered behind his friend's hand as he squirmed to get free.
    "Hey, break it up!" Sam "kill joy" the Eagle burst onto the scene and pulled the two musicians apart. "This is an unseemly display. What will the children think?"
    "Ah, don't get your feathers in a ruffle, old man," Dr. Teeth said, hanging from the eagle's grip. He grinned at him, feeling completely relieved about the intervention but not about to let the bird know that. "It was just a bit of fun. Floyd and I are cool."
    "Yeah," Floyd spoke up, also dangling from the bird's wings. "Ya don't have to be such a rube. It was an accident. Besides Teeth and I are bros. We weren't even fighting."
    Sam didn't look convinced but he let the two go with a warning about their behavior before he stalked off to find someone else to give a self righteous speech about decency to.
    Once he was gone Dr. teeth looked at Floyd. "Now that that's over with I think you owe me a little apologizin'." he remarked.
    "Sorry man, I didn't mean anything by it," he assured him. "I was kidding, totally." he rubbed his arm. "But man, that tackle was wicked. You shoulda been a football player."
    "I believe ya, just watch what you say next time," he warned him, ignoring the football comment. "Who knows who might be listenin' in. I wouldn't want the wrong person hearing about something' like that. Could get me in real hot water." he gave his friend a gentle push toward the stage. "C'mon we have another number."
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