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We need to see Dark Crystal action figures!

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by Unknown Delight, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Hi Gang.

    A thought was going through my head the other day as i enjoyed another viewing of one of my favourite films -The Dark Crystal. Why has their never been any real action figures of these characters?

    Back in the late 90s there were tons of actions figures of various movie characters and even celebrities. Some lines i can think of produced by Spawn, Playmates, Play Along, Hasbro..etc made incredibly gorgeous figures that were really more like mini sculptures. A example- The Lord of the Rings characters produced by Play Along in 2001+ were nothing short of awesome as far as execution, detailing, and sculpting goes. I always wondered when i saw the latest 'Retro Movie' line come out...'When are we gonna see 'The Dark Crystal'?'

    The characters just scream to be made into 6in glory in my opinion. With all the 'comic figures' and busts, 12 in figures and even the miniature lines...you would think the time is ripe for a Dark Crystal line to appear. The way these figures are made, and the technology availible now to insure faithful reproductions of the characters' likenesses make it all the more easy to see this dream come true.

    Imagine a set of 6 inch figures of the main characters. A basic line could be a Skeksis, Jen and Kira, Augra, a Mystic, and perhaps a Podling. If they really wanted to make it interesting they could include a Garthin soilder. I can't see them doing the more akward characters ( from a action figure standpoint) like the Landstriders...but how AWESOME would it be to have just the basic set? 6 inches of plastic PVC glory to stand on your shelf!

    Has there ever been any figures made besides the Gelfling dolls from a few years back? I was happy to see those, although not so happy with how they looked...but hoped there would be other characters to follow. I think with everything 80s being 'cool' and Retro in general being a hot sale these days, 'Dark Crystal' figures would totally ROCK!

    I will not rest until i have a 6 inch Skeksis on my shelf to threaten my Care Bears with!
  2. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Only a Skeksis action figure from Neca for $12 - 24. This singlular figure was based on the puppet design. :scary:

    Some overly expensive non-articulated vinyl figurines from MindStyle that included a mystic, landstrider and other items. They cost from $100 - $200 and the line ended due to the cost. These were based on the conceptual art rather than the puppets.
  3. Laszlo

    Laszlo Member

    I agree with you, an action figure line would be awesome! But I wondered why you havent seen the NECA Skeksis figure yet?
    Its quite cheap and the details are EXCELLENT! Sadly there are no other plans by NECA for the rest of the characters.
  4. Laszlo

    Laszlo Member

    Here is a list of EVERY Dark Crystal figure/sculpture EVER produced:

    (- Action Figures by HASBRO/AVIVA 1982 CANCELLED!)
    - 2 Sets of Die Cast Miniatures 1982
    - 3 diff. Masks (Aughra, Skeksis and Pod person) by Don Post 1982
    - Skeksis Bust Kit by Asao Goto (1990 maybe?)
    - Skeksis Figure Kit with Pod Slave and base with crystals (1990 maybe?)
    - Aughra Figure Kit with base (1990 maybe?)
    - Skeksis Castle Resin Kit
    - Skeksis Chamberlain Bust by PLAN B
    - Skeksis Garthim Master Bust by PLAN B
    - Urskeks Bust by PLAN B
    - Aughra Bust by PLAN B
    - Mystic Bust by PLAN B
    (- Skeksis Scientist by PLAN B CANCELLED!)
    - Landstrider with Jen by MINDSTYLE
    - Mystic by MINDSTYLE
    (- Skeksis Castle by MINDSTYLE CANCELLED !)
    - Fizzgig Plush by TOY VAULT
    - Skeksis Action Figure by NECA 2009

    Ok, I think thats all... hope this helps.
  5. Laszlo

    Laszlo Member

    I almost forgot:
    - Jen and Kira with Fizzgig Dolls by SIDESHOW
    - Skeksis Bust 1:2 scale white resin (producer unknown)
  6. Laszlo

    Laszlo Member

    How could I forget:
    - Garthim Bust by PLAN B

    Ok, now Im finished ;)
  7. SuzieChan

    SuzieChan New Member

    Wow... turns out that there are quite a few "Dark Crystal"-related figures/sculptures. Too bad that many of them were either not ever made (especially the Hasbro/Aviva action figures) or are now a rare-to-obtain item.

    Personally, as far as it goes with action figures, I'd like to see more of NECA. I think they did a really good job on Chamberlain, and it's kind of sad that they're not planning on releasing more characters. :(
  8. Thanks for the list gang...had no idea there was so much stuff ( well, even the stuff not produced!).

    I could'nt see the pic however....the link takes me to a alternative pic with caption. GREAT to learn however that there WAS a Skeksis figure made! I will have to scout ebay ....

    I agree- a NECA line ( with many characters) would totally ROCK!
  9. Laszlo

    Laszlo Member

    You are right, most are very hard to find. But Im lucky to have most of them ;)
  10. Okay i checked out eBay last night and they have some up for bid ( NECA Skeksis). Really looks great....this is EXACTLY the kind of figure i was talking about wanting to see a series of.

    Looking at the photo of this item on eBay, i see the box has a sticker that implies this was to be the first in a new series. I am VERY sad to see now that this 'series' never made it beyond the one Skeksis figure ( and a odd choice too...Chamberlan without his robes!). I SO wish NECA continued with other figures...a Mystic and a couple other Skeksis would have been GREAT.

    Many thanks for bringing this figure to my attention. When i have the money, i will definately invest in one of these.

  11. Laszlo

    Laszlo Member

    Well, the series is not dead. The Skeksis was released this year, so I think they are waiting how the sales perform. If it sells well, there might be more.
    I am with you, I also prefer Chamberlain WITH robes.
  12. Much thanks for that clarification..i did not realise the figure was such a recent release!

    Hey someone out there who owns a toy company must be feeling my vibes to MAKE FIGURES from this movie! Yay!

    I SO hope they continue. I really like the look of this figure...totally the style of figure i was talking about earlier. I would love a set of ALL nine Skeksis, though that is probably a pipe dream. Do at least two...and toss in a Mystic and Augra to round out the set. If they did the Gelflings, i think it would be nice to see them boxed together due to their smaller in-scale size. Maybe even have them come with a small Fizzgig PVC sized to them. Talk about niiiiice.....

    Sweet....well i watch this with interest. For now i will seek a figure to own.
  13. JMPrater

    JMPrater Member

    Now we just need a version of Jen and Kira (wings spread) that actually does the original puppets justice. Those sideshow versions looked like abortions with their huge disfigured heads. LOL.
  14. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    I agree with you 100% on that. It's the funniest thing hearing collectors try to defend those dolls. I feel the sluggish initial sales of those Gelfling dolls are responsible for curbing retail interest in DC merchandise. I'm glad that seems to be changing. People really respond to the Neca Skeksis in the shop where I work.
  15. I remember those Sideshow Gelflings....we used to have a Borders video shop near where i live that sold cool figures and collectibles. One day i went in to look at some of the new stuff they had, and was shocked and elated to see Dark Crystal boxes with figures inside!

    That elation deflated in seconds once i saw the figures though.....egad, they looked nothing like the characters! It was a shame..i was SO ready to buy them too. Such a pity they did not do a better job with them.

    I am glad to hear that folks like the Chamberlin figure. It is great, i agree, and exactly the style and size of figure i always envisioned would work best for a Dark Crystal set.

    I SO so so so hope they continue the line!

  16. TheHairyMonster

    TheHairyMonster New Member

    I was surprised to even find a fair few of those Chamberlin figures in an Australian Ebay store.

    It looks like it's a pretty good size as well. Would definitely look great on display.
  17. Mystic Master

    Mystic Master Member

    Just bought a Chamberlain figure - and I want MORE! I'd like to see a Mystic, Aughra, and a Jen & Kira 2-pack, all scaled together.
  18. Me too!

    These would be a beautiful set ..and just the type of figures i have been wishing would be made of these characters for ages.

    I really do hope the folks who produced these figures will seriously consider making more additons. One can only hope...

  19. Mystic Master

    Mystic Master Member

    Maybe its time to campaign to get more figures made - I wonder if NECA considers the Chamberlain a success based on sales data...?

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