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What are your favorite number segments?

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by D'Snowth, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    The Count already did this with the letter of the day segments, so now I'm doing the same thing with the number of the day skits. To start off, here are my faves.
    * From Soup to 0.
    * 1 Flew Over Cookoo's Nest
    * 2,2,2, me and U
    * 3 Monsters (Grover, Blue Nosed-Herry, and a little pink monster we call Billy)
    * 4 Pinball Segment (I can't remember any others)
    * 5 People in my Family
    * 6 Pinball Segment (")
    * Alligator King and his 7 Sons
    * All 8 segments, cuz 8's m'favorite number.
    * Under water there's a 9
    * 10 Tiny T's
    * 11 Campers
    * 12 Ladybugs came to the Ladybug Picnic
    * 13 on the Computer (where the little girl matches a 13)
    * 14 In the City (where the number would come out from the ground all over the city)
    * It's hard to be 15.
    * 16 Blues
    * No favorite 17 segments
    * 18 Sandwiches
    I have no favorites for 19 or 20.
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Here are my favorites.

    Oh, and some of them may be forgotten favorites not seen for a loooong time.

    0: Now I've got 0 in my Bowl. A song where there was different items in a bowl and different animals ate them up. And there's a second version where Miss A.M. Goat appeared at the end of the song to protest in the name of all dairy goats that all goats would eat a pair of sneakers, only to have her efforts frustrated by a pair of other goats munching on some tins.
    0: Any sketch with Luis as Señor Zero, a spoof of Zorro.
    1: The song sung by Johnny Cash about a western counter who kept counting 1 featuring Big Bird, the Count, and Countess Dahling von Dahling.
    1: A pageant where female number Muppets from 10 to 1 counted off backwards so that the number 1 could sing a song at the end. And these female number Muppets had their outlines dotted by small blinking stagelike lightbulbs.
    2: Dollhouse, an old live film song about two girls playing with their dolls.
    3: The Amazing 3 Song, sung by the cartoon fiddler guy.
    4: The classic version of I Just Adore 4 sung by Big Bird and three AM's.
    5: The cartoon where a guy finds five apples inside a glass 5 and keeps eating the apples until they keep subtracting and end up in large glass numbers until there are 0 apples.
    5: Bat-Five, an old song from SS.
    5: The cartoon where five kids keep giving a sick friend five different flowers, until he tells them that he's allergic to flowers.
    5: An old live film segment where five showgirls push each other overboard subtracting themselves ending up with 0.
    6: Six Snails, a song by the fiddler guy.
    7: The Alligator King, the classic version.
    8: So many sketches, where to begin! Eight Beautiful Notes, sung by the Count.
    Eight Balls fo Fur, sung by Chris of Chris and the Alphabeats.
    The Penny Candyman.
    The King of Eight.
    Lefty Sells Ernie an 8.
    Pieces of Eight, where I think it was Paula Poundstone dressed up as a pirate, Big Bird and some kids take a few golden puzzle pieces and place them on the pavement in front of what's now Gina's offices forming a golden 8.
    9: The Martian Beauty.
    9: Naughty Number Nine, not from SS, it's from School House Rock, but that's one that's always been in the back of my mind from when I had better sight. That cloudy 9 following the unlucky cat like that, major spooky.
    9: I'm on Cloud 9, sung by the Count.
    10: Ten Tiny Turtles, in it's complete format, is my all-time favorite.
    10: Count It Higher, sung by Chris and the Alphabeats.
    11: The sketch with the Catherine O'Hara Muppet who gets her entire scene tilted upside-down to show that the 11 drawn on the chalkboard can be read perfectly.
    11: The episode with the giant 11.
    12: The Ladybug's Picnic is my second all-time favorite.
    13: The episode where it keeps storming with thunderclaps everytime Telly says the number 13.
    13: Thirteen, You're my Lucky Number, an animated song sung by a cowboy mouse.
    14: Fourteen Ducklings were Baked in a Pie.
    15: It's Not Easy Being 15.
    16: 16 Blues.
    17: Number 17 Rap.
    18: Eighteen Sandwiches.
    19: Number 19 Rap.
    20: Whenever any of the counting scenes count up all the way to 20, the best one of these is the one where the numbers are seen in the waters of a Hawaiian isle and they keep changing though I'm not sure if that stopped at 20 or 40. Another classic one is the counting scene that goes up to 20 where the numbers keep getting destroyed or accidentally broken, like when an animated version of Cookie Monster eats the number 14.
    21: The Story of Numberella.
    21: Ernie's Poem about the number 21.

    And finally, the Song of the Count which could count for the number 1!
    Oh, and the bird's name is "cuckoo".
    Hope this helps and have a good day.
  3. SillyJoeBob

    SillyJoeBob New Member

    My fave number segments

    My favorites are:

    0 - Anything with this number involving Cookie Monster
    1 - "1 Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" Monsterpiece Theater
    "Do you want 1?" Harvey Kneeslapper
    2 - "2 Kids Lost In the Lobby" Cartoon Bellhop (Actually I hated all the Bellhop segments, but it's amusing to look back on all the ones I remember with him in it 'cause I was so scared of him.)
    3 - "3 Cars" computer animated (from the '80s)
    4 - "I Just Adore 4" Big Bird
    5 - "The Story of Freddy the 5" a cartoon from the '70s
    6 - "Six Soccer Socks" cartoon/song
    7 - "7 Owls" old cartoon from the '70s
    "Alligator King"
    8 - "8 Suitcases" Cartoon Bellhop
    9 - can't remember anything for this number
    10 - the Vietka dolls film w/ 10 Vietka dolls. I LOOOOOOOVED this one (actually, this is one of those things where they count forwards and backwards from 10, but its the only "10 segment" I remember)
    11 - Cartoon from the '70s where a singing group counts to 11 and all the numbers are in squares (similar to the "Pinball Number Count" segments)
    12 - Pinball number count for this number
    13 - "13 Hamburgers" computer animated (from late '80s or early '90s)
    14 - one of the "number animations" where they count to some number between 13 and 20 (in this one, the number 14 gets soaked up by water and it turns from being plain red, to red w/white stripes)
    15 and 16 - can't remember anything for these numbers
    17 - "17 Hats" computer animated (from late '80s or early '90s)
    18 - can't remember anything for this number
    19 - "19 In Space" computer animated (from early '90s)
    20 - a number animation where they're counting up to this number and the numbers turn into animals
    39 - "The 39 Stairs" Monsterpiece Theater
    40 - "Star Light Star Bright" with 40 stars
    54 - "The Lambaba" (the Count counts 54 lambs in this one)
    That's all I can think of for now

  4. zrs70

    zrs70 New Member

    2: I've got two (eyes, ears, etc) (Gordon, Susan, Hooper, Bob, Bird, Oscar)
    5: "Five People in my Family" (Anything)
    7: "The Aligator King"
    11: "It's a lovey eleven morning"
    12: Ladybug picnic

    "And that's the song of (1,2,3 etc)"
  5. SillyJoeBob

    SillyJoeBob New Member

    Re: "I've Got Two"

    Isn't "I've Got Two" with Bert and Ernie? I thought it was.

  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Well, you can check out who's credited as singing the song "I've Got Two!" by reading the track listings for the upcoming SS 3-disc CD box set in the top thread here at MC's Sesame Street section in the forums.

    Man, so many I forgot about!
    What about Super Two and Jive Five for you 70's fans?
    I remember Freddy 5 and the search for his older brother.
    The Count and Ernie count phone rings up to 5 before Ernie answers the telephone.
    My Favorite Number's 6 as sung by Bert.
    The song which is correctly called "It's a Lovely 11 O'Clock Morning."
    The 11 squares song.
    Hey, if you've got the 13 hamburgers and 17 derby hats, what about the 19 fish eggs and 20 chicken eggs which hatch into 20 little fishies and chicks forming their respective numbers?
    Oh, and if you know the animals that the numbers 1 to 20 turn into, please post them here as well. And the #14 sketch you're talking about was part of the African Counting sketch.
    Hope this helps and have a good day.
  7. SillyJoeBob

    SillyJoeBob New Member

    The Count,

    I have a few things to say to you:

    Who did Freddy the 5's older brother turn out to be? I don't remember that sketch too well even though it was one of my favorites. I don't recall seeing the 19 fish eggs segment, nor do I remember seeing the 20 chicken eggs segment. Were those part of any "series", and if so, what was it called? In the 1 - 20 animals cartoon, the number 4 (I think) turns into a rabbit, and the number 1 turns into some unknown creature holding up an umbrella. Can't remember much else. So the #14 sketch I was talking about was part of the "African Counting" series? I used to love those (mainly because they went to high numbers), although I also liked what they turned into, especially that weird #11 creature under the sea. That's all.

  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hi SillyJoeBob.

    Just remembered who Freddy Five's older brother was. Knew the sketch but not the name until just now before I started to type this reply for you. Freddy Five asks a cop to help him find his brother, and the cop motions to a bunch of big kids playing off to the side to come in for a moment. First we see an older 9, then a 7, a 3 and an 8. And finally, Frankie Five comes in and thanks the officer for reuniting the two brothers. Basically, they're two yellow 5's with a baseball cap one bigger than the other.
    The 19 fish eggs and 20 chicken eggs were part of the same counting series as the 13 hamburgers and 17 derby hats you mentioned above, along with a sketch showing off 16 TV sets that all click on in a 4x4 square to demonstrate a red number 16 on yellow screens. Wondering how I know this stuff? It's from when I watched SS and still had better sight.
    Oh, and these five number segments could've been from a counting series except for the fact that they were the only ones made in this sort of style, no others for the rest of the numbers in between.
    Yeah, the African Counting series was one of the different counting series used in the 1990's counting up to 20. My faves from the African Counting series were the 4 embedded in the left side of a high-flying kite and the 7 that got left behind from a horse's head of hair, and the little kid's hands waving goodbye which turned into the number 13.
    Hope this helps and have a good night.
  9. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    I used to love that African Counting series. It used to be my favorite. They still use some of the number films from the early 90s. But they never did a version for number 20.

    There was also this one called "Rubber Stamps." It went like this:

    A fish holding something and a 1 came spewing out. Then a girl looked at the floor, and a 2 came out of it. Someone dumps a bag and a 3 comes out. A dinosaur carries a 4. A boy drinks from a glass and a 5 comes out. Someone fishes and catches a 6. Someone writes a 7 with a pen. Someone is painting and an 8 appears on the canvas. Someone plays basketball and a 9 dribbles by. A number 10 appears above someone's head and pops. A robot creature opens his head and an 11 comes out. A cat sways to the right and a 12 is behind him. Someone pushes a 13 to the right. A man lights a 14 on fire. A 15 comes out of an alien's mouth. A rocket whizzes by, and a 16 comes out of the engine. A girl holds a piece of paper and a 17 comes down on it. Someone in a science lab makes an 18 from liquids. A 19 is shown on a movie screen. People watch a 20 rise over the hill.

    What I've noticed about it is, they would stop at whatever the number of the day was. But they didn't do it for every number. They only did it for the numbers 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17, and 20. I don't know why.
  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    No, this counting series would stop at whatever the number of the day was. I remember times when it stopped on 8, 9, 10, 13, and others as well. The one counting series I absolutely loathe is the one with the circle in the center of the screen and this annoying voice would just keep singing "Ba-Dinga-Dinga, Ba-Dinga-Dinga" and on and on until it stopped at the number of the day.
    Hope this helps and have a pleasant marrow.
  11. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    I remember those! Did you know that was LeVar Burton doing the counting in those films?
  12. SillyJoeBob

    SillyJoeBob New Member

    Thanks for the info!

  13. ISNorden

    ISNorden Active Member

    OK, here are my faves for every number:

    0: the Señor Cero clips (politically incorrect, but a cute pun)
    1: recent cartoon with a girl getting a 1 off a shelf; she hugs it and sighs, "My ONE and only!
    2: "Two Is My Favorite Number" (Awwwww!)
    3: Classic live-action film with the ball moving along a wire "roller coaster", triggering various moving parts in threes (the "sundae" version, not the "ball ground to powder" one)
    4: Country fiddler's "Four Big Lions"
    5: "Five People in My Family"
    6: "Queen of Six"
    7: "Alligator King"
    8: "King of Eight"
    9: "Bumble Artie's 9th Birthday"
    10: "Ten Tiny Turtles"
    11: "Eleven Morning" (cartoon with overweight woman counting various animals on a farm)
    12: "Ladybugs' Picnic"
    13: "Lucky 13" (sung by a cartoon cowboy who carries 13 of many lucky charms)
    14: "14 Carrot Love" (Muppet sketch, Polly Darton/Benny the Rabbit)
    15: "Doo-wop 15" (described already in this thread)
    16: "16 Samba" (He was a 1 from the country...she was a 6 from the town; performed by Muppet musicians, dancers and numerals!)
    17: "17 things 17 can do..." (rap cartoon)
    18: Alice Cooper parody (18 sandwiches, I just don't know--forget the whole thing, I'll get a pizza to go!)
    19: "1999" parody where singer parties with 19 of various animals
    20: the classic 4-armed man clip, what else?
    21: Numberella (I was surprised to see 21 as a sponsor that day!)
  14. Soul H

    Soul H New Member

    My favourite number sketche's are:

    0. Senor Zero

    1. Would you like 1 (Harvey Kneeslapper)

    2. Swedish Animation (2 girrafes and 2 elephants)
    Toucan Two-Step
    2 splendid snakes (Circus Trainer)
    The Baker #2
    Jazzy Spies 2
    Mad Painter 2

    3. Swedish Animation (3 mice, 3 owls, 3 penguins)
    3 animals on a fat lady's lap
    Rollercoaster 3
    3 Falling Felines (Circus Trainer)
    The Baker #3
    Jazzy Spies 3
    Mad Painter 3

    4. Swedish Animation (4 ducks, 4 elephants, 4 dolphins)
    4 Big Lions
    4 Lordly Lions (Circus Trainer)
    The Baker #4
    Jazzy Spies 4
    Mad Painter 4

    5. Swedish Animation (5 worms, 5 butterflies, 5 swans, 5 flies)
    5 Floating ["falling" more likely] Fools (Circus Trainer)
    The Baker #5
    Jazzy Spies 5
    Mad Painter 5

    6. Swedish Animation (6 camels, 6 pigs)
    6 Marvelous Monkeys (Circus Trainer)
    6 Soccer Socks
    6 Rap
    The Baker #6
    Jazzy Spies 6
    Mad Painter 6

    7. Swedish Animation (7 piglets, 7 owls, 7 starfish, 7 turtles)
    7 Swimming Seals (Circus Trainer)
    7 Rap
    The Baker #7
    Jazzy Spies 7
    Mad Painter 7

    8. Swedish Animation (8 bats, 8 worms, 8 frogs, 8 eggs hatching, 8 buttons)
    Holy-Moley 8 Balls of Fur
    8 Polar Penguins (Circus Trainer)
    The Baker #8
    Jazzy Spies 8
    Mad Painter 8

    My personal favourite number:

    9. Swedish Animation (9 ants, 9 singing tigers, 9 penguins, 9 birds, 9 sheep)
    9 Enormous Elephants (Circus Trainer)
    The #9 Special of the Day
    9 Rap
    Count Up To 9
    Telly and a little girl talk about the number 9 (with help from dogs)
    The Baker #9
    Jazzy Spies 9
    Mad Painter 9
    Rubber Stamps 9
    9 Spaceships
    Climbing 9 Stairs
    Martian Beauty #9
    Question : Did they ever do a parody of "Love Potion #9"?

    10. 10 Tiny Turtles on the Telephone
    10 Brave Brown Bears (Circus Trainer)
    The 10 Commandments of Health
    Hypnotic 10
    The Baker #10
    Jazzy Spies 10
    Mad Painter 10
    Rubber Stamps 10

    11. Disco 11
    11 Purple Pooches (Circus Trainer)
    Telly seeing the ginormous 11
    Mad Painter 11
    11 Rap
    Rubber Stamps 11

    12. Honk Around the Clock
    12 Rocks in the desert
    High 12
    Ernie's poem about 12, no 21, no 12, no...AW FORGET IT!!!!
    12 Fantastic Fluttering Finches (Circus Trainer)
    Rubber Stamps 12

    13. Telly cursed to get a thunderstorm whenever he says 13
    Masks 13
    Number Parade 13
    13 Rap

    14. 14 Carrot Love
    14 Masks
    Number Parade 14

    15. How Hard It Is to Be 15
    15 Rap
    Number Parade 15
    15 Masks
    Rubber Stamps 15

    16. 16 Blues
    16 Samba
    16 Masks
    Number Parade 16
    Rubber Stamps 16

    17. Rubber Stamps 17
    17 Masks
    Number Parade 17

    18. 18 Sandwiches
    18 flips followed by wipe-out
    18 Masks
    Number Parade 18

    19. 19 Masks
    Number Parade 19

    20. Swedish Animation (elephant counting to 20)
    Rubber Stamps 20
    Number Parade 20
    Counting to 20 with disaterous numbers
    Meditator counting to 20 with his 20 fingers

    That's all I can think of now.
  15. Cookie fan

    Cookie fan New Member

    One of my favorites was a song Bert sang about the number 6, I'm not sure if the title is "My Favorite Number is 6", part of the song went something like:

    "Now 2 are your eyes,
    and 1's your nose,
    and 5 are your fingers or your toes,
    and 4 are the legs on an easy chair,
    but nothing else can compare with 6"

    That song was one of the greatest!
  16. ISNorden

    ISNorden Active Member

    Did someone say "Swedish"?

    I've seen the animations that Soul H identifies as Swedish, on both Sesame Street and a similar "homegrown" program for Swedish children. No, not Svenska Sesam; the title of the other show translates as "Five Ants Is More than Four Elephants". That would certainly explain the tuskless elephants in #2, #4, and #20 (the title animation for "Five Ants..." draws them tuskless also). And yes, the counting elephant still gets frustrated when he reaches 14--though the version shown in Sweden doesn't show him throwing a tantrum; it's more like "14...14...14" on a stuck phonograph record, sung in the same neutral voice as the other numbers.

    P.S. Ironically enough, I thought that the producers of "Five Ants..." had gotten those cartoons from CTW, not the other way around. You learn something new every day!
  17. SillyJoeBob

    SillyJoeBob New Member

    Couple o' questions

    First of all, why has no one (besides me) mentioned any of the bellhop skits and why has only the person who started this thread mention the pinball counting machine vignettes? Those were both pretty entertaining in different ways; the former involved a man doing impossible duties in a neat Tin-Tin-ish animated background circa 1983 or so, and the latter was always mesmerizing, psychedelic, and energetic (And most recently, parodied on Family Guy with Stewie going through the pinball machine in a bubble-type thing :)) That being said, it might be kinda neat if another classic cartoon skit were featured on Family Guy (Typewriter Guy, maybe?) I know they've also made references to the falling baker in one episode (the one where Peter gains more appreciation for women; a baker comes out, yells "10 banana cream pies!!!", and falls down immediately afterwards.)

    Also, I noticed that for 2 thru 12, each number had a Bud Luckey song (It was neat that Bud narrated "Boundin'", the short film that followed the Incredibles when it came out in theaters), and I noticed that for numbers 13 thru 20, only certain numbers had songs (13, 14, 15, 16, and 18). Why didn't 17, 19, and 20 ever have songs (and for that matter, were "Lucky 13", "14 Ducklings In the Pot", "Forgotten # 15", "16 Blues", and "18 Sandwiches" all animated and/or performed by the same person?) As for #'s 0 and 1, their respective songs (the one with animals taking away the food for 0, and the Bob Dylan-ish singer and the big fat chicken thing for 1) all seemed to (strangely) come out later than 2 thru 12.

    Well, that's about it for now,

  18. Chris Von Count

    Chris Von Count New Member

    my favorite numbers segments

    #2 with the two little girls and the doll house (a cute classic) and Super 2
    #3 the little red ball rolling around the giant track, the mad painter and the number 3 (hilarious)
    #4 the cartoon elephant counting his feet, next ends up kicking his feet up in a little jig, and then falls flat on his back.. (always get a kick out of that one) sorry for the pun HEHE!
    #5 Kerrmit, Herry Monster, and Cookie Monster with the number 5, great at the end when Cookie eats the 5.. LOL
    #6 Bert sings about his favorite number
    #7 the crocodile king
    #8 the penny candyman, ring master and the eight seals, King of 8
    #10 ten tiny turtles on the telephone with the grocery store, also the Russian doll film, Count it higher with Little Chris and band
    #11 the eleven cheer song
    #12 Ladybug picnic, the ring master and his twelve feathery finches
    #18 with the guy doing the eighteen back handsprings in his yard
    #20 counting guru cartoon

    Any of the baker films were great (did you know Jim Henson was the baker)?
    also I know that the mad painter in the number 3 skit was Mr. Bently from the Jeffersons, along with a young Stockard Channing. But I can't remember if he played the painter in all of the SS skits?
    Of course who can forget the pinball cartoons, or jazzy spies?
  19. Chris Von Count

    Chris Von Count New Member

    I almost forgot another numbers segment...:(

    Does anyone remember a film that had jazzed up music, and a lady doing a voice over counting all sorts of airplanes?
  20. Chris Von Count

    Chris Von Count New Member

    New member Kerri jarred my memory of another numbers skit.

    If you read her first post in the welcoming section she explanes the skit with a truck driver throwing boxes down a track while kids count them.

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