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What does MTR have?

Discussion in 'Henson People' started by zns, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. zns

    zns Well-Known Member

    I am just curious. What specific Muppet program does the Museum of Television and Radio have?
  2. MelissaY1

    MelissaY1 Well-Known Member

    There's WAY too many to name here. You would have to go there and look at their computer catalog then select what you'd like to watch.
  3. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Btw, it's just been renamed The Paley Media Center. :)

    I can come up with something of a list. In most cases, they only have some episodes of the shows, not all. Still it's a great collection!

    Muppet Show
    Muppet Babies
    Fraggle Rock
    Sesame Street
    Tales From Muppetland
    Several TV specials and appearances, including the 60 Minutes segment (A ton of stuff to mention here! And sometimes you have to go digging!)
    Ghost of Faffner Hall
    Puppetman pilot (very very difficult to find anywhere else)
    Jim Henson Hour
    Sex and Violence and The Valentine's Show
    Tale of Tinkerdee (2 pilots)
    Appearances Muppet performers made at The Museum (Q&A that sort of thing)

    That's all I can recall at the moment. One thing they don't have yet is Little Muppet Monsters, now that would complete the collection!
  4. zns

    zns Well-Known Member

    Well I guess the next time I go to NY, I'll have to stop by the museum and spend all day there.
  5. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I've never been there, but I know that the original pilot version of TMS with Juliet Prowse is there, as are at least two 1970s episodes of Sesame Street that were not shown on Noggin (I forget what their numbers are).
  6. zns

    zns Well-Known Member

    I just become a member on their website. Is there a way I can view the programs on my home computer?
  7. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    No unfortunately you have to actually go there (not that that's bad).

    I'm sure that will change in a few years though as far as watching online, with the way things in technology are going. They just recently started putting their library on PCs at the Museum, rather than TVs, which makes it much easier (you can skip around like a DVD etc).

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