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what if there was a multi-part Sesame Street documentary?

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by minor muppetz, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I have thought about this for awhile. What if PBS aired a five-part Sesame Street documentary, with each part lasting an hour, and then the entire miniseries was released on DVD, uncut, in a three-disc set?

    Here is what each part could focus on:
    Part 1: Focusing on the beginning history, including the pitch reel, test shows, This Way to Sesame Street, first season, and changes between the first and second season.
    Part 2: Focusing on the many new characters from the 1970s, early television specials, cast tours, international versions, and more.
    Part 3: Focusing on the new characters from the 1980s, the loss of Will Lee, the adoption of Miles, Mr. Snuffleupagus no longer being called "imaginary", Maria and Luis' wedding, Gabbi's birth, Follow That Bird, Sesame Place, and Sesame Street Live.
    Part 4: Focusing on "Around the Corner", the newer characters, the losses of Jim Henson, Richard Hunt, Joe Raposo, Jon Stone, and Jeff Moss, the popularity of Elmo, Slimey's trip to the moon, and Elmo's World.
    art 5: Focusing on the new format, the shows various recent curriculums (healthy eating, starting school, reading), the hurricane episodes, and Sesame Beginnings.

    Wouldn't that be sweet?
  2. SSLFan

    SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Yes, indeed. I like your ideas!:)
  3. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Well, they've kind of already tackled most of that in that two hour (now split into two half-hour parts) A&E Biography special, so, yeah.
  4. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Dang, whatever happened to those good old days of Toonheads?
  5. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Certainly an ambitious project, but I would pay to see it! Lol
  6. SSLFan

    SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Nice ideas.:)
  7. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Dang, my post concerning the possibility of a Toonheads-style Sesame Street series was put at the bottom of the thread, after peoples responses. I saw a thread about this problem happening. I hope this post doesn't get moved before earlier posts, and that no responses to this post get moved before it.


    Edit: And it did. Sigh....
  8. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    It would also be cool if there was a Sesame Street series similar to Toonheads, with half-hour episodes focusing on certain themes, and having a narrarator talking about the subjects. I would prefer that this series air on PBS. I don't think Sprout would be a good channel to air it, because I don't have Sprout, and also because Sprout apparantly doesn't air any pre-1998 Sesame Street episodes or The Electric Company.

    This would make a good first season of 26 episodes:
    1. Ernie and Bert
    2. Numbers
    3. The Alphabet
    4. Jon Stone
    5. Elmo
    6. Music
    7. Caroll Spinney
    8. Jim Henson
    9. Animation
    10. Grover
    11. Kermit the Frog
    12. Roosevelt Franklin
    13. Susan and Gordon
    14. Frank Oz
    15. Mr. Hooper
    16. Jeff Moss
    17. Joe Raposo
    18. Richard Hunt
    19. Parodies
    20. Cookie Monster
    21. Jerry Nelson
    22. Christopher Cerf
    23. The Adoption of Miles
    24. Slimey goes to the moon
    25. The Hawiai Episodes
    26. The Count
  9. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I have been thinking about the toonheads-style series idea, and have thought about some segments that could be included on certain shows. It would be hard for me to come up with what the Jon Stone show would include, since I don't know exactly what clips he directed. He probably directed most of the early street scenes, and most early Muppet sketches, but I don't know for sure, and there are probably other directors who have directed such segments.

    One of my favorite things aout Toonheads is the trivia questions that appear before the commercial breaks, but if such a show aired on PBS, there obviously wouldn't be any questions before commercial breaks. But maybe there can be a question at the beginning of the show, perhaps in a cold opening, and the answer can be revealed at the end of the show.

    But here is a sample listing for some episodes:

    Episode 1: Ernie and Bert
    *talk about how the characters came about, how they were the only Muppets from the test shows, and how they hosted This Way to Sesame Street.
    *Ernie calls his bathtub "rosie" (ending before Bert tells Ernie that there are other people, including Solomon Grundy, waiting to take a bath)
    *Ernie tells Bert that taking a bath would cheer him up, and sings "Everybody Wash"
    *talk about how Ernie's song Rubber Duckie became Sesame Street's first big hit
    *Rubber Duckie (the original version)
    *talk about how Jim Henson and Frank Oz originally didn't know which one of them would perform who
    *Fish in the Cowboy Hat
    *talk of Ernie's shirt color change
    *talk of Ernie and Bert's bedroom
    *Dance Myself to Sleep
    *talk of Ernie's team-ups with Cookie Monster
    *Ernie and Cookie Monster's similarities and differences
    *Doin' the Pigeon
    *Bert shows Ernie his bottlecap collection
    *Ernie and Bert go to the jungle
    *talk about Ernie and Bert's Caveman Days sketches
    *Caveman Days: Bert invents the window
    *talk about Steve Whitmire taking over the role of Ernie, and Eric Jacobson taking over as Bert

    Episode 2: Numbers
    *Talk about how the show has taught kids how to count up to 40
    *Monsterpiece Theater: The 400 Blows
    *talk about how the numbers 2 and 3 sponsored the first show
    *Jazz #2
    *Three Song (Song of Three)
    *Talk about how the number one didn't sponsor the show until 1986
    *One Song (Song of One)
    *Talk about how the show originally only taught kids how to count all the way up to 10
    *Ten Tiny Turtles on the Telephone
    *The Ten Commandments of Health
    *talk about how in 1970 the show expanded it's counting up to 20
    *Herry and John-John count to 20
    *Number Creatures 20
    *Talk about the Number of the Day
    *Number of the Day: 8
    *talk about how in 2005 some Number of the Day segments resembled the baker films
    *The Number of the Day: 5 (season 36 version)
    *The Number of the Day: 18 (season 36 version)
    *Mad Painter #11
    *Pinball Number Count #12
    *Bellhop #10
    *Squeal of Fortune
    *Grover and John-John count backwards from 10

    Episode 3: The Alphabet
    *talk about how letters of the alphabet have always sponsored the show
    *Kermit and Joey recite the alphabet
    *Grover has Elmo help him remember the last letter of the alphabet
    *talk about how each individual letter has had their own segments, in addition to entire alphabet segments
    *The Sound of the Letter A
    *Soul O
    *Kermit's Z lecture
    *Nancy the Nanny Goat
    *Ernie and Bert compete for the drawer
    *Talk about the introduction of The Letter of the Day
    *Letter of the Day: M
    *talk about how Prairie Dawn was added to the letter of the Day
    *Letter of the Day: E
    *talk about the Letter of the Day games
    *Letter of the Day Games
    *Typewriter: I-ink
    *Speech Balloon: J-jam
    *Alphaquest: M
    *James Earl Jones recites the alphabet
  10. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here are some more content ideas for the proposed episodes:

    episode 7: Caroll Spinney
    *Talk about Spinney's early life, possibly show clips from early telelvision performances, and talk about how he met Jim Henson
    *Talk about Big Bird, including how Big Bird evolved form being a dopey adult to being a child
    *The original ABC-DEF-GHI
    *Big Bird and Krystal pretend to be big and little
    *Big Bird's Song
    *Talk about the evolution of Oscar
    *orange Oscar recites the alphabet
    *Granny Grouch visits Oscar
    *talk about the creation of Bruno
    *clip from Bruno's first appearance
    *Put it in the Trash Can
    *clips of some of the anything muppets and monsters that Spinney performed
    *a Baby Monster sketch
    *a clip with Shivers the Penguin

    episode 8: Jim Henson
    *info about Henson's early life, the creation of the Muppets, and how he got hired for Sesame Street
    *talk about his characters
    *Ernie counts to 10 very slowly
    *Sesame Street News: Alice in Wonderland
    *Here is Your Life: Oak Tree
    *talk about some of Henson's non-Muppet contributions
    *Three Song (Song of Three)
    *King of 8
    *Cheer Eleven
    *Sam the Snake and other S words
    *Do De Rubber Duck
    *Fat Cat
    *Kermit and Joey recite the alphabet
    *Lulu's Back in Town
    *Mahna Mahna
    *Nine Song (song of Nine)
    *Imagine That
    *On My Pond
  11. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    And here is how I would make the Grover episode be shown:

    *Talk about Grover's origins
    *the original Near and Far
    *talk about Grover changing from gray green to blue, and his regular team-ups with Herbert Birdsfoot, Kermit, Mumford, and the kids
    *Herbert Birdsfoot talks to Grover about his shadow
    *Grover the plumber
    *Mumford's rabbit trick
    *Grover and John-John talk about love and count a penny
    *talk about Grover's job as a waiter
    *Grover the waiter: bacon and eggs
    *talk about Super Grover
    *Super Grover: telephone booth
    *Monster in the Mirror
    *talk about Global Grover
    *Global Grover: France
    *talk about Grover's Monsterpiece Theater roles
    *Monsterpeice Theater: The Taming of the Shoe
    *What Do I Do When I'm Alone?
    *Extreme Makeover: Home Addition
  12. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Wow, you've really been think this out, haven't you? Those are some nice ideas, though.
  13. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I've been thnking of ideas like this for a long time. Heck, back in 1999, I had an idea for a Toonheads-style Henson series, featuring themes involving the Muppets, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, the creature shop, and other stuff.

    I was thinking that such a Sesame Street series should be a half-hour, but looking at my lists, including what skits should be included along with narraration (I didn't mention specific clips for montages, such as when a narrarator speaks), it seems like all of that wouldn't fit a half-hour, especially if there are plenty of complete sketches. Then again, Toonheads occassionally had hour-long specials, and I don't see anything wrong with follow-ups to certain episodes so that more can be included.

    But here is more content for certain "episodes".

    episode 9. animation
    *a brief introduction talking about how the show has always featured animation
    *information about Bud Luckey, including three of his complete sketches: Two-Toucan Two-Steps, The Alligator King, and That's About the Size of It
    *information about Cliff Roberts, and four complete sketches, including one Jasper and Julius sketch
    *information about Sally Crushnik, including three complete sketches
    *information about Mo Williems, including three complete sketches, such as Suzie Kabloozie singing Every Kitty Sleeps
    *information about Tee Collins, including three complete sketches: Wanda the Witch, Nancy the Nanny Goat, and X-xylophone (his only three sketches mentioned in his Muppet Wiki page)
    *information on Bruce Canyard, including three complete sketches: The Nobel Ostrich, If You've Lost Your L, and something else
    *information about classic cartoon characters making occassional appearances, with three complete sketches: The Pink Panther and K, Batman crosses the street, and Superman talks about the letter D
    *a few additional segments: Pinball Number Count #2, Typewriter: A-airplane, and Lillian, Big Sister

    episode 11. Kermit the Frog
    *information about Kermit's beginnings on Sam and Friends, and info about him being one of the worlds most famous Muppets (hopefully Disney would allow for clips from the movies and The Muppet Show; heck, hopefully Disney would allow for a Kermit-themed show), and then talking about how Kermit has been featured alot on Sesame Street.
    *Kermit's W Lecture (perhaps the screen can flip when part one ends and part two begins)
    *Kermit and Professor Hastings talk about parts of the body
    *information about Kermit's signature song, Bein' Green (with brief clips from all three versions)
    *Bein' Green with Lena Horne and Kermit
    *information about Kermit's team-ups with Grover
    *Kermit and Grover demonstrate up and down
    *Grover attempts to sell Kermit a nose warmer
    *information about Kermit's job as a news reporter
    *Sesame Street News: Pinnocchio
    *This Frog
    *Kermit and Elmo talk about hapy and sad
    *Kermit has Cookie Monster test out a machine in order to get a cookie
    *If I Were
    *Kermit, Shola, and Fanny demonstrate "next to"
    *Kermit and Grover demonstratelight and dark
    *information about how Sesame Workshop now owns the Sesame Street Muppets, and how Disney owns Kermit, leading to a clip from Kermit's last Sesame Street appearance
    *clip of Kermit and Al Roker reporting on the hurricane on Sesame Street

    episode 12. Roosevelt Franklin
    *information about how Roosevelt Franklin was created
    *Roosevelt Franklin Counts
    *Roosevelt Franklins Days of the Week
    *Same Sound Brown
    *information abotu Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School
    *Roosevelt Franklin teaches his class to spell poision
    *information about The Year of Roosevelt Franklin album
    *Roosevelt Franklin teaches his class the importance of excercise
    *the departue of Matt Robinson, and whetehr he continued to voice Roosevelt after he stopped playing Gordon (this should settle to us fans once and for all if somebody took over the role of Roosevelt)
    *Roosevelt Franklin teaches his class traffic safety
    *info about Roosevelt being taken off the show due to being seen a sa negative stereotype
    *Roosevelt Franklin talks about famous black people in history

    episode 19. parodies
    *talk about how the show has had many parodies over the eyars. Perhaps each sketch could have an introduction, explaining the parodies, and maybe even showing clips or stils from the source material
    *Miami Mice: The Count needs to be at the space station
    *Monsterpeice Theater: Upstairs, Downstairs
    *Extreme Makeover: Home Addition
    *Don't Know Y
    *Furry Happy Monsters
    *U Really Got a Hold on Me
    *What's My Part?: Foot
    *The Add'Ems Family
    *Ernie loves his boat
    The Dr. Feel Show: Dr. Feel meets Dr. Phil
    *Hey Food
  14. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    I admire that, actually; I used to think up of ideas like that for shows all the time. The more I think about it, the more I've love to see something like this come into fruition.
  15. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Believe it or not, I actually thought up a "season 2" episode guide last night. So here are episodes 27 through 52. Some are follow-ups to first season episodes.

    27. Jim Henson and Frank Oz
    28. Big Bird
    29. William Wegman
    30. Celebrities
    31. Animation 2.0
    32. Bob
    33. Jerry Nelson 2.0
    34. Herry Monster
    35. Guy Smiley
    36. Elmo's World
    37. Plaza Sesamo
    38. The Imaginary Snuffleupagus
    39. Ernie and Bert 2.0
    40. The Many Jobs of Grover
    41. Oscar the Grouch
    42. Zoe
    43. Monsterpiece Theater
    44. Buddy and Jim
    45. David
    46. The Alphabet 2.0
    47. Numbers 2.0
    48. Sesame Street News
    49. Around the Corner
    50. The Old West
    51. The Marriage of Luis and Maria
    52. Cast of Thousands

    That last one, "Cast of Thousands", will focus on many different characters, sometimes with a complete sketch, sometimes with just clips over narraration. This would make a good season closer (and then there could be "Cast of Thousands 2.0", "Cast of Thousands 3.0", etc).

    But the first one would begin with an introduction, talking about how Sesame Street has many characters, showing various clips. Fist, there would be clips and mentions of the main characters, and then it would start featuring some of the more minor characters. This montage would also feature a number of clips with big groups of characters or crowds, such as Ernie and the Muppets in the bathtub during Do De Rubber Duck, the Mupets in the closet from the same number, the Muppets in the audience for the headball, scenes from some of the skits where Ernie and Bert are at the movies, Ernie's surprise party for Bert, clips from Prairie Dawn's pageants, and possibly some more.

    An introduction would be like this: "You probably know Big Bird, Elmo, Zoe, Cookie Monster, Ernie, Bert, Grover, Telly, Oscar, Susan, Gordon, Kermit, Mr. Hooper, and Bob, but do you know Herbert Birdsfoot, Larry and Phyllis, or Professor Hastings? Well, over the years Sesame Street has had literally thousands of characters, and we'll salute some of the lesser-known characters tonight! It's a "Cast of Thousands"!

    And the following characters would be discussed:
    Herbert Birdsfoot (the sketch where Herbert Birdsfoot and Grover count to 20 would be shown in full)
    Professor Hastings
    Larry and Phyllis
    Deena and Pearl
    Teeny Little Superguy (the sketch where he teaches street safety would be shown in full)
    The Typewriter (three sketches would be shown in full: F-fly, N-nose, and Z-zoo)
    Rafael (a clip from his first scene would be shown in full)
    Petey (a clip from his introduction would be shown in full)
    Uncle Wally
    Kingston Livingston III (Just Happy to be Me would be shown in full)
    Little Jerry and the Monotones (Proud would be shown in full)
    Sinister Sam
    Mr. Noodle (a full clip from his segment of the Elmo's World: Drawing skit would be shown)

    And the show would end with the original What's the Name of That Song?
  16. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    This is what I would make for the contents of some of the performer-themed episodes that I haven't listed. Obviously, the scenes between skits would discuss their Sesame Street work and contributions, and also talk about the characters before the clips are shown.

    Frank Oz:
    *Bert teaches Berniece how to play checkers
    *The Ballad of Casey McPhee
    *Super Grover: Apple
    *The Golden An
    *Professor Hastings talks about the letter Y
    *Harvey Kneeslapper: "Do ya want a sticky?"
    *Sesame Street News: The Pied Piper
    *Pick Your Pet
    *Drawing shapes on-screen
    *Sesame Street News: Prince Charming looks for Cinderella
    *Number Three Ball Film
    *I Whistle a Happy Tune

    Jerry Nelson:
    *Sherlock Hemlock and the case of the half-eaten sandwhich
    *Herbert Birdsfoot talks about M (and W)
    *Herry and John-John count to 20
    *The Batty Bat
    *Two-Headed Monster: Honk
    *How Many Birds will fit on a Wire?
    *Lucky 13
    *Grover the waiter: hamburger
    *This is my J
    *Don't Waste Water
    *Has Anybody Seen my Dog?

    Jerry Nelson 2.0:
    *The Count counts fan mail
    *I Can't Help It
    *Simon Soundman teaches Bert how to make tuba sounds
    *Farley buys a hat
    *Sesame Street News: Magic Mirror
    *Grover the waiter: Russian Resturaunt
    *The Amazing Mumford's subtraction act
    *Z Z Blues
    *Susan and Gordon meet Sam the Robot
    *Mysterious Theater: circle search
    *It's Zydeco

    Richard Hunt:
    *Don Music writes Yellowstone Park
    *Biff and Sully share a drink at Hooper's Store
    *Up and Down with Placedo Flamingo and Ernie
    *one of his Elmo performances
    *Kermit directs Forgetful Jones in Oklahoma
    *Proud to be a Cow
    *Sesame Street News: The First Day of School in History
    *Disco D
    *Two-Headed Monster: Run
    *Letter B
    *I'm a Real Cowboy
    *Mary had a Bicycle

    Jim Henson and Frank Oz:
    *Ernie makes a clay sculpture of Bert
    *Lefty attempts to sell Ernie a painting
    *Breakfast Time
    *Sesame Street News: The Princess and the Cookie
    *Grover attempts to sell Kermit a nose warmer
    *Beat the Time: Grover
    *Beat the Time: Cookie Monster
    *Pick Your Pet
    *Lulu's Back in Town
    *Sesame Street News: George Washington chops his fathers cherry trees down
    *Kermit and Professor Hastings talk about parts of the body
    *As I Was Going to St. Yves
  17. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Pretty cool, though if I were going to do performer-themed episodes like this, I'd include a little more behind-the-scenes clips with them, but that's just my thinking.
  18. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Yeah, behind-the-scenes clips and stills could be shown between clips, and maybe over narraration (I would have the episodes include some sort of images of the performers if the episode is about them). I wonder how many behind-the-scenes clips of Jim Henson performing on Sesame Street exist (I know that behind the scenes footage was shot for the sketch where Ernie and Bert build a snowman, but was any additional behind-the-scenes footage of Jim on Sesame Street shot?).

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