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What kind of prices for my muppet collection

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by agripa86, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. agripa86

    agripa86 Member

    Hi all,
    Ok, so after years of pulling it together, I've decided to bid a sad farewell to my muppet collectables. I have large number of palisade collectables (limited and normal editions) some boxed, some out the box. I also have a gonzo photo puppet.

    What kind of price should I be looking for? Is eBay the best marketplace?

    Thanks for help
  2. Hubert

    Hubert Well-Known Member

    The price would depend on what Palisades figures they are, and which ones of those are in boxes and which aren't. Palisades figure prices vary extremely depending on the figure. Some normal series figures go for $10 and others go for $50.
  3. agripa86

    agripa86 Member


    In box:
    Gonzo photo puppet
    Mr Samuel arrow
    Series 1 - kermis the frog
    Comic con 2004 exclusive super beaker
    eBay 2004 exclusive Swedish chef as Santa
    Omgcnfo exclusive sweetums
    Wizard world la exclusive - cabin boy gonzo and rizzo
    Mini muppets- Marley, ghost of Christmas present and fozziwig

    Out of box: all out of the box are in perfect condition and have been displayed in a glass display case

    Pigs in space player
    Captain smollett
    Delivery boy scooter
    Lew Zealand
    Sam eagle
    Martin Suggs and muppiphones
    Gonzo and camilla (tuxedo)
    Adventurer kermit (indiana jones)
    Crazy Harry
    Rizzo - muppets from space
    Cannonball gonzo
    Scooter - popcorn/usher
    Phil van neuter
    Johnny fiama
    Mini muppets - Bunsen honeydew & dog lion

    There might be others elsewhere, but that's the bulk of them I think.
  4. agripa86

    agripa86 Member

    Is anyone able to offer some advice? Not wanting to sell them for less than they are worth
  5. MuppetsRule

    MuppetsRule Well-Known Member

    As Hubert stated, the prices on these can vary greatly depending on the figure. Some exclusives go for quite a bit. Other more common ones you can get maybe $5. Search completed auctions on e-Bay to get an idea.
  6. Michael Smith

    Michael Smith Active Member

    I recently attempted to sell my entire collection via eBay......100 figures (series 1-9 complete with all the megas and a lot of exclusives).....all figures mint in the box, boxes were in great shape with minimal wear and no price tags.....I attempted to get $5000 for them all without success. Was hoping to sell them as a whole however did not happen. Ebay is a decent means to sell it however make sure you take into account in the final price their fee. It can take a chunk out of your bottom line (same thing with Paypal). If I were you, come up with a number you feel comfortable parting with the collection at, add the final ebay and paypal fees and start the auction at that number.

    Good luck......wish you the best........I thought I was giving my collection away at that price however no takers. Oh well.....at least I still have a great collection for right now

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